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"...Stop staring, your freaking me out." -Old Cyborg

0 · 173 views · located in Fourth of England(or what's left of it)

a character in “Of Chrome, Steel, and Oil”, as played by StrangerOdd


Job: Heavy Munitions and "Security"



Gender: Male
Age: 57
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 247 lbs.

    - Follows orders but remains fluid
    - Vast military experience
    - Super human strength
    - Tough (apart from the cyborg bits)
    - Needs less sleep and nutrition than average person

    - Alcoholic
    - Old military exoskeleton requires maintenance
    - Not much of a conversationalist
    - Minor suicidal tendencies
    - Has PTSD

Alterations(Cyborg bits):
Extensive reconstruction of entire body. Just below his belly button down to his upper thighs is still organic and orginal, some of his spinal column remains as well as a decent portion of his skull, otherwise only his vital organs are left. Respiratory and digestive track have been "optimized" and replaced with bionic parts, skin and outer surface area has been replaced with a highly ductile and flexible nano weave. Endoskeleton incorporates light armor. Remaining bone structure has been strengthened with metal alloy shunts. His nervous system has been tied into a cybernetic computer system to allow cyborg parts to function. All sensory organs have been replaced with bionic equivalents.
    Integrated "Spider Eyes" Helm and Motherboard
    -Sensory perception enhanced by several artificial types. (ex. infrared, night optics, microwave)
    -Antenna allow technical communication
    -Computer systems monitor status of health
    Androktasia Exoskeleton
    -Artificial muscles (allows super human strength)
    -Armor plating over muscles
    -Skin-like surface


Prioxis tends to listen more than he talks, he likes to be the big strong silent type, but he'll run anyone's ear off with countless war stories if you dare to ask him. Although he isn't very technically savant, he does enjoy talking and discussing weapons systems, his favorite being heavy ordinance. Coincidentally he prefers not to tell the story about how he became "forcibly enhanced". Typically though he just keeps quiet and follows orders, years of fighting and loss having taken their toll on his psyche making him hard and tough to crack, with a life time of war wit to pass for small talk. He'll always give a tip or advice if asked, or even a helping hand, but usually he'll just take over whatever task he was asked about, not saying a word.


Neurological tendencies:
He tends to fidget with his sensory parts on his head when he gets anxious or has nothing to do, and he is an alcoholic, his way of dealing with the "Demons". His alcoholism is tempered to his dismay by his extreme cyborg metabolism, which sobers him incredibly fast, typically around 30 minutes.

Prioxis was born in old Africa where he was raised in a family on the cusp of becoming nobles through their connections and political play. His family's dream of becoming nobles was cut short by the war, but Prioxis thought he would find a way to earn his family's right among the nobles by signing up to fight along side the many drones of the Noblemens' armies. A short tour of duty showed Prioxis straight to Death's doorstep after an intense battle with rebel "terrorists", but his reputation in the army bought him a ticket into the cyborg enhancement programs. Some nips and tucks later and Prioxis woke up to find himself not just encased but integrated into one of the new prototype Androktasia Armor Systems. Prioxis thought his enhancements were a sign of his advancement up the social ladder in noble society, but he quickly learned the reality of the situation. A whirlwind of propaganda by the nobles fell away as Prioxis realized he was just a pawn, a tool to be used until there was nothing left, he would never be a noble. And like salt in the wound Prioxis discovered that the Nobles had denied asylum and safety for his family, who were lost in a raging firestorm just before his last battle. He knew his place was with the very rebels who he had fought against and killed over and over again. Years later and the war had achieved no victor, only destruction and death. Prioxis heard rumors of a large drone attack on the hidden rebel shanty-town in New Paris nearby, and decided to make his way there for what he believed would be his last fight before his much yearned for death. Instead he ran into the remnants of the shanty-town's denizens on the run, specifically the convoy with Steven Generich, who was leading the scared citizens. Having avoided an accidental confrontation, Prioxis joined the convoy to protect their flank from any drones that might give chase, and ended up under the command of the Captain.


He carries a truck mounted .50 caliber heavy machine gun which he has been modified to be carried by cyborgs and drones.
  • Forward grip
  • 6xLMG Scope (for single fire)
  • 100 Round Box magazine
He also carries a Squad Support Automatic Light Machinegun, SSALM, a hybrid LMG-Assault rifle that fires 7.62 caliber rounds
  • Forward grip
  • 2xAdvancedRifleSight
  • Extended Mags (50 cap)
  • infrared laser pointer
Finally he also carries a very large .44 caliber semi-auto handgun with extended clip and a large vibro-blade combat knife, and a grenade bandolier with a selection of "grenades of the evening".

  • Black Medium Tactical Vest
  • Blast collar and shoulder pad
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Light Grade elbow and knew pads
  • Military BDU's in a red digital camo
  • Large Handgun Waist Holster
  • Black Combat Boots
Rutsack (or pockets)
  • Military rations (not much)
  • Zippo "Ace of Hearts" Lighter
  • Small Camera
  • Old military ID
  • Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Cyborg Cleaning Kit
Munitions Duffle Bag
  • 2 Spare Box Mags (1 empty)
  • 4 Spare SSALM Mags (2 empty)
  • Extra .50 caliber Barrel
  • Grenade case (mostly empty)
  • A few flares and a flare gun
Tactical Vest
  • 3 Spare Handgun clips
  • 3 Smoke Grenades
  • 3 SSALM Mags
  • Small Trauma Kit
  • Protein Bar
  • Knife Holster

-Remember that this is post apocalypse, all addons are handmade from scraps.

Type: Motor Bike
Addons: None
Markings: Crimson Symbol on the side that looks like a laughing skull
Storage and Gear: Two large bags on either side of the back seat, they're mostly empty.

So begins...

Prioxis's Story