Mairin Flint

An Eccentric Pirate

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a character in “Odreon - The Grief of the King”, as played by Erin90


Nickname: Mai
Age: 17
Sex: Female
On-Ship Job: Crewman - Rigger

Appearance: Brown eyes with flowing dark brown hair medium length with a red sash tied in it. 5'2 and 102 pounds with a flat chest and no curves at all. She knows how to put her hair in a pony tail but rarely ever does. She has an average pretty face and if she cuts her hair can pass off for a cute boy. The features of her face gives off a hint of Asian ancestry. She wears a male pirate white shirt underneath a black pirate jacket with a lot of pockets in the lining, dark tights and has a pair of black sturdy shoes but goes barefoot most of the time. She also has a light weight, water proof pack and a saber on her back. Never seen in women's clothes yet always implacably clean(not with effort).

Personality: Blunt and doesn't know the meaning of personal space. She is passive most of the time and likes to spend her time opening doors. She hates killing but if you're nasty and evil doesn't mind maiming you. She never cusses. She has crazy intuition and luck. If you're secretly dancing in the hold or on a tryst with a lover she'll likely walk in on you and then go about her business. She'll learn your secrets but won't tell people. She is great at cards and gambling but she rarely play unless you invite her to join. She loves the ocean and swimming with sea life. She sleeps in random and strange places on the ship and even if you've lived with her on a boat for years you'll never figure it out. She isn't one to know the things going on around her. She know little of the world in general. She also loves to explore new places and even then constantly wanders around the ship. Once at port she's the first to wander off and the first to arrive when we're about to leave. And because of her uncanny intuition she finds her feet leading to other members of the crew wherever they are. Don't find it strange if we're at port and you find her dangling upside down outside your window at an inn. A woman of little words.

Virtues: Loyal, never kills as a virtue, lucky, strong intuition
Vices: Blunt, needs to learn about personal space

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat and a little sword fighting, excellent swimmer and she can hold her breath underwater for ten minutes, flexible and acrobatic, the climbing skill to be able to be up in the rigging and can climb up the sides of boats with only her bare feet. Can slip out from under someone that is pinning her to the ground. The ability to beat someone to the brink of death. The ability to go through a crowd unnoticed. Knows CPR.

Equipment: A pack filled with extra clothes and necessities, the pair of black shoes she owns, a saber at her back, a photo of Gordon Flint.

Secrets: She is a mermaid: this type of mermaid look exactly like humans even in water and have no need for gills, can breath underwater, shed tears that can heal, the ability to change the way a person perceives her(she looks exactly the same but the other person may start to see her as beautiful or unremarkable), weak to dry air, the ability to steal the breath of someone away(first kiss she gives a person the ability to breath underwater and the second kiss takes it back-each must be 3 seconds long), also related to the fact that she's a mermaid she is always clean. Has never been more inland than a port city, does not know how to speak and interact with women, never been in close proximity to a baby of 2 years and younger, never saw a woman until she was 7 years old, never been a romantic or sexual relationship. Allergic to cats(not related to the mermaid fact). She is 34B but she binds her chest to make it flat.

Reason for leaving: To learn how to love romantically(she's straight) and to learn how to interact and create friendships with woman.

History: A long time ago the famous pirate Captain Gordon Flint of the Silver Pirates picked up a castaway young woman three months along in her pregnancy somewhere along the Asiatic Sea. The woman was blond with green eyes and very beautiful indeed. Soon the two fell in love and the fierce Captain was intent to raise the child as his own. Sadly, the woman died soon after giving birth to the baby girl and her last words were to name her child Mairin. She left the world without telling the man she now loved that she was a mermaid, like Mairin's father. Captain was true to his intentions and raised the girl in his pirate crew as his own daughter. He found out weird quirks about his adopted daughter when she was 2 and he was gravely injured and cried over his body and he miraculously healed and saved his life, when she was five and he taught her how to swim and learned that she could breath underwater and when she was 6 he taught her CPR and the poor chap she practiced on nearly suffocated on air until she kissed him. When She was 7 her father brought on board a woman named Elena to be the new ship doctor because the elderly one died. At 8 she learned of the relationship between a man and woman when she walked in on her dad and Elena having sex. This here is the equivalent of walking in on your mom and dad. At the age 13 she kissed a the 14 year old cabin boy not because she like him but because she was curious of both the opposite sex and her breath taking ability though she did not know about the underwater breathing ability it gave until she was 15 and saved the ships carpenter and by kissing him underwater on intuition and he breathed long enough for her to bring him to the surface where she gave him another kiss(the guy was unconscious the whole time so Mairin is the only one to know that she can give others the ability to breath underwater). As she grew up she made friends with some of the crew members of the Silver pirates mostly the ones that liked to gamble; one day when she was four one of them let her join as a joke but soon he realized her great potential as a gambler and gather her under his wing to become his gambling partner during ship games and port town gambling sessions. The captain was not a fan of gambling so whenever there was gambling on board it was usually late at night and in secret. The captain was also not in favor of giving Mairin a weapon before she was 14 so as a young child she would fight other crew members and by the time she 10 could best many of them in hand to hand combat. She is splendid in sword fighting which was taught to her by Captain Flint but dislikes using swords and she can not shoot for the life of her. When she turned 17 she told her father that she wanted to strike out on her own and her father gave her permission to and a letter of recommendation to the Captain of The Grief Of the King Pirate ship. They were a father daughter combo of a few words and deep understanding. Her nickname comes from her father calling her Mai since she was young.

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