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Jenka Hurt

Smol little mechanic

0 · 238 views · located in Ravenshawke

a character in “Of Gears and Gadgets”, as played by Windows Delano



Name ~ Jenka Hurt

Age ~ 27

Profession ~ Mechanic, artist

Appearance ~ Curly brunette hair, relatively tall, green eyes

Personality ~ Very friendly, mildly clingy, not the brightest star in the sky

Distinctive Features ~ prosthetic right leg, walks with a slight limp, usually has paint somewhere on his clothes

Interests ~ Most anything artsy (painting especially), assisting Theo

Dislikes ~ Constantly needing repairs

Other ~ Tends to take in stray animals

History ~ The youngest of triplets, Jenka was born to a preacher's daughter and the owner of an opium den. After losing both parents in a carriage accident as babies, Jenka and his siblings would be given to the successor of the den to be cared for. The three would run away at a young age and lived in the streets for years, taking more odd and increasingly dangerous jobs the older they became. At the age of sixteen, Jenka and Theo would be caught in a factory accident that would take Jenka's leg and Theo's eye. The two, along with their sister, would be taken in by a city physician that showed Theo medical procedures and how to attach a prosthetic. Jenka would become interested in the workings of his false limb, intent on making it more unique and well-functioning the older he became. He would eventually help Theo convert their opium den into a workshop where he continues to improve his tinkering skills.

So begins...

Jenka Hurt's Story


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Theo only hurried faster down the street after colliding with a girl, immensely glad his mask hid his bright red face. At least he hadn't recognized her, or else he would've had to worry about being seen by friend with a mechanical whore over his shoulder. The sooner he got that monstrosity off of his arm, the better.

It wasn't long before he was back in front of his shop, much to his relief. He kicked the door open and backed inside, immediately ripping the mask off once the door was closed again. Theo was just hanging the facial covering on a wall hook when he heard a snort behind him. "Whatcha got there? I thought weren't into women."

Theo turned around and rolled his good eye at his brother, who was leaning against the banister leading upstairs. "You know precisely why I have a girl with me, and it's not because I wooed her with my charming personality and stunningly good looks." He pretended to flip hair over his shoulder as he made his way to the steps. "Now, do you want to help me crack open a clockwork girl or not, Jenka?"

Jenka shook his head with a grin and took the load off of his brother. "Of course I do. Although I am a bit curious over how you look more feminine than she does." Theo only responded with one finger in the air as he headed up the stairs to their work space. The sooner they finished with this job, the better.


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The brothers were just beginning to crack open the automaton when they heard the front door slam. Theo flinched and almost dropped the screwdriver in his hand, hoping the shaking wouldn't make the small chandelier in the foyer fall. Then came the footsteps pounding up the stairs that made Jenka turn pale, and the door to their workspace flew open.

A girl stood in the doorway with a furious look on her face, managing to look absolutely menacing despite her oh-so-tiny stature. She ripped off her leather gloves and tossed them to the floor, along with the goggles that had been pressed against her forehead. "Which one of you jackasses thought it would be funny to tear up the name of my last job? How am I supposed to shoot people if I don't know who I'm supposed to shoot?"

Jenka had his hands in the air as if in surrender. "I blame the cat. Ricardo chews up everything, you know that." As much as he loved his sister, and despite being a good foot taller than her, Genevieve scared the living daylights out of him when she was angry. Now, he just gestured to the corner where there sat the kitten, gnawing on one of the gloves Gen had dropped.

Her expression softened a bit as she scooped up the cat and the glove that now resembled Swiss cheese. "You're lucky you're cute," she said to the tiny grey ball of fluff. "And you two are lucky you're knee-deep in mechanical girl parts. I sincerely hope you're enjoying not having any real customers right now, by the way."

Theo just dismissed the comment with a wave of his hand. "They'll come around. They always do."