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Alec Jeremy Sykes

I Live As I Dream--Alone..

0 · 668 views · located in Oakley High

a character in “Oakley High Boarding School”, as played by Naught





❖ Full Name ❖
Alec Jeremy Sykes
❖ Gender ❖
❖ Age ❖
❖ Grade ❖
❖ Group ❖
❖ Sexuality ❖


❖ Likes ❖
Being Left Alone
Color Black
Skinny Jeans
Band T-shirts
The Rain
Hot Chocolate

❖ Dislikes ❖
Skimpy Females
People Who Act Stupid
Cold Weather
Overly Attached People
People With A Bad Attitude
Too Hot Weather


❖ Personality ❖

He is very bitter; he's been hurt, put down, bashed on, or maligned so many times in life that he has lost all optimism and cannot help but feel that every ones trying to gang up on him. That's why he usually just stands around by himself somewhere where there is less people. He can be kind, if he ever grabs his guts and actually prove he is. Not believing in trust because, one way or the other someone was going to stab someone in the back, Alec doesn't want to be friends with anyone because, being someones friend means that they trust you and he just doesn't trust anyone easily anyway.

Being called a loner doesn't really bother him much but, it hurts him to realize that he actually was alone in everything he did, other than his family he had no one to share secrets with or no one to share anything with but, being as he is he doesn't think he'd be cut out for being any ones friend seeing how everyone acts around others.


❖ Brief Bio ❖


Evil Angel By Breaking Benjamin

Hold it together, birds of a feather,
Nothing but lies and crooked wings.
I have the answer, spreading the cancer,
You are the faith inside me.

No, don't
Leave me to die here,
Help me survive here.
Alone, don't remember, remember.

Put me to sleep evil angel.
Open your wings evil angel.


I'm a believer,
Nothing could be worse,
All these imaginary friends.
Hiding betrayal,
Driving the nail,
Hoping to find a savior.

No, don't
Leave me to die here,
Help me survive here.
Alone, don't
Surrender, surrender.


Fly over me evil angel.
Why can't I breathe evil angel?


Fly over me evil angel.
Why can't I breathe evil angel?

So begins...

Alec Jeremy Sykes's Story


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#, as written by Naught

Alec began walking towards the school with nothing but, a backpack and that's it. He didn't really have a problem with being alone, though being alone for the rest of his life, not in his future plans. He did want someone to spend the rest of his life with, someone that he could learn to trust as life moved along.

He actually wanted to be with someone but, didn't have the guts to actually ask or even get to know anyone. Never having friends in his childhood, not even a person to hang out with, he was literally by himself. Sighing he looked down as he walked inside the school, he was glad that he lived closest to school, he didn't have to worry about a lot of people being around him.

Wishing that the school would've gave him a locker away from people, he walked towards his locker and put his bag up, taking out the things he needed he zipped up his backpack and closed his locker. He hated the teasing and not being able to fight for himself because, he didn't have the courage to do mostly anything.

The only place that mostly no one would go to was the library, so he decided to go there, and sit at a table or something, occupy himself with a book or two. Walking towards the library he sat down at a table away from the windows so that he'd completely be where most people wouldn't be. As he walked in the library he felt a cool breeze, the library was always cold in the morning and he actually like the comfortable feeling when he walks in such a place.

Poetry and Thriller/Mystery type books were his favorite, so he grabbed a couple of those and began to read, it was actually quite peaceful without anyone trying to breath down his neck and ask him ridiculous questions. He rolled his eyes, when he was the one in situations like that, where the person would talk to him but, he wouldn't reply to anything the person was saying or asking.

Turning to the 14th page in the book, he was a fast reader all he did was read, or listen to music. He hated that about him but, he wasn't a social person; everything he did was awkward and he stuttered a lot. It actual made him blush in embarrassment, hiding his face in a book so that no one would see him. Being so weak in conversation that were embarrassing to him was also one of the reasons he rather keeps to himself.