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Jacari Faure

The Youngest Princess of Yoo're

0 · 454 views · located in Vasset

a character in “Of Kings and Queens : A Time Of Peace”, as played by Doom


          The Youngest Princess

      Full name ||
            Jacari Faure

      Aliases ||
            Jac, Tiny, Princess

      Age ||

      Race ||

      Sexuality ||

      Height and Weight ||
            5'5 140lbs

      Distinguishing Marks ||
            An odd burn on her back


      Alignment ||
            Lawful Good

      Weapon ||
            Jacari tries to not rely on her powers as a weapon, she uses a ring blade.

      Fighting Style ||
            With her weapon she is an up close personal fighter. She uses her size to her advantage often being compared to a dancer.
            Her defense is fairly easy to get through even though she has been working hard to change that.

      Power ||
            Hands of Dark
            xxxJacari has the ability to conjure four arms of Darkness, these arms seem to have a mind of their own often appearing when they like. They have the distance of about 40 feet and mainly act in defense of the girl. They have also been seen comforting her, they have the ability to survive even when all other shadows and darkness is gone.
            Shadow Control
            xxxUsing someone's shadow she can control their movement. Of course their shadow needs to be prominent enough for her to use it, if there is only the shadow of someone's arm than that is all she can control.
            xxxJacari has the ability if she concentrates hard enough to use someones fear against them, using her hands she is able to probe their mind for the one piece of information and then use it against them.
            Shadow Walking
            xxxUsing any sort of shadows Jacari can travel in with them.
            Shadow Minions
            xxxJacari has the ability if she concentrates hard enough to conjure beings that are of pure shadow.
            xxxUsing the shadows around her, Jacari can engulf a target in shadows, while being similar to her fear ability this one causes the target to see horrifying things. Worse fears come to life along with the added bonus of other things, depending on how she feels depends on the severity of the 'Nightmare'.
            Shadow Bullets
            xxxUsing shadows she can send small balls at a very fast speed towards a target which are similar to bullets, they will rip into flesh and leave holes.

      Special Abilities ||
            xxxBecause of the shadows Jacari holds a natural scare ability about her. Those who don't know her or have just begun to talk to her feel a eerie sense from her.
            Heightened Sense
            xxxWhile they are not amazing Jacari does have heightened sense. This allows her to hear, see, smell, taste and touch things on a higher level but because of her element Jacari can see in the dark with out fail.
            xxxJacari has the ability to heal herself, depending on the wound and how deep and or severe they are. If someone attacks her repeatedly her body will chose the deeper and more life threatening wounds to heal.
            Stronger + Faster
            xxxJacari can run longer and faster than most people, she also has the ability to jump higher than most. While she holds these abilities she does also tire after too much physical effort though it does take her longer than most.
            Animal Connection
            xxxJacari naturally connects with animals that seem to align themselves with the darker sides of things such as crows, ravens and wolves. While she can connect with wolves she cannot connect with those of her enemy country at least they think she can't.
            Shadow Whispering
            xxxJacari communicates with shadows, they talk to her and often she can be found standing around with a shadowy form of a woman talking in her ear. Often she gets told things that are going on around the castle through the shadows.

      Weaknesses ||
            Hands of Dark
            xxxMainly a defensive move, the Hands seem to have a mind of their own.
            Shadow Control
            xxxOf course applying light to rid themselves of a shadow will cause her to lose control.
            xxxOnce this ability is used on someone they remain weary and dislike Jacari. No matter what, even if they don't remember what she did they just know there is something wrong with the girl.
            Shadow Walking
            xxxShe finds it easier to travel in the shadows of an area she has been in more than once. Without knowing the area there are chances for her to end up in the middle of the room.
            Shadow Minions
            xxxThey are weakened in light but unless someone unleashes a burst of the Element Light they will not wither.
            xxxJacari does not have enough control over her powers to do this for more than a few minutes unless the person she is trying to use this on is unconsciousness. Even then there is a chance of them seeing through her illusion since it takes so much out of her.
            Shadow Bullets
            xxxThese are easily avoided, they cannot change directions once they have been 'deployed'.


      Personality ||
            Rude β–¬β–¬ Jacari has been known for not holding back on her thoughts towards people and situations.
            She has a hard time remembering who is the Earl of what stupid place rarely referring to people respectfully or with titles.
            Protective β–¬β–¬ From her family to her land to her people, she is protective of it all.
            Jacari does not take insults lightly, she's the first one to jump into a fray to make sure others are safe.
            Daredevil β–¬β–¬ An impulsive girl, Jacari has a habit of putting herself into ridiculous situations that leave her with minimal choices often ones that are dangerous.
            Determined β–¬β–¬ Jacari sticks to something once she starts on it. With a goal in mind there is almost nothing that can be done to steer her from her path.
            Loyal β–¬β–¬ She's extremely loyal to her people but above all her sister.

      History ||
            Jacari has always been grateful for a few things. One of those things was being second born, the responsibilities place upon her sister would have cracked her but of course she wasn't without her own. As a young child her mother forced her into lessons that were completely different than Gia's, she was put into classes to learn how to be a proper lady, wife and mother. She was often told that she had an important part to play, one day she could be married off for political gain or any sort of reasons. It didn't take her long to grow bored of these lessons, often sneaking out to take part of other things. In the begining she would sneak into her sister's classes hiding in a corner making funny faces until they were found out. Her mother yelled at them while their father laughed, he hadn't been happy with both his children being females making neither of them proper heirs. Jacari grew close with her father through other means, soon she wouldn't skip lessons to visit her sister but to watch the many guards and soldiers train it was during that time that she fell in love with the army. More times than not she could be found in the barracks with wide loving eyes. She watched as they honed their skills with their elements and weapons as well.

            Against her mother's wishes Jacari begun to train, it happened shortly after her powers begun to manifest. There were a few issues when this happened, it had been decades since someone with the ability to control the shadows had been around. Typically one is trained by a master of their element but without someone to train the princess the only thing her father could think of was to learn like a soldier. For the most part it worked, for years she went to her lessons but when her father grew ill things changed once more. Once again she stopped going anywhere other than her father's bedside, the news of his death broke her. A few months passed til things seemed to be getting to normal, her mother was ruling their kingdom while her sister continued to learn to do the same once it was her time. Of course Jacari's mother told her that she was no longer allowed to train but instead to focus back on her lessons. Jacari didn't listen. She continued with her training, growing stronger just as her father wanted for her.

So begins...

Jacari Faure's Story


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The morning was spent elbow deep in dirt; Gianeva was preparing a new home for some yarrow saplings she had started a week or so prior. The irony in the situation was humorous, to say the least. She wiped her hands on her apron, setting back on her haunches to admire her handywork. Soon, she’d have to ready herself for the evening’s festivities. She had all but avoided her maids thus far, though there was still one thing she wished to do before it was time to get clean and dressed. Gia stood, and with a wave of her hand she summoned water from her bucket and gingerly sprayed the young plants until they glistened in the morning sun. Satisfied with her work, she gathered her tools and headed into her workroom. The table in the center of the room was filled with neat piles of various different herb cuttings in preparation to make a new concoction, however she was missing a component. A trip to the library would be her final step and although she was running short on time, it was necessary. Otherwise, it would wrack her brain all night.

Gianeva had her nose in a book on botany in an attempt to find a suitable binding agent that wouldn’t lessen the strength of her medicine. There was once an old woman who would mix herbs and plants together purely based on tales alone, but Gia found it dangerous, preferring science and tested methods against word of mouth. Because of this, she was deep in thought when Jacari entered the room and hadn’t even realized she wasn’t alone.

β€œOh!” She started, promptly closing the book. β€œYes, actually. I’ve been avoiding Paloma all morning. It doesn’t take as long as they think it does for me to get ready, such a waste of a beautiful day.” Gianeva pulled a pout, but recanted with a sigh. β€œOh very much so. Mother will be watching like a hawk, I presume. I half expect her to start arranging marriages on our behalf.” Her eyes rolled at the thought, upper lip curling back slightly. β€œI suppose it could be worse. She could be marrying me off to the old dog.” She laughed and held the book to her chest. β€œBut yes, I’ll see you later. Hopefully we’ll get through this without too much discomfort.” With that, she watched Jacari leave before plucking another book from the shelf and exiting herself.

Paloma was, as she suspected, a nervous wreck. Once Gianeva stepped inside her room her girls swarmed her. She allowed them to fuss over her for the most part until after her bath. When it was time to get dressed, only three maids remained with her. The eldest girl had the task of brushing her long, silver hair while another unfurled her gowns and robes. The youngest girl child went about rubbing in sweetly scented oil into her bronzed skin. Though she wouldn’t admit it proudly, she did enjoy being pampered. To say that Gianeva was spoiled was an understatement. Even though her training and schooling were rigorous, her mother accepted only the best for herself and her daughters. There was something to be said about the fine details such as the plush, purple carpet at her feet or the aromatic perfume that lingered in the air.

In the end, once all her clothing was aired out and on display, Gianeva decided on a light, gauzy ensemble. The colors were reminiscent of a setting sun, with a delicate golden design and sheer draping. Once she was felt ready, she dismissed the young women politely. Already she could hear the commotion and although the view from her quarters didn’t permit her, she was sure their guests had already arrived. Rather than wait and be summoned, Gia decided to find her sister.

Her journey to the grand hall was smooth, despite seeing several faces she hadn’t seen before. Her heart quickened in her chest at the thought of suddenly having a larger family. Were they going to live with them now? Her mother never did delve into the details. In fact, it was all so sudden they really didn’t know anything. Something told her that this…arrangement wasn’t going to be exactly smooth. Whenever there was a meeting between two polar opposite sides, things never went well. Especially since the people of Yoo’re all but left religion behind. Well, Mother and Father at least. Brother was something entirely different. Nowadays, his teachings and word was more relevant than anything the old books could muster. Then again, Gianeva herself wasn’t religious in any sense of the word. While she had a respect for Brother, the larger scale religion was just something that made the weak minded people act like sheep. But unlike most, Gianeva could accept that some people preferred Mother and Father. As long as they didn’t attempt to convert her, she was perfectly content. She had no doubt that her mother would allow such a thing, but then again, the queen was just full of surprises lately.

It didn't take long for the princess to be swallowed up by the crowd. Familiar faces -- nobles, lesser royalty, seemed to want to know what her opinion was on the treaty. Gianeva maneuvered through the conversations as politely and as efficiently as she was able, despite not knowing much herself. It was a damned shame their mother didn't at least rehearse with them what was correct and what wasn't. Alas, she was skilled at conversation and most people were eager to change the topic. More often than not, the Novia'n people. Despite sharing some of their feelings, she urged them to be respectful. One joked that a dog's hearing was too good for whispers; Gianeva nearly blanched.

When she felt Jacari at her side, Gia introduced her properly and lingered only a few moments longer before excusing them both."We'll speak later, I believe our uncle is here. Enjoy yourselves." She offered a polite smile before turning, her hand gently placed on Jacari's elbow to guide her away quickly.

"As if regular gatherings weren't stressful enough. Answering questions I don't know the answer to is a bit more nerve wracking than I care to admit." She murmured, plucking a goblet of wine from a passing tray. Her lips pursed slightly, but her demeanor changed quickly; the last thing she needed was to get scolded. "Hopefully this won't last into the wee hours of the night." Jade eyes quickly scanned the grand room for any sign of their mother, but it seemed as if she wasn't formerly introduced as of yet. Perfect.


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It wasn't long before the men began asking him direct questions again. Gideon did not enjoy these men prying questions from him publicly. "Where is it you come from then, boy?" The large Yoo'rian man asked, his monster of a beard moving with his mouth as he spoke. Gideon shot a glare at the man, displeased with the condescending tone held over the word "boy". "Oh, I doubt you would know your geography well enough to know where it is, if I were to tell you." The General's eyes flickered with challenge, the insult blatant. There would be talk between the noblemen for days, if not weeks, after this response. First impressions were important to these people, and Gideon was not about to be remembered as "the foreign boy with the funny sword". The bearded oaf went crimson and flattened his mouth into a firm line, he stayed like this for a second or two before opening his mouth to respond.

Just then, the group was parted by two young women, elegantly dressed and (like every other body present) obviously noble. Nearly in unison the men dipped their heads to acknowledge their joining of the discussion. "A piece of work isn’t it?" Burst the man whom he had angered a moment ago, eager to change the subject. He tried reaching out to touch the shoulder of the dark-haired one, earning him a dismissing swat and a low- nearly inaudible- noise of warning from her. Gideon held in a laugh.

"You said it was" The shorter of the two women asked, and although she greatly mispronounced the word, he nodded. The way she was analyzing him was amusing, in a way. As if she were already putting together how useful he would be to her. "It has a very odd design, is it better than a regular sword?" The question caught him off guard, although it shouldn't have, considering her clear interest in the weapon. "No better, nor worse, my lady. A sword is like a person, each will have their strengths and weaknesses," he paused, tapping his fingers on the hilt of the blade still resting at his hip. "It's how they are wielded that determines their usefulness." It was an opinion Gideon had carried since he was old enough to support the weight of a sword.

The general blinked a few times, remembering that there were other guests present. He leaned back and looked to the fair-haired one, then turned to address the rest of the group as well. "For instance, a broadsword is heavy, yet wonderfully designed to pierce through armor. Whereas the skimitar is lighter and quicker, but has more difficulty inflicting damage where armor is involved." He was tempted to unsheathe the curved blade and demonstrate, but knew better than to do something so stupid in such a public setting. With his luck the Queen and her daughters would show just to witness his idiocy. Gideon considered the thought of his beheading so shortly after his introduction.