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Echo Ann Canice


0 · 672 views · located in The House

a character in “Of Four Suits”, as played by Makenna Young




ღ Name ღ
Echo Ann Canice

ღ Nickname ღ

ღ Meaning of Name ღ
helpless young lady

ღ Gender ღ

ღ Age ღ

ღ Role ღ
Joker #2



ღ Height ღ
Five foot, five inches

ღ Weight ღ
114 pounds

ღ Hair Color ღ

ღ Eye Color ღ
dark brown

ღ Physical Description ღ
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ღ Face Claim ღ
Emma Watson

ღ Formal Attire ღ
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ღ Informal Attire ღ
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ღ Riding Attire ღ
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ღ Love Interest ღ
Jack of Hearts

ღ Values ღ

ღ Likes ღ
✓ Her Mother
✓ Jewel & Adele
✓ Jack of Hearts
✓ Peace
✓ Simplicity

ღ Dislikes ღ
✗ Men
✗ Jack of Clubs
✗ Slavery
✗ Sexist Pigs
✗ Her Father

ღ Personality ღ
((just something brief yet informative))



ღ Family ღ
Donovan Harvard Canice (father)
Ellen Ann Thompson-Canice (mother)
Daniel Harvard Canice (brother, 29)
Jewel Marie Canice (sister, 24)
Adele Jocelyn Canice (sister, 20)
Benson Nathanial Denns (brother-in-law; married to Jewel)

ღ Why They Came to the House ღ
[Hearts] took her to the House so that he could nurse her back to health and make sure she'd recover from both the physical and emotional trauma she had underwent.

ღ History ღ
Echo was born into a family rich with problems: a drunkard of a father, a psychotic brother, and a frightened mother and two helpless sisters. Her home kingdom was Clubs, where she toiled along with the rest of the poor, her family struggling to just get by. Yet, that was to be expected for the poor in Clubs, so it was not at all surprising. And as her brother grew older, he began to drink alongside his father, leaving the girls and woman to struggle for money on their own. However, the real problems began when Jewel ran away with a young man named Benson. They escaped the Kingdom of Clubs, went off into the wilderness. It broke Mrs. Canice's heart, and Echo still has no clue what became of them, though rumors are that they were heading for the Kingdom of Hearts to make an appeal to the King and Queen for mercy. Shortly after Jewel's escape, Donovan grew bitter toward his other daughters. He sold them both as slaves in the blackmarket for the nomads who lived outside the kingdom. Adele was lucky; a kindred old man bought her to help him with everyday life and such. But Echo was not so lucky. She was purchased by a perverted, sexist highwayman who used, abused her, and passed her around to his friends like a toy, a mere tricket everyone desired. When living with them, Echo was always fearful, and each escape attempt as thwarted and she was punished greatly for each. By now, she has pretty much given up.

ღ Other ღ
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So begins...

Echo Ann Canice's Story