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Abbey Dawn

"I don't need much of anything, I just need to know that I can I breathe."

0 · 444 views · located in Oakley High

a character in “Oakley High Boarding School”, as played by Thundera



”I don’t need much anything of anything.”


General Information

”My name is Abbey Janette Dawn”

”I am a Verter Girl”

Year and Class
”I am in my third year .”

”I am seventeen.”

”My birthday is the 5th of July and there is a 100% chance I’ll be high or drunk!”

”I am female of course!”

”I am a senior.”

Sexual Orientation
”I am bisexual but I kinda prefer the dudes...”



”I like....
-Guys (and sometimes girls.)
-Roller skating
-Alternative Pop Music
-Night outs
-Hanging with her girls
-She has a secret passion for dogs and anime art.
-Hair accessories and fingerless gloves.

”I dislike...
- Sports
- Being Educated and Lessons
- ‘Goody goodies’
- Control Freaks
- People trying to Rival her because it gets boring.
People crying or getting stressed out”

”Me? I’m scared of nothing bitch! I just don’t wanna grow old....”
”I am a skater-girl? You cool with that? Cause I ain’t cool with you trying to be a hater.[/ i]

Abbey is the toughest girl you’ll ever meet. She’s feisty fun and a flirt, she’s the craziest girl in the group and has tendency to dive from rooftops onto the floor below and end up braking limbs or more often bleeding a little or tearing her skin slightly.
She’s good fun and absolutely hilarious and is actually rather shy around people she’s not comfortable with or if you bring up something close to her heart or embarrassing. Abbey is feisty and is prone to shouting and screaming and throws mean slaps and kicks when you anger her. Like all of the girls she is a party animal and is fiercely protective of her girls. She has fiery heart and personality and isn’t afraid to speak her mind or break out.
She doesn’t commit big crimes like murder and stuff she just sticks up for her loved ones and her close friends because without them she wouldn’t be who she is or where she is today. She takes everything as it comes and never thinks about the consequences and when they come she kicks them to the kerb and ignores them. She’s bold crazy and too much fun and is a bit of a bad influence but she is funny and good fun and that’s all you need to be to be a Des Verter.


My Life

”I am a only child and my life revolves around my friends like Lavigne and Khaos everyone else can go get f******. I have a lot of cousins but I’m not really in touch or close to any of them. In reality it’s me and the girls and whatever guy or girl is accompanying me for the evening.”[/ i]

[i]”I was born in London and lived there until I was fourteen and that has to be partly why I’m so- crazy? I had a city girl lifestyle sitting on top of bus shelters with cans of energy drinks and gum at midnight with the guys. I used to be part of a proper little crew and we’d go around and wreck up the world but then I got sent across too many seas to America and honestly, It’s the best thing my parents ever did for me.
I spend the week before term starts with my aunt in NYC and then she drops me off at the train-station and I board and then hang with the girls for the three hour train ride and then we rock the school year until it’s back to London for coke and Maccy D’s because honestly, there is nothing interesting in the big city of London.
London sucks, California... yeah it’s alright.”



”She has a nut allergy and claims to be allergic to Cheese but in reality she just can’t stand it what so ever!”

So begins...

Abbey Dawn's Story


Characters Present

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Des Verter Filles.

Abbey slammed the car door and left without saying goodbye to her Aunt. She clutched her bags because until her delivery arrived in two weeks it was all she had.

Abbey walked up the path head high and her flurry of blonde, pink and green hair drifting behind her dead straight with sharp ends as if it had been freshly cut. Her fringe was pinned back with a punky bow and her smile filled her little heart-shaped face as she stepped on the train.

She had to walk down the train because she'd done a terrible job of getting near the back carriage. She walked, pushed and marched her way to the Des Verter girls carriage, finally stepping through the door ten minutes before their depature was due.

Abbey had no one to wave to out the window so she gave new york the Vs and slid into the booth next to Lavigne giving her a tight hug and then giving Khaos a hug too. "God, I missed you guys!" she confessed as she stood straight again after they were all done hugging.

"So what are the reunion party plans?" She asked keenly.