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Lawrence Helnards

"Hey there, kiddo. Interested in some fun? Don't worry, I don't bite. Much."

0 · 478 views · located in Merrideth High School, Maine

a character in “Of Snow Storms and Teenagers”, as played by reveries


    Name: Lawrence Elexandar Helnards "All right then kiddo. It's strictly 'Xander', or 'Rence'. Never Lawrence. 'Less you my old man or lady. I highly doubt you are though."
    Nickname: Rence, Xander, "That rat bastard"
    Age: 18
    Appearance (real image please): Image

    Very charismatic and as well as handsome. Well toned and muscles that aren't just for looks, he is fair skinned, slightly tan from being outside in sunshine often. Standing at 6'9" with slightly messy hazel brown hair and blue green eyes, Lawrence's looks gets him around. An attractive smile is usually found on his face.

    Personality: The school's infamous womanizer. Lawrence is the guy whose gotten to dating every girl you know, sleeping with them and then dumping them with no disregard. It doesn't bother him whatsoever, seeing as he'd been doing this since the eighth grade. His reputation is best known as a ladies' man, and of course, yes, he's already slept with your sister. You just may not know it, like her best friend that he too slept with. However, he's not stupid. He mostly aims for older women now, as he understands the danger of sleeping around with teenage girls. He'd rather not be a teenage dad on some Maury show. He just likes to tease a little too much.

    Though, because of his habit of dumping women after he doesn't find them interesting anymore, he has been known to be absent from school since he's either being, a) hunted down a woman whose been dumped (especially the crazy and clingy ones), or b) out with another women.

    'Xander', as he likes to be known as, is considered to some, the lowest of the low. To others, a god among men and well respected. And with some other individuals, varying, mostly averaging to a guy that's hilarious and gets along with every one, every one, that is, being the popular kids and those close enough to it. Despite his poor grades, it's not that he doesn't get it, he just doesn't care. If you were to test him when he isn't sleeping in class or skipping out on it or which ever girl he's with, he'd probably the smartest guy in room with his superior IQ of 129. It's just that he has no motivation to be the smartest.

  • Women -- especially the hard to get ones, they're like toys to Lawrence, just waiting to be played with and then thrown away after its entertainment is no longer entertaining.
  • Adrenaline rushes.
  • Football, soccer, baseball -- all American spirited sports.
  • '90s films.
  • Workouts at a Gym. "Gotta keep up these looks, man. Chicks dig this."
  • Coco cola, Pepsi, and all carbohydrated drinks. With ice, of course.
  • Sunny days.

  • The School's football team. "Oh come on kiddo. Their players lack in their skill. But, then again.. I'm a bit too busy with other things to go correct them. If you know what I mean. Haha."
  • Drugs -- he may be some sort of a man whore, but he's not into that kind of shit.
  • People who try to change his ways or preach to him. "Listen up, kiddo. I don't give a damn if you think what I do is wrong. If I'm not doing it, who will?"
  • Really strong perfume.
  • Broccoli.
  • People whom he's not involved with calling him by his actual name.

  • Lawrence addresses everyone whose not 20 years older than him, as kiddo. It's unsure as to why, but some have theoried that its his goddamn super tall height that towers over everyone else, like he's that crazy tall adult (in which he is in a way) and they're small and short children.
  • Ironically, he supports Women's Rights, signing most petitions for acts that have gone against it. This has a major play in some of his pick up lines and where he finds his women.
  • Hates wearing sandals or black socks. They irk him for some apparent reason.
  • Will not drink any liquid without ice. It doesn't matter if its supposed to bepiping hot or soup. It must come with ice, or has been chilled.

    Relationships: Oh cheezus. Lawrence has had more girlfriends and 'special friends' than the amount of bouncy balls in those toy store mechines that sells them for 25 cents. Which is a lot. Currently, he's seeing this girl, but it's only a matter of time when o' Lawrence is open and back up for business.

    Crush: He hasn't a crush since the 5th grade, where his heart was broken and his vile ways began to start the year after.

So begins...

Lawrence Helnards's Story