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Felicity Stein

A hot headed rogue soldier with trust issues and a secret vendetta.

0 · 308 views · located in Ravenshawke

a character in “Of Gears and Gadgets”, as played by Ember111


Name - Felicity Stein

Age - 25

Profession - airship pilot, smuggler, former soldier

Appearance - tall, strong, military cut red hair, very dark brown eyes, rarely smiles

Personality - firm in her beliefs, strong sense of justice, doesn't trust anyone until they prove themselves to her, socially awkward, no sense of sarcasm, easily angered

Distinctive features - has a Ravenshawke military tattoo on her left arm that has an x-shaped scar over it, often wears a pair of prototype radio headphones

Interests - Anything that has to do with flying, loud music, sweets

Dislikes - wars, thunderstorms, long hair

Other - Has an eight-year-old adopted daughter named Carina whose left side of her body is completely covered in burns

History - Felicity was born into a wealthy, high ranking military family. From a young age, she was expected to join the Ravenshawke military and continue the family legacy. She was raised in a very strict environment with little to no interaction with other children her age. At age 18, she attended the Ravenshawke airship academy where she learned how to pilot a bomber airship. At age 20, she graduated with high honors and joined the Ravenshawke airship bomber platoon. She loyally served in that platoon, but she soon discovered that the Ravenshawke military was full of corrupt officials who would do anything for a pay check. Despite this, she continued to serve because the military was all she had ever known. Finally, after two years of being forced to carry out these dirty deeds, she decided that she had had enough. She had just caught wind of a plot to level a small town in the countryside. Her commanding officer gave the excuse that the town was home to the largest black market of rogue inventors' war machines. The truth was that the commander had been paid to level the town so an entrepreneur could build a rise-rise casino resort in its place. That night, Felicity set out to the town in order to warn the people, but by the time she had gotten there, the town was already destroyed. The only survivor was a small girl who was covered in terrible burns. Felicity took the girl and fled into the slums of Ravenshawke. For her acts, she was branded a traitor by the military and disowned by her family. For a year, she nursed the girl back to health and worked odd jobs until she had enough money to buy a small single-pilot cargo airship. Since then she has worked as a smuggler with the girl, Carina, at her side. She mainly smuggles goods, but will occasionally help foreign inventors get into the city in order to make a fresh start. Because of this she has lots of friend in the engineering world and will often carry around strange prototype inventions given to her by them.

Ultimate goal - to expose the Ravenshawke military for what it truly is

So begins...

Felicity Stein's Story


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Felicity sighed as she carried the brown paper package down the street. She though back to the man she had just smuggled into the city. She had helped him because he seemed honest and because she loved to anything that would get on the military's nerves, but when the time came for him to pay her fee, he had come back with nothing, like most foreign inventors she had helped. Instead, he had given her the small package she now carried under her arm.

"If I continue to take jobs like this, I'll have less money than when I started," she said to herself as she shifted the package to the other arm. But part of her knew that she could never stop taking jobs like that. She hated the way that the military treated foreigners. In a way, they reminded her of herself. She shook her head before her thoughts could wander back to past events.

Felicity glanced around and was surprised. Without realizing it she had wandered into the nicer part of town. She looked around at the enormous mansions that surrounded her. Eager to get her mind off foreigners and the military, she let her mind wander to her childhood, when she had lived in a mansion just like these. Lost in thought, she was caught off guard as a man wearing a medical mask hurried around the cast-iron fence surrounding a clockwork brothel. The two collided and the package was knocked to the ground.

"Sorry," he mumbled as he hurried past, not stopping in his rush to get to wherever he was going. Felicity's temper flared as she stooped to pick up the package. She turned around to call out to the guy and then stopped in surprise. The man had the body of a girl slung over his shoulder. She quickly regained her senses before glancing at the clockwork brothel, making the connection. She shook her head and sighed again. She had wasted enough time here. She grabbed her headphones which where resting around her neck, put them on her ears, turned the dial until they picked up her favorite station, and continued her long trek back to the slums.


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Before long, Felicity reached the building she called home. On the outside, it looked like a small, run-down warehouse, but it was fairly spacious inside, as it housed Felicity's small cargo airship, Lady Luck. She climbed the stairs leading to her living quarters and entered through the door. As she shut it behind her she looked around. Sure enough, she was soon greeted by the scarred face of her favorite person in the world, Carina.

"Welcome home," said the small girl standing in front her. "What'cha bring me?"

Felicity laughed. Carina was the only person these days who could make her do so. "Why don't we find out?" said Felicity, setting the box on the table. Carina smiled excitedly and waited as Felicity tore off the brown paper and unwrapped the box.

Inside was a small tubular device about six inches long and an inch in diameter. It had three buttons on the side in different colors and a groove along the bottom that contained a single copper wire. The wire led from a power switch at one end to an odd translucent orb at the other. Etched into the side was the single word "vision." Felicity pressed the power button but nothing happened. She pressed the buttons along the side and still nothing happened.

She passed it to a disappointed Carina who examined it. "I think its broken," she said after a moment.

Wouldn't surprise me," replied Felicity. "I may have dropped it on the way home."

Carina eyed her balefully then sighed. She thought for a moment. "We should probably bring it to a mechanic to see if it can be be fixed," she concluded.

"What kind of mechanic would know how to deal with strange tech like this," asked Felicity skeptically.

Carina smiled mischievously. "I know just the place."