Tristan Daniel Nixon AKA "Nix"

"I feel the tension build in my trigger finger. Before you shoot to kill, should I open fire?"

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a character in “Objective Eye of a Gun”, as played by Blackfridayrule


EYES: blue-gray
HAIR: Blonde, a little wavy/curly, shoulder length and usually in a ponytail.
AGE: 28

He's tall, reasonably slim and muscled, but not notably well-defined.

Across his stomach, he has an ugly looking scar. He rarely lets it show, and he won't talk about it. Ever.

On his wrist, he's got a tattoo--a phoenix and shield that looks a bit like some kind of crest, possibly militaristic.


Not a fan of charrie sketches, so i'll be vague and post up a few songs/quites with lyrics that remind me of him. You should get the jist.

"I feel the tension build in my trigger finger; Before you shoot to kill, should I open fire? Left me with no choice--it's not what I want. Try to kill me with your voice, i'll do what i have to."

"You say the sugarcube mixture saves the day. You say the green cloudy waters take you away. But when dawn floods in with the day, the journey I imagined brought me here to a swing from a necktie remedy. Let me in, it's cold in this abyss. You'll raise your drinks up high and swallow to forget. Let me in."

"Bathed in the powder of a thousand guns, I am the king of sorrows. I'm thinking of you...i'm thinking of you when i kill a good man to keep myself from being killed by him. I'm thinking of you...wash the blood off my hands."

"I am like a machine, all that i really need is medicine and i'll fall fast asleep. In my dreamlike state, I'll pretend i'm unscathed, but when i wake up my resilience fades. I know there's more to life than slavery--i'm tired of dying. I know there's more to life than drinking this soul-sick medicine."

"When your only friends are hotel rooms, hands are distant lullabies. If i could turn around, I would tonight. These roads never seemed so long since your paper heart stopped beating, leaving me suddenly alone. Will daybreak ever come? August evenings bring solemn warnings to kiss the ones you love goodnight..."


Ha. You don't want to know.


It's violent, it's slightly tragic, and it's something he really doesn't like to talk about. If you corner him, lube him up with a little booze, you might get a little out of him, but he's cryptic at best.
But in short, he comes from a small (and fictitious) country called Reidan. Few people ever really hear of it--it's one of those tiny countries most people overlook on a map. It's located somewhere, vaguely, near northern Egypt, for reference.

So begins...

Tristan Daniel Nixon AKA "Nix"'s Story