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Okui Kane

Naruto OC

0 · 400 views · located in Anime World

a character in “OC GENERATOR”, as played by TechnoFoxHowell



He is twenty two years old, stands at five foot eleven inches, weighing about one hundred and forty five pounds. His hair is a platinum blonde that borders being white, his eyes a dull grey. He wears a fur lined vest that is tied about his waist by the Yukigakure headband. Fish nets cover his non dominate arm whilst his other fore arm has a cloth band on it. He wears a clip in his hair, keeping the long strands tucked behind his ear.


He is a generally carefree and easy going guy, if not a bit out there. He is a lofty day dreamer with his head more often than not in the clouds. He has a rather sadistic sense of humor, laughing wildly at other's pain. He is not driven by good nor evil desires, in fact there is absolutely nothing he wants. He could die a most cruel and painful death and not even bat an eye at the idea. He shows emotions, likes, and dislikes just like any one else. He finds some things funny, others irritating but he honestly could not care less in the end.


Once a member of the now non existent 'Land of Snow', having become 'Land of Spring'. He was born and raised in Yukigakure and suffered through Doto's reign. Though one day a mysterious blonde came about and saved their land, however it was changed. It was no longer the land he grew up in. Sure it was peaceful, warm, and everyone was happy, but it was no longer Yukigakure. He no longer had a village to live in, at least in his eyes. He became a traveler, the only known Snow ninja now, and most don't even belief him as his dark skin is not one that people who live in snow generally have.

He knows basic taijutsu, mostly blocks and counters rather than anything aggressive.

His high intelligence make him well suited to illusions, however his poor ability with hand signs lowers this.

His ice manipulated creature, common to those of Yukigakure, is an abnormally large Arctic Fox. He uses Ice, Water, and Lightning style ninjutsu.

Mashingan - Machine Eye
His right eye holds the Mashingan, however it is not a literal machine. It's similar to the Sharringan in it's ability to memorize and aide genjutsu. However it does not grant future like sight nor the power to copy any and all jutsu on sight. It's more like a recording device, though it also has a tracking ability. Once seen, you can never hide from the Mashingan.

Ninjutsu - 3
Taijutsu - 3
Genjutsu - 4
Intelligence - 5
Strength - 3
Speed - 5
Stamina - 3
Hand Seals - 2
Total - 28

He is technologically advanced.

So begins...

Okui Kane's Story