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Gianeva Faure

The Eldest Princess of Yoo're

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a character in “Of Kings and Queens : A Time Of Peace”, as played by Renegade Spectre


          Eldest Princess

      Full name ||
            Gianeva Faure

      Aliases ||

      Age ||

      Race ||

      Sexuality ||

      Height and Weight ||
            5'10 160lbs

      Distinguishing Marks ||
            Though physically unremarkable, Gianeva's skin
            is often painted in intricate designs, namely her face and hands.


      Alignment ||
            Chaotic Neutral

      Weapon ||
            Torrent - A magical blade carried around in a glass jar. When not
            in use, the blade is completely liquid. Only when summoned
            does it take deadly form.

      Fighting Style ||
            Gia is by far a defensive fighter as she is not a
            warrior. Taught at a young age in self-defense, she can protect herself
            using physical weapons but nothing greater than a one handed blade.
            Most often, she uses Torrent for defense if the presence of a weapon
            is needed. If not, Gia depends solely on her mastery of the water

      Power ||
            β–ŒWater Manipulation β–¬β–¬ Gianeva can beckon and bend water
            at will if there is a source.

            β–ŒFrozen Touch β–¬β–¬ Gia can freeze people, things etc. simply by
            touching. She can encase projectiles, herself (for protection) and
            others if necessary, inside ice.

            β–ŒDeluge β–¬β–¬ If near a large body of water, Gia can produce a rush
            of water to incapacitate enemies. Can also be used for irrigation
            purposes, such as on a farm.

            β–ŒHealing β–¬β–¬ Water is known for it's healing properties. By
            enveloping the the wound with water, the wound closes up
            and heals.

      Special Abilities ||
            β–ŒPublic Speaking β–¬β–¬ Gianeva was blessed with a physical presence
            that allows her to speak to others with ease. She holds herself in a high
            enough regard that commands respect, but not high enough to come
            off as haughty. Because of this, speaking to large crowds of varying
            class is like second nature.

            β–ŒDiplomacy β–¬β–¬ If there was anything that the princess took to, it was the ability to settle
            disputes between quarreling parties. With a special knack of finding
            amicable common ground, Gia has practiced settling arguments in
            court. When she is Queen, this skill will be her most valuable.

            β–ŒBotany β–¬β–¬ More a hobby than anything, Gia has a green thumb. She has a personal
            garden and workshop where she cares for and creates poultices and
            tinctures to help the ill or sick.

            β–ŒCalligraphy β–¬β–¬ While not exactly artistic, the princess has an exquisite hand for
            calligraphy. Her penman ship is impeccable and she rather enjoys
            writing her own letters, with ink she created herself, no doubt.

            β–ŒStrategy β–¬β–¬ Aside from being a diplomat, Gianeva has a penchant for strategy.
            Her mind operates in patterns, and the moment she was able
            to enter the war room, she was able to grasp formations,
            maneuvers and giving proper orders when the time comes.

      Weaknesses ||
            Despite being a powerful elemental, Gianeva is only mortal and her
            mana stores are not endless. Using her powers is draining and if she pushes herself too hard
            she runs the risk of fainting. Because she is a water elemental, Gianeva is weak to lightning
            and thunder. Being exposed to fire or heat too long is also taxing on her well-being.

            In regards to her personality, Gianeva can have a treacherous tongue if provoked. Under her
            cool exterior lies a latent temper that exposes itself under certain conditions. This behavior
            is very unbecoming of someone of her station, so she tries her best to keep it reeled in.


      Personality ||
            β–ŒConfident β–¬β–¬ Though sometimes she can come off as arrogant,
            Gianeva carries herself with great poise and elegance. Always with
            her chin up and shoulders back, she enters a room as if she owns it.

            β–ŒIntelligent β–¬β–¬ Gianeva is a smart girl. Having spent the better portion of her life learning,
            she is well versed in reading, writing and history. Arithmetic, though
            she is capable is not one of her stronger suits. She has opted to learn
            about religion as well as the sciences so that she remain well rounded.

            β–ŒLoyal β–¬β–¬ Due to her status, it is pertinent to surround herself with trustworthy people.
            Gia trusts people tentatively. That is, she prepares for the worst but
            hopes for the best. Once her trust is gained, the princess is loyal to
            a fault.

            β–ŒCharming β–¬β–¬ Gianeva has a way with words, having the ability to relate and
            understand to those she speaks to. She is quite adept at switching
            in parts of her personality to fit her audience when needed.

            β–ŒPatient β–¬β–¬ Being the heir to the throne means that there is a lot of waiting, and lot of
            things that Gianeva cannot do. However, she has learned that by
            waiting until just the right moment, she can do whatever it is that
            she desires.

      History ||
            As the eldest child of a royal family, Gianeva had been groomed
            since birth to one day become queen. Her childhood days were spent mostly learning
            not only history and knowledge, but how to conduct herself in front the court. How to
            walk, how to talk, how to sit, how to dance, even how to eat. Her father made sure that
            despite being a woman, she would one day be a fine ruler. However, once her father died,
            her coursework changed dramatically. Her advisors thought it prudent for Gianeva to master
            her element before anything else. She was taught how to control the more destructive side
            of her element, learning how to freeze practically anything she touched. Gia relished in this
            training, grateful that she was allowed to expand her knowledge and ability.

            But it wasn't only her training that had changed. Gianeva was soon well versed in war tactics
            and leadership. Her advisers taught her how to not only rule the country, but how to wage war,
            just as a proper queen should. Again, Gianeva was grateful. The art of war was a beautiful thing,
            and she loved learning strategy. Gia would never know what it was like to enter a war room and
            haven't a clue as to what was going on; her father and presumably her mother, made sure of it.
            A great ruler must be well rounded and should the time and place call for it, Gianeva would have
            the tools available to her to succeed.

            During the brief moments Gianeva had to herself, she would find her sister Jacari and make a run
            for the city. When the two of them were together, they were trouble and never to be found within
            the castle walls. They'd venture into the marketplace or out into the woods and sit by the river;
            whatever they could do together without the constant watchful eye of their guards. Their mother
            would be furious, but Gia would always confess to it being her fault and apologize.

            As they grew older, their adventures would be more and more infrequent, especially after their
            father's death. Everywhere Gianeva went there was a guard or knight making sure she was safe.
            It was a bit drastic, considering the heiress was quite apt with her magic. Still, the two sisters
            managed to find some respite in the wee hours of the morning, slipping out through the gates
            via Jacari's powerful shadow magic.

            Things would change, though.

            When the news of the betrothal between her mother to the Novia'n king was broken to her,
            Gianeva was taken aback. Their household was thrown into an uproar. Gianeva was drilled
            with information about Novia'n over and over again to make sure her facts were straight. She
            hadn't had much time to herself, let alone time to process the actions that her mother decided
            to take. It was all very curious, and Gianeva only wanted to investigate further. Surely there was
            a better way to end the war than marriage.


So begins...

Gianeva Faure's Story


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#, as written by Doom

Each time the steel of the sword hit against the wood block, Jacari let out a loud grunt. She had been overexerting herself, throwing too much power into her swing causing the weapon to get lodged into the wood each time. Everything about her was off, from her stance to her emotions and she was thankful that there was no one there to correct her, no one there to point out her flaws. There was to be a grand party to celebrate her mother's engagement but there wasn't a single part of her that wanted to be participating in any part of the whole thing. Jacari thought all of it to be nothing more than a farce, she didn't like the idea of letting the mutts into their home even during their attempt at peace. As far as she could tell they knew nothing of it, the stories of them and their monstrous abilities on the battlefield filled her childhood. She would have given anything to be able to fight them, prove herself. The thud pulled her away from her thoughts and back into reality. Golden eyes squinted slightly as they fell on the sword once more stuck but no matter how much she tried to pry it out this time, it wasn't coming free. Frowning and with little options left fingers gently traced over to the marks she was leaving behind honestly at this point the thing was probably going to be thrown into a fire later that night and a new one placed out. Could it be considered a waste?

"M'lady, it's time to head back inside. The royal family of Novia'n has been spotted not that far. They'll be arriving soon." From across the yard, an older woman spoke to her with a soft smile. With a sigh Jacari nodded, for a moment she stood there-there was no reason for her to remain there but for a moment her feet just didn't want to move. "Why don't we draw you a bath." The voice once more broke through to her, Jacari nodded again this time leaving her mess to make her way back into the castle. With a head held high, she walked through the hallways eyes drifting to watch as people rushed around her in hushed whispers. Jacari felt exhausted. Honestly, she had been taking her anger out for far too long anyway, she was sure that her mother's head would go through the roof if she had known she spent the better part of four hours just hacking away at something. Smirking at the thought, fingers pulled at the hem of her sleeve a bit as she continued on her way looking around as she did. Stopping in front of an open door she stared intently inside.

Golden eyes fell upon the slender tall figure of her sister, her posture changed and she smiled widened. The woman stood in the library looking at different book something seemed to be on her mind. In a quick graceful stride, Jacari strode into the room quietly taking a seat behind Gia whose mind seemed to be engulfed in whatever she was looking at completely unaware she had gained a companion, "Shouldn't you be prepping?" She couldn't help but giggle as she watched her jump a little bit, "If we're anything less than perfect I doubt we will hear the end of it." Leaning her head into her hand, she rested her elbow no the arm of the chair. "This whole thing is...completely and utterly ridiculous." Pouting a little she looked away from the shelves and its books towards a window. The sun was still fairly high in the sky, the clouds that had been gathering earlier seemed to have faded though she wouldn't have minded the rain. Probably would have put things on hold for a little bit, maybe slowed down the travels of the mutts. "Think anyone will notice if I don't show up?" She turned back to Gia and made a face at her response and slowly rose from the chair with a small nod, "I shall see you tonight then." Bowing her head she walked out of the room, giving her sister one more smile before making her way towards her room to bathe and dress.

Jacari couldn't remember the last time she enjoyed being fussed over but here she was for the last hour dealing with it. With a grumpy look on her face, she sat at the vanity as one of the handmaidens pulled a brush through her black locks. The amount of things she was willing to give up in return to not deal with this was starting to pile, she was fairly sure she was going to be an empty sack of shit if anyone came to collect. Laughing a bit she got up from her seat using her hands to shoo the maids away from her tired of their primping and dawdling being able to put her dress on herself. It was a simple garment that fit her perfectly, it was long and black with some silver embellishment towards the bottom that mimicked the design of lace.

The grand ballroom was fairly filled with people, it was the first time she had ever seen the two races mingling. The scene took a second for her to adjust to, grabbing a drink she moved about the crowd. It was easy to tell she wasn't the only one who was uncomfortable about the whole thing but what could one do when your ruler says this is how it's going to be for now on. Music played as people talked with shifty eyes, slowly she made her way about the crowd the shadows at her feet shifted around as she did showing how uncomfortable she was right now. Nails gently tapped against her glass as she tried to find some kind of safe space. Jacari was beyond thankful when she found her sister once more, quickly she moved to her side the shadows below her calming almost instantly. After a few minutes, she regretted her decision.

"Absolutely dreadful." Jacari muttered under her breath, leaning into the ear of Gia hoping for only her to hear the protest. There they stood in the grand ballroom listening to a small group of noble men and women go on about the treaty and other political matters while her sister smiled and gracefully navigated the conversation without her help. For a moment Jacari's face scrunched up in slight anger. Of course, peace was the right route but feelings still remained. There was a slight jab into her side and quickly the princess came back to reality looking with surprise to Gia. Apparently a question or statement had been directed at her, with an eyebrow raised she just took a sip of her drink giving the conversation an air of awkwardness. Even if she had been paying attention there was nothing she wanted to do with the conversation at all.


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#, as written by Doom

A sense of relief flooded her when Gia took them away from the boring conversation, a sour expression on her face as they moved about the crowd before finding a spot to hide for a bit. Taking another sip of her drink, she finished it placing it on a passing tray waiting a bit to grab another. While Jacari would rather drink herself into a stupor she wasn’t in the mood for the lecture that would accompany it. Shadows shifted awkwardly at her feet, a small portion of it reaching up to touch at the fingertips that were at her side trying to comfort her they best it could before falling back down. β€œYou know we will be stuck here all night.” Grimacing at the thought Jacari turned to her elder with a small smile on her face, β€œAt least she hasn’t arrived to separate us yet.” Her tone was a little happier as she spoke about their mother, she was sure that once their Queen arrived she would monopolize Gia’s attention forcing her into conversations about pointless things and politics. These were the small times she has cherished. Everyone had been so busy for so long that it was nice to be with her sister even if it was in a situation like this.

Once more the shadows at her feet swayed, wrapping around her ankle they tried to gain her attention once more but for a different reason this time. Tilting her head she turned in the direction that they were telling her to look, there stood a man surrounded by a curious mixture of men. While the group seemed to be enjoying themselves it appeared to be the opposite for the man, it wasn’t till through the gaps of the men she saw what it was that attracted her shadow’s attention, as it whispered lowly to her - it was the same thing that had gained him the small company, the sword at his side. Her golden eyes widened at the weapon and her lips curled upwards. Without a second thought her arm twisted it’s way around into Gia’s pulling her in their direction. Not caring how rude she was being Jacari pushed her way past one of them to place the two in the middle of them. Bending slightly she looked at the weapon letting out a sound of awe as she tilted her head curiously. β€œA piece of work isn’t it?” One of them laughed a little as he tried to speak to her completely unaware of who she by his tone. Barely a second passed before he reached out to her shoulder, a low growl erupted from her throat as she slapped the man’s hand away ignoring her sister’s whisper about tolerance or something of the sort. Her attention wasn’t broken as she straightened her back and cheerily smiled to Gideon her attention purely on him.

β€œYou said it was” Jacari was close to butchering the word, blushing for a brief moment as she tried to pronounce it the way her shadow had. She heard rumours of their new general and the odd weapon he carried, she wondered if this man was him. She was pretty sure that her mother was keeping him as far away from her as possible, even though she had officially listed into the army nothing had come of it yet. It seemed that their previous general even though he was happy to have her was worried about what to do with her, something she was hoping to avoid with their new military leader. β€œIt has a very odd design, is it better than a regular sword?” Hundreds of other questions ran through her mind but for now she would try her hardest not to completely bombard the poor man.


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It wasn't long before the men began asking him direct questions again. Gideon did not enjoy these men prying questions from him publicly. "Where is it you come from then, boy?" The large Yoo'rian man asked, his monster of a beard moving with his mouth as he spoke. Gideon shot a glare at the man, displeased with the condescending tone held over the word "boy". "Oh, I doubt you would know your geography well enough to know where it is, if I were to tell you." The General's eyes flickered with challenge, the insult blatant. There would be talk between the noblemen for days, if not weeks, after this response. First impressions were important to these people, and Gideon was not about to be remembered as "the foreign boy with the funny sword". The bearded oaf went crimson and flattened his mouth into a firm line, he stayed like this for a second or two before opening his mouth to respond.

Just then, the group was parted by two young women, elegantly dressed and (like every other body present) obviously noble. Nearly in unison the men dipped their heads to acknowledge their joining of the discussion. "A piece of work isn’t it?" Burst the man whom he had angered a moment ago, eager to change the subject. He tried reaching out to touch the shoulder of the dark-haired one, earning him a dismissing swat and a low- nearly inaudible- noise of warning from her. Gideon held in a laugh.

"You said it was" The shorter of the two women asked, and although she greatly mispronounced the word, he nodded. The way she was analyzing him was amusing, in a way. As if she were already putting together how useful he would be to her. "It has a very odd design, is it better than a regular sword?" The question caught him off guard, although it shouldn't have, considering her clear interest in the weapon. "No better, nor worse, my lady. A sword is like a person, each will have their strengths and weaknesses," he paused, tapping his fingers on the hilt of the blade still resting at his hip. "It's how they are wielded that determines their usefulness." It was an opinion Gideon had carried since he was old enough to support the weight of a sword.

The general blinked a few times, remembering that there were other guests present. He leaned back and looked to the fair-haired one, then turned to address the rest of the group as well. "For instance, a broadsword is heavy, yet wonderfully designed to pierce through armor. Whereas the skimitar is lighter and quicker, but has more difficulty inflicting damage where armor is involved." He was tempted to unsheathe the curved blade and demonstrate, but knew better than to do something so stupid in such a public setting. With his luck the Queen and her daughters would show just to witness his idiocy. Gideon considered the thought of his beheading so shortly after his introduction.