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Faelyn Seavent

The Eldest Princess of Yoo're

0 · 212 views · located in Ti'ieam

a character in “Of Kings and Queens”, as played by Renegade Spectre


          Eldest Princess

      Full name ||
            Faelyn Mirielle Seavent

      Aliases ||

      Age ||

      Race ||

      Sexuality ||

      Height and Weight ||
            5’5 145lbs

      Distinguishing Marks ||
            Her skin is almost always painted; around the eyes and an intricate design on her arms resembling fine lace.


      Alignment ||
            Chaotic neutral

      Weapon ||
            Her elemental abilities protect her.

      Fighting Style ||
            Faelyn can protect herself and the others around her. Her cool and calm nature does not warrant offensive tactics unless provoked.

      Power ||
            Water Manipulation
            xxxIf there is water around, Fael can control it. Whether it's for defensive or offensive purposes, the water bends to her will.
            Frozen Touch
            xxxShe has the ability to freeze most things that she comes in contact with. Fael can also encase herself in ice for protection.
            xxxFaelyn can summon up a great wall of water and have it rush over an area. It can be very destructive in battle, or very valuable to irrigate crops..

      Special Abilities ||
            Water is known for it's healing properties. By enveloping the the wound with water, the wound closes up and heals.

            Faelyn can change her form at will when in contact with water. Not only does her physical appearance change, but Fael can also breath underwater and swim like a fish. She doesn't do this often, however since it eats up a large portion of energy.

      Weaknesses ||
            The princess isn't very fond of overly hot or dry places. Without access to water, she is powerless. Since she is not a soldier, Faelyn without power is quite weak. Physical combat, aside from minor dagger handling isn't something she is aptly trained in.


      Personality ||
            Faelyn is everything a future queen should be; cool, calm and collected. The young woman can, at times, come off as arrogant. She holds herself in a high regard, (almost) always carrying herself properly in all instances. There are times though that she can also come off as emotionless and cold akin to the element she presides over. This has caused some alarm within the family, as a ruler should possess a certain amount of compassion as well. However, there is a streak of immaturity that runs deep within her. This impish fault keeps her grounded and when circumstance allows, she will happily shrug off the mantle and find some trouble to get into with her sister, unbeknownst to their mother.

      History ||
            Being the eldest child of a royal family, Faelyn has been groomed since birth to be a proper lady. Her childhood days were spent mostly learning not only history and knowledge, but how to conduct herself in front the court. How to walk, how to talk, how to sit, how to dance, even how to eat. Her father wasn't exactly fond of his first born being a girl, but Fael never shied away from her duties as heir. Once her father had become ill and after he had died, her grooming changed dramatically. Her mother instilled her the idea of never feeling inferior because she was a woman. She was taught how to control the more destructive side of her element, learning how to freeze practically anything she touched. Fael relished in this training, grateful that she was allowed to expand her knowledge and ability.

            But it wasn't only her training that had changed. Faelyn was soon well versed in the art of war and leadership. Her mother, along with her advisers taught her how to not only rule the country, but how to wage war. She might have not been male, but she would be Queen one day. Again, Faelyn was grateful. She spent years feeling as if she was never good enough because her father wanted a male heir. But her mother made her feel otherwise. The art of war was a beautiful thing, and she loved learning strategy. She would never know what it was like to enter a war room and haven't a clue as to what was going on, her mother made sure of it. Of course, her goal wasn't to make a warrior out of Fael, she just wanted to make her a great leader.


So begins...

Faelyn Seavent's Story


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#, as written by Doom

If it had been up to Farroah she would be at home training with the men and women of the Yoo're army, not participating in this farce. While the young woman understood the need of a gathering such as this, she was skeptical of what the others thought of it. The Ceremony of Peace was more for the people, it was to prove to them that if the Royal family and their court could be kind to each other and extend an olive branch that the people of their Kingdoms could do the same. It hadn't helped that earlier that day she broke her mother's heart in two when she told her what her plans were in the next year or so. She didn't care how but she was enlisting in the army formally and would no longer pursue anything to do with her title in the royal family - her sister was much more noble than she was in that sense and would carry the family name on in a way that Fa never could. Of course she protested such an idea that her youngest could only find her way in the art of war, telling her if she had her way there would be no more war. Fa knew that there was no way for the two nations to coexist with out fighting - it was as if it was in their blood to fight. If there was one thing the girl knew was that she had to be act accordingly, she wasn't going to be the one to ruin this, one of those mutts would.

The carriage ride down from their mountain top castle had been the worst that Farroah could ever remember in her life. The ride felt as if it was hours, maybe even days because of the tension between her and her mother. She felt horrible for her sister who had been inadvertently dragged into the drama and probably at the worst time ever.

The last few weeks the neutral ground that they were meeting on was changed from a simple valley into a beautiful home for the families and their court to meet in. There were also areas for each person to lay down until the new day since more than likely the Gathering would go on to the late hours of the night - the older crowd would give into the idea of sleep quicker and require a place to rest their heads. As they drew close, Fa moved to the window that was beside her and slowly opened the small cloth that blocked her view to see the building, while she longed for war she hoped that this would be the last time she would have to attend a gathering such as this even though her breath was taken away by what the Builders had been able to produce in such a sort period of time. The building was huge and did not look as if it was temporary, her dark eyes took in all the details that they had put into such a thing and wondered if they knew what they had made was breathtaking or if they had grown so use to their work that this was nothing for them. The main thing that had made this building so important is that it was build by both Elementals and Werewolves, something that was suppose to help for what it was standing for which of course made Fa feel slightly selfish for the fact that she wanted nothing to do with any of this.

Slowly the cart came to a stop and before anyone had anything to say to the dark haired girl, she quickly pushed her way out of the stuffy contraption. The second her feet touched the ground Farroah felt thankful, a smile plastered across her face she continued to take in the sights. It was quiet perfect. Turning she watched as her sister and mother followed her lead, looking that they were almost as happy to see the light of day as she was though the scowl of her earlier news remained once her dark eyes meet her mother's. Quickly looking away, Fa suddenly felt as if she was a four year old again and had just broken a vase in the study or something of the sort. What was she suppose to do now? There was nothing aside from avoiding the woman until it was time to leave and face the music once they arrived home. They had a few hours until it was time for the Ceremony to begin, it was enough time to have a warm bath and change out of her travel clothing maybe she would even have time to explore the grounds with her sister or one of the men from their army. A few of the higher ups were being brought with them, to show that even their armed force was ready to lie their weapons down in support of the treaty and their royal family. Pushing some hair out of her face, she wondered who they chose to bring down, there were a few guys she got along with fairly well, they even helped her train from time to time - though those moments were rare. For the most part she found herself training alone in small abandoned rooms of the castle.

A few more minutes passed as she took in the building before finally, she walked into it, immediately being greeted by one servant then being directed by another young woman who didn't seem to happy to be paired with the dark princess but there was nothing that could be done - the woman would have to deal with the eerie feeling that Fa produced weather she wanted to or not. It was something that bothered Fa just as much as it bothered other people to the point the second that she reached her temporary chambers she sent the woman away - hating that it was almost impossible for her to be around almost anybody with out them trying to shy away from her. Farroah didn't mind being alone though and it was much easier to get ready by herself which she was able to do quiet quickly giving her a chance to relax before being forced to mingle with those she didn't want anything to do with.

A little under an hour passed before Fa decided that she wasn't in the mood to be cooped up in her room, finding herself wondering if anyone else had arrived yet. Moving out of the plush bed that had been prepared for her, she fixed the simple outfit she was wearing not caring about her appearance at the moment and disregarding the possible issues if she ran into her mother. Walking down the hall way of the East Wing finding herself taking in the details of the home once more.

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