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Of Kings and Queens



a part of Of Kings and Queens, by Doom.

Finally meeting, the Royal families and their entourage have traveled from their homes to neutral lands.

Doom holds sovereignty over Ti'ieam, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The war has been over for a few months now.

The King and Queen have decided to continue this cease fire for however long they possibly can. They have a surprise for their children but have told them they must wait for the Ceremony of Peace.

The Ceremony of Peace is held on neutral land, where Novia'n and Yoo're meet. The people of each nation have come together to build a decent sized home for both royal families to met and discus the terms of peace and to announce what they think will end the wars once and for all.

The house has two wings and a central area.
Each Royal family, their servants and anyone under their flag will stay with them in their wing.
The East Wing is for the Elementals
The West wing is for the Wolves.

Each wing consists of several areas and rooms.
These rooms include a library, dinning room, sleeping quarters, bathing quarters.

The central area consists of several areas and rooms.
These rooms include a library, meeting room, dinning room and several sitting areas.

Floor Plan
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Finally meeting, the Royal families and their entourage have traveled from their homes to neutral lands.


Ti'ieam is a part of Of Kings and Queens.

3 Characters Here

Farroah Seavent [2] The Youngest Princess of Yoo're
Alaster Marrok [2] General of the Novia'n Army
Griselda [1] Yoo're Royal Bodyguard

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#, as written by Doom

If it had been up to Farroah she would be at home training with the men and women of the Yoo're army, not participating in this farce. While the young woman understood the need of a gathering such as this, she was skeptical of what the others thought of it. The Ceremony of Peace was more for the people, it was to prove to them that if the Royal family and their court could be kind to each other and extend an olive branch that the people of their Kingdoms could do the same. It hadn't helped that earlier that day she broke her mother's heart in two when she told her what her plans were in the next year or so. She didn't care how but she was enlisting in the army formally and would no longer pursue anything to do with her title in the royal family - her sister was much more noble than she was in that sense and would carry the family name on in a way that Fa never could. Of course she protested such an idea that her youngest could only find her way in the art of war, telling her if she had her way there would be no more war. Fa knew that there was no way for the two nations to coexist with out fighting - it was as if it was in their blood to fight. If there was one thing the girl knew was that she had to be act accordingly, she wasn't going to be the one to ruin this, one of those mutts would.

The carriage ride down from their mountain top castle had been the worst that Farroah could ever remember in her life. The ride felt as if it was hours, maybe even days because of the tension between her and her mother. She felt horrible for her sister who had been inadvertently dragged into the drama and probably at the worst time ever.

The last few weeks the neutral ground that they were meeting on was changed from a simple valley into a beautiful home for the families and their court to meet in. There were also areas for each person to lay down until the new day since more than likely the Gathering would go on to the late hours of the night - the older crowd would give into the idea of sleep quicker and require a place to rest their heads. As they drew close, Fa moved to the window that was beside her and slowly opened the small cloth that blocked her view to see the building, while she longed for war she hoped that this would be the last time she would have to attend a gathering such as this even though her breath was taken away by what the Builders had been able to produce in such a sort period of time. The building was huge and did not look as if it was temporary, her dark eyes took in all the details that they had put into such a thing and wondered if they knew what they had made was breathtaking or if they had grown so use to their work that this was nothing for them. The main thing that had made this building so important is that it was build by both Elementals and Werewolves, something that was suppose to help for what it was standing for which of course made Fa feel slightly selfish for the fact that she wanted nothing to do with any of this.

Slowly the cart came to a stop and before anyone had anything to say to the dark haired girl, she quickly pushed her way out of the stuffy contraption. The second her feet touched the ground Farroah felt thankful, a smile plastered across her face she continued to take in the sights. It was quiet perfect. Turning she watched as her sister and mother followed her lead, looking that they were almost as happy to see the light of day as she was though the scowl of her earlier news remained once her dark eyes meet her mother's. Quickly looking away, Fa suddenly felt as if she was a four year old again and had just broken a vase in the study or something of the sort. What was she suppose to do now? There was nothing aside from avoiding the woman until it was time to leave and face the music once they arrived home. They had a few hours until it was time for the Ceremony to begin, it was enough time to have a warm bath and change out of her travel clothing maybe she would even have time to explore the grounds with her sister or one of the men from their army. A few of the higher ups were being brought with them, to show that even their armed force was ready to lie their weapons down in support of the treaty and their royal family. Pushing some hair out of her face, she wondered who they chose to bring down, there were a few guys she got along with fairly well, they even helped her train from time to time - though those moments were rare. For the most part she found herself training alone in small abandoned rooms of the castle.

A few more minutes passed as she took in the building before finally, she walked into it, immediately being greeted by one servant then being directed by another young woman who didn't seem to happy to be paired with the dark princess but there was nothing that could be done - the woman would have to deal with the eerie feeling that Fa produced weather she wanted to or not. It was something that bothered Fa just as much as it bothered other people to the point the second that she reached her temporary chambers she sent the woman away - hating that it was almost impossible for her to be around almost anybody with out them trying to shy away from her. Farroah didn't mind being alone though and it was much easier to get ready by herself which she was able to do quiet quickly giving her a chance to relax before being forced to mingle with those she didn't want anything to do with.

A little under an hour passed before Fa decided that she wasn't in the mood to be cooped up in her room, finding herself wondering if anyone else had arrived yet. Moving out of the plush bed that had been prepared for her, she fixed the simple outfit she was wearing not caring about her appearance at the moment and disregarding the possible issues if she ran into her mother. Walking down the hall way of the East Wing finding herself taking in the details of the home once more.

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Zel was slacking off. She lounged nude on her bed, taking a break from her atrocious armor. While the weight was nothing to her, it got dizzyingly hot in there. Her face buried in a soft pillow, her golden mane so long and wild it might have served as a blanket, she tried to occupy her mind. It was a constant battle against boredom for her, and the duties she was burdened with these days were wearisome. A lot of standing around doing nothing. Thankfully she had to pay little attention to it.

Usually she took to concocting epic poetry, which she haphazardly kept recorded in a journal, when she could remember everything and be bothered to write it down. It was all just to occupy herself anyway, it wasn't like she was about to become a bard or anything, considering the fiddle playing sounded like cats being murdered and her singing was only marginally better.

Warriors rise to the sharp sounds of battle
Onward they ride, burning blood in the saddle
Into the night to the Demon King's lair
Til their knuckles turn white
They hold tight to the reins of terror

Something like that.

She reflected on a time when she might have lived a poem like that instead of merely writing it, but those days were long gone. Even her time spent indulging in pleasures was minimal, and didn't make up for the blessing of complete freedom.

Well. It was about that time. She got dressed, donned armor, and hefted her mighty chopper.
Time to go find Princess Farroah and start 'attending' or whatever her formal duty on this occasion was supposed to be.


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The young general Had finished his inspection patrol of the grounds earlier than he anticipated. He slowed the steady trot of his steed and it headed to the stables. Being the General, Alaster had his own chariot and driver, but he preferred the maneuverability and speed of simple horseback. After surrendering his horse to the responsibility of an elemental stable boy, Alaster hesitated to go back to the recently built facade that was suppose to represent the lasting peace between the two people.

Alaster himself wished for peace, but he had been in enough council meeting to know that it would end as soon as the cure for this curse is discovered. The fact that his people were dying off truly disturbed the general; but at the moment, being forced to play alone with this charade was more disturbing to him. The werewolf always considered himself an honest man.

He eventually made his way through the elegantly designed front door. Alaster avoided both sides of the house as he headed straight for the main library, a place where he seemed to spend most of his time during his residency here. The general had read most of the religious book that resided in the wolf library and the rest were mostly just propaganda. Alaster was sure that the element library held similar literature in regards to propaganda; but still, the wolf wondered what he was missing out on by never walking over there. Soon his curiosity began to consume his mind as he struggled to find anything interesting in the main library. His eyes kept wondering over to the east wing library. It was then he saw the youngest Princess wondering the hallway. Something about the woman compelled The general to walk over to her and speak.

As he approached the young woman, a sort of depression settled in his mind. The general had to psychically shake it out of his head which must have made him look like he just got punched in the face by an invisible hand. With the gloom fading, Alaster was able to smile as he spoke. "You walk more like a soldier more a princess." He stated to the young royalty.

"Years of training soldiers in the royal palace has given me a excellent eye for that sort of thing. My spy's never told me of you Elementals training their royal youths in the ways of war." He jested. Alaster had never spoken to the princess before, And surely a better introduction could have been performed by someone with a more political mind, But the general simply saw this moment as to warriors speaking. Only after he finished speaking did he realized that perhaps his approach might have come across as insulting if he was wrong about her training. The young general cursed himself in his head as he maintained his smile.


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Griselda's ironshod footsteps clanked across the marbled floor. At her height, with her armor's design having more spikes than a hedgehog, she struck an intimidating figure and was given wide berth by the others flitting about the halls of the peace building.
Today she only wore a broadsword for ceremonial purposes. With her mighty axe, she would have been even more fearsome. She gave an invisible grin. Gregarious as she was, she couldn't help but be amused by the anxiety she inspired. It was yet another simple thing that made her want to skip. While her abilities did make it possible to skip in heavy armor, she still wanted to at least attempt to give herself an air of severity... at least until it became too much to bear.

She shook down a couple guards to see if they'd seen the princess about and they directed her to the East Wing.
She *was* supposed to be Fa's personal attendant today, so she might as well get down to business, and she took off in that direction.