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Jack Cavestone

Ah! The full moon time for romance.

0 · 444 views · located in Silverstream Village

a character in “Odd Werewolves”, as played by Lambie


Name: Jack Cavestone
Age: 20 years old
Were or Female: Werewolf
Appearance (Were/ Female)
Cold weather
Full moon
Working in groups
Animal bones

Hot weather
Being alone
Moonless nights

Personality: Jack is a real happy go lucky and easy going guy. He loves to be around alot of his friends and his work in a group. At times Jack can be a little shy especially when he likes a certain were or around strangers. Jack is a very loyal and is quick to defend others. He can handle a good tussle, but he's not terribly violent.

So begins...

Jack Cavestone's Story

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#, as written by Lambie
Jack arrived at the town square. He couldn't believe that it was this busy. There were stands being set up and banners being pinned up as well. Smiling happily he couldn't help, but be excited about all the festivities. Jack then notice that someone standing of in the distance it was Dani. Looking shy off standing there he then walked over to him. "Hi Dani." Jack says cheerfully. "Come to help out for the festival?"

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Dani awkwardly looked around the place, unsure of what to do. He supposed he should go ask someone if they needed any help, but he was too shy to. If only he wasn't so shy. He sighed and nervously nibbled on the edge of his bottom lip. Talking to people on his own was definitely a challenge for him. That thought made him slightly unsure if he would ever be able to find a mate. He took a deep breath to calm himself down a bit. He was growing increasingly nervous.


Adam smirked at the shy boy. It was silly to get so nervous about something he should have been mentally prepared for by then. They had these festivities every month. It was nothing new. They all knew it was coming.

"You're nervous. How adorable. You'll make a great little wifey for some big, bad wolf." he said to Dani, teasing him.

Adam knew he shouldn't treat Dani like that, but he made it too easy.