Timeless - Guardian of the Clock Tower

Time is priceless. Especially for me...Because upon that ticking clock tower...is my soul...

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Element: Time

Timeless is a long serpentine dragon with huge black wings tipped with a crimson red. He has long majestic carnelian feathers that run down his head and neck. Along with his cheeks. His overall body color though is a pale blue green. On the rim of his mouth and tops of his eyes are a yellow color that very much compliments his sleek green scales. Most who appear before the dragon are awed by the dragons wings and body, for most serpentine-like dragons have no wings. If you look closely at his ebony feathers, you may see some strange markings. Most doing strange twists and turns. It is indeed the dragons most mysterious feature.

Nobody really knows Timeless's age. Most say he is an average adult dragon.

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Timeless's demeanor isn't like most guardian dragons. His almost tranquil behavior is probably what fools people into trying to nab the golden gears of the lurking clock tower that Timeless holds so dear in his heart. But don't let this fool you. He is very good at playing this game of his and most who fall for it are most likely his snack for the day. His frail snake-like body doesn't look to powerful and it isn't much. Neither are his skinny limbs...But his wings...Oh his wings...They are the very essence of his power. Just one mighty flap of his wings could create a huge windstorm. His strong feathers, coated with the rarest of oils, can knock out a full grown dragon. Now back to his personality. Like I said, he is calmest whenever. He doesn't show any emotion and is bent on keeping it that way. He is also very manipulative and is rumored that he can "Hypnotize" his enemies with his eyes. But like I said; this is only a rumor.


His wings, sharp fangs, and long claws. And of course his incredible powers which will be explained in a moment. Other than his body features, Timeless doesn't use any makeshift weapons like swords or wands. He does though, carry around with him a small golden key chain watch which is almost an exact replica of the real Clock tower clock. He also carries around a staff to help him walk. Because of his long body, its particularly hard for him to keep balance on the ground. That's the staffs job. But keep in mind that none of these things are used in battle.

His element is of course Time itself. He does have extreme powers beyond ones imagination but then again...All dragons do. He has the power to see into ones destiny and change their fate. He can of course stop and control time. Making it faster or slower, while not effecting him or anyone else he chooses. The dragon however, has no breathing powers. He can't shoot fire or ice out of his mouth and he states that those dragons are just a bunch of 'showoffs'. The most powerful thing he can do though, is create mini wormholes that allow him to travel anywhere at any given moment. Whether it be in the past, present, or future.

The most weakest of his powers(But truly effective) is the power of illusion. Yes he can really stop time itself, but sometimes he can only make it 'look' as if time has slowed itself down. This confuses enemies beyond beliefs and has certainly come in handy in tough situations and when he is in a weak position. Oh and keep in mind that all of his powers require a bit of his energy. So every time he does use his powers, a bit of his energy is depleted. That is why he prefers using his illusion abilities and wings for battles.


Timeless was born in the beginning of time itself. A symbol of the face of the clock. During the beginning, many looked up to him for the Sun to rise and fall. They count on him for the stars to appear in the sky and for history to make itself, but as time began to mature, so did Timeless. Timeless couldn't really keep up all by himself, ironically. Instead he left his control of the all powerful being that everyone looked up to and instead took form into a feathered dragon. There is where he soared above the growing landscapes until he found the perfect spot. In the middle of the Meridian, the dragon Timeless plunged into the very making of his soul until it took the form of a large graceful Clock Tower. His soul embodied in the clanking gears connected to one another in a chain reaction. When one is removed, the whole chain is destroyed and Timeless dies. This doesn't mean it kills time though. No, instead he would return to the skies as the all powerful being again. Just like it was in the beginning.

But Timeless is NOT going to die without a fight. I mean, who wants to die? Nobody, he hopes.

Anyways, once the golden gears started their everlasting movements, and the needles began to move, Timeless smiled with delight and flew into the golden corridors of the tower awaiting for any "Visitors" that might take this precious soul of his away.

Ever since the war and the slayers rose, Timeless has had to leave his Clock Tower to help the citizens, but he never would have preicted what would happen during the battle of Meridus and Orthius.

So begins...

Timeless - Guardian of the Clock Tower's Story

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Slava hustled into the stables quickly. His boss was flustered enough for being late. Thank god he reached the stables just in time. Slava bent over and began shoveling off the dirty hay. Flies swarming his vision and he frustratingly brushed them away. One of the other stable boys had cassually walked over and watched for a minute or two. Slava found it rather taunting. The boy over with his shift just...watching him slave over his work! After a moment or two of complete awkwardness, Slava looked over at the boy who looked a lot younger than him. "Excuse me, but I find it rather uncomfortable when your just standing there watching me. Would you like to assist me?" Slava says kindly as he grabbed another pitch fork and handed it over to the boy. The boy stared at this to before nodding slowly and taking the tool and shoveling on with him.

Slava watches in shock before realizing this boy was naive enough to help him, or maybe he was just kind. Yes...a kind human. He starts doing his work before a loud CRASH! behind him startled the crap out of Slava making him spin around and lose his balance which resulted in him falling in a pile of dirty hay. Slava's eyes dart up and he sees the culprits. Two older boys were standing there laughing at him. A pile of equipment and tools at their feet. "Hah! Oh boy that was hilarious!!!" his friend decided to intervene. "Hah! Yeah! He was all like 'Ah!' haha! Like a girl!" The shorter friend said. Slava gritted his teeth. "It isn't funny!" He says with both anger and embarrassment. "Uh, it sorta was..." The taller friend says as he aimlessly leans against the fence without knowing he was actually leaning on the lock. When doing so, the lock snapped off and the fence flew open. His other friend-who, might I add, isn't the brightest-accidentally tripped over more of the tools making yet another loud crashing sound startling the horses causing them to run out of the fence and out loose around the stables.

It took Slava a moment to register what was going on before he and the child began laughing their guts out. "Okay now that was funny!" He says, doubled over and clutching his stomach. While both oafs were scurrying to get the horses, Slava's boss came running out, and by the looks of it, Slava and the boy were the only ones laughing. "You two! What is going on with the horses! Why are they loose!...It was you two wasn't it!? Who let the horses out!?" Both boys stopped laughing and looked over their boss and shook their heads. "Alrighty then...If none of you's want to confess...Then both of you double time today!" Slava, being the good dragon he was, stated, "W-wait sir! I did it!...It was all my fault." The boy looked surprised and the boss looked over him with disappointment. "Well then..." He grabbed Slava by the neck of the shirt pulling him off the ground. "Bring me all of those horses or your FIRED!" Slava nodded furiously before the boss put him down. The boss man turned towards the other two oafs who were struggling to grab the horses. "You two have the day off..." The boss says before walking back to fend for some of the horses. Slava was about to run to get some of the equine when a small voice stopped him. "Thanks Slava..." The small boy says kindly before walking back in his stall to finish Slava's job.

Slava nodded before running off to get the horses that were already roaming around town.


The void opened up about halfway through the journey. Right now, he should be flying over Akiree Forest. Orthius always admired this forest as a child. It was always covered in a soft blanket of snow, lit by the aurora lights at night. He always wondered what dragon made such a beautiful spectrum. He always, purposefully stopped to admire such beauty. It soothed him of his stress every time he came near the forest...

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt a presence near. Before he could look to see, a large black and crimson feather flew past him. As it did, time itself seemed to slow down, as the feather drifted aimlessly through the sky. This free moment allowed him to register what exactly was going on, but before he could utter the dragons name, Timeless suddenly bolted out of the clouds, mouth agape before it enclosed around the Kings throat. The force of the attack sent the dragon flying backwards in the air and spiraling towards earth, Timeless still latched on. Orthius shrieks and pries the dragon off his throat before regaining his barrings in flight. He hovered a moment to search for the serpentine dragon and found him at his side. The evil King rubbed his throat. "Timeless, please. Now? Just as I was admiring the scenery you had to ruin everything?!"

The pale green dragon replies with a pant. "I...promised to protect all the Kingdoms..." Orthius chuckled. "All of them eh...?Well one of these days, all kingdoms will be mine...Not just the four kingdoms but all of the worlds realms..." Timeless growls and Orthius continues. "Now you said all right? Like the polar castles...Or maybe the desert kingdoms...Or even better! the underground realms!" Orthius begins to laugh. "Face it Timeless! Your only one dragon! You can't stop an entire army of demonic dragons from taking realm after realm...Oh and where are these...these heroes you spoke of...hmm...I have't seen anyone who would want to oppose me at the moment. Nope. None at all...Guess you were wrong. These heroes don't exist and they never will..."

Timeless glides in front of the king looking straight into his glowing yellow eyes. "Your...Just afraid to admit it..." Orthius was about to intervene but Timeless continues. "You are afraid of my predictions because I'm right...You are in fear that there are heroes out there willing to oppose you and will indeed defeat you...Your just in denial!"

That set Orthius off and the larger dragon tackled the serpent with brute force. And the tussling began. From afar it looked like a blob of scales and feathers. What was really happening was, Timeless wrapped around Orthius's body and bit down on the dragons neck once again, this time, pulling a bit of scales out. Orthius growls and claws at the serpents body leaving deep wounds. Timeless's scales weren't nearly as thick as Orthius's and this simple attack made him loose some of his grip. This gave Orthius the advantage he needed and he pries the snake-like dragon off of his body and grabbed his throat. Not necessarily to kill the dragon or choke him, but so his head would make first contact with the approaching earth.

Timeless began to flail his wings in a desperate attempt to get the dragons strong hold off his neck. It shakes the king a bit, but he remained in the same position. And just as Timeless's body makes first contact with the cold rocky earth, his flailing stops. Dirt and snow rise up in the air in a huge cloud when both dragons impacted. Orthius shakily gets up off the ground and removes his hand off of the injured and exhausted Timeless. The time dragon lazily opens his eyes to meet his attackers. Orthius smiled deviously, and lifted his venomous claws and began reaching for the dragons neck. Timeless could do nothing of it. All he could do was watch death slowly approach until...it stopped suddenly. Orthius's hand stopped!

The dark dragon sighs and walks off from over the dragon. Timeless manages to sputter out, "W-why d-didn't you k-kill me...? W-why do y-you leave m-me...to s-suffer...?" The dark dragon glances at Timeless. "Because...I find your relentless fighting and strong will quite...amusing. I mean come on! Your like the only competition out here. I've got to have a good fight now and then..." Orthius says in a dark chuckle. Timeless was to exhausted to reply before Orthius took flight and disappears into a void of shadows. Timeless lays there in pain before a small worm hole covers him and he returns to his home. The clock tower.

Yet another failed attempt to stop the king...As Timeless lays there on the marble floors, he utters the same thing after every battle, "I-it's quite a sh-shame they d-don't know what really h-happened..."