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Ruka Ashborn

"First thing first...allow me to kill you then we can thinking the next step."

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a character in “Obsidian Scales”, as played by Arthurna


Character Sheets:

Name: Ruka Ashborn
Age: 18 years old

She had long brown hair and tied it in a low ponytail style. Her eyes were deep purple and almost reflecting nothing. For a 18 years old girl Ruka was pretty short and her tiny build made people often mistaken her age and thought she was a little girl.

Most of her childhood was spent on a ship which traveled from one land to another and it made her owns several unique items. She served Orthius because her father, a wealthy merchant, was loyal to Orthius. Her father offered his daughter as a soldier to Orthius so that his loyalty could be proven as genuine. Since then, Ruka worked as one of Orthius’s goons.

Dragon form

Personality: Her cold demeanor made her pretty hard to approach and she always made her duty as a first priority. She’s a little workaholic and didn’t care about other people feeling as long as her job finished.

Powers: Water element. She could control water and she’s good with close range combat especially with sword.

So begins...

Ruka Ashborn's Story

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Ruka Asborn stood on the dock with her father in front of her. The darkening sky and chilly wind were the signs of upcoming storm and yet these two people who were out in the open didn’t move an inch to find a shelter. They just stood and talking, doing completely harmless and normal activity. Harmless... normal… or was it really?

“So, tell me more about the king, my dear daughter.” A man who looked around in his mid-fifty spoke. His voice was a little unclear but she heard him perfectly because she always listening to him whenever he spoke no matter how unimportant the subject was.

“I already inform you before, father. My knowledge about his highness is very limited. Lord Orthius is the king while I am nothing but a merely low ranked soldier. I have no privilege to meet the lord on a daily basis, let alone to be near him.”

“That’s too bad indeed. But I’m sure someday you’ll be able to serve under his direct command and learn more about him. He’ll see our loyalty and bring us to his side. We just need to work harder. Don’t you agree my little daughter?”

“Yes, of course, father.” She answered with a flat and expressionless tone.

The man kept talking vigorously about the king and his reign. Praises and admiration spilled from his mouth while Ruka just stood and listening like a good daughter she was. The more the man talking, the more his skin peeled off and showed the dark skull under his thin layer of skin. But she didn’t do anything. She just simply stood there and watching as the person she called father crumbled bit by bit and slowly turned into a black skull. He who no longer held his humanity had no right to exist as a ‘person’. The skull cracked and blue smoke oozed from it. The last words she heard from her so called father was…

“All hail King Orthius.”

And she was left with a pile of ashes.

“Good night to you too, father.” She bowed and closed her eyes.

When Ruka opened her eyes again, she was greeted by the ceiling of her bedroom. It was low ceiling and a little dusty because the lack of use. She was in her room.

“A dream.” She mumbled and then sat quietly on her bed

There’s almost nothing in her room except a bed and a small drawer which contain the collection of her trinkets and weapons from across the world. After a few minutes staring mindlessly toward the wall she reached for the bag near the bed to take out her clothes and changed. She wore her necklace which had a fire bird engraved on it lastly before stepped outside.

It was deserted, only a few people passed in front of her house but once she entered the main street people was bustling with activity. She side stepped a corpse of a homeless man which was lying on the street and headed to a gathering crowd in front of a cabin. Random corpses here and there were a normal occurrence but a crowd gathered because of something was rare. Unconsciously, she had listening to the conversation of the townspeople but after a while she caught a particular interesting info.

“Man, that person was awesome.”

“Yeah, I hope his injury isn’t bad though.”

“Don’t worry too much. Jeanne is the one who treated him. He’ll be back as good as new.”

She didn’t have to listen for more because she got enough information already. Apparently, a few of the king’s underlings were burned inside the cabin and the person who responsible with everything was currently in Jeanne Dumain’s place. She scrunched her nose in distaste both in displeasure for finding a possible traitor and for the smell of burning corpses which was finally entered her nostril.

The scent was nauseating and sweet, putrid and steaky, or something like leather being tanned over a flame. The smell was so thick and rich that it's almost a taste. She hurriedly walked away from that place and went straight to the castle. First thing first, report to the castle and began her daily work then the traitor case could follow latter.

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#, as written by Rift
"H.. here we are Sir Thanatos!" Kaleb turned to the girl as she tossed the large bag upon the counter top, it was filled with fresh raw beef. "Ahhh! Excellent, thank you so much my dear, I'll make sure to put in a good word for you with the higher ups..." Kaleb said, a smile on his face. "R.. really?!" The girl squealed gleefully. *No, no I won't.* Kaleb thought. "Of course I will!" He said. With an enlightened heart the girl skipped merrily away to continue with her business and Kaleb turned back to Arietta. "Now my little Starling, where were... we..." Kaleb spied the sun out the window and, noting its position, realized what time it was. "..." Kaleb, taking a few moments to realize his situation, was silent before he bursted out in panic. "...aaaaAAAAAAHHH! How is it that time already?! That annoying girl took THAT long! If I don't hurry up I'll never get all this work done! But my order... No! No time!!!" He grabbed Ariettas shoulders and shook her gently. "Miss Starling I need YOU to make sure that that bag gets to my chambers safely understand?! If anyone asks you, you are performing an errand for Sir Thanatos of the royal guard, trust me no further questions will be asked of you! I'm trusting you with this!" He ran off, he knew he was putting the poor girl on the spot, but he really didn't have a choice, as he ran out the kitchen doors he shouted backwards. "If you mess this up you owe me dinner!" He really couldn't help himself.

Kaleb found himself on the main road walking towards this Miss Jeanne Dumains medical shop in order to preform his duties. As he walked, he spotted Ruka Ashborn standing near a burnt down building, she was a guard in Orthius' army, though she was of lower rank than him she was good at what she did so Kaleb was pretty sure she had the situation under control. That was of course until she walked away. "That girl really doesn't have time for detours..." He mumbled as he approached to check the situation for himself. He knew Ruka was a dragon and she more than likely knew the same about him, after all with a dragons acute sense of smell it was easy to make the assumption that they would be able to tell such things, after all it was relatively common knowledge that dragons could smell and or sense other dragons, yet they never tell on each other to humans. Most take this as a misconception that all dragons are working together but this is far from true, after all if you told the humans that your enemy was a dragon and you were a dragon yourself your enemy could say the same about you and then you'd be in just as much trouble as they were. As such it was almost like a forced oath of silence among his kind. Or at least that's how Kaleb saw it, obviously others might look upon things differently and he accepted that. As he entered the crowd began to disperse however he began to listen and he heard various little pieces of conversations being had.

"That guy was incredible!"

"He took those guards out like they were nothing!"

"But where is he now?"

"How many times do I have to say, he's with that Paladin! Jeanne Dumain!"

With that, the crowd dispersed, and Kaleb entered the buildings ruins, he found a corpse, one of three, but the others were so charred they were closer to ash and he couldn't make out there identities, thankfully however, the one he chose to examine wasn't too badly burnt and was still barely familiar. "Reginald Daikrov? I know this guy and his two friends were bad but... Killing them? I wonder if that was truly necessary... hmmm... Speaking of which, it would appear the killer is hiding out at Dumains place... it also means that for once in my life my assigned investigation has actual meaning to it." Kaleb thought calmly for a moment. "If I heard all that from such small pieces of conversation then I'm guessing Ruka got the same information, it would seem she's heading for the castle first... however I doubt she's the kind of person to ask questions before acting, after all these guards rarely are... therefore, I should use this time I have to get to the medicine shop and get the full story." Kaleb nodded to himself. "Yeah, that's what I'll do, however I'd better hurry, after all I doubt Ruka will be preoccupied forever." With that Kaleb ran towards the medical store with improved haste and stopped as he arrived. He pushed the door open slightly before poking his head in and announcing his being there. "Hello? I'm looking for a Miss Jeanne Dumain? I'm under orders from King Orthius to investigate your establishment, may I come in?" He didn't want to mention the fugitive she was housing, at least not just yet, rushing into such things could be bad.