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Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure

The Pokemon World


a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure, by BAWADABOO.


BAWADABOO holds sovereignty over The Pokemon World, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Pokemon World is a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure.

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Rya Hallot [129] With love and hard work you can achieve anything. But, Please.... Don't consider me a pushover because of the way I choose to train
Ryan Huntington [127] "I'd do anything to keep them safe."
Jack Zypher [86] No matter what it takes we will save the Pokemon.
Jessica Jameson [47] I am the best.
Brock [16] I will show you the true might of Kanto. We're taking back our home.
Misty [9] How could we do this to our own world!
Green [0] "This isn't my war. You do what you want. Smell ya later."

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Character Portrait: Rya Hallot Character Portrait: Ryan Huntington
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#, as written by Polka

Zephina trotted heavily as the trio journeyed to the unknown black dot on the horizon.
With each mile, it began to take shape and form into a much larger black dot.
The dot became a mound after a few minutes of riding.

As the team got close enough, Rya could tell what the unknown dot was.
It was a grave.
Well a memorial.

Rya hopped down from Zephina and released her team.
The memorial was a large carven stone. It looked like volcanic rock but Rya couldn't be sure.
It had a message engraved into it.
Well it had many messaged carved into in.

There was one that stood out.

Here he lies.
A warrior. A fighter. The hope of Kanto
With a heart that Blazed brighter than any before.
Life was unfair to take away, Kanto's only true saviour

Rya placed her hand upon the stone. Clearly the people of this Island loved this man.
She looked to he base of the stone, it had small tokens of memory placed at the bottom. Though none of these were new. Meaning that no-one had visited the memorial in months, maybe even years.

' Guys, come here. Let's pay our respect before moving on'

Her team came close.
Zephina seemed to understand the situation well but the others just stood silently around her. All except Tai, who began foraging in the tokens people had left for the great leader.

'Tai!' Rya grabbed the Aipom for his hoarding and held him tightly in her arms.
He gripped something tightly in his small hands.
Rya placed him back on the ground and held her hand out to him.
At first Tai refused to give up his prize but Rex managed to get him to give it up.
In Rya's hand he placed a small badge. It was faded but Rya recognised it to be the volcano badge.

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0.00 INK


There are 9 certified Pokémon league badges.[b]


Poliwag evolves 3 times.


Are electric moves effective against Ground type Pokémon?"


Ryan threw his hands in the air in disgust. After what felt like miles of walking, and four stupid quiz machines he was losing his mind. The air was getting thinner, so he knew he was headed up, but where in gods green earth would he find the exit to this mountain. For a fleeting moment the thought of a dead end crossed his mind, but he wiped it just as fast. That was too disappointing a possibility to entertain. There was an exit, he just had to keep going. By now the only member of his team still walking with him was Dio. The others had gotten tired and were having trouble with the stale volcanic air. He couldn't blame them, but he had to keep going, if for nothing else, but his pride. This mountain trek would not be for nothing.

He jammed his hands into his pockets and moved past the latest machine. Dio whined with boredom. He rubbed the Pokémon's head, [b]"It'll be alright bud, just a little bit longer.

A short ways up the path Ryan came across another quiz machine. With a hard sigh he stopped in from of it, brushing off the gathered dust and setting the screen alight. A new question appeared just as it always had before.

Pokémon of the same type and level are not the same.

"Ugh, True!"

With a soft ding the computer shut down like all the others before had. Yet another correct answer, yet another dose of nothing happening. He grunted and continued on. He just wanted to get out of here. This was becoming a great nuisance.

He noticed the turns in the path coming sooner and sooner. This must mean he was approaching the summit. Good, at least he was almost done with this cursed mountain. His heart fell in agony when another quiz came into sight. Behind it was a wall... A dead end. He swore quietly to himself and blew the dust off.

TM 28 contains Tombstoned?

This was the first one he'd actually had to think about. Ryan wasn't a wiz at TMs. Though he was a wiz at Pokémon moves, and Tombstoned was not a real move. False[b]

A ding... and nothing.

Ryan had the urge to scream, but swallowed it. There was no use. Nothing was in this stupid mountain. He patted Dio's head, defeated, and turned around to head back. Hopefully he wouldn't be too late meeting up with Rya.


The mountain quaked beneath him. Rocks fell from the ceiling. Was the mountain exploding, just like Mt. Moon had? Ryan covered his head and dropped to the ground, pulling Dio back into his Pokéball. Ryan flashed back to Mt. Moon and relived the explosion there. The falling rocks, Osha protecting them, their split with Jack, their rescue by Brock. Everything was hitting him at once, and all he could do was shut his eyes and try and push the memories away.

A minute later the mountain calmed and everything fell silent. Ryan uncurled himself from his position against the wall and slowly opened his eyes. It was so bright. He thought to tell Dio to tone it down, but Dio was in his ball.

He rubbed his eyes vigorously, trying to bring them to focus, and after a few seconds his sight had returned. The huge wall behind the last quiz was gone, and in it's place stood a gigantic hole in the mountain leading straight to open sky. He cautiously walked forward. He wasn't sure if the mountain was settled, or if the floor would fall out from underneath him. Carefully stepping he made his way to the hole and peered out. He was extremely high in the air, and had to make sure to brace himself, to keep the wind from throwing him from the tunnel. He was facing the opposite side of the island from where he and Rya had landed. There were a lot more ruins on this side.

In the distance he could make out an overgrown settlement which must have been Cinnabar City. It was a good mile from the base of the volcano. To his left he spotted his point of entry, by the telltale rocks he remembered. If he had made it this far, how far had Rya made it? He gazed to the left, searching for her, but he knew there was no way he'd be able to spot her from up here.

Eh, it doesn't really matter at this point. His main goal for now was to find a way down the mountain. He wanted to make it to the city if possible.

He tossed a ball, sending Leon sailing into the sky. The bird spun in the air with glee, glad to be in open sky once again.

[b]"Leon, find Rya, and show her where to meet, alright?"
A nod and a coo and the Pidgeotto was off in a tear.

Ryan smiled and looked down the mountain. "Now how do I get down from here?

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Character Portrait: Rya Hallot Character Portrait: Ryan Huntington
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka

She held the badge tight.
All the old Kanto badges were relics now. Rya couldn't believe she was holding one.

Aipom was chuckling away, still rooting around in the shrine.
Rya was at a standstill. She knew that keeping the badge wouldn't be right, so she put it back down.

Rya turned to Zephina:
'You ready to head off. Ryan's probably half way across the Island.'

Zephina chuffed and began lowering herself down so Rya could climb on.

It was at that moment that Leon flew down from the sky.
Rya placed her hand on the birds types head.

'I am guessing Ryan sent you.'

The bird flustered its wings. She assumed he had been sent to lead the way.
Rya quickly returned her team. All except Zephina.

She climbed back on top of the Rapidash as Leon cooed gently. He had certainly cam on a lot since Ryan had caught him. It was nice to see he was getting stronger.
' Lead the way big guy'

The pidgeotto flew into the air, blocking out some of the harsh sun.
Zephina began to gallop along with the bird type. Another example of how both teams were perfectly in sync

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Character Portrait: Rya Hallot Character Portrait: Ryan Huntington
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Ryan rubbed his hands together nervously, hoping against hope that he would survive this bat-shit crazy plan of his. At his feet lie a yawning Hector. He had to smile through the heavy beating inside his chest. His Shuckle was always so clueless and goofy. He doubted Hector even understood the danger Ryan was about to put himself in. Hector yawned once more and retreated inside his shell.

He carefully stepped on top of Hector's shell. He crouched down and slid his hands into the empty holes on top. This was crazy. Ryan shook his head, he was definitely going to die. He chuckled. Might as well just go for it.

"Let's go bud." Hector slid his arms out and slowly made his way to the edge. As they approached Ryan got a good view over the side. The drop seemed to go on for miles. Ryan swallowed hard and took a deep breath before Hector took one last lazy step over the edge.

It was the single most terrifying moment of his life, crossing over the ledge. All at once the ground below flew to greet him, little rocks bounced up in his face, and the fierce wind made his eyes tear up, but he couldn't afford to close them. He had to steer the hell-sled away from boulders, because Hector was too slow to react. His vision blackened as Hector slid faster and faster. He leaned left and right with all his might, narrowly avoiding rocks that seemed to genuinely want him dead. It was quickly getting out of control and flat ground wasn't getting any closer any faster. He was hardly even halfway down when he jumped a smaller rock, sending him spinning wildly down the mountain. He jammed his eyes shut and gripped the shell with all his might. This was it. He was dead. It was that simple. Hector let out a small grunt and his shell lit up like a light bulb.

And then he was in the air. He and Hector were sent flying high off the side of the mountain. Hector had fallen out of his shell, and his limbs were dangling loosely as the spinning slowed. Hector must have used Bide... on the ground... Ryan's mind was running a thousand miles an hour. As he flew through the air he pulled Hector's ball from his belt and returned him. He sent out Constantine in his place, who was little less than horrified to be falling as they were. Ryan grabbed onto the Pokémon's shoulders and hugged tight.

"Con... Surf!"

Constantine opened his mouth and fired a gigantic plume of water straight at the ground. The column quickly formed into a huge wave, which Constantine and Ryan landed on top of. Ryan returned Constantine and fell inside the wave. He quickly lost himself in the raging waters. He rolled and flailed in the water as it crashed into the ground. The wave dispersed and sent Ryan out of the water, this time tumbling on dry land. He covered his head and rolled without control until he eventually slid to a stop, spread eagle, in a pool of mud and dust.

He finally opened his eyes coughed up some swallowed water and let his head fall. That was... positively... the worst thing ever. He shut his eyes.

He figured a little nap wouldn't hurt... not that he had the energy to do otherwise.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka

Rya followed Leo across another large stretch of land. The terrain began to adapt and shift, causing Zephina to struggle.
The ground that had once been hard, was now turning into the thick mud.
The team were now getting close to the meeting point but they were losing speed,Rya could see it in both of the Pokemon riding along side her.

She beckoned them both to stop, returning Zephina after she had climbed down into the mud.
It was thick and it climbed up Rya's bear legs. She had not realised it was this deep. In fact, it hadn't been this deep before, not until she had jumped down from Zephina.

Leon fluttered above her, cooing loudly. It seemed like he felt strong enough to continue.
Rya went to walk forward but the mud that stuck so her feet was not allowing it.
Panic struck. How could she have been so stupid?

'Urgh... Leon, can you help?!'

Pidgeotto flew down and gripped tightly around Rya's wrists.
However, no matter how they tried, Rya began to sink deeper and with every swipe of Leon's the dust thickened around Rya.

She was now waste deep in thick mud.
There was only one possible hope... Squishy. Surely a Pokemon who loved the Mud so much, would have ease guiding Rya through it.

With great difficulty, Rya plunged her hand into the thickening mud, grasping onto the belt that held her Pokeballs.
She threw her hand out of the mud. Holding one ball in her hand. She just hoped it was the right one.

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His eyes opened to the setting sun. He could not remember where the sun was when he'd fallen asleep, or why he'd fallen asleep. He tried to sit up, but a harsh pounding in his head laid him right back down. He rubbed his forehead sternly and attempted to sit up again, this time bracing himself from the blood-rush that followed. He craned his neck skyward and got a look at the mountain, with a fresh new hole near the summit thanks to him. He then remembered his journey down the cliff. He breathed a short laugh at his idiocy.... it hurt to laugh.

He pulled himself to his feet, his body fighting him every step of the way. He could feel bruises in places he didn't know existed, and was sure he'd broken something, but that was nothing. He'd just conquered a volcano. He was flying high, and there was nothing he felt he couldn't do.

He was stood in a dried-up mud hole, ala Constantine. His clothes were very nearly destroyed, and he feared he wouldn't be able to change them for quite a while. His shirt was brown where it used to be white, and his left sleeve was nearly torn off. His jeans were doing alright for the most part, but he wouldn't hate a change. He was sure his hair was caked in mud, and his body was probably more black and blue than anything anymore, but he was alive.

Rya. He would need to meet up with Rya. She was probably to the city by now. Ryan clapped his hands against his pants, sending brown dust clouds out in all directions. He cradled his head in his hands and set off in the direction he believed led to the City.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka

Rya threw the ball into the air.
She could not believe her luck when Squishy appeared.

He balanced nicely on the the thick mud. It was amazing how the sludge didn't effect him.

The mud was now almost reaching Rya's neck, with one freehand she was still grasping to Leo.
Miraculously, she didn't have to say a word. Squishy made his way over to her, dissapearing into the sludge below.
Rya felt a tug around her waist, she began to move. Leo began to flap his wings furiously in time with Squishy's gentle pulls.

Eventually, Squishy and Leo brought Rya safely to solid ground.
She collapsed, her whole body now covered in thick mud that had already began drying in the heat.
'Guys.... thank you!'She panted, trying hard not to collapse under the heat.

Squishy sat eagerly next to Rya, whilst Leo stood quietly, catching his breath.
Rya placed her hand back onto her belt. Reaching for Zephina.
She released the fire horse, who seemed well rested after the whole ordeal.
Clearly Zephina was shocked to see Rya in such a state and bent down to allow her to climb on top.

Rather than sitting upright, Rya lay upon the horse, her face engulfed into the fiery mane. She returned Squishy and looked to Leo.
'You deserve a rest for all your hard work. Why don't you perch on my and guide Zephina that way'
The bird obliged and landed on Rya, who was still lying face down. Luckily the mud had hardened on her, so it wasn't rubbing off onto Zephina.

The trio headed off into the direction of the town. They were nearly there.

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0.00 INK


He pressed his hand against the stone entrance gate to Cinnabar City to support himself. After hours of walking he had finally reached his destination. It was extremely quiet here, quiet and dusty. He brushed the sweat-heavy hair out of his face and stepped through the gate. Hopefully Rya had made it without too much trouble. Ryan dully carried himself into the heart of the city, looking for a place to rest.

A few minutes went by before he stumbled across an ancient old building with a Pokéball sign above the door. He recognized it as an old Pokémon Center. Perfect. This was just where he needed to be. He found the most comfortable looking wall and dropped to the floor, leaning against it. It was a good time for a break. He'd wait here for Rya to show.

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Character Portrait: Rya Hallot Character Portrait: Ryan Huntington
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
Image[/cen ter]

[center] Eya, Zephina and Leo approached the final destination. Rya was still lying upon Zephina's back. She was exhausted, every inch of her body ached.

Ahead an old building could be seen. The three had finally made it. Leo headed off ahead, clearly excited to meet up with his friend and Master. However, Zephina kept at her slow pace, careful not to let Rya fall, who was not really holding on to support herself.

Steadily the pair were finally in view of Ryan who sat against a wall.

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0.00 INK


Ryan hadn't taken into account the idea that Rya might have had just as rough of a journey as he did, but when she finally rode in on Zeph, he could confirm that she most certainly had. She was covered head to toe in dirt and muck, and he could tell she was just as worn out as he was. Leon cooed happily as it reunited with it's trainer, and Ryan ran his fingers through the birds feathers. "Nice to see ya bud, good work." He lazily lifted the Pokéball and returned the Pidgeotto, giving him the rest he deserved.

Ryan perked up, leaning forward off the wall, and rubbing his still throbbing head. He looked up at Rya and was shocked. Even covered in mud and tired as she was, atop Zeph Rya looked truly intimidating. It was an air that she'd never given off before. It was nice. He could tell, even if she couldn't, that she exuded confidence.

He smiled. "Looks like you had an interesting trip." He painfully pushed himself to his feet, settling into a squatting position, not feeling like standing up tall. "Welcome to Cinnabar City."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka

Rya and Zephina pulled over next to Ryan. She could tell he had also had a rough time of it. His usually white shirt was now brown and torn. However, he looked as strong as ever. It was one thing that Rya had noticed from the beginning, Ryan was a natural leader and always looked strong... even in this somewhat weakened state.

She began to dismount Zephina, her legs began to burn as her feet touched the ground. Ryan began to speak:

'Looks like it was just as interesting as yours!' She remarked in reply to Ryan's small joke.
He welcomed her to Cinnabar, even in it's wrecked state it seemed to elude beauty.

The pair now reunited and looking worse for wear had to think about their next steps... it was obvious that there was nothing on this Island for them.
'Thanks for sending Leon, he really helped... its likely I would not of survived without him or Squishy!'