Max Hallows

"I'm not the bad guy here, trust me."

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a character in “Ode To Survival”, as played by UnderSavageEternity





Orientation: Bisexual

Clothing: Usually just jeans and a t-shirt.

Equipment: Various knives, a hunting rifle, brass knuckles, and a backpack filled with food and water.

Extra: has a smoking habit


Personality: A live life fast kond of guy. Hes kind and calm with a big heart and a trusting mind. He enjoys being in the company of other people wether they be good or bad and isn't very tactful when it comes to being on the outside of a Quarantine zone. He also doesn't have much knowledge of the world and is quite clumsy. Though he is very book smart and had strived to become a teacher to the children in the zones. His brains however don't really help him as he fumbles to learn how to use a gun. However despite all this he is a strong man with a great fighting abbiloty and is very deadly with his brass knuckles. Getting in a fight with him isn't a smart thing to do as when his back is against the wall he will do anything to get out of that situation.


Backstory: He has lived his entire life in a Quarantine zone as a civilian and has limited knowledge of both the outside world and the plague. He is currently traipsing through the wilds.

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