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Jackson Moore

Tall, dark, and handsome...Don't forget atheletic and completely oblivious to others.

1.4142135623731 · 154 views · located in Oakley High

a character in “Oakley High Boarding School”, originally authored by Paintpoint, as played by RolePlayGateway


Jackson Moore (Jax)

Wolf Pack Leader

Fifth (Failed second and had to do it twice)


January 1st, 1994



Sexual Orientation
Unknown (unconfirmed straight)

-Music and guitar playing

- Goths/misfits
- Nerds
- Stupid people
- Blondes

Some fears Jax has are: Not graduating, not going to college, losing an important game, and has an irrational fear of claustrophobia.

Charming smile, a habit of winking at anything with breasts, and flexing occasionally just to show off his muscles.

Jackson is not a very friendly person and is often found with a condescending sneer, disgusted smirk, or indifferent and uncaring expression. The only thing he cares about is himself and how he's going to win his next game so he can go to college. Jackson isn't just committed too his athletics, he's also a very engaged student (Or at least he was after sophomore year when he flunked) since then he's been focused on his studies and excels at AP Biology, though he lacks any determination in Calculus. Other than that he is primarily very conceded and often finds himself looking down at others and always trying to outdo anybody he thinks could threaten his position was Wolf Pack leader. Being so pumped full of testosterone all the time Jax is known for starting and finishing fights. Stay off his bad side and he won't bother you.



6'4", 155 pounds (Of solid muscle)
Jax has had a crew cut for as long as he can remember and is cleanly shaven every single day, though he tends t get stubbly no matter how much he tries to keep it trimmed. A soft brown fills his irises and he has dark brown eyebrows and hair. His smile is averagely white and straightened by a few years of braces during middle school. A typical handsome high school jock.

So begins...

Jackson Moore's Story


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We mash up the place
Turn up the bass
And make some soundboy run
And we will end your week
Just like a Sunday

It wasn't exactly uncommon for others to tease Kasey a lot. Especially the cheerleaders or the Des Verter girls, since they all hated her for being "one of the guys" rather than following them around like a lost puppy. Though, besides the girls, not many of them actually said something without punishment. The Wolf Pack- as many liked to call them -was usually real protective of their only girl member. Of course it didn't help that she was also one of the youngest at sixteen and definitely the smallest, a full foot shorter than her best friend actually. Thinking of him, she pulled out her phone and typed out a quick text. Jaxxy dear, want me to bring you anything? I'm stopping for the usual. :3 This was almost a guaranteed thing by now, her texting him in the morning and asking if he wanted anything from the small store she passed on her way to school. Almost every day she stopped and got a Monster- only green, the other colors weren't as awesome -or sometimes a coffee.

After dressing, the girl headed quickly downstairs and outside, only pausing to grab her messenger bag and her skateboard. On the way to the store she checked her phone again, seeing if Jackson had answered if he had wanted anything or not. It was almost seven thirty when she left the store, Monster in hand and the rest of what she bought already stored in her bag as she continued skating towards the school. By the time the doors opened and the first batch of kids starting pouring in, she was skating into the hallway and towards her locker.

Sebastian woke up at six, bright and early just as usual. It wasn't that he liked getting up early or anything, he actually loved sleeping in, but he was never able to. Around seven his father would wake up, and he needed to be out of the house by then. The previous night, the man had come home early, drunk as ever and smoking cigars. There was a fresh burn on his arm but he didn't even bother covering it up, everyone at school would likely just assume some kids beat him up- if they even noticed him enough to see it. It wasn't uncommon for him to get picked on anyways, after all, he wasn't just a goth, but he was a goth with blue hair that flirted almost shamelessly with any attractive guy he saw. Nothing serious, of course, he was only a tease. Still, none of them very much liked the misfits, and they definitely didn't like the gay ones. It didn't matter, not like he cared what they thought anyways.

Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It's all over now before it has begun
We've already won

The blue haired boy sang loud and proud as he walked to school, gladly accepting the glares and strange looks he got. Again, he just, he truly did not care what they thought. He liked singing, he liked Fall Out Boy- to the point where he was crying when he had heard they'd gotten back together -, and didn't care that people stared. "Let them stare! Let it beknownst that Sebastian Drew is perhaps the worlds worst singer ever! Smiling to himself, he carefully fixed the black vest he had on, then adjusted the white v neck underneath. His jeans were beginning to bother him too, but he did his best to ignore it as he pushed the door open and went inside the school. Few people were there, only the usual early-birds. Opening up his locker, he grabbed the black mail bag inside and shoved a few books in before heading up to the library. Might as well hang out in there until more people started arriving.


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Jackson had been pulling on a fresh pair of tan slacks when his phone began to buzz on the nightstand next to his bed. Buttoning the pants up and making sure his fly was where it was supposed to be, he walked to his bedside, running his hand over his short prickly hair. Picking up his phone he saw the notification telling him that Kasey had texted him, his finger gliding over the touch screen to unlock it as he read the message. Monster green he texted back swiftly, sliding his phone in to his back pocket as he pressed the button on the top to lock it.

Padding across his room to the large oak dresser leaning against one wall, Jax opened a dresser, pulling out a light blue button up long sleeved shirt over top of a regular white tee. The young athlete left the top two buttons undone and slipped on a pair of socks and brown shoes. Grabbing his backpack off the back of a chair and then picking up his lacrosse gear and stick, headed out. Parked in the street outside his house was a White 2005 Ford F150, simple enough to get him from point A to point B. he threw his gear in the back and climbed up in to the driver's seat, turning the key in the ignition.

The drive to school was relatively short, only a mere five minutes as he pulled in to the parking lot, taking up his usual spot next to the curb closest to the school doors. He hoped out of the cab and walked around to the back, stepping up on the back wheel of his tire so he could grab his stuff before jumping down and heading towards the main building. Pulling his phone from his pocket he texted Kasey again. Meet me outside the locker rooms, dropping off my lax sh*t Jax hit send as he pushed through the school's entry doors and through the crowded halls.