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Jormun Merrich

The General of Novia'n

0 · 512 views · located in Vasset

a character in “Of Kings and Queens : A Time Of Peace”, as played by Kyren.Laili



          General of Novia'n


      Full name ||

            Jormun Achan Merrich

      Aliases ||

            "Jormun", "General Merrich"

      Age ||


      Race ||


      Sexuality ||


      Height and Weight ||

            6'3", 215 lbs.

      Distinguishing Marks ||

            Nothing out of the ordinary. Although, being seasoned in combat, Jormun has many battle scars.


      Alignment ||

            Lawful Evil - Someone who is Lawfully Evil will methodically take what they want within the limits of their code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. They care about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. They play by the rules but without mercy or compassion. They are comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but are willing to serve. They condemn others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank.

      Weapon and Armour ||

      Fighting Style ||

            Jormun is a ruthless warrior. When his body allows it, he will take on his Lycan form and fight with claws and fangs. Otherwise, he wields his broadsword. The man fights without honor, whether it be as a wolf, or a swordsman.

      Power ||

            Lycan Form - The ability to take the form of a Lycan being. In this form one has heightened senses and physical strengths similar to that of a beast, at the cost of some human characteristics.
            Infectious Bite - The occasional chance of a bite infecting a victim, and resulting in the creation of a new Lycanthrope.
            Longevity - Once reaching a certain mature stage in the Lycan life cycle, their aging slows slightly.

      Special Abilities ||

            Silver-Tongue - The ability to make others believe him with ease. Having mastered assertion, he is good at getting others to listen.
            Combat - The General has an easy understanding of what it is to fight, and win.

      Weaknesses ||

            Silver - Some truth being in the legends, pure silver can be lethal to someone in their Lycan form.
            Wolfsbane - Another common weakness for some Lycanthropes, Wolfsbane can obscure and hinder their physical and mental strength.
            Jormun's Wife - Quite possibly the only thing the General of Novia'n holds dearly, other than his legacy.


      Personality ||

            Cunning - Jormun is extremely gifted in the art of deceit and evasion. He always thinks five steps ahead, and plans accordingly for an outcome that will serve him best.
            Ambitious - Nearly all of Jormun's actions are motivated by his ambition to succeed and continue his family legacy.
            Dignified - The man is clearly respectable, and carries himself as such. Others can't help but fall behind him at his command.
            Proud - Jormun sees reputation as part of his legacy, and would never admit to making a mistake.

      History ||

            As a boy, Jormun had been raised to believe that all things happened by the will of the Mother and Father. He was lowborn, the sole product of a humble stonemason and his tailor wife. His father had been a man who served the Father and Mother until his last dying breath. Having witnessed such faith, Jormun could not help but carry on his father's beliefs.

            After the death of his father, Jormun began to rise in the Novia'n Empire, which he believed was a product of his father's devotion to the gods. His nobility spawned from military prowess and advancement in the battlefield.

            He married young, to a woman he had loved since childhood. Jormun was thrilled the day he had learned of his wife's pregnancy, and absolutely torn apart the day he learned of the baby's passing.
            There had been many accounts of this sort of thing happening all across the Novia'n Kingdom, and Jormun was not alone in thinking that it was the wavering faith of the Novia'n, and the nonexistent faith of the Yoo're that was causing this plight.

            He wanted war. He wanted to bring the Novia'n back to their religious beliefs and to eradicate those who disagreed with it. So he began conspiring with the High Priestess in order to change the fate of his empire, his people, and his legacy.


So begins...

Jormun Merrich's Story