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Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure

The Pokemon World


a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure, by BAWADABOO.


BAWADABOO holds sovereignty over The Pokemon World, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

1,119 readers have been here.

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The Pokemon World is a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure.

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Rya Hallot [129] With love and hard work you can achieve anything. But, Please.... Don't consider me a pushover because of the way I choose to train
Ryan Huntington [127] "I'd do anything to keep them safe."
Jack Zypher [86] No matter what it takes we will save the Pokemon.
Jessica Jameson [47] I am the best.
Brock [16] I will show you the true might of Kanto. We're taking back our home.
Misty [9] How could we do this to our own world!
Green [0] "This isn't my war. You do what you want. Smell ya later."

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The two huddled around the fire with their Pokemon. Ryan couldnt get the others off his mind. They were supposed to stay together, in one group. Splitting up was never part of the deal. It would be so much easier to watch each others backs when there were four of them. The Pokemon spread would be better as well. It would have just been smarter. Splitting up never works. Nevertheless, he hoped Jack and Jess were doing ok.

He nodded to Rya, "We should hit the hay. Were probably gonna have a big day tomorrow. Ya know?" He returned all of his Pokemon to their Pokeballs and laid down.

The sky... It was just... empty. He was sure that in the past you couldve seen every star in the sky from here, but the smog from Viridian destroyed all of that. He had a feeling this was only gonna get worse.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
The new smaller group huddled together for warmth. Rya couldn't deny she felt awkward in her environment.
Even though they has passed the city she could still feel the smog at the back of her throat, it was disgusting. How could they save a world that had become so damaged by jealousy and greed.

Rex was closest to Rya and let out a small sigh. He probably wanted to go to sleep but was far to proud to say it.
It was lucky for him that Ryan suggested the two get some rest.
' Yeah. If we don't go to sleep now I doubt I ever will.'
She followed Ryans example and returned everyone to there Pokeballs.

Rya lay bag and examined the bleak sky. Where her and Ryan strong enough to get through this?

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0.00 INK

--Time Skip--

Its morning in the Viridian Forest. Pokemon are crawling from their dens, groggily seeking out breakfast. The two young adults lay beside a smoldering pile of ash. It's not very bright. The sun is barred by the ceiling of smog hanging above their heads.

A flock of singing Pidgeotto flew overhead, waking the two students.

Ryan rubbed his eyes, adjusting to the relative brightness of the sun through the smog. He sat up and tossed his hair, letting out a lazy yawn. He slowly gauged his surroundings, no present danger or anything. The fire was still going, only barely. He'd take care of that later.

To his left he saw Rya stirring as she awoke. He carefully pushed himself to his feet, wobbling a bit as he stood. He stretched his back and arms a bit and started to walk the sleep away.

He opened his bag and retrieved a Pokeball. He tossed it and was greeted by a still sleep focused Quilava. Dio grumbled quietly, obviously displeased at his wakeup call. "Ahh get over it." Ryan mused.

Dio shivered a bit before igniting his flames. This helped to wake him up, and had become a bit of a habit for the Pokemon.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
She ran through the forest. It had been following her for quite some time. Preying on her Pokemon. As each pokemon dropped from the safety of her bag the large frightening bird screeched and snatched at her.

Rya awoke. She was staring directly above and caught the flock of Pidgeotto flying above. That would explain the dream.

Ryan was busy stretching, she guessed the birds had woken him as well.
'Morning.' Rya said as she stretched out.
She took out one of her Pokeballs and released Tai. The tiny Aipom systematically placed himself on top of her head and balanced there.
Rya wobbled slightly before standing up and releasing Osha. Rya handed her a small pot which the water typed filled.

Rya splashed her face with the water. It was cold but at least it was clean. She handed the remainder of the water to Ryan.
It was as close to a shower as either of them was going to get.
' I doubt we will find a pokemon center anytime soon.'

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0.00 INK

He took the water from Rya and splashed himself as well. He ran his wet fingers through his hair slowly, pulling loose tangles out. Once he was done grooming himself he met with Rya. She was fixing herself up, getting ready to head out.

He tossed a Pokeball, releasing Constantine. It wobbled around a bit before "Constantine, Water Gun the fire pit." Constantine nodded and shot a stream of water, dousing the fire. "Nice job bud" He returned the Quagsire to it's ball and put it in the bag. He lifted it onto his shoulder.

"Ready to head out Rya?" he asked. He was spinning slowly, getting his bearings so he'd know which direction to go in. Pewter City was directly north of Viridian. Obviously the thinner the smog was, the closer they were to Pewter, so he settled on following the smog.

"We've gotta get to Pewter by tonight" It shouldnt be a hard trip. Ten year olds made this trip all the time, with low leveled Pokemon back in the day. There shouldnt be too much trouble.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
Rya began fixing herself up.
She brushed her long red hair into a ponytail. Aipom hung onto her arm as she did so.
' Osha I think you should stay in your pokeball for this walk. It's going to be a long one '
She returned the large penguin Pokemon to her Pokeball and fumbled around trying to find Tai's ball.

The small monkey made chuffing sounds. He clearly didn't want to go back into his Pokeball. However, Rya decided it was for his benefit and returned him anyway.

' Ready if you are partner ' She joked in reply to Ryan. She had no idea where she was going so she was glad Ryan had some idea. The only thing she was certain of was that it was going to be a long walk.

Ryan made a comment about the trip not being so hard which calmed Rya slightly. His optimism defiantly brightened the situation.
' I am sure if it a long journey Ziphina will help us out '.
The fire horse would gladly help carry the tired trainers one at a time if it all became too much.

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0.00 INK

Ryan nodded to her with a smile. They were, in a manner of speaking, in quite good spirits. Although it was kind of hard to get Jack and Jessica out of his mind. He was sure theyd meet up later on though. It would be ok.

The duo headed deeper into the forest together, with quite a bit of optimism.

--Yet another Time Skip--

About three hours of walking had put them pretty deep in the forest. Ryan stepped over a fallen tree and felt a sharp pain in his left leg. He looked down and noticed that he had stepped through yet another brier bush. "Agh!, I'm so sick of these stupid bushes" he growled. Dio stepped carefully along the ground, setting controlled fires in front of himself to not run into the same problems as Ryan. Dio blew an ember up into Ryan's view, letting him know the the Quilava enjoyed his misfortune. "Ooh bite me Dio" he responded as he pushed a branch out of the way. He looked back to Rya, who was trailing close behind.

He stopped at a thought. Dio looked up quizzically. He was wondering how close they were to Pewter... a birds eye view would be very helpful... Rya had stopped behind him, also obviously confused.

"Hey Rya, We need a flying type...."

In a nearly scripted entrance a flock of Pidgeotto burst through the trees ahead. "Rya I might need help here."

"Dio! Use Ember on the Flock!" A burst of flames flew up to the Pidgeotto as they were flying over. They werent happy.

The flock all dove to Ryan and Rya's position. It was about five Pidgeotto, all coming to destroy him. They were definitely toughened by the harsher surroundings of the forest as of late. They were all tearing down at top speed, coming after Dio.

"Dodge!!" Dio replied in kind with a dive to the left, missing attack by an inch. The five birds landed and squared up on Ryan and Dio in some kind of, backwards military formation. They obviously werent happy to be disturbed. The biggest one was in front, staring Ryan down. Must be the alpha male. Ryan returned the glare with a smile.

"Rya can you take care of these four while I try to catch this one." He was not gonna be able to fight through all five of them without knocking them out. And he was really hyped to catch this one.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
The two headed into Viridian forest just as Jess and Jack had done the night before. Rya couldn't help but worry about those two, how could they be sure they would find thier way back to the group.
I guess all she could do for now was hope. Plus Ryan seemed awful chipper and his mood began to rub off on her.


Three hours deep into the forest. Three hours of Ryan getting cut to bits on awful thistles whilst Dio burnt a path for them. It was beginning to seem like getting through the forest was a lost cause. Rya wiped the sweat from her forehead, working this close with a fire type was beginning to take it's tole.

"Hey Rya, We need a flying type...."

Rya snapped out of her daze once Ryan mentioned needing a flying type. She let out a small chuckle as none of the group had entered Kanto with a flying Pokemon.
' Your right' She replied 'But where will we find one. I can barely see anything '.
Just as Rya spoke a flock of Pidgeotto flew overhead. It was if by magic but Rya was not about to question there sudden luck.

As Dio hurtled an ember into the flock, Rya braced herself and quickly released Ziphina. She didn't have any Pokemon that had a particular advantage to a flying type, she just trusted Ziphina to get the job done quickly without showing off.

Ryan instantly knew which bird he wanted. It was now Rya's job to take care of the remaining four. She didn't want to knock them out so she also released Aipom too.

' Ready when you are Ryan! ' And for the first time she felt confident she could do this.

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0.00 INK

Rya had let out Zephina, decent choice. None of her pokemon were strong against flying. "Go ahead, lets do this."

"Use Quick Attack Dio!" Quilava disappeared in a yellow blur. The Pidgeotto darted its gaze back and forth, trying to spot Dio. It was too late. A hard smack, and the Pidgeotto was tumbling through the dirt, with Dio landing solidly on the ground. Ryan didn't give Pidgeotto the chance to return to its feet. "Dio! use Ember!" The small flames peppered Pidgeotto, causing it to lose its balance and fall to the ground again.

"Weve got it! lets go Dio!" He reached into his bag, searching for an empty ball. "Use Flame Wheel!" Dio nodded and dove into the air. He tucked into a ball, engulfed himself in flames, and barreled toward Pidgeotto. Direct hit!

What? Pidgeotto evaporated into thin air! Dio popped out of his roll and began to furiously scan the environment. Ryan racked his brain trying to figure out what was happening. OH! "Dio! watch out, its Double Team!" No sooner had the words left his mouth than a ring of Pidgeotto came pouring out of the brush, surrounding Dio.

"Pay attention bud, find the real one!" Dio stared down each one, desperately trying to discern the true Pidgeotto. A blast of wind out of nowhere knocked Dio off of his feet. He scrambled to his feet as the clones dissipated. Pidgeotto landed. It winced and took weight off of one of its legs. It was burned. Ryan smiled.

"alright Dio, one more attack should do it." Dio nodded quietly and focused on his foe.

"Quick Attack!" Again Dio disappeared and barreled full force into the Pidgeotto, knocking it onto the ground once more. This time, it was unable to pull itself up.

"Back off bud, Its my turn" He took a step forward and pitched the Pokeball. It hit Pidgeotto in the wing and sucked it inside. It bounced to the ground and began to roll around. Ryan wiped his brow as he counted the seconds. "One... two... three..."


The ball stopped rolling around and settled calmly in the dirt. Ryan grinned from ear to ear as he approached the ball. He retrieved it and held it up. "Welcome to the team..." he paused as he thought of a nickname.

"Leon... That's it.. Welcome to the team Leon."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
Two against four still didn't seem all that fair of a battle but Rya was confident these two could make an impressive double team.

The Pidgeotto has cornered them. Aipom began to breath heavily, he knew it was came time.
' Right, Ziphina stomp and Tai use swift. .

Ziphina began to charge forward surrounded by stars that resembled a ninja's shurikan. The fire hoisted her body high into the air and landed her two front hooves directly onto two of the Pidgeotto. Each bird winced it pain, they had been two busy dodging the swift attack to notice the ponyta charging towards them. Or course that didn't knock them out but they both flinched and flew into a high tree.

The remaining two were already unleashing a new attach. The two remaining birds flew directly into Ziphina. The horse was knocked off balance.
' Tai Double-hit. Help her out'

The small purple monkey dashed forwards and struck his tail. He only managed to hit one bird b as the other flew back in reaction to it's partner being hit. Rya could see that the attack had not inflicted too much damage onto the birds but it was enough time for Ziphina to regain her balance.

' Flame wheel and astonish! Go guys '

Both of her team flew forward. Ziphina charged and Tai sat neatly on her head. As she released the Flame wheel the small monkey jumped through it landing an attack into one of the Pidgeotto's. The other was hit directly by Ziphina's flame wheel.

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0.00 INK

Rya seemed to have this under control, but Ryan figured he could pull his weight. After all, he only fought Leon.

"Dio, youve done enough, have a rest" He returned the Quilava and tossed another ball toward the tree housing the other two Pidgeotto. "Constantine!" The Quagsire sat comfortably at the bottom of the tree looking up at his foes.

"Use Slam!" Constantine spread both arms wide and brought them together on the tree trunk in a flash. The trunk splintered and begin to tip, throwing the Pidgeotto off balance and into the air. The tree hit the forest floor with a loud boom, sending dust, branches, and brush flying in all directions.

The Pidgeotto had zeroed in on Constantine and were both coming in with a Peck attack. "Use Slam again!" Constantine raised both arms in the air, and just as the Pidgeotto were about to connect he brought them down, slamming the birds into the dirt. Once the dust settled it was clear to see that both birds were down for the count.

"Good work bud, cmon back" he returned Constantine and headed toward Rya, who had just finished up as well.

"Well that was fun" he said with a chuckle. He surveyed the surroundings. They tore this area up, they should probably get out of here before the indigenous Pokemon came after them. "We should get to Pewter." he smiled at a sudden realization. "Oh yeah! C'mon out Leon!"

Leon was not quite rested enough to fight, but that's not why Ryan called him out. "Leon, can you fly up high and check if were goin the right way?" Leon nodded, if not a bit reluctantly. He'll warm up in time. He's probably still a little shocked at being captured.

The bird flew high in the air, and returned shortly after. He pointed his beak in the correct direction. "Thanks bud, we'll get you healed up soon"

He returned the Pokeballs to his bag and turned to Rya. "Ready to go?"

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
Rya returned her Pokemon into their balls.

Ryan had helped finish off the wild Pokemon after successfully catching Leon.

She watched as he sent his new bird Pokemon into the sky to scout out the best route.

'I'm ready to go if you are Captain' she joked briefly, before following Ryan.
The forest was thick but the trees gradually began to let the light shine through. Well, if you could call it light. The air was still thick with fog, the new pidgeotto had been a god send as it helped direct the way. Without him the pair would have wandered the forest aimlessly.

As the clearing came into vision, Rya let out a sigh of relief. Maybe the pair would get some well deserved rest once meeting Brock.
Though she didn't say it out loud, even in her head the thought of getting any rest in this horrible land sounded like a joke.

' I can't believe we made it' She said as the exit became clearer.

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0.00 INK

The forest seemed to just disappear. Once they broke the tree line they were in a field with large rocks on each side, the whole thing seemed to be nestled in the far corner of a huge mountain. It must be Mt. Moon. He had heard stories about it, and the Moon stone. They'd have to cross through at some point. It was the only pathway through Kanto unless they wanted to backtrack to Pallet Town.

The field was different from what they'd seen of Kanto so far. It was actually alive. Just a quick scan and Ryan could see flowers that couldn't have survived in Viridian City, or Pallet Town. The air was fresher and the sky was blue. The pollution from the factory must be getting throttled by the trees of the forest. They were seeing a much brighter Kanto here. Though, something in the back of his mind made him think there wouldn't be much more of this kind of thing.

The field crowned the horizon. Pewter must be on the other side, once they reached the top of the hill they'd be able to see it. It felt like they were actually making progress.

"Its just over the hill Rya!" he said with a grin. The two climbed the hill eagerly. Ryan just wanted a warm bed, or a shower, or a hot meal, or something like that. Upon reaching the top of the hill they both stopped walking and stared down at Pewter City.

"I... I dont know what I expected..." He couldnt think of anything else to say.

It was about ten or twelve buildings, all surrounding a larger building. Ryan recognized it from pictures. The Pewter Gym. Most of the others seemed to be houses, except for three. Ryan could spot the Pokemon Center that still stood. In the far back of the town there was a long building sitting on top of a hill. The third was a Pokemart that sat on the east side. The whole town was maybe half a mile across and back, and surrounded by tall fences. Ryan could loosely make out figures standing at the fence at about 10 yard intervals.

"Its a Military Base..." Ryan and Rya seemed to realize this at the same time. They looked at each other with reluctance. Ryan didn't know how to approach this situation. Fortunately it wasnt his call, because before either of them had time to make a decision before the ground opened up below them and they fell.

It was only a few feet, but it was enough to incapacitate them long enough for two men in brown militia uniforms to arrive. Each man had a Sandslash by his side. One of the men spoke into an earpiece.

"Yes sir, we got em. Bringing them in now."

Ryan pulled himself to his feet, and helped Rya to hers. He nodded, acknowledging that he was ok, she did the same. He rubbed his head. "What's going on?"

One of the men smiled. "Youre going to meet Brock."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
At the end of the forest the pair ended up in a large field.
It was green and living. A complete breath of fresh air for Rya. Frankly, she was sick of breathing in the stank air of Daemin corps fuels.

A smile spread from ear to ear. She couldn't help it, this was the first living environment that they had seen.
Rya stepped forward and began to jog around a little, there was so much room. For a brief moment she forgot where they were.
' Ryan can you believe that there is anywhere this beautiful compared to what we have seen'.

Once Rya had settled her excitement she noticed Mount Moon first. Her father used to read stories to her about the moon stone. She missed that man and her mood went right back to what it was before.

' Its a military base...

In all honesty it wasn't till that point that Rya really noticed Pewter City. It was surrounded by barbed wire. The warm feeling she once had was definitely not coming back.
' How could this of happened' She whispered. The fields the pair once stood in, now felt like a war zone, she had been stupid enough to think there was any hope of beauty in this region.

Rya turned to Ryan giving him a reluctant look. This was the very place they had been told to go but now she felt stuck. In fact Rya wished the ground would just swallow her up so she didn't have to step forward.
It was almost like her prayers were answered as the pair tumbled down into a hole. Though it wasn't a very deep hole, Rya still has to check for grazes.

Two men appeared above. They each had a sandslash, something which Rya had never seen.
Ryan helped her up. Neither of the pair knew what was going on but they both preyed it wasn't trouble.

One man mentioned Brock and held his hand out to help the pair out. Rya took his hand first and he gave her a small tug out of the hole.
Ryan was brought up shortly afterwards.

' We have no choice but to trust them ' Rya muttered as she linked Ryans arm. There was no way she was letting them get separated.

The smaller man of the two stepped forward.' Boss mentioned something about four of you. Where are the other two?'

Rya shifted uncomfortably. How on earth were they going to explain the split?

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0.00 INK

"Where are the other two?"

Ryan couldnt hide his surprise. What? Jack and Jess didnt make it through? He had assumed they'd be here. Could they have snuck past these patrol men? That was unlikely, but maybe...

"We uh.. We thought theyd be here. They split up from us last night in the forest and we havent seen them since." Honesty is the best policy after all...

The men didnt seem to like his explanation. "You mean to tell me that a couple teenagers went running around Viridian Forest in the middle of the night?" the smaller one mused. "Theyre probably Wurmple food by now." he joked to his partner.

He's gonna sit there and crack jokes? "What are you trying to say!" Ryan growled. He stepped forward and felt Rya's grip tighten on his arm. At the same time the Sandslash paired with the small one piped up, baring its claws. The soldier chuckled. "Nuh uh uh kiddo... might wanna calm down." He stepped toward Ryan. "We wouldn't want Sandslash here to get upset now would we." He nodded to the Pokemon at his feet, who answered by clashing its claws.

Ryan lowered his gaze. "Dammit." he growled. The soldier smiled. "Good boy." The soldier reached for his belt and drew a pokeball. He tossed it behind him releasing a gigantic pile of rocks. It promptly unraveled itself at let out a low groan. "Onixx..."

Ryan looked at the soldier again. "I think I got your point. Whats that for." The soldier smiled again. God that smile. Ryan just wanted to knock it off of his face.

"For you." Ryan gave a quizzical look, dropping his guard just long enough for the soldier to crack him in the face with his elbow. Everything got blurry and his legs gave out. He could just hear a scream from Rya before he faded out.


The soldier looked at Rya. "Unless you want the same, I'd suggest you cooperate." the other man and the two Sandslash grabbed Ryan's unconscious body and drug him to the Onix. They tossed him onto it without much concern for his well being. "Join your friend miss. If you're good we won't even blindfold you."

He got back on his earpiece. "Were bringing them in now, keep on lookout for two more." He turned to his partner and Pokemon. "C'mon, were headed back."

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0.00 INK

It was a long and rough road through the Viridian Forest. The trees were bare and everything smelled like smog. The only comfort he had was Jessica walking next to him... Not that she was much of a comfort first thing she did was basically chew him out and she hadn't said a word since. But all that aside it was relaxing to walk through the woods with his friend and Pokemon by his side.

After a straight hour of walking they were about halfway through the forest when Jack saw a flash of yellow bolting through the trees. "Hey! I think that was a Pikachu!" Jack went chasing after hit Jessica close on his heels. As he ran Jack pulled out a pokeball and released Karma. "Karma slow it down with Magical Leaf." The magical blades flew trough around the trees directly hitting the Pikachu forcing it to come to a stop. "I'm sorry I had to do that but it'll be alright soon Pikachu." Jack reached into his bag pulling out a pokeball and launched it at the Pikachu. After a few moments the ball stopped squirming, the light fading as the ball came to a rest. He walked over and picked up the ball releasing Pikachu. "Karma use heal pulse and fix her up would you?" Karma nodded and released a strong pulse of healing energy completely restoring the wounded Pokemon. "Thanks Karma." Jack returned her to the pokeball and looked at his new friend. "What to call you? Hmmm how about... Kiiro? What do you think?" Kiiro jumped up onto Jacks shoulder and sat there. "I think I'll take that as a yes then. Wanna stay out and walk with me for a while Kiiro?" She growled softly. "Alright. Hey Jess what's up?" Jessica had just hung up her C-Gear and had a worried look on her face.

"Alder just called me... There's an emergency in Unova and I need to get back. I wish I could stay, but my teacher needs me."

Jack nodded. "I understand. If I got called like that I'd probably go. I'll let everyone know. If you like I can have Toph give you a ride to the port. Jessica nodded in reply and climbed on Toph's back. "I'll wait here for you to get back Toph take care of Jessica and be careful." Toph leaned down and nuzzled Jacks face quickly nodding before he took off. "Well Kiiro it's time to set up camp then." Jack went about setting mp camp a few hours walk away from the forest exit. He waited up until Toph got back and let everyone out to get some food before turning in for the night.

The next day Jack woke up after the sun had risen high into the sky. He bolted up quickly packing. "Gods at this rate Rya and Ryan are going to get to Pewter before me. That'll take some explaining." Once he'd packed all of his things and removed any trace of having been there he raced towards the exit to Pewter City. Just as he reached the gate he saw Ryan getting knocked out and thrown onto an Onix and Rya climbing onto the same. He ducked down into the bushes and continued to watch as his friends got carried in towards the city. 'What the hell's going on here I thought these guys were supposed to be our allies.' Jack quickly followed as close as he could behind the people who'd captured his friends, but he didn't make it far before he got spotted by another guard.

"Hey you there! What do you think your doing?"

Jack quickly spun one hand raising to defend himself the other prepared to release his Pokemon if his aggressor did first. "I'm here for a meeting with Brock. I was sent by Red."

The soldier looked him over then muttered something into his ear piece. "I'm told there was supposed to be two of you. Where's the other?"

Jack gritted his teeth. "She had to leave an emergency back home that she needed to take care of. There's only three of us now."

Again the soldier started muttering into his earpiece. "I'm taking you to your friends try anything stupid and you'll regret it."

Jack had to stop himself from laughing. "Yeah I'll take care of myself don't worry just lead the way." 'I don't know what makes this guy think he's so great but if it comes down to it he'll find out exactly what I can do.' The entire journey Jack's hand never left his side always ready to fend off whatever may happen. After a few minutes of walking he could see the Onix that was carrying his friends and he couldn't help it any more he sprinted toward them. "Ryan! Rya! Are you guys alright?" Before he could reach them to make sure they were alright something hit him solidly in the jaw. As he fell to the ground his vision going dark he saw a Sandslash tunneling down into the ground. 'Damn can't block what I can't see.' With that he blacked out.

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#, as written by Polka
These men were clearly not friendly. Rya held on to Ryan as he stepped forward, his strength dragged her forward but she managed to stop him before he lunged at them.
The sandslashes seemed to be in sick with the men as the hissed every time Rya or Ryan made a move.

Once the man released the onix Rya stepped back. It wasn't everyday you got to see one this close and it was something Rya would remember for the rest of her life though she wished it had been in better circumstance.

Rya stood on edge still grasping onto Ryan, she really wasn't expecting the burly man to knock him out. The shock from the blow shuddered through Rya's body and into the ground. She fell forward as Ryan's weight pulled to the ground and let out a scream.
He just lay there, knocked out cold. Rya could say anything else she simply placed her hand onto Ryans new flesh would on his cheek.
His blood stained Rya's sleeve.

The sandslash pulled him from her grasp and threw him onto the Onix.
' Be careful !' Rya yelled. Of course she didn't mean to say anything but they clearly didn't care about Ryan's well being. The soldier stepped forward and grabbed the collar of her shirt.
"Unless you want the same, I'd suggest you cooperate."
Fear gripped the young girl, no one had ever forcibly told her to do anything. Her father and only smacked her once as a child for letting Osha wander out alone. Yet hear she was losing her breath at the hands of a soldier.

Her Pokemon must have sensed her fear because Rex released himself next her. The dragon type let out a loud growl and the soldier put her down.
' Rex stay back' Rya pleaded.
The dragon complied but stayed very close.
' I am sorry. I will do as you say. No questions asked '

Rya climbed onto the Onix and Rex did the same. There was no way this protective Pokemon was going to return into his pokeball.

"Ryan! Rya! Are you guys alright?"

Rya flung her head around to see it was Jack running towards them. She had never been happier. The group was together again though she could see no sign of Jessica.
As Jack ran closer Rya watched as he too was knocked unconscious.

The Onix stopped and Jack was placed om it's back. Rex sniffed him to make sure he was Ok.

Inside Pewter

The group were dumped in a dimly lit room once they arrived. Rya had watched closely and from what she gathered they were in the Gym's waiting room. The room was clear and Rex finally agreed to be returned. Both Boys has small cuts on their faces which Rya cleaned up with supplies given to her by the soldiers.

Once the boys awoke it was time to take action.

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"Onix! Use Stone Edge!"

The rock snake dove forward at high speed, spun around, and stabbed the rock wall with it's tail. The wall exploded into a million pieces. Brock ducked behind Golem as the rocks rained down. Once the rocks had all fallen Brock looked up with a smile. "Nice one Onix, Stone Edge is only getting more and more powerful"

Brock stood tall and returned his Pokemon. "take a rest guys" he offered as he put them back on his belt.

Brock stood alone in his training area, a large plateau on one of the mountains surrounding Pewter City, and breathed in some of the fresh air. Up here all he had to worry about was whether or not it was going to rain. There was no war, no fighting, no death, just peace. He came up here at least once a day...

Just to keep his sanity

His earpiece piped up. "Brock sir, we've captured the students you told us about." Brock sighed. He had gotten word from Red a few days ago that he would be sending four students from Ever Grande to help him. He didn't know what help these students would be to him, but maybe they could be of use.

"Take them to the Gym, I'll be there soon"

"Yessir" Brock grabbed a ball from his waist and tossed it. Brock hopped onto the Aerodactyl's back before it had entirely materialized. "Take us home Aerodactyl." It crowed and took off.

Hopefully these kids would be as good as Red said they were.


The first thing he saw was a faint fuzzy light. He slowly opened his eyes. Ryan had never been knocked out like that before, it was really disorienting. It's not like falling asleep. When you fall asleep you dont remember it. Getting knocked out like that... you remember everything until you lose consciousness. It was like one moment he heard Rya scream and felt himself hit the grass, and in the next he was in this room. Rya!

He sat up quickly. Bad idea. The blood rushed from his head and he fell back. He felt a pair of hands grab him to stop him from hitting the floor. His vision was blurry, but he could see that it was Rya that caught him. He braced himself on one arm and rubbed his head with the other. "Thanks Rya..." he could feel the cut and the bruise on his face. That son of a bitch. He was able to sit up now. "You alright?"

He didnt know where they were. He assumed they were in Pewter, and from the atmosphere in here it must've been the gym. There were rocks placed all over, it looked like a battlefield, Brock was a Rock type master after all. This field probably played to his strengths. It was in his survey of the field that he saw another figure lying nearby. It was pretty dark so it was hard to make out who it was.

Ryan scooted closer to the figure. It was Jack! Relief rushed through him, but was then quickly overtaken by worry. If Jack was here, where was Jessica? He grabbed Jack's shoulder and shook him awake. He noticed that he and Jack had matching wounds. Rya must have cleaned and dressed them.

"Do you have any idea whats going on Rya?"

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Jack grabbed his head as he started waking up. "Gah lucky that Sandslash held back on it'd dig coulda taken my head off." He sat up slowly and stars started spinning in front of him. "Haven't been this dizzy since Ken knocked me out a few weeks back forgot how much it sucks." Suddenly everything from that morning came rushing back. "Ryan! Rya! Where'd they take you?"

He began looking around his vision and hearing finally coming back. Ryan and Rya were close by and for the most part unharmed. "Oh, hey guys what's up?" He lamely said as he again grabbed his head as the pulsing worsened. "Gah, Jes- Jessica, she got called back to Unova some big emergency that Alder needs her help with. That's all the info I got." They sat talking for a bit telling about their short journeys after having split up.

"Shortly after Jess and I headed into the forest I found..." He was cut off as one of his Pokeballs shook. Smiling he picked back up. "Well I met a new friend." He pressed the button releasing Kiiro. "This is Kiiro, Kiiro this is Ryan and Rya their friends of mine." Kiiro hopped around quickly deciding to settle back on Jack's shoulder. He reached up and comforted his new friend petting her head softly. "So I'd ask what happened, but I'm guessing you got close to the same welcome I did. We didn't walk to the wrong Pewter City did we? Cuz this isn't much of a warm welcome for allies." He settled into a more comfortable sitting position not trusting himself to stand quite yet. He smiled at his friends glad to be back with them. "Glad to see you two are in one piece, and Rya, thanks for patching me up." With that he settled back and waited for their captors to return and hopefully explain what happened.

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#, as written by Polka
Both boys stirred from their dreaming state.
It took them both a few goes to get themselves upright but Rya was just happy they were conscious.

She handed them both some water that had been given to her by the soldiers as supply.
' All they told me was that Brock would be coming. They have have been rather cryptic about everything else'.

Once both boys were full conscious Jack began to explain where Jessica was. Rya was relieved at least nothing bad had happened to her. Though the thought of Jack travelling alone made Rya feel bad. Maybe they should of stuck together.
It seemed that Jack had benefited from their separation as he had caught a new Pokemon.
' Wow Jack she is so cute!' Rya touched the small Pikachu's head its cheeks began to spark so she quickly took her hand away.

Rya couldn't help but agree with Jack when he mentioned walking into the wrong city, she expected that they would be treated well and instead her two comrades were injured. ' The only thing I can think of is that they were testing us.... Maybe we should have battled them?'

She wondered whether Brock, the well know Rock type trainer had set this as a task for them, a task they had failed. Maybe Rex had the right idea by releasing himself.
' Maybe be should release some of our teams in case we need them when Brock gets here. Rock is naturally weak to water. Come on out Osha '
The large blue Penguin ruffled her coat and looked up at Rya for instruction. Another pokeball burst open and out game Rex. He stood close to Rya and puffed out.

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"Yeah guys, go ahead and let out everyone who can help us out here."

Rya was right. As long as they were in a Rock gym there were probably gonna be other ground/rock type challenges ahead. Ryan let out Constantine and Hector. Hector because rock didnt affect him much, if at all, due to his super high defense and Rock/Bug typing.

Constantine and Hector quietly huddled together near Ryan, trying to figure out what was going on. He rubbed Constantine's head. "It'll be alright bud" He stared quietly into the darkness, wondering what was gonna happen when Brock showed up.

Jack had let out his Pokemon as well. Ryan didnt know what to think about all of this.


The lights came on in a flash! The entire arena was lit up immediately, exposing two sets of bleachers on each side and a large pedestal in the back. On this pedestal stood the Gym leader, and Rebellion General, Brock. He stood with his hands on his hips staring down at the three students.

Hmm... They were well prepared for battle. Brock looked over their Pokemon. All had a Pokemon with advantage over his own, but he knew damn well there was no way they could beat him. They were just too low leveled. They were scared, and Brock could see that the boys had been injured. He took a few seconds to collect his thoughts...

"Relax." he finally shouted. "There is no need to get testy, I'm not going to attack you." He held out his hands innocently. It was obvious that the kids weren't gonna lower their guard.

He began stepping down to the battlefield, arms folded across his chest. "So you three are Redwood's pets eh?" It was true, he harbored a bit of loathing for Red. When push came to shove Red hit the road while everyone else stayed to help. They stayed to fight back. What had Red done? Sent a few children? Brock could feel he was starting to get angry... These kids better be worth something.

He stopped walking when he got to the battlefield. "Look kids, I don't know if you've noticed, but we are at war!" He reached for his belt and drew a Pokeball. "I dont know what Red sees in you, but if he was willing to pull his cowardly ass out of hiding you must be worth something...." he twirled the ball in his hand, thinking things over.

"Red told me what you said." he was speaking to the boy with the Quagsire. "He said you wanted to help. to 'save Kanto.' Let me give you a little taste of what you are up against." He tossed the ball into the air, releasing his Onix. The snake appeared on the ground and gave an earth shattering roar. Dust was shaken off the bleachers and the students each took a step back. Onix's power was massive. If it wanted to it could destroy most of Pewter City with one attack, and he hoped the kids could see that.

"Here is what's gonna happen." He was pacing back and forth now. "If you three, together... can beat my Onix... Don't worry about killing him, just give it your all my judges will end the battle when it is necessary... If you three can beat my Onix, I will allow you to help." he stopped pacing. "If you cannot... you will go home. I will not be responsible for your deaths. Red may think you are worthy, but youve got a long way to go before you've convinced me." He looked directly at the leader boy. "Do you have what it takes?"


This guy was the definition of intimidating. Ryan was shaking, not with fear, more like... adrenaline. The Onix shook the world with just his entrance, he had no idea what kind of power such a Pokemon would have...

Ryan turned around to look at his partners. They were both probably as shaken as he was. Nevertheless they knew what needed to happen. They'd come this far, there was not going back now. Ryan nodded and turned back to Brock. The man was unbreakable, and he had called Ryan out.

"Brock!" he shouted. "We'll take you on."

Constantine, Nami, and Osha approached the battlefield in a triangle formation. The three trainers lined up next to each other as well. Ryan took a deep breath.

"Lets do this guys."

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#, as written by Polka
The boys let out their Pokemon. They both made wise choices.
The type advantage would be helpful of things got too serious.

As soon as all the groups Pokemon were released the lights flew into action. The large Gym was revealed.
It was huge and Rya had not been expecting it to be as big.

Brock appeared as if out of nowhere. He didn't seem interested in the group at all, he wasn't hospitable like Rya had imagined but he was harsh and rough, just like his Pokemons type.
He mentioned something about war! of course they knew it was a war, they wouldn't have just decided to come here without researching everything. Well at least Rya did.

She balled her hands into a fist. She was really mad, frustrated because they were here to help and this old man couldn't look past his own bitterness for Red.
Rex could sense his trainers anger and tried to step forward but Rya stopped him.
When Brock released his Onix, Rya was not as surprised she had already seen one and she was not frightened anymore. She sent Osha forward. She knew that Osha had this battle down.

' If you wanna fight then I am ready!'.
Rya looked at Jack and Ryan in turn. She had the determination to win.

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Jack smirked at the famous Gym Leader's show. 'So after all these years the guy can still hold a grudge against someone who wanted to protect his friends and help in his own way. I can't wait to stomp him.' Jack had very little patience. He'd had a long few days. First Jess left then Ryan and Rya had been abducted. Then he almost got his head knocked off. All in all he was not happy and was all to eager to send his Pokemon into this battle to show Brock exactly what he and his friends were capable of. Luckily he picked a loophole in Brock's plan. With the three of them working together they would be allowed to use any and all Pokemon they thought would give the advantage. Reaching to his belt he released Nami and Karma. "Nami get ready to attack, Karma your support keep everyone up to speed as long as you can. Kiiro stay back for now your no match for an Onix your attack won't do anything just cheer us on." He smiled to his partners and looked to Ryan and Rya nodding. "Let's show him what we can do."


Brock let out a laugh as the three determined trainers prepared. "You really don't know how powerful my Onix is do you?" Seemingly without prompt Onix whipped up a sandstorm.

Ryan took the lead with his Constantine. "Constantine Amnesia then Mud Bomb." Constantine stood still for a moment forgetting his problems then lept into action launching a dark ball at the Onix who didn't even attempt to dodge and just took the flat blast of the attack. It just rolled off barely even marking his surface.

Jack was the next to take action. "Nami Water Pulse" Nami nodded raising herself up on a plume of water sending the pulse deep into the sandstorm just missing the Onix's head. The pulse continued on bursting against the wall.

Rya quickly followed her friends. "Osha use Water Sport take down as much of this sand as you can!" Osha spent a moment building up its power before releasing a torrent of water reducing the density of the storm.

Brock smirked. 'These kids are smarter than I gave em' credit for. Their doing everything they can to exploit their type advantage over Onix... It's not going to be enough.' "Onix dodge through the storm then Stone Edge." Onix roared as it dove into the storm slamming its tail into a rock as it passed by sending the shards flying directly at Nami.

"Nami coil up for defense then get close and use Aqua Tail." Nami coiled up doing her best to deflect the attack. Due to her hard scales many of the rocks broke apart, but she still took a good bit of damage from the attack. "Karma, you know what to do." Karma pressed her hands together focusing her psychic abilities on healing her Nami's injuries.

Rya was the next to give an order. "Osha get in close and use Metal Claw!" Osha charged forward flanking Onix with Nami and smashed her newly sharpened claws roughly against Onix who let out a slight howl as the attack landed but didn't seem to take much damage at all from the attack.

"Constantine use Surf! Clear up this storm before and hit him hard!" Constantine lifted into the air on a jet of water slamming down to the ground sending a wave crashing over the entire field. The attack landed on all three of the other Pokemon. Nami and Osha almost didn't notice the wave as they cut through it. Onix on the other hand took the wave hard finally starting to show signs of the waging battle.

"Onix, Iron head on the Prinplup then dodge away don't let them surround you!" Onix roared and lowered his head at Osha charging furiously into Osha and surged through their ranks escaping the flank and getting all three in front of him again.

"Constantine cut him off with Slam get him back between us!" Constantine jumped into the air and slammed down on top of Onix's changing its direction back towards Nami and Osha.

"Good job Ryan. Nami hit Onix with and Aqua Tail!" Nami swung around on a wave of water crashing her tail right into Onix's side. He winced slightly at the impact but every attack seem to do less damage than it should be doing, and their Pokemon were starting to get tired and worn out.

"Osha Bubble Beam see if you can slow him down a bit." Osha nodded and shot a stream of bubbles in the middle of Onix's body. As the bubbles burst against Onix he seemed to slow down slightly. Their repetitive attacks were finally staring to show some affect on Onix.

Brock gritted his teeth as he watch his Onix getting pounded on. 'These kids are working really well together. They actually be able to do something. Never thought I'd have to resort to this.' "Onix use Earthquake." He didn't sound enthused or happy when he said this. More like he was testing them.

"Nami Recover!" Jack watched as the gym began to shake rocks crumbling and crashing into his Pokemon as she tried to recover over the damage, but this was to much Jack couldn't let Nami keep going after an attack like that. "Nami come back you were great. Alright Karma you're up. Double Team!"

Constantine faired well against the attack thanks to his typing. "Can you keep going Constantine?" Constantine nodded bellowing defiance at Onix.

Osha was looking pretty beat up so Rya called her back sending Rex out in her place. "You did great Osha, Rex let's finish this." Rex roared as he jumped onto the field.

Brock smiled to himself again as he watched them recover from Onix's strongest attack. 'Their doing much better than expected...' "Onix Stone Edge hit the Gabite. "Onix roared slamming its tail into the ground sending rocks flying into Rex. Luckily Rex was quick enough to dodge most of the rocks but a few struck his stomach.

"Karma use Magical Leaf!" Plants sprouted from the ground slowing leaves hopping off of them before flying towards Onix. Each leaf made contact and he could tell Onix felt each one as it hit. He howled loudly in pain. Finally they were making headway against Onix's spectacular defenses.

"Constantine. Mud Bomb!" Constantine launched another dark ball at Onix crashing it against its head. Onix cried out again looking even more run down.

"Rex Dragon Rage!" Res pulled back before releasing a torrent of energy into Onix.

The ref jumped into the middle of the field. "Enough Onix is no longer able to battle!"

Brock called Onix back and walked to the middle of the field motioning to Rya, Jack, and Ryan to come down and join him. As they reached Brock in the middle of the field Jack spoke up. "So now what? We passed your test. I don't know about the others but I want an apology for being attacked." He stood there with Kiiro on his shoulder and Karma standing next to him each looking as serious as Jack did. Even Kiiro who'd just joined his team yesterday.

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Brock stepped down to the middle of the field. That was a decent battle. Of course, if the battle had been real, this would not have gone the same way. Despite that, they'd done well. Once the three met him in the center, the boy with the Pikachu spoke out.

Brock held up one hand between him and the Pikachu kid. "Calm down." Why were these kids always so confrontational? "First off, I suppose an apology is in order." he took a deep breath. "I am very sorry that my men attacked you, however, I have standing orders for them to neutralize all threats, and from what I've heard, you" he looked at Ryan. "you were getting physical before my soldier took you out." He then looked to Jack. "And you, my men had plenty of reason to believe you posed the same threat, with you wearing your anger on your sleeve. Seriously kid, you might wanna get control of yourself. Something like this may happen again."

Brock crossed his arms and let that sink in for a bit. "Regardless, I apologize."

"Second. Yes, you did pass my test. You managed to impress me, and that is not an easy thing to do as of late." This was true enough. None of his men were able to fight his Onix with that much intensity. These kids would be useful, maybe even helpful.

"Before I give you any information, I want you to go to the Pokemon Center just south of here and get your Pokemon fixed up. I'll meet you there in an hour or so." With that Brock spun on his heels and left them, heading for his quarters behind the Gym.


The Quagsire returned to Ryan, as the only Pokemon who had maintained through the entire battle, he was probably pretty tired. "Nice work bud, take a rest." He returned Constantine and joined the others in the middle. Brock began to speak, kinda tearing Jack a new one. That was a little harsh, but ya know... kinda true in a way. Brock than told them they had impressed him (nice to know) and told them to go to the Pokemon Center.

He was right. Ryan's Pokemon were wasted. They needed help.

The three of them were now alone in the room. Ryan looked to the others. "C'mon guys, might as well go. I'm sure your Pokemon are as messed up as mine." He turned around and headed for the door, making eye contact with Rya as he passed and giving a small nod, signifying that their time as a duo seemed to be over.

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#, as written by Polka
It was done.
The battle that all three of the young trainers weren't expecting went there way.

Osha of course was pretty beat up but the penguin types level had increased. Plus Rya was sure Osha would have learned a new attack from the whole ordeal.
Rya stroked Osha's pokeball. Osha was her first friend and Rya truly appreciated how hard her pokemon had fought for her.
Rya thanked Rex and returned him. That dragon was always ready for a fight and it left Rya wondering what he would be like once he had evolved again.

Brock sent them to the pokemon centre and took the lead. Ryan signalled to her. Looked like their duo was done.
However, Rya was more than pleased that Jack had came back to make them into a trio. Clearly the three of them worked well together.
As the group headed out into the open air Rya stopped.
' I just wanted to thank you both. I can't say I have ever had people I can call close friends. Other than my Pokemon of course. '.
The red haired girl put her arms over each boys shoulder. She was not afraid any more, she could do it and it was all down to having a great team alongside her.