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From the Wild, I remain strong and proud.

0 · 333 views · located in East Kingdom Aalis

a character in “Obsidian Scales”, as played by Ikiros


Name: Soran'nr

Age: 14,221

Description: Soran'nr is a thin dragon, black of scale and purple of eye. His body is so thin because, much like a runner's body id built for running and little else, he is built to fly and to be quick. While this comes at the price of having less brute strength than some of the others in his species, His agility has saved him from several rough patches in his life, most notably in recent times when men hunt dragons like any other wild animal. At a weight of somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200 pounds, Soran'nr is a lightweight. The lack of weight on his frame is not only due to his small size compared to other dragons, but because his bones are hollow and adapted for flight, like a bird's, rather than thick and heavy like a reptile's.His wingspan measures 49 feet from wingtip to wingtip, and from nose to tail he's slightly longer at a length of 56 feet 4 inches. At the end of his tail he has a specially crafted, blade-like weapon. When he first got it, it was simply bound around the end of his tail, but after use and the problem of it falling off, he had it physically grafted to his body. Razor sharp and weighing in at around a hundred sixty pounds, the blade is not only lethal, but acts as a more effective rudder during flight.

Personality: Soran'nr is best described as quirky and quick to act, though he has his moment of contemplative thought. Having grown up outside the influence of humans and their kind, he's more open and accepting of relationships between the two species, though he's had a tough time keeping such a view since he moved closer to the world of man.

Powers: As a dragon, Soran'nr has a limited amount of special strengths he can play to. He's able to breathe flames as easily as any other dragon can, though his are more of a golden color over red or orange. He also has the ability to control the wind to a minor amount, hence his exceptional flying capabilities, though it's not enough to help him out in a sticky situation. Other than that, his strengths lie in his speed, his agility, and the weapons given him by nature in the form of his claws, teeth, wings, and tail.

So begins...

Soran'nr's Story