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Etsrin Goshan

Azraeh's right hand man, general of the army.

0 · 286 views · located in Azraeh's Palace

a character in “Odium”, as played by Ascher


Tall, stocky and brutal. You should be afraid of him.

Has three sets of horns atop his head, four sets of beady eyes and powerful muscles.

Seriously. Don't mess with him.

So begins...

Etsrin Goshan's Story


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#, as written by Ascher
I sighed and leaned back slightly into my demonic throne.

"Etsrin, get one of the slaves to deliver a glass of water for me." I leaned forward onto my hand, slumping down in the throne.

"I'm sure that you only want water because you have nothing else to do, my lady." Etsrin coughed slightly and stepped in front of me, looking very stoic. "If it helps you, we have a new shipment of slaves coming in later today. They are all handpicked, to ensure maximum quality." It didn't bother me that he referred to the humans as objects, I just smiled slightly at the news, we hadn't had a new shipment in over two months.

"Etsrin, get a slave to bring me a fully charged tablet and stylus. I'll need to write things down as I choose which slaves to send to the Sanctuary, as you probably guessed." The Sanctuary was my nickname for where slaves were kept, except a few chosen humans. I always pick one slave that stands out from each batch and they get the opportunity to live in my palace, cleaning and cooking for me. Chosen slaves are also exempt from sex work, as I don't want other people to damage my 'special' humans.

"Hopefully this crap won't be so boring as last time." I smirked and put my arms behind my head.

"I still don't understand why you don't talk like a proper queen, my lady. I find it rather disrespectful." Etsrin grumbled quietly, just loud enough for me to pick up his groveling.

"Shut up, you know that kind of stuff pisses me off." I rolled my eyes and sighed, standing up and walking out of the room. As I headed towards the kitchen to get some food, I paused as Etsrin yelled from the throne room.

"The slaves have arrived early, my lady. You should come back here so they can be presented."

I walked back with a bounce in my step, grinning just slightly.

This should be fun.


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When the queen said “You’re still just a slave,” it was like a slap in the face to remind me that no matter how used to this I became, nothing would improve. That her eyes had turned red scared the living out of me. Not the living anything, just the living. Also, the fact that I was to stay in the palace with her meant I would be subjected to the mercilessness of her demeanor, on probably a daily basis. I was shaking, as if cold, but I really wasn’t. I was just scared out of my mind. I almost pleaded with her to pick someone else, but when I opened my mouth, her eyes flared up. I swear I could see fire in them.

“Anything to say?” She smirked. “Will.” I quickly shook my head no, and then she continued.

“Then I’ll take you to the slave quarters. Etsrin, make sure the rest get sent to the Sanctuary. Come on then, boy, what are you waiting for?” She smirked again, and cracked her whip. I hurriedly followed her out another door. Jeez, how many doors did this place have? A lot, I assumed, but still... I noticed a change in the pattern of the tiles, or rather, the un-pattern. The colors were jet black and midnight blue. I barely noticed the difference, but when I did, my curiosity spoke before my common sense could handle it.

“Why are there different color patterns?” I blurted, and immediately regretted it. I lowered my head as the queen turned to face me, thinking:

Oh God. Oh God.