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Of Dreamers and Anima

The Battlefield


a part of Of Dreamers and Anima, by FallenSeraphim37.

No time to explain, soldier! Get moving, into battle!

FallenSeraphim37 holds sovereignty over The Battlefield, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Battlefield is where the Anima and the Dreamers fight. Multiple can be there, and the Bearers are on the sidelines, giving orders to their Dreamer or Anima.
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The Battlefield

No time to explain, soldier! Get moving, into battle!


The Battlefield is a part of The Mirror World.

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Kazami Hiyama [1] An abandoned child. He lives with his two other brothers.

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Character Portrait: Kazami Hiyama
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Kazami looked at Lancelot, smirking. "It's alright if you draw the sword now, Lancelot." he said. The black knight drew Arondight, his vizor glowing a blood red.

The Administrator was waiting for the Bearers to start coming in. He looked at the two. "You know what to do when you see someone trying to kill me." he said.

"Of course we know." Michael said. "Yeah, they're as good as dead if they mess with us." Azazel agreed.

"Good." Admin said.