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Red/ Professor Redwood


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a character in “Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure”, as played by BAWADABOO


Are you a boy or girl?: Boy
How Old are you?: 55
And what was your name again?: Profssor Redwood

Your very own Pokemon adventure is about to unfold...



Pikachu- Pikachu
Lv 100
Volt Tackle
Mega Punch

Light Ball


So begins...

Red/ Professor Redwood's Story

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Ryan rocked back and forth in his chair. He could hardly contain himself. It had only been a few days since he had met Professor Redwood. The man was old. Must have been in his late 50's, but he was still up and kicking. Ryan could tell that this old man, this legend, was just as much of a Pokemon master as he was fourty years ago.

The champion, despite his former glory, was now just a lowly world history professor at Evergrande University. There must have been something really bad, or really important that happened to keep him from training. Unlike most professors, who use Pokemon as a teaching aid, Professor Redwood never revealed any Pokemon of his. Ryan couldn't imagine what they'd be like. He'd heard stories of Red's legendary team. He would give anything for a chance to train with any of them.

Ryan shrugged his shoulders and came back to reality. He had drifted off and needed to get back on task. He checked the clock. It was nearly noon, class ended at noon. He scanned the back of the heads in front of him. He spotted the long purple hair of his friend Jessica. She sat near the front. She was listening intently, like she always did. A few seats down and back sat Rya Hallot. The youngest of their little crew. She was sitting quietly, taking notes, although they probably weren't notes. They already knew all of this. Sitting directly behind her was Ryan's best friend and training partner, Jack. He was leaning back casually in his chair, soaking up everything the Professor had to say. They had a plan, and they needed Professor Redwood and everything he knew about Kanto, and Pokemon.

They had already brought everything up to the Professor, they were merely biding time. The Professor had told him to have everyone meet at the Evergrande League Gate after class.

Noon. The bell rang. Class was dismissed.

All of the students got up and filed out of the room, leaving the Professor at his desk. He gave a small nod to Ryan as he left. On his way out Ryan caught up to Jack. "Hey bud, wanna get some lunch with the girls before we head to the meeting?"

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Jessica walked out of the shower and smiled at Honey, who was laying on Jessica's bed exactly where she left her. "You just hate to wake up don't ya?" Jessica joked as she sat down and gently woke her friend up. Honey whined as Jessica woke her up, "Well if you're gonna sleep out here instead of in your pokeball then you gotta get up when I do." Jessica said, giving the same speech she gave to the Growlithe every morning, "Plus it's like 10 o'clock already, when I used to train with Alder, he had us up at 4 in the morning everyday, this should be easy" she laughed as she dried tied her charm in her hair, it was a gift from a very special person back in Flocessy Town, she communicated with him regularly, now he was studying in Castelia City. Of course they weren't a couple anymore, too hard to manage a relationship across continents. Jessica sat on her bed reminiscing about her past and then glanced over at the clock "CRAP! I'm running late again, Honey why do you let me do this?" the clock read 10:52, she had 8 minutes to run across campus to Professor Redwood's class. She quickly grabbed a pair of sweatpants and put them on and ran out of her dorm room, when she hit the door she turned around and grabbed a hoodie and threw it on "Don't wanna run around topless now do I?" She laughed as she ran to class. When she arrived at the lecture hall it was four minutes past eleven, luckily Professor Redwood never starts class on time. She jogged to the front of the class room and sat down, Honey was now safely in her pokeball, she just liked to sleep outside of it. Jessica pulled out her notebook and waited for class to begin.

She didn't have to wait long, classes started up shortly after Jessica sat down and luckily for her Redwood's lecture was on a topic she enjoyed today, well kind of, Jessica hated history, but she rather enjoyed pokemon battles and luckily they came up regularly in Redwood's history class, today he was talking about the history of Indigo Plateau and Mt. Silver, and of course you can't talk about either without talking about battling. She was completely entranced and before she knew it the bell rang and unfortunately Redwood had avoided talking about Red's battle with Blue for the title of Champion, and as she had assumed, Redwood didn't even mention Red's battle with Gold at the summit of Mt. Silver. Jessica knew about the battles, but she did not know their details, she didn't know what their teams, or the tactics they used, and since Jessica and her friends had confronted Redwood about his identity she had hoped he would possibly reveal some of that info, she knew the only way to get better would be to learn from the best and everyone knows that despite his age, Red is the best.

Jessica packed up her things and was one of the last ones to leave the room, she walked up to two of her friends who were standing near the door. "Hey bud wanna get some lunch with the girls before we head to the meeting?" she had overheard Ryan saying to Jack, before Jack could respond Jessica jumped into the conversation. "Sorry to disappoint ya Ryan but as I'm sure you can see, I look like shit. Didn't have time to get ready this morning, Honey woke up late again, and I damn near ran out the door without a shirt on." Jessica said flashing a smile to her friends, "I'm gonna go change into something a little more presentable. I'll just grab a bite in my room and catch up with you guys at the meeting, I got an hour right?" She didn't wait for the boys to answer her question and she ran off waving at them.

She arrived at her room and set her messenger bag down on her bed and pulled her pokeballs out, all of her pokemon, save for Lucas, were still small so she could let them out in her small room without too much worry. And she did just that. Then she took the dirty sweats and hoodie off and opened her closet, despite her love of battling and the assumptions one might make about that, Jessica loved clothes, and she did try to look her best whenever possible. She pulled out her favorite skirt, and a top to match. She smiled and put them on and then turned to her pokemon who were busy trashing her room, they were why her room was always a mess, "Hey guys how do I look?" She asked and not one of them responded. "Thanks guys I feel beautiful." She complained as she walked into her bathroom and put on her make up, re-brushed her hair and overall made herself look good. She looked in the mirror and smiled. "Well now to find some food." She thought to herself as she walked back into the main room, "Who's hungry?" she said as she grabbed the pokefood and dished up food for each of her pokemon, she always fed them first, a habit she picked up from Alder. After everyone was fed she opened her fridge which contained a single bottle of pop and no food. "Great." she thought as she glanced down at her C-Gear and saw that it was only 12:15 "Cool I might be able to catch up with the guys and get some food with them." She thought as she returned her pokemon to their balls and returned the balls to her bag. She grabbed the bag and ran out of her room, this time looking much more attractive than she did this morning.

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Jack stretched as he rolled out of bed. Once he'd recouped he looked at the clock. 7:00 "7 o clock? Why do i wake up so early. Alright Ken let's go." Jack pressed the button on Ken's pokeball releasing him into the dorm room. "You up for a morning run and some sparring?" Ken nodded and started stretching. "Alright!" He threw on some shorts and a sleeveless shirt. After pulling on his shoes he threw open the door checking his belt making sure his five pokeballs were still attached to it. "Alright everyone we're good to go!" With that Jack left the room closley followed by Ken as they started their jog around the Academy. After about 20 minutes of jogging they'd circled campus and stopped at their normal spot. "Alright everyone time to wake up!" Jack tossed his pokeballs into the air releasing his partners. "How is everyone this morning?" The group offered a quick response as they started stretching. "Glad to see you all too." Jack laughed as he squared off with Ken. "Well lets go Ken time to wake up." The pair circled each other and closed in their fist meeting mid air. The sparing continued for 5 or so minutes before Jack was exhausted. "Your getting to good for me Ken." Ken offered a smile and stood up taller. Looking around at the rest of his team. "Alright who wants some breakfast?" Everyone quickly agreed at the idea of food. Jack smiled and grabbed his pack pulling out everyone's food. He walked around distributing it checking over each of his pokemon as he went making sure they were all as healthy as they could be. "Alright guys dig in then I have to get ready for class." They all smiled happily and started breakfast. "Today's the day everyone. We're getting ready to go to Kanto." Jack smiled as he started his breakfast enjoying being surrounded by his partners. Once they'd all finished eating he returned everyone to their Pokeballs and started walking back to his dorm. Once there he showered and shaved throwing on his normal jeans and hoodie.

Jack had fallen asleep and was woken up by his alarm. 10:30 He groaned as he sat up. "I may have pushed it a little far today Ken's getting really strong. Ah well." He looked around his room and grabbed his bag making sure he had his C-Gear on his wrist. Ken wandered across campus taking his time getting to class. He got there with 5 minutes to spare just like he did every day. He took his normal seat. As he waited for class to start he watched the students trickling in. He nodded to Ryan and Rya as they walked in, but as time ticked by closer and closer to class Jessica still hadn't arrived. 'Is something wrong? I hope she's alright... He breathed a sigh of relief as she rushed into class almost 5 minutes later and not looking up to her usual self. Jack laughed to himself. 'She must have overslept again. Even on a day like today she's still herself.' Shortly class picked up with out much else of note happening.

Once the clock hit noon and the students were filing out Ryan rushed up to him. "Hey bud, wanna get some lunch with the girls before we head to the meeting?" Before Jack could reply Jessica had called out something about going to get dressed. As she ran away Jack called out. "Don't forget to meet at the League Gate!" He then looked back to Ryan and Rya. "Food sounds great. Wouldn't want to show up to our meeting hungry." He laughed stepping in behind Ryan as he led the way to the Cafeteria."

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#, as written by Polka
Rya was an early bird. She always had been because her father used to get up early to go fishing so was nothing to her.
She awoke to Tai her Aipom clinging to her arm. She often let him sleep next to her, he kept her warm and she felt more comfortable having his soft breathing in her ear rather than silence.

' Good morning Sunshine ' she said as she ruffled the small tuft on his hair.

Same routine as always. She let the other Pokemon out that she kept in her room. It was a Gabite named Rex, her other two were kept in special holding units because they were far too big for her tiny room.
She fed Rex and Tai before having a shower and washing up.

It was about 7.30 after she had cleaned up after her two boys mess, they were both extremely messy eaters.
' Come on then, we better go feed the other two now if we want to have some time to read the lecture notes'

Rex returned to his ball and Tai took his position of Rya's shoulder. They headed to the stables first, she had to creep quietly through her dorm because most of the other students would still be sleeping.
Once she had exited her dorm Rya crossed the large floral green that decorated the front of the campus and took a short walk to a row of large Barns.
Her Ponytam, Ziphina was in Barn 5 block C. Rya took a key from around her neck that unlocked the large barn.

SHe arrived in block C and entered her Pokemon's pen. There sat a small shining red Pokeball. It was university rules that all Barn Pokemon were to be kept in their balls without supervision.

She released Zephina, the usual greeting was the Ponyta sniffing out the Poffins that Rya had stored in her backpack.

After the pleasantries and feeding Rya put Zephina back into her ball and locked up after herself.

Checking the time Rya headed the the PokeQuarium where she kept Osha.
Osha was a smallish Prinplup that was in a group tank with a mixture of other water pokemon. It was always the same, Rya would have to wake Osha from the tank by tapping three times on the glass.
Osha was notoriously lazy but would always swim to the surface of the tank on the third tap.

Once Osha was fed she was returned to her Pokeball and so was Tai before Rya headed to her first lecture of the day. HER favorite lecture and possibly the last one she would go to before she left.

Rya sat near the front of the lecture. She was there at least thirty minuted before everyone else, she had briefed herself on the lecture notes before re starting to write a list called 'Make sure you have ...'.
She didn't even realize the lecture had started and pretty much worked on the list the whole lecture. Once it was finished shhe joined her three new friends... her new travelling companions. The other girl in her group Jessica went back to her room so it was just the three of them.
She did not say much but followed the boys to the cafeteria.

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Ryan shrugged as Jess ran by. 'Maybe if the girl would get up on time she wouldn't have to go home and get redressed nearly every day.' He thought. He smiled to himself. Should be interesting travelling with her.

Students shuffled by the three of them while they walked to the Cafeteria. It wasn't a five star restaurant, but it was decent. Enough to keep them going, and fill them up for the long trip they were about to take. He wasn't sure how they were going to travel to Kanto. He knew it was quite far away. They wouldn't be able to walk there. And from what the Professor was saying in the lectures, they weren't catching a ship to Vermillion. Maybe the Professor would have them Fly there on the back of a bird Pokemon. Although a quick mental scan of the group and their teams showed that that probably wasn't going to happen, unless everyone wanted to ride on Jack's Tropius. Maybe Surf there? Osha, Nami, and Constantine were pretty strong swimmers. Although one of them would have to carry two passengers, and again. It's a looong way to Kanto.

Ryan shook his head. He zoned out every now and again in thought. They had just arrived at the Cafeteria. Ryan held the door for both Jack and Rya, shooting her a smile as she walked by. She was a bit quieter than the others. He closed the door behind him and situated into the line.

After selecting a mish-mosh of questionably looking foods Ryan snagged a table outside, under a tree. He tossed his bookbag onto the bench next to him and began to rummage through it, looking for his Pokeballs. A Flash lit up the inside of the bag, and when it subsided a small teddy bear had appeared. Ryan chuckled and helped his Teddiursa out of the bag. She sat on the table in front of him and stared at his tray. Ryan was still rummaging. "No Chloe, you already ate." He turned and stuck his tongue out at her, a gesture that was probably lost on her. He finally found the other three balls and placed them back onto his belt where they belonged. He would have let out the others, but Diocletion and Constantine would just screw around, and he'd probably be told to put them away anyway. Hector wouldn't be a problem, but it's not like he would notice whether or not he was in his ball.

He finally sat up. Chloe was still looking covetously at his food. Ryan smiled and tore off a piece of his bread roll. He handed it to her, much to her glee. "Have a ball."

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Ryan nodded to each of his friends as they took their seats. Fortunately Jessica took the time out of her busy schedule to join them for lunch. How nice of her. Ryan smiled as he finished off the last bite of his chicken. Everyone was in high spirits, eating, talking, letting out their Pokemon. He hoped this would last... but in the back of his mind he knew it wouldn't. The stakes were high, and as he scanned the group of Pokemon that had been let out, he knew they would have to train hard, and fight harder to keep everyone safe. His biggest fear was Chloe. He never meant for her to be a fighter. In all reality, he never meant for any of them to be fighters, but he knew they all had it in them. They all had the fire. They all had the guts to be all that they could be.

He realized something, looking at his team, and their Pokemon. They could do it. The four of them, and Red. They could save the Kanto region and fix this disease, or whatever it was that affected Pokemon in this way.

Jack had asked about their packing. Ryan gestured to his bookbag. "It's all in there." Jessica stated that they needed to go to her room before they headed out. "That should be fine Jess, We've got plenty of time before we leave... I think" He laughed. He checked his PokeGear. Everyone else had a C-Gear. PokeGear was enough for Ryan, a Johto classic. They had about an hour before they were to meet the Professor. Plenty of time.


Professor Redwood was going over his supplies behind his desk. "Yes yes, this. I've got that. Oh, I need this. And we're set." He smiled and zipped up the bookbag. This faithful bookbag had been a trustworthy companion throughout all of his adventures. It didn't hold as much, and was not as organized as some of the newer bags, but it was enough for him.

He had one last thing to get. In his locked safe behind a painting in his office. He input the combination. 'Click' the safe swung open. Inside sat one lowly Pokeball. A Pokeball that he had not held in years. "It's time to wake up buddy." With a flick of the wrist he tossed the ball into the air, sending out a bright flash, and a bit of dust. Red smiled at his old friend. The Pikachu stood quietly, stretching. It had been a while but the Pokemon looked just as powerful as the day Red locked him up for his own safety. It looked at him quizzically as if to say, "What's the deal. Why am I awake."

"Pikachu, It's time to save Kanto."

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-Time Skip-

The Pokemon League gate was huge. Must've been fifty feet tall, and just as wide. It glowed silver in the sunlight. The top was adorned with statues of many of Hoenn's most powerful pokemon. A Metgross, Salemence, Flygon, Cacnea, Walrein, Wailord, as well as the legendary Pokemon Ryan had only heard legends of.

Ryan had always wondered what it would be like to challenge the League, and the Elite Four. He never had that chance. The Indigo league was all but destroyed. He hoped to reform it to its former glory, that he might challenge it. Were any of the members even alive anymore? He couldn't imagine that Koga or Bruno would still be living. Lance and Will must be in their 80's by now. Maybe there would be a new Elite Four. Hah, maybe it would be the four of them, with Red as champion. Wouldn't that be cool? He smiled at the thought.

The three of them had taken spots sitting against the gate. He remembered that the Professor had told them to let out all of their Pokemon once there. He clawed at his belt and retrieved his four Pokeballs. He tossed them all at once. Four bright flashes left four smiling Pokemon behind. Diocletion, his Quilava, flared a bit and then started to climb on top of Hector, His Shuckle. Dio was a bit lazy, and enjoyed napping on top of Hector. Hector never seemed to mind. He was a bit... slow. Chloe bounced giddily on the stomach of his Quagsire, Constantine. Ryan smiled, He loved how fun loving and carefree his Pokemon were. He just hoped they'd stay that way.

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#, as written by Polka
Rya sat next to Ryan and looked up in adornment. The Pokemon League gates... there were no words.
It shimmered in the sunlight and the statues of the Pokemon looked like Gods.
In all honesty Rya was just happy she had the chance to see it, it was exactly like was the Professor said it would be.

Ryan released his Pokemon. It was at that moment Rya released this would be the first time all the gangs Pokemon would meet. She was a little wary, hopefully they would all get on but she could not help but wonder if there would be some spats within them.

Regardless Rya threw four balls high into the air. Osha was immediately by her side, clearly wary of the new Pokemon in front of her.
' It really is Ok Osh, they won't hurt you.'
But the penguin Pokemon stuck by Rya's legs.

Tai was of course trying to get Chloe's attention, just as he had been before at lunch. Rya giggle and nudged Ryan a little. It was the first real contact she had made with him. ' Looks like we have two best friends there '.

Rex sniffed anxiously at Hector and Dio in there strange sleeping position and Ziphina was busy trying to get Dio's attention.

So far so good...

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They were all there. All four of them with their Pokemon. They all looked so... Confident.

Redwood walked slowly toward them, his Pikachu sat lazily on his shoulder. The Professor's lab coat swirled behind him in the wind. He knew this would be difficult for them. This was not a task he would wish on anyone. He wished he could use some more experienced trainers, but maybe these youngsters have what it takes. A quick once-over of their Pokemon gave him plenty of information about how they would work as a team.

The types were well separated. They could do with a bit of diversity. Five different fire types, though one of them would eventually become Volcarona... hopefully. Not many Pokemon who would be a good match with the multitude of poison type Pokemon that live in Kanto. They would certainly catch more Pokemon as they traveled. Yeah, They would do. But they would need help.

"Thank you all for coming" Redwood stated as he arrived. They all looked to him in anticipation.

"You've all heard my lecture about the current situation in my home region, so you have a general idea of what is going on there. But I didn't tell you everything. There are people there who will kill your Pokemon. That is a fact you need to acknowledge right now. If you are not prepared to lose a team-mate, then you need to leave immediately." He said this with a stern voice. No one even flinched. They all knew what they were doing.

The Professor nodded. "Ok then. Next thing. There will also be people who are willing to help you on your journey, but not everyone with a kind face can be trusted. This is war, just as you would do anything to save your friends. These people will do anything to save theirs. I have a few contacts throughout the region who will be able to help you, but you will have to find them first. That is your first task. Find the Pewter City Gym Leader, Brock. I'm sure you've all heard of him. He will be your first informant, and he should be able to help you. There may be more gym leaders who are still around, but probably very few. I wouldn't count on too many ringers to help you out in the knick of time." He had heard rumors of several powerful trainers roaming Kanto. He was not sure if they would be helpful.

"If you know who I am, you will know my accomplishments. You will know that I was able to capture every single Pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex. I assure you I will help you in any way I can, but I will not permit to use any of my Pokemon in battle. So don't ask. They are simply too powerful, there will be more bad done than good. I will send you one of my Pokemon only if you truly need it to continue your journey." This was not the only reason. Several of the Professor's Pokemon were quite old, and might not be able to stick it out in a battle.

"Lastly I have a few things to give you." He pulled the bag off of his back and unzipped it. "You will need these" He retrieved four metal cases from his bag. "In each of these cases there are twenty four syringes. 6 of them are Antidotes, as there are quite a lot of poison Pokemon in Kanto, and not many places to heal your Pokemon. Ten of them are Super Potions. 4 of them are Full Heals. The other 4 you can use at your leisure, if you happen to find some medicine on the road." He handed a case to each trainer. "Secondly, here is my PokeGear number." He recited his number to them all. "I will call you whenever I have some information for you that could be helpful."

He realized he had probably been going to fast, but there was not much time to lose.

"Look, people. I know this is a lot to take in in such a short time, but we don't have time for you to be as prepared as I want you to be." He pulled a Pokeball from his belt and tossed it into the air. A small, fox-like Pokemon appeared. "Everyone, meet Abra." The Pokemon grumbled his name. "Abra will Teleport you all to my hometown, where you will begin your journey." He smiled. "I will set up shop in Professor Oak's labratory. If you need me, call me, but this is where we part ways." He put his hand on Abra's shoulder. "Everyone place your hand on Abra, and kiss Ever Grande University goodbye. If you have any questions, call me." He gave a small, reassuring smile.

They all withdrew their Pokemon, placed their hands on Abra, and then were gone.


A bright flash made Ryan close his eyes. When he opened them He was in a different place. The air was thick here, and a bit muggy. This must be Pallet Town. He could see the laboratory in the distance. The Professor had not said a word, and simply left with his Abra, who sauntered quietly behind.

He nodded to the others. Time to hit the road.

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Jack blinked his eyes as the bright light faded. Looking around he could see that they were quite obviously not in Ever Grande anymore. As the Professor walked away Jack called out to him. "Don't worry, sir, we won't let you down!" He turned back to his companions as the professor faded from view. "Alright everyone. We're finally here! I know I'm not like a leader or anything but I think that our first thing should be getting our Pokemon used to the Pokemon from this region... I'm going to go out for a training session luckily Karma has a good advantage over the poison types here. Plus she can heal the rest of our partners." Jack gave everyone a bright smile listening to their ideas. Once everyone had given their ideas he smiled and started walking to the north where he would be able to meet and train with his first Pokemon from the Kanto region.

As he trained against the wild Pokemon of the Kanto Jack made sure to have a large safety area making sure that none of his Pokemon were never in danger of real lasting injury. While he made sure to train all of his Pokemon getting them used to the Kanto environment he spent quite a bit of extra time training Karma. "Alright Karma I don't want to put to much stress on you so if you get tired let me know. I just know it's going to be a long journey and your healing abilities will be invaluable as we work." Karma nodded to Jack a determined look on her face as she prepared to battle the next Pokemon that attacked them.

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#, as written by Polka
Rya took a deep breath when the professor arrived. It was now all becoming reality, she realized that this journey was going to happen and their was a possibility she could lose her friends....
In fact she knew it was highly probable that she would. She didn't even know if she was ready for the loss. Not after the last time.

She could feel the prickling sensation in her eyes. She chocked back the tears and hoped that no one noticed. If any of the team thought she couldn't handle it she just knew she would be letting them down.

Rather than speaking she just touched the Abra's head. Now she was ready, she had to be for the sake of everyone in her team.

With a great flash she was in Kanto. It was totally different from the way she had imagined it. The air was thick, it wasn't any harder to breath but it certainly was not a pleasant experience. She decided against letting her Pokemon out of their Pokeballs. Simply because she was unsure how they would react to their new environment. Better to do it somewhere safe.
' I guess it's finally becoming real now ' she whispered more to herself than anyone in paticular.

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There was a bright flash and the next thing she knew Jessica was in a completely unfamiliar location. "So, this is Kanto, the air is thicker here." she thought to herself taking in her new environment. She waved as walked off to the north to go train. Jessica considered going with him, but before she could make a decision her C-gear rang. Upon answering it she saw a very familiar face, "ALDER!" she nearly screamed as she walked away from the group. She hadn't talked to him in months and was quite excited to see him. "Hello Jessica, it is good to see you too. Do you remember that package I gave you moments before you set sail for Ever Grande? The one I told you not to open?" He said to her. "Yeah I remember I have it right here in my bag. Why?" she responded. "I think you're ready now, so I want you to open. The decision when and if you should use it, is entirely yours. But I feel you are finally ready to make that decision." Alder sounded quite serious, as he usual was when they trained. Jessica reached into her bag and pulled out the package. She opened it and inside was a flaming orange and red stone, a fire stone. It was a rare item and most certainly had cost Alder a lot of money. "I, I don't know what to say. Thank you." She said at a loss for words. "Think nothing of it, I'm sure you and Honey will decide together the best course of action, but I wanted to make sure you had the option to make that decision. And now it would seem I have a class to teach, I will talk to you again soon. Good bye J-J." "Bye Bye!" Jessica said as they hung up.

She reached into her bag and pulled out Honey's pokeball. She let her friend out and after she took a moment to get acquainted with her environment Jessica knelt down and asked her friend, "Honey, our good friend Alder has gifted me with a fire stone, but since it is you that the item will change I want to ask you, do you want to be an Arcanine? Are you ready to evolve?" Honey looked puzzled for a minute and then jumped up and licked Jessica's face in a loving manner. Jessica of course easily interpreted the action to mean "Yes! Of course I do. I'm ready when you are!" Jessica smiled at her friend, "Then what are we waiting for?" She said pulling the stone out and placing it against Honey's skin. Honey began to glow a bright white color and she grew in size to nearly six feet at the shoulder. Honey had evolved into an Arcanine. "Wow, Honey I can't believe it, I knew it would happen and I can't believe it. Your stunning!" She exclaimed as she hugged her knew friend. She then realized that none of her friends would have seen the evolution, as she had walked away from them for the conversation. She climbed onto Honey's back, "Let's go show our friends how awesome you are now." She said and she went north to where Jack was training.

"Hey Jack, how goes the training?" She hollered down to him from atop Honey.

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Ryan looked at his friend. He raised an eyebrow. He was tearing up with fear. In all honesty this made him a little angry. Of all the selfish... Did Jack honestly think that there would be no danger in store for the four of them? Did he intend to let his Pokemon die, thinking that he was in no real danger. It was always obvious to Ryan that the four of them would not leave this journey unscathed, maybe the thought simply didn't occur to Jack. He was a little headstrong sometimes... Maybe he got excited by the thrill of adventure and forgot to think it all through. This is the same kind of realization that could crush the fighting spirit of the others, though he was absolutely sure Jess wouldn't stop, and also that she probably understood the dangers. Rya might not be so fired up though.

Jack returned his Kirlia and asked Ryan what to do. Ryan sighed. This was why he didn't want to tell the others. Now the thought of his own mortality would be in the back of Jack's mind for the rest of the mission. It sucks, but what are you gonna do? Ryan didn't want to be a leader. He didn't even want to be here, he'd much rather be cloud gazing with Constantine, or playing fetch with Dio, but sometime you've got to do what you've got to do. And Ryan was certain that this was something he had to do.

"Look Jack. We need to just keep this between us, can you do that? The girls don't need to know about this until it is absolutely necessary." He fingered the Pokeballs at his waist, thinking about what could happen because of their secret. Even if anyone was to be affected by a Pokemon move, they all had more than enough medicine to fix them up. The Cueball didn't. It's harsh karma, but it seemed like the guy might have deserved it. It hurt Ryan's heart to think something like that. That someone deserved to die. But in a world like this, it's kill or be killed.

He put his hand on Jack's shoulder. "C'mon bud, lets go hook back up with the girls. We'll head to Viridian ASAP. And yeah, we should tell the Professor eventually, but not yet."

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#, as written by Polka
Rya nodded at Jess' response. At least the girl agreed to help, she could of just laughed in her face.

The Next Morning

After being woken by Ryan, Rya shot up. Rubbing her eyes she gave out a small yawn followed by a stretch. She released Ziphona who began to chomp on the surrounding grass making her usual huffing noises.
She decided against releasing the others for now because they needed rest and had eaten Rya's special Poffins that often tided them over to the next meal.

She placed her hand onto her Ponyta's back. Today was going to be hard but she knew that with team work they would be ok.

Time Skip

Viridian City

Once a truly beautiful place or so Professor Redwood had described it. Rya remembered reading about the Team Rocket conspiracy here, how it used to be home to the final Kanto Gym.. the one right before the League.
It was such a shame.
She hopped down from Ziphina, who automatically copied Dio's example by putting her flames down to a minimum.

' I can barely see ' Rya coughed, holding onto Ponyta for support.

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"Yeah guys, go ahead and let out everyone who can help us out here."

Rya was right. As long as they were in a Rock gym there were probably gonna be other ground/rock type challenges ahead. Ryan let out Constantine and Hector. Hector because rock didnt affect him much, if at all, due to his super high defense and Rock/Bug typing.

Constantine and Hector quietly huddled together near Ryan, trying to figure out what was going on. He rubbed Constantine's head. "It'll be alright bud" He stared quietly into the darkness, wondering what was gonna happen when Brock showed up.

Jack had let out his Pokemon as well. Ryan didnt know what to think about all of this.


The lights came on in a flash! The entire arena was lit up immediately, exposing two sets of bleachers on each side and a large pedestal in the back. On this pedestal stood the Gym leader, and Rebellion General, Brock. He stood with his hands on his hips staring down at the three students.

Hmm... They were well prepared for battle. Brock looked over their Pokemon. All had a Pokemon with advantage over his own, but he knew damn well there was no way they could beat him. They were just too low leveled. They were scared, and Brock could see that the boys had been injured. He took a few seconds to collect his thoughts...

"Relax." he finally shouted. "There is no need to get testy, I'm not going to attack you." He held out his hands innocently. It was obvious that the kids weren't gonna lower their guard.

He began stepping down to the battlefield, arms folded across his chest. "So you three are Redwood's pets eh?" It was true, he harbored a bit of loathing for Red. When push came to shove Red hit the road while everyone else stayed to help. They stayed to fight back. What had Red done? Sent a few children? Brock could feel he was starting to get angry... These kids better be worth something.

He stopped walking when he got to the battlefield. "Look kids, I don't know if you've noticed, but we are at war!" He reached for his belt and drew a Pokeball. "I dont know what Red sees in you, but if he was willing to pull his cowardly ass out of hiding you must be worth something...." he twirled the ball in his hand, thinking things over.

"Red told me what you said." he was speaking to the boy with the Quagsire. "He said you wanted to help. to 'save Kanto.' Let me give you a little taste of what you are up against." He tossed the ball into the air, releasing his Onix. The snake appeared on the ground and gave an earth shattering roar. Dust was shaken off the bleachers and the students each took a step back. Onix's power was massive. If it wanted to it could destroy most of Pewter City with one attack, and he hoped the kids could see that.

"Here is what's gonna happen." He was pacing back and forth now. "If you three, together... can beat my Onix... Don't worry about killing him, just give it your all my judges will end the battle when it is necessary... If you three can beat my Onix, I will allow you to help." he stopped pacing. "If you cannot... you will go home. I will not be responsible for your deaths. Red may think you are worthy, but youve got a long way to go before you've convinced me." He looked directly at the leader boy. "Do you have what it takes?"


This guy was the definition of intimidating. Ryan was shaking, not with fear, more like... adrenaline. The Onix shook the world with just his entrance, he had no idea what kind of power such a Pokemon would have...

Ryan turned around to look at his partners. They were both probably as shaken as he was. Nevertheless they knew what needed to happen. They'd come this far, there was not going back now. Ryan nodded and turned back to Brock. The man was unbreakable, and he had called Ryan out.

"Brock!" he shouted. "We'll take you on."

Constantine, Nami, and Osha approached the battlefield in a triangle formation. The three trainers lined up next to each other as well. Ryan took a deep breath.

"Lets do this guys."

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#, as written by Polka
The boys let out their Pokemon. They both made wise choices.
The type advantage would be helpful of things got too serious.

As soon as all the groups Pokemon were released the lights flew into action. The large Gym was revealed.
It was huge and Rya had not been expecting it to be as big.

Brock appeared as if out of nowhere. He didn't seem interested in the group at all, he wasn't hospitable like Rya had imagined but he was harsh and rough, just like his Pokemons type.
He mentioned something about war! of course they knew it was a war, they wouldn't have just decided to come here without researching everything. Well at least Rya did.

She balled her hands into a fist. She was really mad, frustrated because they were here to help and this old man couldn't look past his own bitterness for Red.
Rex could sense his trainers anger and tried to step forward but Rya stopped him.
When Brock released his Onix, Rya was not as surprised she had already seen one and she was not frightened anymore. She sent Osha forward. She knew that Osha had this battle down.

' If you wanna fight then I am ready!'.
Rya looked at Jack and Ryan in turn. She had the determination to win.

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Ryan sat quietly in the lobby of the Pokemon Center. His Pokemon were under the care of the center. The others sat nearby, probably running the days events through their heads as well.

He wondered why Brock was so upset with Red. It seemed like they would be on the same team. What could the Professor have done to upset him?


Redwood tossed the files aside. There was nothing in any of Oak's research to explain the problems here in Kanto. Oak was still very much alive when this whole thing started, so Redwood figured there would be something here, but after three days of searching he'd found nothing.

"Dammit Oak, there must be something..." He stood from the desk and left the laboratory. Someone in Kanto had to know something.

"Ding! ding!" his PokeGear was going off. He tapped the button to answer.

"Red. This is Brock" Red's eyes dropped a bit. "I've got your kids, you better hope they can make up for your mistakes."

"Brock, I..." he had already hung up. How long would it take for Brock to forgive him...?"

-Pallet Town. Circa 40 years ago.-

Red hoisted his back pack onto his shoulder lazily. His gaze was stuck on the ground beneath him. His hat turned downward to cover his face. He couldn't bare to look at anything, or anyone.

He placed his hand on his Fearow. "There is nothing here for me anymore Fearow, Take me somewhere, anywhere else." The bird cooed quietly as Red hopped on.

"Red! Stop!"

Red turned his head to see Brock riding at him on an Onix. Red turned away and tapped Fearow's body. "Let's go"

"Onix! Use Rock Tomb!" Onix growled and smashed the ground with its tail. Boulders hurtled toward Fearow. They fell in a pentagon around Fearow, pinning its wings, and trapping it from taking off. Red growled.

"Brock, Get out of here. Unless you want me to take you down." He glared daggers at Brock, who stood his ground. Brock was well aware that if Red wanted to, he could wipe him clean, but he didnt think Red had it in him right now.

"Red! I know what happened on Mt. Silver. I know it hurts..."

"How can you possibly know?" Red growled. "How can you know how it feels?!" His voice was getting louder and more furious.

"You are the CHAMPION, RED!" Brock reached for his other Pokeballs. "We need you HERE! So that nothing like this can ever happen AGAIN!"

Fearow was starting to get free of the Rock Tomb. "Brock, I wont warn you again. Leave!" Red reached into his bag. Every Pokemon he owned was in there. All except....

"Red... I cant let you go..." Brock pulled a ball from his belt. "RHYPERIOR, I NEED YOU!" He tossed the ball, and sent out a behemoth of a Rock Pokemon.

"You asked for this Brock!" Red threw a ball. "Go MEWTWO!" The legendary Pokemon materialized and floated menacingly in the air above Rhyperior.

Brock gritted his teeth. Red had never used his legendary Pokemon on anyone. He always thought it was too dangerous. What happened to him...

"Rhyperior! Use Giga Impact!!" Rhyperior charged at Mewtwo at full power.

"Use Psychic Mewtwo!" Mewtwo calmly raised his arm and stopped Rhyperior in its tracks. It lifted the Pokemon high into the air.

Brock could feel his nails digging into his palm from the clenched fists.

"Red... please..."

Mewtwo screamed and threw the Rhyperior into the ground. An explosion of dust and debris filled the sky as the gigantic Pokemon crashed into the ground. Onix coiled itself around Brock to protect him from the falling rocks.

Red dropped his head. "I'm sorry..." He returned Mewtwo to his Pokeball as Fearow took to the skies. When the dust had finally settled enough to see through, Onix uncurled and let him out. Red was long gone. "Damnit. You coward..." Brock returned his Rhyperior. It was knocked out, but not dead. The old Red was still in there... somewhere...

-- Present Day --

Red shook his head. He felt that he would never be able to make it up to Brock...


Ryan thought about calling Redwood to ask about his past with Brock. But he figured that it was probably not a can of worms he wanted to open up. Maybe he would ask about it later on...

The door to the Center opened, and in walked Brock. "Glad to see you are all well rested, you are heading out again tomorrow. You need to go through Mt. Moon and make it to Cerulean City. There you will meet the gym leader Misty. She is vital to our cause, and communications have halted between us recently." He crossed his arms. "Check in with me once you have repaired communications with her and I'll give you more information." he turned around to leave. "See you soon..."

Ryan blinked and the 'conversation' with Brock was over. Once the Gym leader had gone he looked to his friends. "Well that was abrupt." he blinked a few more times. He was exhausted. "We should get some shut-eye..."

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#, as written by Polka
The old woman tucked her now golden hair behind her ears.
She placed a pair of glasses on before reading through a pile of old letters.

They were old case files, the first few instances where pokemon had been dying.
It broke her heart to look at the same files everyday but she believed by looking over them she would find something, a reason behind all the suffering.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder. It was Joy. The two women had shared a close bond after opening the Cerulean City retreat. However, it had aged them so. Misty rubbed her eyes.
' Still nothing Joy. Red was always the one with the Brains. How on earth can we hope to save Kanto if we don't know how to stop this! '

Joy sighed, it was the same conversation most days. Misty had never fully gotten over that man leaving her and she couldn't forgive Brock for not bringing him back.
Luckily joy took care of contacting Pewter Cities leader. In a way she felt bad for the man, he apologized every day but Misty was never ready to hear it but of course the incident in Mount Silver did not help.

' Look Misty I have some news. It may be a small ray of hope. Red has sent someone according to Pewter '.

There was a flash of hope in the old Cerulean Gym leaders eyes at the mention of his name. She had loved that man once, though he may have never knew it. Once he left she almost shut down all contact with most people until Joy brought her back around.

' Have our best trainers meet them at the entrance to Mount Moon. I want them here in one piece Joy. If he sent them then they must be worth something '.


Rya sat with the others whilst her Pokemon were being attended to. Each trainer had been given a small red pill to take just incase they had ingested any poison.

Ryan mentioned sleep but she couldn't say she was tired. Far too much had happened today.
' I need to get some air'

She stood up and headed to the front door. The cold air hit her instantly.

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Brock sat atop his gym, staring at the mountain. They left only a few hours ago... Would they be ok going through the cave?

He shook his head and pulled himself to his feet. His thoughts were plagued with worry for the kids, and he didn't know why. He had much more important things to worry about than whether or not Red's pets made it to Cerulean. In all reality, the only reason he let them through Pewter was to get them out of his hair so that he could deal with the more important things. More important things like...


To be honest... the rebellion was getting nowhere. The last plan to infiltrate the Daemon Perimeter didn't go so well. No casualties.. well no human casualties anyway. His forces were sent packing with severe prejudice. It's probably why the soldiers were so on edge as of late. It also didn't help that he had had no contact with any of his allies for quite a while. He and Misty hadn't directly spoken in years, hopefully that would change when... if the kids made it to Cerulean. Janine had not made contact since the last job, so her fate was uncertain. She was strong, even so, he hoped she would be fine. Blue... Brock hadn't the slightest clue where Blue had gone to. Red was definitely around, but that coward was not worth Brock's time.

Those kids... Suppose he shouldn't refer to them as kids. They were in their twenties. Brock had already been a gym leader for quite a few years by the time he was twenty. And Red... Red was a damn genius when he was ten. That level of strength, perhaps Red had passed it onto his disciples.

After a bit of pacing he threw his arms in frustration. "Damnit!" he growled and ran his hands through his hair. He let them fall to his side, defeated. "They might be what I need to get the ball rolling again." He hated to let Red win.. these three were just so damn good.


Brock was shaken from his inner monologue by a distressed soldier calling from below. Brock stepped quickly to the edge. "What! An attack!"

"No! We just got word of a group of Daemon thugs heading into Mt. Moon!"

"They must be after the kids!" Brock tossed a ball, releasing Aerodactyl. He hopped on its back. "Take care of the City, I'll be back soon, I have to warn them." And with that he took off.

The entrance will be about an hours flight from Pewter. He needed them to bring down Daemon...

Who was he kidding... He would never be able to live with himself if they got hurt on his watch.

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#, as written by Polka
Rya hadn't really been aware of the situation that had just happened. One minute she was happy and now she felt nothing.

It had all been a blur, Ryan had tried his best to get them out but luckily someone else has saved the pair.

It was just like before, they were a pair again and Jack was missing. Though at the time Rya had not realised this, her head was just replaying the last moment before she lost her friend.
She must of returned Zephina at some point because when Brock took the pair back to Pewter she was safely tucked in her Pokeball.

Once they arrived the pair was led to a lightly furnished room.
She sat motionless on the floor. The only action she could bring herself to do was to wipe the blood from her head where she had received a small cut.

Without hesitation Rex withdrew himself from his Pokeball and began to sniff around Rya. He was being delicate, which was odd for him, maybe he already knew what had happened.
Eventually he sat close to Rya. Gradually each member of her team released themselves and surrounded her.

' She saved us...' Was all Rya could manage to say before she began sobbing.
All her friends could do was snuggle in tighter but it was clear they also felt the pain, even Squishy the newcomer.

Misty was about to head into the cave when a boy and a Blazikin.
He was clearly hurt but came out guns blazing.

Misty instantly released her Starmie in case they were followed. She could tell this boy was send by Red, he had determination, a quality that was rarely seen any more.

' I don't know who you are. Though I gather Red sent you. Please ask your Pokemon to kindly back down so we can help you. My name is Misty, the leader of Cerulean'.