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Kuan-yu Su

"What is the purpose of this world, if not to be explored?"

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a character in “Of Glory”, as played by Demai


"A dream is nothing until you grasp it."


Full Name: Kuan-yu Su
Nicknames: Su
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Rank/Title: Prince
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Kingdom/Alliance: The Islands, also known as Aksan.


Description: Su cuts a figure that is not so much intimidating as it is beautiful. He resembles a statue in some ways--perfect proportions, smooth features and pale skin. He stands at around 6'2, and he is long limbed. He has pianists fingers, and is excellent in general at playing music. It's one of his greatest passions in life. He loves being able to feel things, and he loves things that make you feel things. He will often pause entirely when he hears music, his heart may stutter, and he will certainly grin like the Cheshire Cat. He likes to be near sound and music and crowds. Rarely is this man found quiet or alone. His hands are always grasping and ever moving.

Su may seem to be made of cold marble, but in reality, he is built of far softer stuff. His hands are calloused, but his dark eyes are kind. His eyes are dark enough to swallow up his pupil entirely, and if one were to look close enough, they would find gentle swirls of deep gold hidden in them. They're framed by long lashes, long enough to cause much jealousy from the fairer sex. They appear to be nearly liquid, as if by staring into them you could see the future and all else. There's a knowing air to him, and he's perfected the art of looking at someone as if he could read their very souls.

Su has a slightly long face, with high cheekbones, arching eyebrows, and a smooth chin. He looks regal, and he often walks with his head up and a smile on his face. He doesn't do much walk as glide, graceful as can be. On top of that, he loves to dance. It's one of his favorite things on the planet. He can often be found humming or tapping his foot to the music, whatever happens to be playing.

Su has silky hair that falls to just below his shoulders in dark waves. It's the barest bit curly, and it gets more so when it's wet. It's dark enough that it catches the light and turns blue. He often wears it up, but he can strike quite the pose when taking off his helmet and shaking out his hair. He has a crooked grin and a lovely mouth, with a full bottom lip. He bites it when he's thinking, and it is scarred from when he was a child and bit through it.

Speaking of scars, they are the one thing that draws away from Su's marble-esque appearance. He has quite a few, from a life of both fighting and fun. The soles of his feet are scarred from stepping on sharp coral, his back is rife with jagged scars from various weapons--from whips to swords. His jaw has a slice upon it, and his hands are scarred from where his own nails have dug into his skin. In general, Su looks kind. He's warm to the touch, and a big fan of hand holding.



{Curious, Adventurous, Determined, Kind}
Su, having lived on an island for his whole life, is not much for rush or huge cares. He's used to things being casual and laid back, to being late for things on a regular basis and having feasts with his friends and family. He loves food. Adores it. He's the kind of person that can eat and eat and never gain a pound. Physically, he's mostly muscle anyway. He's happy to cook for others, and as it happens, he's an excellent cook.

Su loves swimming and water in general. While he doesn't like moving fast himself, he loves things that move quickly. He also truly loves the stars--he's a wonderful navigator, and can find his way from the position of various celestial bodies. In general, he loves astronomy and the skies. He's memorized weather patterns, maps, and a billion different constellations. He's got an excellent memory, and rarely forgets things. This does lead to him holding grudges, though. He is the kind of person who finds it hard to let things go.

Su is a bit of an adventurer. He likes to see situations for himself, he likes to see seas and climb mountains, to feel things beneath his hands. His nails are often dirty, because he's always getting his hands into things. He's always happy to try new things and new experiences, from building a boat himself and sailing to a nearby island to trying to discover any sort of new flora or fauna. He's eager to see absolutely everything, and will never grow tired of exploring the world. He's grounded in his personality, but certainly not in his feet. He would gladly wander for the rest of his life.

Su loves to read, as much as he loves to go see things. As a child, he was rather sickly, and so he created worlds for himself through books and stories. His childhood was full of adventures and stories. However, Su also gained a want for social interaction through that. His islands were always isolated, and he's excited to bring his home into the rest of the world. He really does hope that it'll go well. He has an optimism and a smile that can light up anyone's day, and that also makes him excellent in politics. He's very good at putting people at ease.

In general, Su has a flair for the dramatic. He loves speaking and listening, he loves languages in general. He wants to see everything, and he's very hard to hold down. He's charismatic as well--not only will he wander, but he'll bring a bunch of other people with him. He's happy to be outside at all times, and he's happy to be around people. He asks a lot of questions, and often tries to appear serious, even as laughter is evident in his eyes. He's prone to laughter and loves jokes in general.
Reading, Exploring, Discovering Things, Laughing
Digs his nails into his palms, shuffles his feet when he's nervous
He hates to be alone, and loves rain.
  • His home and his people
  • Sleeping in
  • Crowds
  • Music
  • Exploring
  • Being held down
  • Being alone
  • Getting lost
  • Waking up
  • Nightmares



Place Of Origin: Aksan
Su was born as the Prince of Aksan in the dead of the hottest summer in centuries, where the winds weren't blowing and the rains hadn't come in weeks. There were complications during the birth--the cord wrapped around the baby's neck, the queen wouldn't stop bleeding, blood and tears were everywhere. When Su finally reached the world outside of his mother, he did not cry at first. The nation waited with baited breath--and out of nowhere, the little boy took in a gulp of air and wailed. Outside, it immediately began to rain. The winds picked up, and the islands were cooled once more. From that day on, there would be whispers and stories told about that day, when their prince and their queen lived and brought the winds back to their islands.

As Su grew older, the stars in his people's eyes became less because of the story concerning his birth and more because of how he won their hearts. Even as a child, he was endearing, giving flowers and bouncing around without a care in the world. He was overjoyed with everything, and so, everything was overjoyed with him. He befriended everyone he could, and gained quite the following.

As he turned from happy child to cheerful teen, though, he came upon a thick tome. His parents had never been in the business of hiding things from him, but he had been so busy outside that he had never seen this particular book before. However, upon examining it, he found that it was a book of maps and stories. He didn't know any of these places, and he sat there for hours, memorizing every bit of that book. The next morning, he informed his parents that he was going to see every single place on that map. So far, he's doing a pretty good job of it.

He knew that he would have to take over the kingdom someday, and so he was trained in the ways of politics and such. However, most of his lessons were spent staring out the window. He joined the military, trained and trained and learned. And now, at last, he's got the chance to travel. His parents mentioned that his family had been invited to the decennial reunion of the different continental kingdoms, and he leapt at the chance to go. His parents were skeptical and hesitant, but he was determined. He would be fine, he was going to go in disguise, and it would be wonderful.

At long last, they agreed, and Su was ecstatic. He took advantage of the isolation of their country to take on the title of ambassador, and led an entourage of ships to the continent. They've arrived in Seabel, and Su is trying very hard not to be too excited. He's managed to enter himself in the jousting tournament, and we'll see how that goes.

Happiest Memory: Finding that tome when he was a child
Saddest Memory: Probably being told that he had to go into the military.

Face Claim: Godfrey Gao

So begins...

Kuan-yu Su's Story


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#, as written by Demai

Capheus could honestly say that he was joking when he told Juliana that he’d go for the last round. That is, until some overly excited mystery rider pulled up on a white steed. He came literally out of nowhere, it seemed, clean and spotless and shining in the sun where most of the rest of them were hot and sweaty and ready to go home. Capheus was considering melting, and then he was considering just kind of slipping away and finding Asten. He wasn’t quite sure how easily he could do that, seeing as Cy had shown up and promptly been forgotten by Juliana, and now the attention was back on him. Was that an omen for their future? He wasn’t quite sure whether he hoped so or not.

In any case, apparently this guy was determined to have a partner, seeing as he rode straight up to the Seabel sector and informed them all in a voice that sounded smooth as silk that he wanted to joust. Of course, Capheus had the absolute worst luck in the world. All eyes turned to him, as he was the lone person who hadn’t wanted to get up and out there.

So, there he was, putting on his armor and wishing terribly that his Asten could be there to help him put it on. He wasn’t going to let go of him all night, he resolved. And he figured that he was going to have to acquire plenty of kisses, because he really was absolutely terrible at jousting. He gave himself about five minutes in the ring--and really hoped that no one was betting on him. He wasn’t... much of a fighter in general. He’d done his military days, he had hoped that they were over. Standing in that dusty old tent, alone, with a helmet in his hands, he felt out of place. He wanted to go home, more than anything, in that moment. And not home to the castle, home to his father’s lands, home with the man who had become his true home. Technically, that place was meant to be his, after Cyprian married and gained a kingdom. That land by the sea, the sound of waves lulling him to sleep... As much as he wanted to wander and see the world, right then, he wanted a familiar hand to hold and the sounds of laughter and the ocean both to fill his ears.
Goodness, he just wanted home.

But home was not in the stars for him right then. He glanced towards the tent entrance, biting his bottom lip. Then, he put on his helmet, and stepped out. The mystery rider was still out there, trotting in a circle, drawing laughter and whispers from the crowd. Who was that guy? Where was he from? He couldn’t be from Ostwall, he was too skinny. Couldn’t be from Falor, they’d all know, apparently. Capheus was handed a lance and a horse, and onward and upward he went.

“You ever done this before?” The other man called over, catching Capheus off guard. He chuckled, wrapping his fist around his reins.

“Once!” Capheus called over. “You?”

“We don’t really run at each other with blunt objects where I’m from!” The man called over. Capheus was surprised to find laughter bubbling up in response.

“Where are you from?”

“I’ll tell you in a second!"

As soon as he knocked him off his horse, Capheus thought wryly. They leveled their lances at each other, and the crowd went quiet all of a sudden. The silence was just as distracting as the noise--and on the third run at each other, Capheus was caught off guard by a lance to the chest. Off he went, slamming into the ground with a thump.
Silence, and then cheering.

The mystery man rode straight up to Seabel’s post, taking off his helmet to reveal dark eyes and a grin on his face. He nodded to Cyprian, though his eyes were all for Juliana. “Kuan-yu Su, your majesty.” He bowed, and then beamed at her. “Ambassador of Aksan. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


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The old king felt something stir at him as Loras offered a crooked grin. He matched it quickly with one of his own - something genuine and happy that reached his eyes and caused them to bunch up slightly, showing his age for a moment. It was a smile Ulfric hadn't shown in a while, and it felt good to show it, to feel it.
The look of surprise that crossed the younger man's face only evoked a quick, soft laugh from Ulfric who looked away for a moment. But then Loras reached out and grabbed his shoulder, a friendly gesture that he himself had used on many an occasion, and yet it felt...different. His head snapped back, and he found himself making eye contact once more as Loras pulled his hand away. He wished to cry out "don't stop". He wanted to savor this feeling of togetherness, a sort of camaraderie that he hadn't had in ages ... but he couldn't. Not here, at least.

"You're quite welcome," he replied, inclining his head slightly to Loras. "Would be proud to see a man like you represent Ostwall instead, but a man's kingdom is his, I suppose." He paused for a moment. "Except ... when it isn't I suppose." For a moment, Ulfric flushed, pursing his lips. He hadn't meant to speak so rashly, without taking the whole scenario into consideration. Sometimes he still thought Falor was one - but a third seat for the new Queen was not easy to miss.

Oh, but then he grabbed Ulfric's hand, and the King let him, allowed him to spread his weathered fingers out so that they were splayed, palm up to the sky. And the smile returned to his face, and he could feel emotion rising in him once more as he thought of a thousand things to say. But nothing came to fruition - oh, he had never been good with words. There were so many people, and he couldn't open himself up here, to this man.

"I on my way," he sputtered, concerned he'd make a fool of himself far too quickly. "If you..." He began to speak but trailed off, furrowing his brow as he thought of how best to proceed before standing quickly, clasping one of Loras's hands in his own. "If you should find yourself in need of company, my room is open to you." Ulfric stepped back, reluctantly letting Loras's hand go. "I do hope I see you...Loras."


Cora found that, hard as she tried, she couldn't release her hold on Loria. She wanted to grip the young woman tightly, never let her go, lest she lose her once again. She had believed Christoph's home was all she had ever wanted, but as much as she had loved him, it was Loria's hair she had braided and brushed, Loria who she had chased about, shared gossip with as young girls often did. And it had been Loria who had comforted Corinna when everything seemed to go to hell.
When she had pulled away, she gave Ris's hands a squeeze - both to express affection and to steady herself. How magical it was to see that same smile grace Loria's features. Nostalgia churned within her, and she couldn't help but look down for a moment, blinking back a wave of emotion.

"I am well" she replied, struggling to find words and then resorting to a word that hardly described her situation. She was awful and wonderful all at once - her interactions with both father and daughter left her with a whirlwind of emotion that she couldn't possibly put into words. "And you? Engaged to marry King Lucas, I hear?" She squeezed Loria's hands once more. "You will have to tell me about all of the arrangements - and ... I do hope to attend your wedding myself." How grand it would be, she imagined. She pictured it, and she frowned for a moment as she began to picture the wedding she had imagined for herself all of those years ago.

Calisto brought her back into reality as he complained of the heat. "Do forgive me." Cora slowly, reluctantly, dropped Ris's hands. "I am certain we will speak again before the celebrations have ended, however." As a final thought, she reached forward and embraced the woman again, leaving a gentle kiss on her cheek as was custom among women of their class. And then she gave a quick curtsy - perhaps mock, perhaps genuine - and made her way back to her place in the stands, amongst the nobles, not royalty.


Something clenched in his gut as Juliana's laugh rang out, reaching his ears as he returned to the seat beside her, a slightly less impressive chair, one made for a monarch's spouse. It was a sort of nostalgia, a regret, perhaps. How long had it been since she'd laughed like that for him? She had, once upon a time. She had giggled and whispered to him once, but where had that gone?

"Thank you, my love," he replied, kissing her cheek in return. And now his gaze turned to his younger brother, a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. "Your kindness humbles me, dear brother." And he winked quickly, conveying he'd meant only to jest in his sarcasm. But Capheus knew that. "I've not a desire to get back out there any time soon... but will you be entertaining us next with you abilities?"
Stunning, she'd called him. Oh, how he wished she'd meant that, but he couldn't lie to himself. And yet, he took her hand readily, squeezing it gently before he met her gaze.

"I'll cheer only if you win," he jested, gesturing for a goblet of wine - something to take off the edge. "Can't risk tarnishing the name any further." Of course, he didn't expect his brother would actually joust. He was too busy thinking of the fact that Ellie's scarf remained tied to his wrist, tucked beneath his doublet. But then a horse cantered down the field and stopped before the stands as the rider called out. His voice was accented in a way Cyprian couldn't place, and so he realized quite quickly that these were the islanders Juliana had spoken of earlier, in passing.

He wanted to tell his brother to stop, offer to take on this opponent instead, but Capheus had left, and Cyprian remained beside Juliana. Still holding her hand, he nursed the goblet of wine as his brother donned armor and rode out on to the packed dirt of the field.

Cyprian gave a soft huff of disdain as he watched the islander trot about in circles. "Too cocky for his own good, I imagine," he commented, running his thumb over Juliana's knuckles subconsciously. He had hoped to cheer for his brother, but it did not seem appropriate in this silence, and so he watched with bated breath as the two men hurtled at each other.

It was over almost as quickly as it had begun, and Cyprian's hand tightened around his goblet as Capheus fell. It continued to tighten, and his knuckles whitened as the rider approached the stands once more, eyeing the royal couple - or, rather, Juliana.

His jaw clenched, and Cyprian gave Juliana's hand a squeeze again. This one was just a bit less gentle than he had previously intended. "The pleasure is all my wife's and mine," he called back, forcing a harsh smile onto his face. It was hardly subtle to a man of any intelligence. Cyprian gave a brief incline of the head but nothing more than that. "We welcome you with open arms to Seabel."