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Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure

The Pokemon World


a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure, by BAWADABOO.


BAWADABOO holds sovereignty over The Pokemon World, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Pokemon World is a part of Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure.

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Rya Hallot [129] With love and hard work you can achieve anything. But, Please.... Don't consider me a pushover because of the way I choose to train
Ryan Huntington [127] "I'd do anything to keep them safe."
Jack Zypher [86] No matter what it takes we will save the Pokemon.
Jessica Jameson [47] I am the best.
Brock [16] I will show you the true might of Kanto. We're taking back our home.
Misty [9] How could we do this to our own world!
Green [0] "This isn't my war. You do what you want. Smell ya later."

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Jack smiled as Brock begrudgingly congratulated them for having been able to defeat him. Even if it wasn't a battle he'd wanted to fight they'd done well and for the most part no one got hurt. Jack chuckled as Brock said that he wore his anger on his sleeve. "Tell me you wouldn't be angry if you saw some group abducting the people you cared about." He smiled and held his hand out to Brock. "Though your right I shouldn't have just tried to attack without thinking." After shaking Brock's hand the group started heading off towards the Pokemon Center to get their partners healed. Jack quickly recalled Nami and Karma.

As they walked Rya threw her arms over his and Ryan's shoulders. Jack smiled and stood a bit taller and smiled. 'It's not going to be easy but if we work together we'll be able to help all of the pokemon.'

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Ryan sat quietly in the lobby of the Pokemon Center. His Pokemon were under the care of the center. The others sat nearby, probably running the days events through their heads as well.

He wondered why Brock was so upset with Red. It seemed like they would be on the same team. What could the Professor have done to upset him?


Redwood tossed the files aside. There was nothing in any of Oak's research to explain the problems here in Kanto. Oak was still very much alive when this whole thing started, so Redwood figured there would be something here, but after three days of searching he'd found nothing.

"Dammit Oak, there must be something..." He stood from the desk and left the laboratory. Someone in Kanto had to know something.

"Ding! ding!" his PokeGear was going off. He tapped the button to answer.

"Red. This is Brock" Red's eyes dropped a bit. "I've got your kids, you better hope they can make up for your mistakes."

"Brock, I..." he had already hung up. How long would it take for Brock to forgive him...?"

-Pallet Town. Circa 40 years ago.-

Red hoisted his back pack onto his shoulder lazily. His gaze was stuck on the ground beneath him. His hat turned downward to cover his face. He couldn't bare to look at anything, or anyone.

He placed his hand on his Fearow. "There is nothing here for me anymore Fearow, Take me somewhere, anywhere else." The bird cooed quietly as Red hopped on.

"Red! Stop!"

Red turned his head to see Brock riding at him on an Onix. Red turned away and tapped Fearow's body. "Let's go"

"Onix! Use Rock Tomb!" Onix growled and smashed the ground with its tail. Boulders hurtled toward Fearow. They fell in a pentagon around Fearow, pinning its wings, and trapping it from taking off. Red growled.

"Brock, Get out of here. Unless you want me to take you down." He glared daggers at Brock, who stood his ground. Brock was well aware that if Red wanted to, he could wipe him clean, but he didnt think Red had it in him right now.

"Red! I know what happened on Mt. Silver. I know it hurts..."

"How can you possibly know?" Red growled. "How can you know how it feels?!" His voice was getting louder and more furious.

"You are the CHAMPION, RED!" Brock reached for his other Pokeballs. "We need you HERE! So that nothing like this can ever happen AGAIN!"

Fearow was starting to get free of the Rock Tomb. "Brock, I wont warn you again. Leave!" Red reached into his bag. Every Pokemon he owned was in there. All except....

"Red... I cant let you go..." Brock pulled a ball from his belt. "RHYPERIOR, I NEED YOU!" He tossed the ball, and sent out a behemoth of a Rock Pokemon.

"You asked for this Brock!" Red threw a ball. "Go MEWTWO!" The legendary Pokemon materialized and floated menacingly in the air above Rhyperior.

Brock gritted his teeth. Red had never used his legendary Pokemon on anyone. He always thought it was too dangerous. What happened to him...

"Rhyperior! Use Giga Impact!!" Rhyperior charged at Mewtwo at full power.

"Use Psychic Mewtwo!" Mewtwo calmly raised his arm and stopped Rhyperior in its tracks. It lifted the Pokemon high into the air.

Brock could feel his nails digging into his palm from the clenched fists.

"Red... please..."

Mewtwo screamed and threw the Rhyperior into the ground. An explosion of dust and debris filled the sky as the gigantic Pokemon crashed into the ground. Onix coiled itself around Brock to protect him from the falling rocks.

Red dropped his head. "I'm sorry..." He returned Mewtwo to his Pokeball as Fearow took to the skies. When the dust had finally settled enough to see through, Onix uncurled and let him out. Red was long gone. "Damnit. You coward..." Brock returned his Rhyperior. It was knocked out, but not dead. The old Red was still in there... somewhere...

-- Present Day --

Red shook his head. He felt that he would never be able to make it up to Brock...


Ryan thought about calling Redwood to ask about his past with Brock. But he figured that it was probably not a can of worms he wanted to open up. Maybe he would ask about it later on...

The door to the Center opened, and in walked Brock. "Glad to see you are all well rested, you are heading out again tomorrow. You need to go through Mt. Moon and make it to Cerulean City. There you will meet the gym leader Misty. She is vital to our cause, and communications have halted between us recently." He crossed his arms. "Check in with me once you have repaired communications with her and I'll give you more information." he turned around to leave. "See you soon..."

Ryan blinked and the 'conversation' with Brock was over. Once the Gym leader had gone he looked to his friends. "Well that was abrupt." he blinked a few more times. He was exhausted. "We should get some shut-eye..."

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#, as written by Polka
The old woman tucked her now golden hair behind her ears.
She placed a pair of glasses on before reading through a pile of old letters.

They were old case files, the first few instances where pokemon had been dying.
It broke her heart to look at the same files everyday but she believed by looking over them she would find something, a reason behind all the suffering.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder. It was Joy. The two women had shared a close bond after opening the Cerulean City retreat. However, it had aged them so. Misty rubbed her eyes.
' Still nothing Joy. Red was always the one with the Brains. How on earth can we hope to save Kanto if we don't know how to stop this! '

Joy sighed, it was the same conversation most days. Misty had never fully gotten over that man leaving her and she couldn't forgive Brock for not bringing him back.
Luckily joy took care of contacting Pewter Cities leader. In a way she felt bad for the man, he apologized every day but Misty was never ready to hear it but of course the incident in Mount Silver did not help.

' Look Misty I have some news. It may be a small ray of hope. Red has sent someone according to Pewter '.

There was a flash of hope in the old Cerulean Gym leaders eyes at the mention of his name. She had loved that man once, though he may have never knew it. Once he left she almost shut down all contact with most people until Joy brought her back around.

' Have our best trainers meet them at the entrance to Mount Moon. I want them here in one piece Joy. If he sent them then they must be worth something '.


Rya sat with the others whilst her Pokemon were being attended to. Each trainer had been given a small red pill to take just incase they had ingested any poison.

Ryan mentioned sleep but she couldn't say she was tired. Far too much had happened today.
' I need to get some air'

She stood up and headed to the front door. The cold air hit her instantly.

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Jack was sitting... well more laying across a couple of chairs with Kiiro curled up on his chest asleep. Everyone seemed pretty somber when Brock walked in and told them they had to walk through the mountain to Ceurlean city. Ryan suggested everyone get some sleep but Rya must have been really worried about something because she walked out of the Pokecenter.

Jack laid there for a while before responding. "Yeah sleep sounds good, but I'm going to go make sure Rya's alright." Taking care to move Kiiro as little as possible so she could stay sleeping as Jack shifted her to his shoulder. He walked out of the rather cramped building into the cool night air taking a deep breath of the surprisingly crisp clean air. He looked around and saw Rya a little way off into the darkness. Jack slowly walked up to her. "Hey Rya. Are you alright? Usually it'd be my place to go rushing off alone." He smiled kindly at his friend. "It's alright if you don't wanna talk about it we've all been through a lot and we've only been here a few days... But as long as we stick together nothing's going to stop us." He smiled again as he walked up standing beside Rya looking over the quiet city with the looming Mt.Moon in the background.

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#, as written by Polka
Rya stood in the cold.
Everything had happened so fast and it was only just dawning on her that they were in a dangerous place.
She needed to let it all out but she didn't want the others to see her cry. She had enough trouble trying to pretend she was brave, if they saw her crying what would they think?

She rubbed under her eyes to stop each tear from falling. Two of her friends had been knocked unconscious today and there was nothing she could do but watch and comply to the soldiers orders.

Unbeknownst to Rya she had been followed by Jack. She jumped a little at the sound of his voice. She dried the remaining tears from her face but decided to keep her back to Jack.

' I'm- I'm fine. ' She sniffed, before clearing her throat. ' It's been a long day. Full of order and fighting and I guess I just wanted to feel like we still had some free will to walk around or something. I don't know Jack but since Jessica left I feel like I haven't proved my worth at all. Yeah sure we beat Brock but you and Ryan did most of the damage..... I feel confident but not confident if you know what I mean?'

She stood and looked up into the mirky sky.

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Jack smiled at Rya even though she couldn't see him. "Rya. You have proven yourself. Ryan and I grew up battling Pokemon. We've been training our entire lives for this kind of thing. You're the one that holds us together now. Ryan and I get along alright but we but heads on the important issues. Like my choice to split our group. I'm headstrong and he's a leader. It would never work out if it were just us. You being here with us means we'll stay together. No matter what happens I'm not going to go running off again." He steps closer to her resting his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't question yourself. You make the right calls when it matters. Your smart and quick thinking. Heck you're probably more qualified to be here than I am. All I'm good for is fighting, but you know how to not get us killed. And if you still can't be confident then believe in me. Believe in the me that believes in you." Jack chuckles softly smiling at Rya. "We should head back inside. Can't have us getting sick."

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#, as written by Polka

Rya smiled. Somehow this headstrong boy knew exactly what to say.
She turned to face him ' Jack. Thank you.'

She wiped her eyes and breathed in, somehow she now felt tired.
' Your right, lets get back inside. It is a tad chilly and I bet you are exhausted after today!'

Rya followed Jack back inside, thanking him again before lying down on a tough sofa. It was nothing like home but Rya began to dose off.

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Morning came almost as fast as he had fallen asleep. Ryan awoke to a stream of sunlight pouring through the window. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, thinking about the events of the day before. He was sure he'd have had a bad dream about it. It was all a little hard to handle.

He was the only one awake, Rya and Jack were nearby in their own respective chairs. Not the best sleeping conditions... still better than sticks and leaves. He decided he'd let them sleep, if only for a little bit longer. He had the urge to take a walk. Peace was something that was not gonna come easily for much longer, he might as well enjoy the little bit of it he could.

He headed out the door and started walking. Most of the town seemed to be up and out. This was a working community, everyone had to work to keep the area safe. In a lot of ways, it was a really nice town. Women and men seemed to be on equal footing, the only real upper class was that of the soldiers.

The soldiers all seemed a little high and mighty. They were probably just on edge, it was a tough life, and they probably had to deal with the worst of it. It couldn't hurt to be kinder though.

After a lap around town, filled with pleasant hellos, smiles, and waves, Ryan made his way back to the Center. The others were still asleep. He sat against the outside wall, tossing a Pokeball, greeting a sleepy eyed Quagsire. "Hey bud, nice clouds out this morning huh?" He smiled and layed back, as did Constantine.

It was the little things that meant the most. Cloud gazing... pleasant smiles... and good friends. These were the reasons He came to Kanto. Everyone should get the chance to just lie back and stare at the clouds.

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The sunlight his Jack right in the face forcing him to wake up. "Now really? Just as I was starting to like it here the sun just has to wake me up after the longest day I've had in a long time." He groaned as he sat up Kirro getting rather upset at being forced to move releasing a small static shock into Jack. "Gah! Really Kirro? What was that for?" Kirro looked up at him smiling then jumped up and sat on his chest. "Come on Kirro we need to get moving. Your going to have to stay in your ball for a while. The mountains are full of ground type Pokemon and I don't want to see you get hurt." She growled but eventually nodded jumping off of Jack and sitting on the floor as Jack stood. "Blargh... Morning Ryan how'd ya sleep?" He chuckled as he walked out the door taking a deep breath. "Hmmm. Alright. Ken! Let's go!" He tossed Ken's Pokeball taking his sparring stance across from his friend. "Well lets to the buddy." He smile lunging in fighting against his friend trying as hard as he could to land at least a hit on Ken, but to no avail. During one lunge Ken decided to show Jack exactily how much he'd grown. Smashing his fist into Jack's chest sending him into crashing into the wall of the Pokecenter.

He sat there for a minute watching the stars dancing in his vision. He reached up and started rubbing his head feeling a bit of blood where he't contacted the wall. "Gah... Alright Ken, I get it your stronger than I am now. Good job I'm glad to see how much you've grown." He slowly stood up and walked over to Ken. "Your doing amazing buddy. I'll make sure to get you in a battle soon I know how restless you're getting." Ken nodded and growled softly as he returned to his Pokeball.

Jack walked back into the Pokecenter taking a seat and rubbing his head. "Well no more sparing matches with Ken. He's just getting to strong for me to handle now." He laughed ad Kirro jumped into his lap. "So head out as soon as Rya gets up? We've got a lot of ground to cover if we're going to make it Cerulean city any time soon. I'm not overly fond of caves so I'd like to spend as little time in there as possible."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
The sun blazed through the window but that wasn't what woke Rya up.

Tai had came out of his Pokeball and began jumping on her, same as every morning except this time Rya was the last to wake up.
' I'm up Tai!' She groaned as she sat upright.
Her neck was stiff from the hard sofa but she was just glad to be waking up in safety rather than Viridian forest.

She quickly tied her hair back and rumbled in her bag. She grabbed her tooth brush and her other pokeballs. Tai sat patiently on her head whilst she brushed her teeth, his tail kept 'accidentally' knocking her hand from her mouth. He sure was in a playful mood today.

Once she was done she met Ryan outside and released all her pokemon for their breakfast.
' How are you and Constantine this morning?[/i
]' She bent down so she was looking over Ryan and help out a bright pink Poffin.
[i]' I made spare if your Pokemon want some?

She handed over a few different Poffins before a loud crash could be heard from inside. ' Ryan look after these guys for me, will ya?'

Rya rushed inside to find Jack, who had a small cut on his head. Ken was practically sitting on top of him. She chuckled remembering what Jack had said about needing her.
' I take it you had a bit of a sparring accident?' She laughed as she used her sleeve to mop away some blood.
' Maybe we should go outside and see Ryan, your'e right that we need to make haste if we wanna make it to Cerulean before this evening '.

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0.00 INK

Jack had awoken and was out and about. "Morning Jack" Ryan mumbled. Jack had started sparring with Ken. It looked damn close to evolving, so it was probably gonna kick Jack's ass. Regardless, it would be fun to watch. He sat up and leaned his head on the building to enjoy the show.

The match didn't last very long. A few punches and then Jack was in a puddle against the wall. Ryan stifled a chuckle as Jack and Ken made it back inside. Ryan and Constantine followed a few short minutes later.

Rya and Jack were discussing their next destination. Jack had a cut on his forehead from the sparring, matched the small shiner he and Ryan shared from the day before.

"You guys ready to head out? I really don't wanna be in Mt. Moon when it gets dark." They both seemed as ready as he was, so they all left the Center.

They spoke to no one on the way out of Pewter, save the guards at the gate who gave them the stink eye when they asked to leave. Despite some antisocial behavior the three were well on their way to Mt. Moon.

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0.00 INK

Jack nodded to Ryan. "Yeah caves suck any way so we should get moving." He smiled at his friends and looked at Rya. 'She looks so much more confident today I must have actually said something right for once.' He followed Jack and Rya out to the gate to Mt. Moon. The guards, even after they'd proved themselves to Brock, didn't seem overly happy to see them. As they passed through the gate Jack turned back to yell at them. "Hey whatever bug crawled up your guys's asses you should go get that checked out." He laughed and ducked the rock that one of them threw. "Ohh nice you almost had me." He chuckled and walked around the bend in the path leaving the guards out of sight.

"So are we gonna rush through the cave or do we wanna do some training? It'll mostly be poison, rock, and ground types. All of them are weak to Psychic and most to water so we could do some pretty easy training."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
Rya followed behind the boys, Tai still sat eagerly on her shoulders.
' I don't think you are going to like the cave Tai'

She returned the small purple monkey and continued on. In all truth she hoped this cave was a quick journey, if the air outside wasn't to clean then she doubted that the cave would be any better.
The last memory she held from Pewter was Jack making a somewhat rude remark but she couldn't help but laugh. She had to dodge the rock that was thrown at him too but she was happier now that the group had the last laugh over the soldiers.

Jack mentioned training, Rya realized it would be Osha's opportunity to get stronger. However, she also like the sound of rushing through the cave.
' I will go with whatever you two want.' She replied in typical Rya fashion.

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0.00 INK

Ryan rolled his eyes at Jack's antics. Yeah, the soldiers were jerks, but they were on the same side. It's not helpful to have bad blood between allies. Still, the soldiers may have deserved it. Ryan let loose a small smirk as they headed into the ravine leading to Mt. Moon.

Shooting straight through the cave was definitely the safest option, no doubt. But there was no way of knowing what could be going on in Cerulean City. It might be best to get some training in. There were definitely some evolutions in the short future. All three of their starters, as well as Chloe, and Karma, they were almost there. Tai was close too, once he learned Double Hit it would only be a matter of time.

Ryan knew there was no need to argue with Jack on this one. "Ahhh...." his decision making groan was obvious here. "I guess it could help to get some training in. But be careful... We've got Geodude in here that will Self-Destruct, and Zubat that'll poison us. We need to keep it in check." He really hoped this decision wouldn't bite him in the ass.

A few minutes later the three stood before the giant hole in the mountain that was the entrance to the cave. Ryan let out Dio, who cooed quietly, sparking his neck and tail flames happily "Alright guys, let be safe in here. It'll be dark, so Rya, bring out Zephina, she and Dio can keep us from walking into a wall... now that I think of it..." He tossed another ball releasing Constantine. "Constantine will keep the Geodude from exploding." He was happy he thought of that. Explosions were something he was pretty worried about.

"Lets hit it, We'll be in Cerulean in no time."


The phone rang. With a swift movement Daemon picked up the phone. "What!?" he said with a hint of urgency.

"Sir, the kids we told you about... they're headed into Mt. Moon now."

He cut the soldier off. "Set up the ambush, before you let them get away again." he slammed the phone down without waiting for reply. These kids had flooded his factory in Viridian, and if they were able to pass through Pewter they must be allies of Brock. He had a bad feeling about this.

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Jack smiled. "Alright training it is. If you guys are worried about anything my team's all set up to combat most of the types plus heal any damage we take for a while." They stood in front of the entrance Mt.Moon. Let's make sure to stay close to each other. I've heard this mountain can be one heck of a maze. I don't want to loose either of you in here." He looked up at the sky. "It's not even noon yet. We should be able to get through by early evening. The sooner the better." Jack smirked and held his hand to the back of his head. "I just don't like dark confined spaces that terribly much." He laughed and stepped forward. "I'll take the lead if you guys want."

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Polka
Rya nodded when Jack offered to take the lead. She had released Ziphina and Osha, one for light and one to train.
She wasn't used to Caves and the last time she had been in one was when she caught Rex.

She hadn't really been expecting a wild Pokemon to attack so suddenly but the group were instantly met by a few Zubat.
Osha dealt out a large portion of damage on the bat like creatures whilst Jacks team finished them off.
' Well done everyone. Let's try to cover some ground. I really hope we are not stopped every second by wild Pokemon '.

The team plodded on into the dimly lit cave, Zephina was doing a great job of lighting the way and seemed to be enjoying the walk. Osha plodded gently behind Rya. He flipper occasionally brushed Rya's back, a way of telling her trainer she was oK.

Rya had remembered reading about the rare fossilized Pokemon that could be found in this cave. Redwood has given several lectures on this topic. Of course those fossils were long gone now. Over the years miners had dug them out and sold them on.
It was rather sad that the walls of this cave were empty and that most of the Pokemon in here died without leaving any kind of grave. After all a fossil was just and everlasting tombstone.

Whilst procrastinating Rya didn't notice the large rock that hung above her head. She stepped into it with a large thud..
' OW ' She groaned as she lifted her hand to her head.

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0.00 INK

Brock sat atop his gym, staring at the mountain. They left only a few hours ago... Would they be ok going through the cave?

He shook his head and pulled himself to his feet. His thoughts were plagued with worry for the kids, and he didn't know why. He had much more important things to worry about than whether or not Red's pets made it to Cerulean. In all reality, the only reason he let them through Pewter was to get them out of his hair so that he could deal with the more important things. More important things like...


To be honest... the rebellion was getting nowhere. The last plan to infiltrate the Daemon Perimeter didn't go so well. No casualties.. well no human casualties anyway. His forces were sent packing with severe prejudice. It's probably why the soldiers were so on edge as of late. It also didn't help that he had had no contact with any of his allies for quite a while. He and Misty hadn't directly spoken in years, hopefully that would change when... if the kids made it to Cerulean. Janine had not made contact since the last job, so her fate was uncertain. She was strong, even so, he hoped she would be fine. Blue... Brock hadn't the slightest clue where Blue had gone to. Red was definitely around, but that coward was not worth Brock's time.

Those kids... Suppose he shouldn't refer to them as kids. They were in their twenties. Brock had already been a gym leader for quite a few years by the time he was twenty. And Red... Red was a damn genius when he was ten. That level of strength, perhaps Red had passed it onto his disciples.

After a bit of pacing he threw his arms in frustration. "Damnit!" he growled and ran his hands through his hair. He let them fall to his side, defeated. "They might be what I need to get the ball rolling again." He hated to let Red win.. these three were just so damn good.


Brock was shaken from his inner monologue by a distressed soldier calling from below. Brock stepped quickly to the edge. "What! An attack!"

"No! We just got word of a group of Daemon thugs heading into Mt. Moon!"

"They must be after the kids!" Brock tossed a ball, releasing Aerodactyl. He hopped on its back. "Take care of the City, I'll be back soon, I have to warn them." And with that he took off.

The entrance will be about an hours flight from Pewter. He needed them to bring down Daemon...

Who was he kidding... He would never be able to live with himself if they got hurt on his watch.

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0.00 INK

Jack smiled. Despite his rather avid dislike of dark places he was having fun training with his friends. He was focusing his training on Karma and Ken. The two of them were getting close to evolving so he was hoping that through the course of working through the mountain they would reach the point of evolution. There was nothing he loved more than watching his partners grow.

About quarter of the way through the mountain pass Karma grabbed his side looking worried. "What's wrong Karma?" She looked back towards the way they'd come. Suddenly he knew what she was trying to tell him. "Umm guys... I think we're being followed by someone that doesn't have our best interest in mind."

Almost as an answer to his statement he heard voices echoing along the walls of the cave. "Yeah those kids that beat us went this way. We'll show em this time."

Jack's smile quickly changed to a scowl. "Looks like we need to fight again... Karma, Ken are you up for this?" The pair nodded looking ready to fight. "We're in a good spot here. Let's get ready."

After a few minutes the group of grunts came into view. "There they are! Let's get em!" Each of the grunts lined up across from the one they'd fought earlier and released their newly given Pokemon.

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#, as written by Polka
The group had been doing pretty well, apart from Rya bashing her head.
All the Pokemon who were close to evolving where showing great progress. Even Osha, it was hard to believe she was ever a tiny Piplup.

Karma began to grab at Jack a quarter of the way through. The atmosphere changed rather quickly when it became apparent that they were being followed. Rya knew they would have to fight as running was not an option in the dark cave.

' Osha, Zephina, are you both ready to go! '
The two Pokemon took their place next to Karma and Ken.
Confidence flew through the whole teams body, Rya was completely in sinc with her team and she could feel it.

It was at that moment she noticed that these were the grunts from before.
' Guys I think Daemon Corp know we have arrived! They clearly see us as a threat ' She snarled as she eyed up her challanger. She had no idea where this new battle style had came from but she was ready.

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The cave was darker than expected. Good thing Zephina and Dio were leading the way.

The three spent the next hour or so training as they slowly made their way through the cave. Ryan was getting real tired of Zubat. Fortunately, Ryan's Pokemon were doing well and were evolution ready. Chloe had just finished off one last zubat and he could see the power welling up inside of her. He was excited to see her evolve, but in the back of his mind he wondered if her personality would change when she became an Ursaring. Ursaring were known to be much more aggressive than Teddiursa. He hoped she would still be the same old Chloe...

The excitement towards evolution quickly disintegrated when they were attacked from behind by Daemon goons. "Damnit. We dont have time for this."

The guy who fought Ryan before was nowhere to be found... He must have gotten washed away by wave... That was unfortunate.

Ryan's opponent was the one who'd fought Jessica. "You don't look as strong as the girl I fought earlier! She had more muscle on her. This will be easy!" the grunt mused.

"Wonder what happened to your friend from Viridian" Ryan retorted with a smirk. The grunt was visibly aggravated as he tossed his two Pokeballs. Out came a Raticate and a Muk. It really wasn't good to have three double battles in such a small space in the cave. He would need to spread this out to prevent instability.

"Jack, take the fight more toward the exit. We cant have this breaking down the cavern. Rya, move back where we've been, I'll stay between you two. These guys were cake last time, shouldn't be a problem now." He tossed a ball and sent Chloe into battle. "Chloe and Dio, take care of this."


"Sir, were in position to set off the ambush... but..."


"The three men you fired earlier for letting the kids through are back for a grudge match, and are keeping them from getting to the ambush position."

"Jesus christ! Do I need to do everything! Just set off the god damned bomb and GET RID OF THOSE KIDS!"

"Yes sir..." The goon hung up the phone and looked to his constituents. "Lets do this." They all tossed Pokeballs releasing five Weezing. "Get them into position."

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#, as written by Polka
Her opponent released a Zubat and a Geodude. Rya smiled because Osha had a clear advantage over their opponent and Zephina had been ready for this kind of type challange.

' Okay girls. Osha use water Pulse on the Geodude and Zephina use fire spin on Zubat '

Zephina's flames hurtled towards the flying bat. It became entrapped within a vortex of fire, it screeched loudly which sent a chill through Rya's spine.
' You little b***c.... ' The grunt yelled as he returned the bat Pokemon. Rya was pleased that at least she didn't have to end the Pokemons life.

Osha geared up to release water pulse. As the penguin type tipped its head, ready to strike the opponents Geodude wrapped itself around the Penguin type.
It began to tighten itself around Osha. Clearly this had been the plan all along, to trick the group into thinking this was a battle.

Osha began to lose consciousness in this rock types grip. Zephina began to whinnie, the sound echoed through the caves hollow tunnels.
Rya lunged forward. In her last desperate attempt to stop this pokemon from killing Osha. The Grunt swung forward and pinned her to the floor.
' Why don't we watch as we your little Pokemon dies '

The whole situation had gone so fast. Tears prickled down Rya's face as Zephina began to pull at the grunt to remove him from pinning Rya down.
Osha looked directly at Rya.

' Osha! I love you! Please stay strong!! You will always be the best 'Piplup' I was ever given'
was the only thing Rya could think to say. The boys were too busy battling to help her out, though she knew they would if they could.

At that moment a light flashed into the cave. Osha's body was a glow. She was evolving. The grunt loosened his grip in shock, giving Rya the opportunity to get free.

The Geodude that had been holding into Osha couldn't hold on any longer. An Empolian was far bigger than a prinplup and there was no way his tiny but strong arms could hold on.

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Jack nodded to Ryan as he told the group to split to help protect the cave. "Alright just promise me you'r not gonna go get your self knocked out while I'm busy." He smirked knowing that Ryan and Rya would be perfectly well off holding themselves against these grunts. Once he was a good ways away Jack turned to the grunt. "So you wanna try this again huh? I can tell you, it's not going to change anything. I've gotten way stronger since last time you attempted to battle me."

"Things are different this time you little bastard. My pokemon are way stronger than the ones I had last time. "Graveler Nidoking let's put this runt back In his place." With flashes of light the two pokemon appeared roaring their displeasure.

Jack smirked. "You don't remember any thing from our previous battle to you? My team is made to stop rock and poison types. Karma Ken, Let's do this! Ken Bulk up, Karma Double team let's get them confused." Ken started focusing his muscles growing making him hit harder and take less damage while Karma started making copies of herself to cover the area around the battlefield. "Let's see what you can do now grunt!"

He laughed. "You really think you can stop me with these puny pokemon of yours? Graveler Rock throw, Nidoking Poison Sting. The Combusken!" As Ken stood charging he didn't have a chance to dodge the incoming attacks. Jack could tell that the Rock Throw had delt some massive damage and luckily the Poison Sting didn't leave Ken poisoned.

"Ken are you alright?!" Ken flexed finally finished bulking up. He looked different than after a normal Bulk Up. He was glowing with fighting energy. Jack realized what was happening Ken was about to evolve again. "Ken Double Kick on the Graveler. Karma Confusion on Nidoking." His Pokemon jumped into action Karma pressing her hands together sending wave after wave of psycic energy crashing into the Nidoking. As the damage stacked the Karmas began to glow brightly. Ken jumped onto the Graveler smashing his feet into it 3 times before launching back. "You guys can do this one more time!"

"I don't think so!" Graveler Magnitude, Nidoking Bulldoze!" Graveler stomped the ground causing releasing a lever 3 Magnitude at Ken. Nidoking charged through half of the Karmas surrounding the battlefield hitting the actual one at the end causing the other doubles to fade.

"Karma, Ken you can do it!" Bolstered by Jack's encouragement the two began to glow brightly releasing a massive amount of energy as they evolved. "I knew you could do it! Let's finish this now! Karma Heal Pulse on Ken, Ken Double Kick the Graveler again." Using his boosted speed Ken launched himself at the Gravler landing all 5 hits of his Double Kick breaking a chunk off of the Gravler causing it to fall to the ground writhing. Karma launched her healing pulse restoring most of Ken's missing health.

"No! Not again! I'm not loosing to a kid twice! Gravler Selfdestruct!" The Gravler began to glow brightly before the light faded. "What? What's going on?!"

"Your Gravler doesn't have the energy. It's going to die if you don't heal it and leave. Your Nidoking isn't faring much better. Leave now and save your Pokemon. This is your only warning."

"No! I'm not giving up I will beat you! Nidoking Earthquake!"

"You Idiot! Your going to bring this whole cave down with a move like that! Karma slow him down with another confusion! Ken take him down with Double Kick We can't let him take the cave down!" Karma quickly shot a wave of energy at the Nidoking confusing it before he was able to get the attack off as Ken launched forward kicking the Nidoking repetitively until it fell unable to move any more. "There. Are you happy? Your Pokemon can't battle any more get out of here!"

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Everyone was fighting so hard. Jack and Rya were off in their own battles. It wasn't safe to have battles like this inside a cave.

"Ursa!!" Ryan heard the shrill cry of his Teddiursa as it received the Hyper Fang from Raticate. Chloe fell to the ground, motionless. Ryan's heart dropped. She can't be gone. Not now, not here! His breath returned when he noticed her stirring. D

"Muk! Finish it off with a Sludge Bomb!" The purple blob opened it's mouth wide and fired a cannonball of slime at the defenseless bear. She wouldn't be able to take that hit. But Dio could. "DIO! take the hit for her!" The small rodent dove in front of the bomb just before impact. A huge purple explosion overtook Ryan's Pokemon. The purple cloud was quickly dispersed however, by a blinding light. Ryan knew this was Dio evolving. This was the same thing he'd seen when Dio evolved the first time.

The light diminished, and there stood Dio. The new Dio. It stood on two feet, and was about three times as big as it used to be. A plume of fire flashed from his neck and shoulders. It gave a hearty roar as the smoke vanished and the grunt realized just how deep of shit he was in. Ryan smiled, making eye contact with the enemy.

Another roar came from the same place, not the same roar. Not Typhlosion's roar... Ryan looked back toward Diocletian and didnt see Chloe. Instead he saw a gigantic grizzly bear with a circle on it's chest. Ryan's smile widened. Chloe had evolved too. Ursaring stepped next to Typhlosion. They were of nearly equal height, and likely equal power. Ryan had to rack his brain for any moves Chloe would've learned on evolution.

"Chloe! Slash on Raticate! Dio, Flame Charge Muk!" The two charged forward together, hitting their targets simultaneously. The cavern shook with the impact, sending the foes hurtling toward their master. Ryan was overcome by the power of his pokemon... He never thought Chloe would get this strong.

His happiness would be short lived.


"yes. The Weezing are in position."

"Right. Everyone! Clear out!" All the men left the cave and hid behind rocks and boulders and such. Once everyone was out of danger area he gave the order.

"Weezing!! Self-Destruct!!"

"WHEE!" the group of Pokemon lamented as they began to glow stark white.



The entire world shook. Ryan fell onto his stomach. He returned his Pokemon to their balls. Everything was shaking so violently, he could barely pull himself to his feet. Rocks were falling all around. They had to escape soon, or they were gonna get trapped.

He ran to find Rya, she was closest. He found her nearby with Empoleon, trying to find her way out. He grabbed her shoulders. "Rya, We've got to find Jack and get outta here!" He took her by the hand and took her to find Jack.

Jack was near the opposite exit with Blaziken and Gardevoir. "JACK!" Jack turned his head, but only to see the rockslide that fell between them. "JACK!!" Ryan stopped against the rocks, trying to pull them apart to get to Jack, but there was no chance of that. "Jack! stay put! We're coming to get you!" He tossed Chloe's ball. The large bear appeared and started pulling on the rocks. Even with all her might, there was no moving these rocks. "Dammit!" Ryan growled and slammed his fists against the rocks.

He grabbed Rya's hand again. "Let's go. He'll be alright." He wasn't sure about that, but there was no time to think right now. He led her back the way they came, the exit had to be back here somewhere.


Brock hopped off the back of Aerodactyl. Without missing a beat he sprinted for the entrance to Mt. Moon. Just as he got to the entrance he heard a huge explosion and a blast of air from the tunnel knocked him off his feet. The explosion sent him rolling into a boulder nearby.

He looked up to see the mountain shaking. What could have happened? Had they made it to the other side? He could only hope...

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#, as written by Polka
Osha stood proudly, the huge Empolean let out a loud call which shuddered through the Cave.

Rya's tears stopped as she ran forward to her new team mate. She hugged Osha tightly, burying her face into her feathers. Zephina also joined the pair as the grunt began backing away slowly.

It was at that moment the loud explosion burst through the walls a little further down into the cave.
The trio was knocked into a wall from the oncoming force. First Osha then Zephina and the Rya.
Luckily Rya only received a small cut on her forehead from the fall before Ryan rushed over to help her.
He began yelling something about getting out but Rya's consciousness had been slightly damaged from the fall.

She let Ryan take her hand and begin leading her. It was clear the pair had no idea where the exit was and Rya was far too dazed to give any real help. In all of this Osha and Zephina followed behind, both realized that there was danger and stuck by the travelling pair.
All the while parts of the mountain where still collapsing.

The cave above them let out a thundering echo before rocks began to fall directly above Rya and Ryan. The pair were not quick enough to get out of the way, as Ryan pulled Rya along as fast as he could it was inevitable that the rocks were going to crush them.

The rocks flew down but did not hit the ground. Neither did they crush the pair. Zephina quickly pushed the pair forward using head butt. The large horse landed on them, knocking Rya's head for a second time, somehow helping her regain her consciousness,

All that remain was Osha who stood above them grasping the rocks tightly. Rya quickly stood.
The girl knew that the Empoleon could not hold this kind of weight much longer.
She began to panic, there was no way she could get Osha out of this. If she returned her then the rocks would fall and cause more rocks to crumble down.
' OSHA! Why did you.... What am I going to do! I can't help you! You made it so I couldn't help you! You just evolved! We were going to to do this together like always!' Rya screamed as the tears returned.
She became manic and attempted to lunge forward to grab the Water type but Ryan held her back.

' Please Let ME GO! Help her! She can't take the weight '

Osha looked down at her trainer. She cooed gently between panting as if to tell Rya she was Ok with the situation. Of course Rya did not understand this at the time but Ryan managed to get her far enough away before Osha crumbled under the weight.
' OSHA! OSHA! OSHA!!!!! '

The little piplup she once knew was gone. The first loss of the team.
Rya fell to the ground. Zephina nudged her shoulder, urging her to climb up.
Ryan helped lift her from the ground and the pair continued on to find an exit.


' Misty! We just got word! There has been a huge explosion in Mount Moon. We have had confirmations from Pewter that the trio who were on there way were in the Mountain when it hit '

The older woman, who was filing through old poisoning cases, stood up rather abruptly.
These kids were important to the cause. A new hope and now there was something like this.

' Billy. Saddle up a Dodrio. I need to get that Mountain now. Tell Joy to take over in my absence.[i]'

As the younger man ran out to do what she had asked Misty removed her lab coat. She grabbed three Pokeball from a shelf opposite her desk and kissed each one gently.
[i]' I am sorry to ask this of you but we need to battle again!

Misty exited her office and ran down the long corridor. It was full of sleeping bags because Joy always took in Travelers and most decided to stay on.

Once outside the building Billy handed Misty a rather large three headed bird. It was saddled and rained.
The fastest bird in Kanto was ready to go.
She jumped up. All she left behind was a small track of dust.

Arriving at the Mountain entrance

The damage was worse than she expected. Smoke loomed over the large Mountainous area.
Thick smog poured from the Entrance.

There was only one way she was going to find them.
Misty headed into the Cave.

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Jack had been reveling in his victory over the grunt and his newly evolved Karma and Ken. He was so proud of them remembering the feelings he'd had when he'd recieved his Torchik from the professor and the hours he spent searching for a Ralts. It had all finally come together and they'd evolved. His celebrations were cut short when through the mountain he heard a loud explosion followed by deep rumbling. Somewhere something had happened and the cave was collapsing. "Karma! Ken! Return!" With worried looks the two vanished into their respective pokeballs.

Jack started running back to where he had split up from Ryan and Rya. "Ryan! Rya! Where are you?!" He watched in horrer as infront of him the ceiling began to crumble quickly spilling rocks cutting him off from his friends the dust and force from the collapse threw him off of his feet sending him back into a wall. He got up as quickly as he could and started digging at the rubble calling for his friends as he did. After a moment Ken broke out of his ball and grabbed Jack pulling him away as another section of ceiling fell.

The look Ken gave Jack shocked him out of his panic. "Your right. I won't be able to dig through this to get to them. I have to keep moving. I'll get to Misty and we can make a plan from there." Ken nodded sadly. "Blaze..." Jack smiled wiping the dust and tears from his eyes. "I thought we'd be together from here on out but it looks like we have to push forward alone for a while. I'm glad I have all of you with me. You've grown so much. I'm really proud of you Ken." As he tried to again return his pokemon Ken refused to leave his side. "Your right let's do this together." The two of them started rushing through the thick dust Kin stopped Jack from running into the walls being able to see much better through the dust.

As they ran Jack heard a roar infront of them. "Ken get ready I don't know what kind of pokemon that is but I doubt it's happy about its home getting destroyed..." The rushed forward and infront of them was an Onix. Thrashing about in a rage but Jack could see it was badly wounded by the collapse. He considered putting it out of it's misery but another thought came to him as he readied his command. "Ken stand back I'm gonna try to caputure it." Jack reached into his pack. "Only two balls. I hope this will work."

Taking careful aim Jack threw his last pokeball at the Onix. With a roar it disappeared into the ball. After a single shake the ball burst and the Onix roared again changing its rampage towards Jack. "Ken Ember slow it down!" Ken nodded shooting the fire straight into the Onix's face as it charged causing it to roar again but fall to it's side almost dead. "This is my last chance." Jack threw his only Great Ball holding his breath as the Onix vanished. After three shakes the ball fell still. Jack quickly ran up and grabbed the ball saving his celebration for later and fastening it to his belt.

As he and Ken continued he could hear someone yelling from what he assumed to be th entreance to the cave. Taking quick account of his pokemon he figured that he'd be able to win any battle that came up, but it'd be close and iffy. The pair continued forward as the yelling grew louder. The dust began to fade as light was pouring into the cave. "Almost there Ken be ready we may have to fight."

The pair burst into the enterance of the cave. Jack coughed clearing his lungs of the collected dust. "Whoever's there back up. I'm not afraid to fight!" Ken jumped in front of Jack standing protectively in front of him. "W-what do you want?" Jack was almost on his knees from coughing so hard trying to get an actual breath in.