Finally in the land of opportunity only to be fucked over, ugh.

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Hazel has auburn hair that messily rests on his head. He doesn't have much of a bark nor a bite. He's lean toned and a dark oriental ivory: which shows his ethnicity very well. He wore a tattered, black truckers jacket that surprisingly fit his frame and demeanor. His fitted blue jeans were worn and he had black, combat styled boots. On his finger is a large gemed ruby ring, that had a silver band, it's something he holds very dear.


I don't like people. I came here to America because that's where dreams are given opportunities, not deal with bastards. I want to work, and I want to climb to the top by this hard work and then live a comfortable life. My family never had this chance as I did. As for personality, I am not sure what you want from me. I just want to be left alone to my own life, I will treat you nice if you treat me nice. Don't expect anything to be beyond the point of shallow though...
I'm shy, and I like to be by myself.


A small pocket knife.

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