Genevieve Sawyer

Rebel without a cause

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Name ~ Genevieve Sawyer

Age ~ 27

Profession ~ Mercenary

Appearance ~ Very short, green eyes, brunette hair,

Personality ~ Aggressive even when left alone, very protective of her family, will not hesitate to maim

Distinctive Features ~ Insanely tiny in stature, has a scar running from lip to chin

Interests ~ Weaponry of all kinds, teasing her brothers to no end

Dislikes ~ Being treated as a lesser because of her gender, dresses

Other ~ Has a sword called Heartsting, always carries a small gun or dagger

History ~ The unfortunate middle triplet, Genevieve was born to a preacher's daughter and the owner of an opium den. After losing both parents in a carriage accident as babies, Gen and her siblings would be given to the successor of the den to be cared for. The three would run away at a young age and lived in the streets for years, taking more odd and increasingly dangerous jobs the older they became. Gen was the most adventurous of the three, constantly inserting herself into predicaments that could have left her dead, dismembered, or both. She would become skilled with a gun at a young age, though blades would be her weapon of choice (however impractical for the era). Today, she kills for money and protects her mildly useless siblings from harm at all turns.

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Genevieve Sawyer's Story


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The brothers were just beginning to crack open the automaton when they heard the front door slam. Theo flinched and almost dropped the screwdriver in his hand, hoping the shaking wouldn't make the small chandelier in the foyer fall. Then came the footsteps pounding up the stairs that made Jenka turn pale, and the door to their workspace flew open.

A girl stood in the doorway with a furious look on her face, managing to look absolutely menacing despite her oh-so-tiny stature. She ripped off her leather gloves and tossed them to the floor, along with the goggles that had been pressed against her forehead. "Which one of you jackasses thought it would be funny to tear up the name of my last job? How am I supposed to shoot people if I don't know who I'm supposed to shoot?"

Jenka had his hands in the air as if in surrender. "I blame the cat. Ricardo chews up everything, you know that." As much as he loved his sister, and despite being a good foot taller than her, Genevieve scared the living daylights out of him when she was angry. Now, he just gestured to the corner where there sat the kitten, gnawing on one of the gloves Gen had dropped.

Her expression softened a bit as she scooped up the cat and the glove that now resembled Swiss cheese. "You're lucky you're cute," she said to the tiny grey ball of fluff. "And you two are lucky you're knee-deep in mechanical girl parts. I sincerely hope you're enjoying not having any real customers right now, by the way."

Theo just dismissed the comment with a wave of his hand. "They'll come around. They always do."