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How could we do this to our own world!

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a character in “Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure”, as played by Polka


Are You a Boy or Girl?:

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Your Very Own Pokemon Adventure is About to Unfold... I wish that were really true


A stubborn tomboy, constantly striving to be the strongest water trainer in the world... well thats how it used to be. Nowadays Misty is quiet and refined. Or she tries to be. Her spirit is still strong but her will to fight has diminished. How can she protect cerulean without Red?

Starmie- female- Lv89 Image
Hydro pump
Gyro ball
Grass Knot

Dewgong- Male- Lv86 Image
Ice Beam
Sheer Cold
Aqua Tail

Kingdra- Male- Lv84 Image
Dragon Dance
Dragon Pulse
Hydro Pump
Giga Impact

Misty took over the role of gym leader after her sisters lost interest in it. She worked hard to get it into shape. Once the epidemic hit she struggled to keep balance. The residents of Cerulean flocked to her like a moth to a flame and Misty was not ready for it. She had to be a leader and she didn't know how. However, with the help of Nurse Joy she has created a safe haven in Cerulean for all weakened trainers and abandoned Pokemon.

There was no more money to manage the upkeep of the gym, the large water system that her Gym was well known for is now green with Algae and dirt. Its a shell of what it once was.

So begins...

Misty's Story

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#, as written by Polka
The old woman tucked her now golden hair behind her ears.
She placed a pair of glasses on before reading through a pile of old letters.

They were old case files, the first few instances where pokemon had been dying.
It broke her heart to look at the same files everyday but she believed by looking over them she would find something, a reason behind all the suffering.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder. It was Joy. The two women had shared a close bond after opening the Cerulean City retreat. However, it had aged them so. Misty rubbed her eyes.
' Still nothing Joy. Red was always the one with the Brains. How on earth can we hope to save Kanto if we don't know how to stop this! '

Joy sighed, it was the same conversation most days. Misty had never fully gotten over that man leaving her and she couldn't forgive Brock for not bringing him back.
Luckily joy took care of contacting Pewter Cities leader. In a way she felt bad for the man, he apologized every day but Misty was never ready to hear it but of course the incident in Mount Silver did not help.

' Look Misty I have some news. It may be a small ray of hope. Red has sent someone according to Pewter '.

There was a flash of hope in the old Cerulean Gym leaders eyes at the mention of his name. She had loved that man once, though he may have never knew it. Once he left she almost shut down all contact with most people until Joy brought her back around.

' Have our best trainers meet them at the entrance to Mount Moon. I want them here in one piece Joy. If he sent them then they must be worth something '.


Rya sat with the others whilst her Pokemon were being attended to. Each trainer had been given a small red pill to take just incase they had ingested any poison.

Ryan mentioned sleep but she couldn't say she was tired. Far too much had happened today.
' I need to get some air'

She stood up and headed to the front door. The cold air hit her instantly.

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Brock sat atop his gym, staring at the mountain. They left only a few hours ago... Would they be ok going through the cave?

He shook his head and pulled himself to his feet. His thoughts were plagued with worry for the kids, and he didn't know why. He had much more important things to worry about than whether or not Red's pets made it to Cerulean. In all reality, the only reason he let them through Pewter was to get them out of his hair so that he could deal with the more important things. More important things like...


To be honest... the rebellion was getting nowhere. The last plan to infiltrate the Daemon Perimeter didn't go so well. No casualties.. well no human casualties anyway. His forces were sent packing with severe prejudice. It's probably why the soldiers were so on edge as of late. It also didn't help that he had had no contact with any of his allies for quite a while. He and Misty hadn't directly spoken in years, hopefully that would change when... if the kids made it to Cerulean. Janine had not made contact since the last job, so her fate was uncertain. She was strong, even so, he hoped she would be fine. Blue... Brock hadn't the slightest clue where Blue had gone to. Red was definitely around, but that coward was not worth Brock's time.

Those kids... Suppose he shouldn't refer to them as kids. They were in their twenties. Brock had already been a gym leader for quite a few years by the time he was twenty. And Red... Red was a damn genius when he was ten. That level of strength, perhaps Red had passed it onto his disciples.

After a bit of pacing he threw his arms in frustration. "Damnit!" he growled and ran his hands through his hair. He let them fall to his side, defeated. "They might be what I need to get the ball rolling again." He hated to let Red win.. these three were just so damn good.


Brock was shaken from his inner monologue by a distressed soldier calling from below. Brock stepped quickly to the edge. "What! An attack!"

"No! We just got word of a group of Daemon thugs heading into Mt. Moon!"

"They must be after the kids!" Brock tossed a ball, releasing Aerodactyl. He hopped on its back. "Take care of the City, I'll be back soon, I have to warn them." And with that he took off.

The entrance will be about an hours flight from Pewter. He needed them to bring down Daemon...

Who was he kidding... He would never be able to live with himself if they got hurt on his watch.

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#, as written by Polka
Osha stood proudly, the huge Empolean let out a loud call which shuddered through the Cave.

Rya's tears stopped as she ran forward to her new team mate. She hugged Osha tightly, burying her face into her feathers. Zephina also joined the pair as the grunt began backing away slowly.

It was at that moment the loud explosion burst through the walls a little further down into the cave.
The trio was knocked into a wall from the oncoming force. First Osha then Zephina and the Rya.
Luckily Rya only received a small cut on her forehead from the fall before Ryan rushed over to help her.
He began yelling something about getting out but Rya's consciousness had been slightly damaged from the fall.

She let Ryan take her hand and begin leading her. It was clear the pair had no idea where the exit was and Rya was far too dazed to give any real help. In all of this Osha and Zephina followed behind, both realized that there was danger and stuck by the travelling pair.
All the while parts of the mountain where still collapsing.

The cave above them let out a thundering echo before rocks began to fall directly above Rya and Ryan. The pair were not quick enough to get out of the way, as Ryan pulled Rya along as fast as he could it was inevitable that the rocks were going to crush them.

The rocks flew down but did not hit the ground. Neither did they crush the pair. Zephina quickly pushed the pair forward using head butt. The large horse landed on them, knocking Rya's head for a second time, somehow helping her regain her consciousness,

All that remain was Osha who stood above them grasping the rocks tightly. Rya quickly stood.
The girl knew that the Empoleon could not hold this kind of weight much longer.
She began to panic, there was no way she could get Osha out of this. If she returned her then the rocks would fall and cause more rocks to crumble down.
' OSHA! Why did you.... What am I going to do! I can't help you! You made it so I couldn't help you! You just evolved! We were going to to do this together like always!' Rya screamed as the tears returned.
She became manic and attempted to lunge forward to grab the Water type but Ryan held her back.

' Please Let ME GO! Help her! She can't take the weight '

Osha looked down at her trainer. She cooed gently between panting as if to tell Rya she was Ok with the situation. Of course Rya did not understand this at the time but Ryan managed to get her far enough away before Osha crumbled under the weight.
' OSHA! OSHA! OSHA!!!!! '

The little piplup she once knew was gone. The first loss of the team.
Rya fell to the ground. Zephina nudged her shoulder, urging her to climb up.
Ryan helped lift her from the ground and the pair continued on to find an exit.


' Misty! We just got word! There has been a huge explosion in Mount Moon. We have had confirmations from Pewter that the trio who were on there way were in the Mountain when it hit '

The older woman, who was filing through old poisoning cases, stood up rather abruptly.
These kids were important to the cause. A new hope and now there was something like this.

' Billy. Saddle up a Dodrio. I need to get that Mountain now. Tell Joy to take over in my absence.[i]'

As the younger man ran out to do what she had asked Misty removed her lab coat. She grabbed three Pokeball from a shelf opposite her desk and kissed each one gently.
[i]' I am sorry to ask this of you but we need to battle again!

Misty exited her office and ran down the long corridor. It was full of sleeping bags because Joy always took in Travelers and most decided to stay on.

Once outside the building Billy handed Misty a rather large three headed bird. It was saddled and rained.
The fastest bird in Kanto was ready to go.
She jumped up. All she left behind was a small track of dust.

Arriving at the Mountain entrance

The damage was worse than she expected. Smoke loomed over the large Mountainous area.
Thick smog poured from the Entrance.

There was only one way she was going to find them.
Misty headed into the Cave.

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Jack had been reveling in his victory over the grunt and his newly evolved Karma and Ken. He was so proud of them remembering the feelings he'd had when he'd recieved his Torchik from the professor and the hours he spent searching for a Ralts. It had all finally come together and they'd evolved. His celebrations were cut short when through the mountain he heard a loud explosion followed by deep rumbling. Somewhere something had happened and the cave was collapsing. "Karma! Ken! Return!" With worried looks the two vanished into their respective pokeballs.

Jack started running back to where he had split up from Ryan and Rya. "Ryan! Rya! Where are you?!" He watched in horrer as infront of him the ceiling began to crumble quickly spilling rocks cutting him off from his friends the dust and force from the collapse threw him off of his feet sending him back into a wall. He got up as quickly as he could and started digging at the rubble calling for his friends as he did. After a moment Ken broke out of his ball and grabbed Jack pulling him away as another section of ceiling fell.

The look Ken gave Jack shocked him out of his panic. "Your right. I won't be able to dig through this to get to them. I have to keep moving. I'll get to Misty and we can make a plan from there." Ken nodded sadly. "Blaze..." Jack smiled wiping the dust and tears from his eyes. "I thought we'd be together from here on out but it looks like we have to push forward alone for a while. I'm glad I have all of you with me. You've grown so much. I'm really proud of you Ken." As he tried to again return his pokemon Ken refused to leave his side. "Your right let's do this together." The two of them started rushing through the thick dust Kin stopped Jack from running into the walls being able to see much better through the dust.

As they ran Jack heard a roar infront of them. "Ken get ready I don't know what kind of pokemon that is but I doubt it's happy about its home getting destroyed..." The rushed forward and infront of them was an Onix. Thrashing about in a rage but Jack could see it was badly wounded by the collapse. He considered putting it out of it's misery but another thought came to him as he readied his command. "Ken stand back I'm gonna try to caputure it." Jack reached into his pack. "Only two balls. I hope this will work."

Taking careful aim Jack threw his last pokeball at the Onix. With a roar it disappeared into the ball. After a single shake the ball burst and the Onix roared again changing its rampage towards Jack. "Ken Ember slow it down!" Ken nodded shooting the fire straight into the Onix's face as it charged causing it to roar again but fall to it's side almost dead. "This is my last chance." Jack threw his only Great Ball holding his breath as the Onix vanished. After three shakes the ball fell still. Jack quickly ran up and grabbed the ball saving his celebration for later and fastening it to his belt.

As he and Ken continued he could hear someone yelling from what he assumed to be th entreance to the cave. Taking quick account of his pokemon he figured that he'd be able to win any battle that came up, but it'd be close and iffy. The pair continued forward as the yelling grew louder. The dust began to fade as light was pouring into the cave. "Almost there Ken be ready we may have to fight."

The pair burst into the enterance of the cave. Jack coughed clearing his lungs of the collected dust. "Whoever's there back up. I'm not afraid to fight!" Ken jumped in front of Jack standing protectively in front of him. "W-what do you want?" Jack was almost on his knees from coughing so hard trying to get an actual breath in.

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#, as written by Polka
Rya hadn't really been aware of the situation that had just happened. One minute she was happy and now she felt nothing.

It had all been a blur, Ryan had tried his best to get them out but luckily someone else has saved the pair.

It was just like before, they were a pair again and Jack was missing. Though at the time Rya had not realised this, her head was just replaying the last moment before she lost her friend.
She must of returned Zephina at some point because when Brock took the pair back to Pewter she was safely tucked in her Pokeball.

Once they arrived the pair was led to a lightly furnished room.
She sat motionless on the floor. The only action she could bring herself to do was to wipe the blood from her head where she had received a small cut.

Without hesitation Rex withdrew himself from his Pokeball and began to sniff around Rya. He was being delicate, which was odd for him, maybe he already knew what had happened.
Eventually he sat close to Rya. Gradually each member of her team released themselves and surrounded her.

' She saved us...' Was all Rya could manage to say before she began sobbing.
All her friends could do was snuggle in tighter but it was clear they also felt the pain, even Squishy the newcomer.

Misty was about to head into the cave when a boy and a Blazikin.
He was clearly hurt but came out guns blazing.

Misty instantly released her Starmie in case they were followed. She could tell this boy was send by Red, he had determination, a quality that was rarely seen any more.

' I don't know who you are. Though I gather Red sent you. Please ask your Pokemon to kindly back down so we can help you. My name is Misty, the leader of Cerulean'.

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Jack breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the comforting voice from above him. 'Finally a friend maybe I can go a day without blacking out that'd be nice...' Jack took a deep breath finally having cleared most of the dust from his lungs. "K-ken, back up, she's here to help us, but be ready..." Jack looked towards the source of the voice. He was met with a woman who had clearly been beautiful, but the years of this stressful existence had taken their toll on her beauty. Jack continued up the slope toward the woman. "I'm Jack, one of the students professor Redwood brought here."

As Jack stood to his full height he felt a twinge in his arm. Reaching up to it only caused more pain. "I-I think my arm's broken." He returned Ken to his pokeball deciding to trust this person. Even if he didn't he wouldn't be able to escape and he needed help to get back to Ryan and Rya.

Damon Corp.

"Sir, the explosion went off without a problem. Those kids are as good as dead. Nothing could have survived in the mountain after a blast like that."

Damon spun slowly around to face the Admin. "Good, the fewer people we have digging around the better." He slowly stroked the Skitty laying in his lap. "We need to break the remaining Gym Leaders, I'm tired of this open opposition from them. It is going to end."

"Of course sir, we are trying our best, but the remaining leaders continue to evade our attempts to locate them."

"Then try harder, I'm sick of disappointment." With a dismissive wave of his hand Damon spun his back to the Admin effectively ending their conversation.

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#, as written by Polka

As her pokemon kept close to her Rya kept sobbing. She wondered whether she would ever be able to stop. It didn't seem possible, she couldn't really fathom what had happened but in her mind she kept repeating:

She's dead. She's dead. She's dead

However, this chain was broken when her team dispersed and Ryan embraced her. Rya had not expected it, in all honestly she had forgotten Ryan was there. Burying her head into his chest she began to sob harder. She didn't say a word,just kept crying.
If she stopped crying then she would have to face the situation for what is was...

Eventually Ryan nodded off on her shoulder. The Pokemon snuggled in too but of course there was far too much going on in her mind, preventing her from sleeping.
She looked down at her legs, Tai and Squishy had snuggled in, so she couldn't move. Zephina lay close to Dio. The pair had formed a bond from being the same time.
Rex was also still awake. He just kept staring at her.
' I am sorry Rex. It's my fault she is gone. I couldn't run fast enough.' The small whimpers went back to heavy sobs. That was until Rex placed his head on Rya's other shoulder and began letting out small chuffing noises.
He wanted so deperatley for her to stop crying.

After a while, the chuffing noises acted as a lullaby and Rya began to fall asleep.


Thank God! He was one of the students. At least one of them was safe.
'Are you Ok, Let me help you!'

Taking Jack by his working arm, Misty took his remaining weight, whilst the Doduo sped over to the pair.
She helped Jack on first and then placed herself behind him. There was no use waiting around here. If the attack had been by who she think it was then she had no time to have a battle now.

As the pair made their way back to Cerulean the sun began to set.
' Once we arrive I will have Nurse Joy fix you up and get you a warm meal. AT Cerulean you will be treated as our Guest until you feel well enough to carry on'
Misty could only assume that Brock had not been too friendly. Many of her guests complained about Pewter and the tactics they used on travellers.

Back in Cerulean Misty and Jack were greeted by a small group of people. Two bigger men lifted Jack down and carried him inside.
Of course Joy had been waiting patiently.
'What happened?'She asked.
All the old Gym leader could do was shake her head. At an instant the nurse followed of after Jack.

It was about time that Misty made an important call to her old friend Brock. Hopefully he would have some news regarding the explosion, though she was not thrilled that she had to talk to him again.

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Jack sighed a relieved sigh seeing friendly faces when he arrived in Cerulean City. "What happened?"

Jack rolled off the back of the Dodrio to stand on his feet and tell his story to who he could only assume was Nurse Joy. The looks on the faces of the listening people were shocked. No one could believe that Daemon Corp would go as far as to flow the path through the mountain. After a while Jacks arm was bandaged and he started getting restless. This is when Misty came to him offering some one on one training. Excitedly Jack accepted the offer wanting to further improve himself.

Such went Jack's day training with the old Gym Leader so that he would be able to take on Daemon Corp. This is when he made a promise to himself. "No matter what happens, even if I have to go on alone I will stop Daemon Corp. for what they've done to the Pokemon and my friends. They aren't going to get away from this."

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#, as written by Polka


Luckilly Jack had recovered quickly and was ready to begin training. The bet thing that Mist could do was help him to become stronger as she had no idea if his team mates were still alive.
Being as stubborn as she was, Misty had made no contact with Red or Brock to tell them she had Jack in her care. Though Joy had tried to persuade her to get in touch she had decided against it.

Misty had decided only to let Jack battle against Starmie for the time being. It had been the sturdiest pokemon in her team and her first. Not only was she teaching Jack about battling but also about the bond you create with your Pokemon. Misty and Starmie had became fluid, just like water. Both were completely in tune with each other and she wanted very much for Jack to accomplish this with his own team.

In the middle of a rather heated battle the pair were interrupted.
Misty. I know you asked not be disturbed but we have had some news from Pewter. Brock found Jacks comrades and took them to Pewter. He went to check on them a half hour ago and they are gone!'.




Rya could not believe her ears...


He just gave up just like that. She had no other words she just fell to the floor.
It wasn't until Ryan told her they were going back that she popped back into reality.

'Before we go Ryan would you come out side with me?'

She held out her hand for him to take. His hand was warmer than hers, she gave a shudder as thier finger met. She used his weight to lift herself from the floor and lead the way.
The pair ended up outside in the Univeristy courtyard. In the centre there was a large tree.

Rya pulled out a small pocket knife from her small satchel. She had taken it to Kanto for extra protection but it seemed fitting that it was here now to fulfil a new purpose.

' Ryan would you release everyone... I think they all need to be here for this..'

As the sun set Rya began to carve into the tree as the group watched. Her team were huddled together. It seemed like a perfect way to say goodbye.

' Goodbye little Penguin. Be safe...' She murmerd after carving the last digit.
She was crying but this time it was different. She was confident and ready even if she had lost Osha, the Empoleon would never be forgotten.