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Evelyn Harrison

"What are your intentions?"

0 · 287 views · located in The Mirror World

a character in “Of Dreamers and Anima”, as played by Forsakenwings



Name: Evelyn "Eve" Harrison
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Evelyn has shoulder length brown hair matching her dark chocolate eyes. Skin color is fairly pale, and her body is an average build. Also standing at 5'3". Her attire usually varies, considering she is human. However, one thing she's usually seen wearing is a scarlet scarf that matches with Spencer's red cape.
Personality: She is much of an introvert, showing most signs within interactions. Usually speaking to others with a slight formal tone, hoping for acceptance within the conversation and as company. She's a strangely needy and jittery girl, yet tries to cover it up with politeness and trying her best to fulfill other needs/expectations or others.
Why they agreed to join the war: She believed that if Spencer were to be endangered by this, she'd had to help him and the other dreamers.
Likes: She enjoys friendly company, succeeding, strategy, food, and especially her Dreamer.
Dislikes: She dislikes war (despite joining it in hopes of saving a dear one), filth, arrogance, manipulation and seeing those close to her fall.


Name: Spencer
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: With sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Spencer stands at 5'7" with a muscular, but lean build. Often is he described to wear formal black coat with gold streaks lining it, along with shoulder armory and decorated cape. Finally finished off with white pants, black boots, and leather belts in which are strapped to his waist to keep both sword and cards within.
Type: Dreamer
Element: Water
Personality: His personality is similar to Evelyn, considering the circumstances. However, he does have a hint of charisma and activeness. He's basically the personality she wished to have, balance between work and happiness. Because of this, he has the brave factor, in which will save them a couple of times.
Likes: He enjoys snacks, spending time with Evelyn, fighting for what he believes and occasional naps.
Dislikes: He dislikes watching comrades fall, feeling helpless & unproductive, manipulation, Anima, and cowards.
Weapons: He carries around two swords, often one for himself and if ever, Eve. With such short-ranged weapons, he's managed to carry some cards that hold the powers of his elements within a simple summoning. It seems both humans and dreamers, can use it, with his permission.

"Till the end, we fight."

So begins...

Evelyn Harrison's Story

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A young girl returned to the place she called home, greeting her aging parents with a smile and heading for her room. The time she spent browsing her soon-to-be college campus had exhausted her, and she was itching for some time on the other side. Despite warnings and the quarrels she's had, she just couldn't stay away.

She entered her room, setting down her bags and keys in their respective areas before looking towards the mirror. Had he not wanted to see her? Was he mad at her? Likely he was since she had been too stubborn with their last argument. She huffed, turning to go tend to her desk, surely there was something she could do...

"Home at last, Eve?" asked the voice that came from the closet mirror, echoing as if there were no worry to who would hear. Startled, Evelyn tensed and turned to said mirror. Her room came with a sliding mirror door, so she could see her dreamer's entire body rather than through the occasional compact mirror she owned. Not to mention, it allowed easy access to the Mirror World when needed. "And no, I'm not mad at you."

"Then why do you seem...heavy in tone?" She retorted, avoiding eye contact for a brief time. When she observed him, he simply had his arms crossed, eyes relatively normal (not narrowed or showing any amusement, to her pleasure), and stance regular.

"It's just, I don't want you coming to the Mirror World for a reason..." He replied, sighing and running a hand through his blonde hair. The way it flattened down didn't seem to help with his disappointed demeanor. "The war is coming, and I'm still unsure whether having you involved is best! Eve, I'm just thinking for your saf--."

"I can protect myself, just fine as of that!" Evelyn replied sternly, approaching the mirror that seemed to tower over her. "Take me there, now."

"... Very well then." A slim hand slowly offered itself to the brunette, with the taking of a hand, she was off into the Lands of the Mirror World. "I hope you know what you're doing."

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Evelyn's eyes reopened and she witnessed her dreamer drawing the dark tinted sword known as Artemis, despite the rules said for no fighting on the grounds of the two sides (unless on the battlefield, of course). The male dreamer always kept two swords by his side, even if he preferred to wield just one. The two weapons were based on ancient Greeks twin gods: Artemis and Apollo. The darker tinted one was Artemis, whom was heavier than the average sword and was intricately decorated with blue and black; The lighter sword which seemed as light as a feather was Apollo, often having great speed for striking yet dealt less damage than Artemis.

"Anima, Eve. They're around and active.." He said before raising an eyebrow. A gunshot rang out and there was silence. "One eliminated.." That didn't mean he could sheath his sword just yet, there were still many running about and he couldn't risk Eve getting hurt before the War began. He could even sense the Animas and how close they were, unfortunately, some apparently were in pairs or groups already. This worried him further now. Suddenly the sound of Apollo being unsheathed rang and Spencer turned to look at the thief, only to glare lightly at his misbehaving bearer.

"Come on, there may be dreamers needing help right now..." Evelyn walked along, hoping not to find dangers herself. Spencer bit the insides of his cheek, chasing after her as he scanned the area for Anima and Dreamers alike. It was then that he spotted one of the most unlikely of people. A moderator. He didn't have much to say about them, he respected them in the least. However, he still wanted moderators to pick their side soon or face consequences later.

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#, as written by Damioa
'Grrr. More dreamers.' Killan alerted Ganien in his head. 'More people to kill.' He thought back smirking. 'So the battle has finally begun. Awsome.'

"Ganien? Are you planning on heading to the Battlefield first or to our base?" Roselle asked him. He could smell her eagerness like it was sprayed in his face. "Why go to the base. Anima's don't talk about important plans. All they'll say is that their ready to fight and start the bloodbath. Hahaha." He let out a short laugh.

"Personally, I need to eat something to clear my head of all the mushy lovey dovey activity that I have just witnessed." Killan growled. "I think Dreamer should be my next meal." He smirked as they went on to the battlefield.