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Gideon Osiris

The General of Yoo're

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a character in “Of Kings and Queens : A Time Of Peace”, as played by Kyren.Laili


          General of Yoo're

      Full name ||
            Gideon Uriyah Osiris

      Aliases ||
            "Gid", "General Osiris"

      Age ||

      Race ||

      Sexuality ||

      Height and Weight ||
            Stands to be about 6'1", and weighs around 176 lbs.

      Distinguishing Marks ||
            Gideon's slight tan, mid-length wavy hair, and radiant amber eyes suggest he is of a foreign lineage. He also has an intricate tattoo of a dragon that starts on his left shoulder and coils down his arm.


      Alignment ||
            Lawful Good - Someone who acts as a good person is expected or required to act. They combine a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. They tell the truth, keep their word, help those in need, and will speak out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished.

      Weapon(s) and Armour ||

      Fighting Style ||
            Gideon believes that combat- albeit bloody- is an art form, and should be taught as such. His preferred fighting style is with his daggers, which he will throw from a distance and fiercely wield in close-combat. He will use his scimitar if he believes it necessary.

      Power ||
            Fire Manifestation - The ability to create, shape, and neutralize fire.
            Inflammation - The ability to induce burns and burning pains in others.
            Breath of Fire - The ability to generate fire from within and release it from the mouth.
            Pyro Infusion - The ability to infuse fire into objects and weapons.
            Fire Embodiment - The ability to engulf oneself in flames without harm.
            Fire Entity Creation - The ability to create beings of fire or shape them to certain shapes.
            Cerberus - A breath of life into flames, a large three headed canine made of fire. An Air Elemental is needed.

      Special Abilities ||
            Observance - Gideon takes pride in his ability to read people and the atmospheres around him quite easily.
            Steady Aim - Practice makes damn well perfect, and rarely does he miss when throwing one of his daggers.
            Strategy - His knack for strategy is uncanny, earning his position as the General of Yoo're.

      Weaknesses ||
            His abilities are strongly tied to his emotions, and if he loses control of one, the other will follow suit.
            Of course, Water and Ice Elements are always a challenge for a Fire Elemental.
            His moral conscience for what needs to be done often puts him in dangerous situations.


      Personality ||

            Self-disciplined - Through good habits and willpower, he is able to overcome desires or feelings in order to follow the best course of action or to rise to his commitments and principles. He has a strong sense of self-control, often coming off as cold to others.
            Kind - Gideon is considerate, helpful, and benevolent to others when he allows himself to be.
            Humble - Confident, yet modest when it comes to his opinion of his own self-importance. Does not see himself as β€œtoo good” for other people or situations. He has a learning and growth mindset and the desire to express and experience gratitude for what he has, rather than expecting to deserve more.
            Private - Normally keeps information about his personal life to himself.

      History ||
            Born and raised in a foreign land, to a military-based family, Gideon was young when he first learned the ways of war. His father was commended for his efforts on the battlefield, and was given a title as a result. So, in their nation's own way, Gideon and his two brothers were raised as noblemen. As the years progressed, Gideon was brought up by his father as an expert strategist and a force to be reckoned with in the field of combat. He was both revered and feared for his affinity to fire, which prompted a jealousy in his eldest brother, Jakob. He plotted against his younger brother, murdering one of his father's allies and framing Gideon for the crime. Gideon was tried, found guilty, and mercifully exiled. He was put on a ship and sent off to sea.

            Sometime later he found himself a soldier in the Yoo're army. Their general had seen Gideon's prowess and taken him as an apprentice of sorts. Not long thereafter, the general fell in battle and Gideon took his place as General of Yoo're.


So begins...

Gideon Osiris's Story


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#, as written by Doom

A sense of relief flooded her when Gia took them away from the boring conversation, a sour expression on her face as they moved about the crowd before finding a spot to hide for a bit. Taking another sip of her drink, she finished it placing it on a passing tray waiting a bit to grab another. While Jacari would rather drink herself into a stupor she wasn’t in the mood for the lecture that would accompany it. Shadows shifted awkwardly at her feet, a small portion of it reaching up to touch at the fingertips that were at her side trying to comfort her they best it could before falling back down. β€œYou know we will be stuck here all night.” Grimacing at the thought Jacari turned to her elder with a small smile on her face, β€œAt least she hasn’t arrived to separate us yet.” Her tone was a little happier as she spoke about their mother, she was sure that once their Queen arrived she would monopolize Gia’s attention forcing her into conversations about pointless things and politics. These were the small times she has cherished. Everyone had been so busy for so long that it was nice to be with her sister even if it was in a situation like this.

Once more the shadows at her feet swayed, wrapping around her ankle they tried to gain her attention once more but for a different reason this time. Tilting her head she turned in the direction that they were telling her to look, there stood a man surrounded by a curious mixture of men. While the group seemed to be enjoying themselves it appeared to be the opposite for the man, it wasn’t till through the gaps of the men she saw what it was that attracted her shadow’s attention, as it whispered lowly to her - it was the same thing that had gained him the small company, the sword at his side. Her golden eyes widened at the weapon and her lips curled upwards. Without a second thought her arm twisted it’s way around into Gia’s pulling her in their direction. Not caring how rude she was being Jacari pushed her way past one of them to place the two in the middle of them. Bending slightly she looked at the weapon letting out a sound of awe as she tilted her head curiously. β€œA piece of work isn’t it?” One of them laughed a little as he tried to speak to her completely unaware of who she by his tone. Barely a second passed before he reached out to her shoulder, a low growl erupted from her throat as she slapped the man’s hand away ignoring her sister’s whisper about tolerance or something of the sort. Her attention wasn’t broken as she straightened her back and cheerily smiled to Gideon her attention purely on him.

β€œYou said it was” Jacari was close to butchering the word, blushing for a brief moment as she tried to pronounce it the way her shadow had. She heard rumours of their new general and the odd weapon he carried, she wondered if this man was him. She was pretty sure that her mother was keeping him as far away from her as possible, even though she had officially listed into the army nothing had come of it yet. It seemed that their previous general even though he was happy to have her was worried about what to do with her, something she was hoping to avoid with their new military leader. β€œIt has a very odd design, is it better than a regular sword?” Hundreds of other questions ran through her mind but for now she would try her hardest not to completely bombard the poor man.