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Lavigne Rae Carter

"This is what makes us girls."

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a character in “Oakley High Boarding School”, as played by Thundera



"They say just grow up, well they don’t know us! Because we don’t really give a f***”


General Information

”My name is Lavigne Rae Oakley”

”I am a Verter Girl”

”I am in my third year.”

”I am seventeen.”

”My birthday is the 2nd of June and obviously everyone will be there obviously not the nerds though! God!”

”I am female of course!”

”I am a senior.”

Sexual Orientation
”I am straight sorry to be so average but hey, just being me.”



”I like....
-Tree Climbing
-Sports and simply being active
-Reading and painting
-The expressive arts”

”I dislike...
- Swimming
- Water especially in the sea
- Spicy food
- Oranges or any orange flavoured produce
People crying or getting stressed out”

”Um...not many things scare me but spiders freak me out and so do Windmills and Water...Oh god, I hate water...”

”Well my quirks would be...Well, I don’t think I fit any stereotype...I’m sporty but not girly so I’m not a cheerleader...I’m a bit of geek but I hate computers and libraries you see what I mean? I scream over pretty much anything and cheese makes me cringe.”

Lavigne is tough and steely but has sweet and pure heart if you really get to know her. She won’t let you into her life very easily unless she thinks you’re loyal and honest to her.
Lavigne is very intelligent but she hates libraries and computers...and she’s honest...maybe too honest. If you ask if your hair looks nice she’ll tell you exactly what she thinks be it be good or bad. She is a clumsy girl however and trips over thin air when she gets the chance but her clumsiness seems to worsen when she is trying to show off to people or do something clever.
She’s a very likeable person and is actually quite funny and excitable at times despite trying to keep a responsible civilized reputation. She can be a rebel and she tends to be when she is bored or feeling down. She is known to do crazy stunts and stupid things like sitting on roofs in the dark and setting things on fire but she is very responsible and trustworthy when she needs to be. Obviously doing things like that now are near on impossible because she’s consistently being watched.
She can be a snob but she’s come from a family of very well off people who are all overly proud of their heritage and family history- so really she has The Oakley family trait of being a snob at times. Compared to most of her family though Lavigne isn’t a terrible snob.
Lavigne is a bit of a rebel. She hates lessons and will make remarks to other students and muck around the whole time until she lands a detention (then the sweet talk starts) She yells at people she doesn’t like and she’s not afraid to swear and fight and the word ‘rule’ or ‘law’ means nothing to her she does what she wants, when she wants with who she wants.
So to sum her up Lavigne is fun, mostly friendly and very honest with a bit of crazy living in the moment streak to her.


My Life

”My big brother is practically my best friend and he’s always there when me and my friends are going Old School out on the town. He’s the skater kid that helps me get over hangover and hide it before Mum get’s home after a day out with my friends. My brother is amazing and I owe him so much for everything he’s always done for me. He protects me from the haters and carries me home drunk I mean come on, Who doesn’t want a bro like that?”

” I was born into a very wealthy family and live in one of the biggest in town but I never wanted to be that kid until I was about Thirteen and then I became a bit more of a snob and slightly prouder to be from my family line of heritage and have the fortune I have.
I have been trouble since day one. As a baby apparently I was the devil’s spawn as you could guess this amuses me greatly to this day. Apparently my mother tried to dump me on my Nan most nights but hey! Tough love right?
I’ve always had a little flame burning inside me waiting to just spark and light up the rebellion and it did at my fourteenth birthday I stole my mother’s booze and me and my friends were off our faces within an hour of their arrival. My mother thankfully didn’t come home until the next morning so we played our hangovers of sever tiredness and injuries from cartwheels not injuries from jumping out of windows to try and jump over the trampoline net...Yeah, my friend cracked the skin of her knee and it didn’t stop bleeding for hours...
So you get the message, I’ve been a hardcore party punk princess since I was 14. I’m not your typical ‘let’s hit the clubs!’ girl either though. I’m more of a ‘let’s grab some jack and a boom-box and a party on the top of the school.’ Kind of person and I’ll climb on the roofs of buildings and party on top of them with my friends. There was one time where I broke my arm falling off a roof whilst trying to dance to the Macarena...Looking back it was so freakin’ funny!”


Theme Song
[url=Here’s To Never Growing Up By Avril Lavigne][/url]
[i]”I am very attached my black kitten Willa, I spoil her a lot because she’s absolutely perfect![/b]

So begins...

Lavigne Rae Carter's Story


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Des Verter Filles.

Lavigne was sat on the train waving frantically out the window to her Brother smiling but almost crying too. She loved her brother but last june had been the end of his school life which meant Lavigne had to carry on alone. Lavigne's brother was the only person waving her away from the train station. Her red-headed mother no where to be seen.

Lavigne had a green ribbon in her hair and the compulsory hunter green school blazer with black skinny jeans and a blouse. The school didn't have a lot of rules but from lesson one to lesson five they are expected to be wearing a green blazer. They can wear whatever else they want with it but they have to wear the blazer. Personally, Lavigne didn't mind the blazer she just didn't like the assemblies where she was expected to wear a skirt and knee high socks too but that only came around at the end of every term.

She was sat in the back carriage waving out the window as she waited for the other Des Verter Filles to find her in the back carriage. Every year since Lavigne had been at the school had Des Verters met in the back carriage and that's when they planned their reunion parties. It was almost as compulsory to them as oxygen.

Every year Des Verters girls throw a party on the first night back to celebrate being brought back together. A lot of parties were thrown within the first week but the Des Verter parties were always the craziest and most enjoyable. They were often off campus on the beach or out on the town and they'd pick colour codes and silly things to make it funnier. Last year every Des Verter girl ran along town in white bikini tops from the police shouting teases like "Get us whilst we're hot. Some how they got out of that uncharged and without being reported to the school.

Lavigne often dremt of that night because she knew she'd have been expelled if anyone had got caught because it was mostly blameable on Lavigne and the alcohol in her system. Lavigne was crazy and fun maybe too fun and that was part of the problem.

She blinked back tears and turned to the aisle hoping soon that one of her bright eyed party friends would walk through the automatic door as soon as possible.

Lavigne's brother was the only thing that could make her cry- that and her younger sister who also fitted in to Lavigne's group of Des Verter girls. Lavigne was fiercly protective of her little sister and let her big brother protect her but she did have his back too...all the time. The Carter family were as close-knit as the Des Verters are but then their parents woke up to their fortune and thought it'd be the perfect way to get rid of their kids. Dump in them in the boarding school furthest away from home. That's why they found half terms and holidays as a slap in the face. The Carter children are like boomerangs their parents send them away then a few weeks later they are back and ready for life in the big city again.

The thought of raving in New York made Lavigne smile because she had her newyorker summer friends back at home and she almsot had as much fun hanging with them as she did the Des verters but not quiet because no one partied better then Lavigne and her girls. Lavigne heard the doors open and was deeply dissapointed to find it was a lost nerd. "Wrong cabin dude..." After all this was Des Verter territory.


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#, as written by Naught


Khaos didn't like going to boarding school but, she didn't like being home either. It was mostly because of her behavior and her parents not being able to keep up with her and watch her ever move in everything she does. But, who could blame them, she would send herself to boarding school by how worse her attitude had gotten. Yes, she even noticed it herself.

Hooking her shades on her shirt, a green blouse -her favorite color was green anyways- and white skinny jeans. She really didn't change much since last year. Everything about pretty much stayed the same. "Khaos", a beautiful yet uncommon name; she didn't want to change her name, it was unique and actual sounded beautiful to her. Some people would joke around and say that her parents must have been very high to give her a weird name like that.

It didn't really bother her, people had their opinions, and she didn't care for them. She already knew the story behind her name. Some people knew that so, she didn't have to waste her oxygen telling someone that their wrong. As her parents walked her outside, they began talking to her about this year at school had to be different and she had to learn that her education is important. She just pretended that she was listening and nodded.

Waving to her parents, she blew a kiss towards their way and walked inside the train to the back carriage of the train. Jumping excitingly up and down as her eyes laid upon Lavigne. She had really missed the girls the whole time she was at home, she had to stay put in her room and forced to participate in all of the family activities. Very boring, she almost died from the boredom but, she didn't want her parents to think that she hadn't changed at all -which she didn't.

As if that would do anything but, help her adjust her little attitude problem which wasn't happening until her parents realized that all this wasn't her fault, which obviously some of it was. She was very excited for this year, since the beginning of every year the girls -including her- would always throw the hugest parties of all time and no one could top them at that.

Walking over towards her, she noticed a nerdy looking guy at the door,"Um, Scram." Staring down at the dude and then back up at Lavigne, she smiled stupidly,"I missed you girl!" Hugging her as she had said this, she stopped hugging her and sat down beside her. She couldn't for this upcoming year, she had a feeling it would be more crazier than last year.


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Des Verter Filles
Lavigne grinned and hugged her close friend tightly. "Missed you too sister." She said as they parted. "The rats got lost again..." Lavigne mumbled refuring to the nerd who had previously wondered into their carriage as if they belonged there. Everyone knows this is the Des Verter carriage! Lavigne thought using the arrival of Khaos as a distraction from her brother unfortunately not noticing him putting his hands in his pockets and disappearing, which was probably for the best.

She looked at her friend smiling brightly. "How was your break? Lavigne asked genuinely interested because their holidays were bound to be more interesting then here's playing maid by day and rocking it by night. Lavigne almsot rolled her eyes at the thought because that's how Lavigne spent her breaks now. Worked for her Mum like a dog all day then rocked it hard with New Yorkers and that just didn't compare to being here with her girls partying most nights and being with friends 24/7.

Lavigne took a seat one side of the fixed in vibrant green table on a less vibrantly colored chair. Her headphones were hanging out her blazer a little streak of white lost in the green of her collar and black ribbon necklace. It was more a choker but it was her grand-mother's once upon a time so she tended to wear it alot.

"Don't know about you but I'm so glad to be back here." She added to her previously sentance not too long after. She was smiling happily clearly honest about being happy back here. Lavigne didn't paticular like her parents they didn't understand her and didn't try too and Lavigne was cool with that if along they didn't expect her to play nurse when they're dying in twenty years time.


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Des Verter Filles.

Abbey slammed the car door and left without saying goodbye to her Aunt. She clutched her bags because until her delivery arrived in two weeks it was all she had.

Abbey walked up the path head high and her flurry of blonde, pink and green hair drifting behind her dead straight with sharp ends as if it had been freshly cut. Her fringe was pinned back with a punky bow and her smile filled her little heart-shaped face as she stepped on the train.

She had to walk down the train because she'd done a terrible job of getting near the back carriage. She walked, pushed and marched her way to the Des Verter girls carriage, finally stepping through the door ten minutes before their depature was due.

Abbey had no one to wave to out the window so she gave new york the Vs and slid into the booth next to Lavigne giving her a tight hug and then giving Khaos a hug too. "God, I missed you guys!" she confessed as she stood straight again after they were all done hugging.

"So what are the reunion party plans?" She asked keenly.