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Sylvia Kaye Wiles

When you stop & smell the flowers life is sweet. Witness the beauty in all that you meet.

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a character in “Of the Strange and Wayward”, as played by BumbleDrop


Sylvia Kaye Wiles

Tsuki no Ie - Outlaw Star

Image Song:
Leaves From The Vine


The Town's Angel


Sylv, Kaye






She is on the curvier side, making her have an hour-glass figure.

Hair Color:
Dark Brown

Eye Color:

She has a scar on the back of her neck, down her back, and across her stomach from when her mother tried to kill her.

Sylvia is 5'1 weighing around 110 pounds. She is on the curvier side, making her have an hour-glass figure. Her hair stops right at the small of her back; she has it down most of the time and pins it back. Some say she has the body of her mother and the face of her father. She has a scar on the back of her neck, down her back, and across her stomach from when her mother tried to kill her.

Preferred Clothing:
Sylvia has always been the one to make her own clothing. She mostly wears skirts but, anything that is cute and simple she will wear. Most of her clothing though is on the dull color scale. Beige, green, and red are the majority. She has one fancy dress that she adores, which is a forest green ball gown her mother wore when she had first met her father.


Overly honest person, always telling the truth. She will only do this in secret. Sylvia only drinks clear or red drinks. She always bites the insides of her lips when she is nervous or thinking. When she is really excited she does this little jump and wiggles her hips. She gets easily distracted by cute animals or breathtaking landscapes.

Listening, baking, sewing, singing, writing

The smell of old books, libraries, puppies, kittens, sloths, fresh air, the country side, bonfires, fireflies, thunderstorms, playing in thunderstorms, food.

Violence, lightening, rude people, clowns, tornadoes, snakes.

Reading, writing, helping people.

Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection.
Atychiphobia - Fear of failure.
Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.
Ecophobia - Fear of the home.
Lilapsophobia - Fear of tornadoes.
Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes.

Sylvia has a quiet personality. She will keep to herself most of the time, only speaking here and there. But don't let it fool you, she loves talking and being friendly. Sylvia tries hard not to show her emotions in front of anybody, it makes her feel like she is bothering people and looking for attention. She is not one to be easily angered, but once she is, she will properly tell you in secret how she feels.

All in all, she is a sweet, loving, and caring girl. She would take a bullet for those who she keeps close. She hates violence, living with it up until she was 13, it is something she tries hard to stay away from. She always tries to help, even when it might be impossible for her to. Some people swear she is something of an angel, but she would think otherwise.

Even though she rather hill with kindness, she carried a pocket knife in her skirt's pockets everywhere she goes.

Fighting Style:
Mainly defensive style. She hates violence, but she does know how to defend herself to get away. She will scream while pushing someone back, hit in areas that will mostly affect them, and use the small pocket knife if ever the situation get to that point.

She sings sweetly, usually putting her kitten or baby to sleep. Since money was limited and she started from a young age, she can sew pretty well, if ever should she want to, she could sew a store full of clothes. Her advice and listening skills tend to draw depress people into a more happier place.


Relationship Status:

Father-Alen Wiles
Mother-Dalila Henderville
Adoptive Father- Henry Granger
Adoptive Mother- Molly Granger

Personal History:

On a very hot May night Sylvia was conceived Alen Wiles and Dalila Henderville. Both were the leader, like king and queen, in their pack. Everything seemed to fit just right. It was a shock when they found out that the popular Alen and Dalila would mess up the perfect life they seemed to have. On that night, Sylvia was seemed to be fault of the downfall of her parent’s social life. Why didn't they get an abortion? No one ever knew.

On January 24 Sylvia arrived healthy and happy, not really knowing that life wouldn't be easy. Three years later her father would leave and her mother would start to drink heavily, and the beatings began. Sylvia would go to school with bruises and teachers would be worried, but she would try her best to say it was from playing carelessly outside or that she fell. It would only get worse from there, money was getting scarce and she would have to rummage through old clothes just so she could have something to wear. Going from preteen to teenager would be the hay that broke the camel's back. Sylvia would receive her curves and other lovely things that her mother was shockingly jealous of. And on August 14th she would welcome the scars that would show the hardships of a broken family.

Somehow, maybe someone was looking after her; a stranger would walk by her house and see her lying on the ground fighting to stay alive. She was taken home by the man and lived with him until she was eighteen. She loves her adoptive parents more than anything in the world. On mother's day she would visit her biological mom, even if it was at a bar room.

She works at a bakery as a cashier, making her living like that. She lives in the apartment above and loves it. The day after she moved out, she ran into her father, who somehow turned out to be a wealthy man. After telling him the life she had with her biological mother, he tries to make it up to her by having tea with her every Saturday afternoon.

So begins...

Sylvia Kaye Wiles's Story


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The wind whipped Sylvia’s hair into her face as she walked out of her town’s limits and made it towards Songstress Bay, where she recently found herself being drawn to for the past couple of months. “Blahh, oh gosh how did flour get into my hair?!” She spat out along with her hair. The weather seemed to have roughened up a bit since this morning, causing a slight frown to creep up on her lips. She hadn’t brought anything to take shelter under if it rained.

Sylvia gathered her hair and put it into side ponytail and kept on through the, well it would be knee high to any regular height person but it went to her hip, tall grass. There was a pathway that would have been safer, but for a girl her size it would have been a very unwise thing to do. So she took her chances with the snakes and other mysterious creatures in the mini jungle.

“Cool grass blowing up the pass
Don't you know I'm feeling mellow
Oh I love your Roman nose, the way you curl your toes baby
Make me feel so mellow

It's the same old feeling I get when you're stealing
Back into my bed again, yeah
With the curtains closed oh and the window froze
By the rhythm of the rain

You make me mellow, oh you make me mellow
Rocking smooth and slow
Mellow's the feeling that we get
Watching the coal fire glow

Oh, you make me mellow, oh I make you mellow
Wrecking the sheets real fine
Heaven knows what you sent me Lord
But God this is a mellow time

Going down to the stores in town
Getting all the things we need
Oh, don't forget the beer, oh my little dear
It helps to sow the mellow seed

And it can't be bad, all the love I've had
Coursing through my life
Oh, Down in the pass where the wind blows fast
And mellow's feeling right”

Sylvia sang the song that her parents, Henry and Molly, had play around the house. It was a cute little tune that she learned to play on the piano as a surprise to their twenty year anniversary. She thought back to when she first heard the song and giggled. It had taken her a few minutes to understand the lyrics and when she finally did, she blushed head to toe. Her parents laughed as she ran to her room.

She was finally at the cliff, the wind blowing harder than before, and she took a big gulp of hair. Nothing made her feel more free then this. If it wouldn’t kill her she would have jumped into the water. Her eyes moved from the horizon to something that was go through the water at a fast pace and onto the shore. “What in the…what is that?” She got closer to the edge, making sure she didn’t fall, and watched. “Oh dear! Is she dead?” She saw a lifeless girl first. She couldn’t do anything from up there and it would of taken her to long for her to go to them.

Her thought process was cut off when she saw something lean into the girl. Sylvia’s eyes moved to the head of the other being and down till she realized that being was a he and he was naked. “For the love of all things that are clothed and not naked…gosh where are his clothes?!” She yelled, blushed, and hurried from the edge of the cliff before she fell to her death. “Some people take being free to the extreme. Maybe, I should go down there just in case and hopefully he is not naked.” She huffed and made her way to them, just in case by any chance the girl was alive.


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[Nicodemus Nylgunir Osael de Oceania]

And wake up he did, after some delay.

Not much went on his mind as he lay there, not moving for a split second. It seemed like an eternity, though, and thoughts slowly began to surface as he stirred. He heard talking, and felt movement, along with something touching him. He was head, and he would have been more alerted had he not been in the state he was currently in. He struggled to move, but felt sluggish, and still in slight pain. The new appendages felt odd to him, and he wriggled his toes slightly, as if testing them out. And then, he opened his eyes.

It was just darkness for a moment, as if inky tendrils enveloped his vision, but then the light flooded in and memories came rushing back to him. His eyes just stared at the visible expanse of sky for a moment, before crossing slightly to focus on the hand placed on his forehead, then zoning in on the owner of said hand. He stared at the girl for a moment, blinking once, looking away, then blinking again and returning to his stare. His mouth opened for a moment, then closed.

Then his brain kicked in and he brush the hand off of his head, sat up, and moved his hands to cover what he thought he was exposing to the poor girl, only to feel the brush of cloth already there. Which means that it had already been exposed and taken care of. He sighed then, mostly out of relief due to the fact that the girl had lived and had managed to remain nonchalant enough to somehow cover him. His gaze moved then, from the girl to the creature that had spoken his dead tongue earlier.

"Yuis lena, whed air aid?" He spoke it as a hushed whisper, the tone of which came out sounding more demanding than he intended. He mentally justified it by noting that he was rustic with the language.

Lear. The reply came almost immediately, as if the creature had read his thoughts before they were vocalized. Nico turned his gaze back to the girl for a moment, before replying to Laes.

"Lear. I'n Naisunanir. Whed heffalan?" He asked, curious as to what exactly transpired when he was unconscious. He then turned slightly to the girl, repeating the question, in a language she'd understand. "What happened?"

Yui wasa lud uid llus rulr, rha suyasan irrui, runafunirr irrarran llsun e sraillll, dhal rha fresan has heln ul irruis haen eln irrui wuca if. Laes' answer came first, and he nodded to the entity. His eyes then turned up to the cliff Laes mentioned, pupils contracting as they hit the light. He hadn't been told much, just that he was out for a few moments, and that all that had transpired was a person yelling from a cliff, and then his head being touched. Still, it left Nico wondering who had been yelling from the cliff. Had it been the very person who caused the girl to nearly die? Were they now headed back for more? It put him on guard, but once again, as if reading his thoughts, Laes soothed him.

Nu dhsaed. A rnerr llanera.

No threat. It repeated in his head and his breathing became more calm. Nico stood then, bringing the cape placed on him up with him and tying it into a knot at his side, so it acted as a skirt of sorts. He turned to face towards the incline he had previously been facing away from, looking up at the wooded are it lead to. He wondered if it lead to a path, and then began to wobble a bit, the balance portion of his new legs now becoming difficult. His heel dug into the sand as he braced himself more and he looked down at the girl once more.

"You're okay."

It wasn't a question, it was a statement, and he said no more before offering his hand to the girl. That is, of course, until Laes interjected.

Yuis lena.
(Your name.)

He nodded, once more, and looked into the girls eyes before raising his other hand and placing it against his chest. "Nicodemus." He then motioned it towards her, eyebrows arcing as he waited for her response.


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Sylvia stumbled down the cliff as she hurried towards the two by the water. She had no idea what she would do once she got there. Fighting was not her forte; having only basic defensive skills left her pretty much defenseless. The blame couldn’t be put on Henry or Molly; after the adoption Molly had wanted her to take lessons in many fighting classes just in case her biological mother came back for her, but after a few classes she just couldn’t take hurting another person and came home crying. Henry and Molly let her drop out, but on her sixteenth birthday they gave her a pocket knife and made her promise to always carry it.

Now here she was, walking back in the woods that lead to them, with her hand in her pocket curled around the knife. Just be kind, maybe the guy won’t kill you. Apparently he tried to save a girl…or eat her.” Sylvia shivered at the images that played in her mind. Seeing him digging into the poor girl’s flesh and ripping it off, blood and guts pouring onto the ground, made her stop in her tracks. Leaning onto a tree she took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her stomach and nerves. She would be no good if she needed to fight if she was driving herself sick. Sylvia patted the front of her thighs, Okay….I got this…she ask him kindly if the girl is alright…that is all you have to do, hopefully.

She hurried and made it to where the woods stopped and suddenly stopped, I-I can’t… Her mind ran back and forth before she finally stepped into sight. A gush of wind blew, taking this a signal and becoming a little more courageous, she walked up until there were six or seven feet between them. She had seen the girl was okay and the boy was clothed. Thank Sweet Nectar! He is clothed.

“A-are…I-Is everyone alright? I saw…uhm…the girl was kind of lifeless…” She said so low that it would be a miracle if anyone of them heard her. Her face was red with embarrassment, but her eyes showed something different. She was a little bit confused, but also cautious. The guy looked funny, plus if he was the one who was swimming super-fast then she wondered how. He had normal human legs. She shook her head slowly and stared at the two. The sun hitting on the water made her green eyes shine, which made her look more angelic.


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"Just because we wear some word called 'honor' like armor, doesn't mean it protects us. You're nothing more than scum."

Hikari slid back into the sheath with a small, low, metallic sound, as Alesiar walked out of the small, slightly decrepit village. It was a poor town, many of the people left were the old and the sick, or the young and the sick who were orphans. The only strong ones were the few urchins who ran around stealing bread and cheese from merchants' carts to help feed the weaker ones.

Alesiar knew how that felt a little too well. It hadn't been very long ago that that had been what he had been doing. Though he had only been stealing for himself, so that he could survive. Many of the urchins and orphans in the village had been mixed races. Some had been Sylph, and he had seen a couple Undine as well, which surprised him, but at the same time, he hadn't bothered to ask any questions. It wasn't his business, so why bother? Besides, urchins and orphans weren't about to talk with a six-foot-two guy dressed all in black with two swords strapped to his back.

Well, apart from the one who was trying to follow him at the moment. He knew who she was, she was the one who had thanked him, and he had only looked at her, and turned and walked away without a word. And now she was following him. What could she want? Money, perhaps? It would make sense. His thoughts were interrupted but a large and beefy hand grabbing his shoulder and spinning him around roughly. It wasn't hard for the overweight man, Al was rather light. His stoic expression changed in not the slightest while the man, who had been his employer, stuck a sausage-like finger in his face and began yelling at him, his face going purple and his mustache bristling. As the man ranted, Alesiar's only thought was wondering how the man had gotten so fat in such a poor town.

"Now you listen here, you, you...rat! I gave you a job to do, I wanted the heads of the thieves robbing my carts! And here now you just think you're going to hand over my own goods to the little cretins and just waltz out of here?! I'll have your head, you filthy bastard, you, you, thief! I'll--"

Alesiar had had enough of the man, and he snatched the man's finger in two of his own, twisting it so that the fat man cringed and cried out. His eyes flashed crimson as he glared at the fat man in front of him. Silently, with his free hand, he unbuckled the strap holding on his swords, which fell to the ground with a clang, and then let go of the man in order to take off his long coat. The man stumbled back away from him, holding his injured finger, his purple face now white from pain and fear, his beady little mouse eyes swiveling around for an exit, and then latched on to Alesiar when he realized what he was seeing. Alesiar had let his wings out, one six-foot pure black, the other six-foot pure metal. It was a thing of both beauty and horror, and he heard the girl hiding behind the tree gasp. She was also a Sylph.

Alesiar advanced on the man, moving both of his wings so that the sharp tips were only inches away from the man's face. "Who you sent me to kill were nothing more than young children. If you want them dead, then you're nothing but a cowardly prick who deserves to die. They're children. Are your goods really that precious? Then again, by your sheer size, I would hazard a yes to that." His ebony eyes shone as he leaned down and picked up the man, who was trembling so hard he could barely stand on his stubby legs. Alesiar turned and picked up one of his swords. "Get out of here, child, this is nothing you should see."

The girl, wide eyes staring at Alesiar, turned and ran back to the village. The trees swayed around Alesiar in the breeze as he glared at the cowering man, who was stuttering over questions and choking on his words. "You might want to learn more about your hirelings and targets before you send a Sylph after a Sylph. We usually don't take too well at being ordered to kill our own kind for money. Whatever god you pray to, I suggest you start begging their forgiveness. You sure as the Seven Hells are getting none from me." Kurai flashed black in the sunlight as the sword was brought around to the mans' neck, silencing his scream. His head rolled off somewhere to Al's right, and the body slumped to the ground at his feet, blood leaking out and pooling around his feet. He put Kurai down and sunk the tip into the ground, leaning on it slightly.

And there, in the middle of the path in the woods just south of the village, the Sylph with one mechanical wing, body at his feet and coat and sword scattered around him, fell asleep fast on his feet. But before he completely drifted off, he thought he heard the sound of waves on a beach. Funny...he didn't remember being near one before...


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[Nicodemus Nylgunir Osael de Oceania]

"M'fine." He responded, eyes narrowing at her as she winced. But he left it unmentioned, and decided to question her on it and her origins at another time. His hand lingered in hers for a moment before he pulled free of it and held it towards Laes, using his other hand to tear off a piece of the cloth covering him. His hand motioned fluidly, pulling a length of water and guiding it into the torn cloth. He used both hands to tie it into a pouch around the liquid, and then used the excess cloth to tie it to what was covering him; he really needed to get some clothes.

Sha effsueshar.

As if on cue with Laes' heeding, the girl that had been up on the cliff now broke through the treeline and began speaking in some sort of panic. Nico greeted her with a stoic expression, and after she had asked several questions, he cast a glance that said 'you handle this' at the girl who had introduced herself as Cináed.

He didn't really find himself in the mood to talk much at the moment, not that he was much of a talker in general anyway. Regardless, he was tired, still in pain from the shift in forms, and disoriented and not yet used to walking on legs. And so he remained silent, heels still dug into the sand so he could maintain balance and not end up toppling over. He took a deep breath as he calmly recollected his thoughts and once again turned his gaze to the woods that the incline lead to, the one the strange girl had just come through.

It left him thinking that there might be a path again, and he exchanged glances between the mystery girl and Cináed, before deciding to at least say something. "Clothes. Path." He gestured to the cape tied around his waist, and then to the incline that lead into the woods. He didn't think it needed any other explanation beyond that, he was still overtly exposed with the cape, and a path meant that it led somewhere.

He didn't really wait for a response from either, and steeled himself as he approached the incline, attempting to climb up it before losing his balance and falling flat onto his back in the sand. His vision flashed white before he let out a groan. And as if the blow to the head flipped a switch, he began exclaiming. "Osael damn these infernal legs! How do you even navigate with these clumsy, pale appendages?!" He didn't offer any attempt to get up, and lay there on his back, crossing his arms over his chest. He blew a tuft of hair out of his face, cheeks beginning to flush.


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[Cináed Rubina la Fabre]

Cináed offered a hesitant sort of wave to this new girl who’d evidently come so far from wherever she’d been to inquire about her own wellbeing and the wellbeing of Nicodemus, along with gesture did a nervous sort of smile slip over her fatigued features. Standing up was in itself a rather difficult task at the moment, given the pain in even breathing from the encounter she’d weathered only a bit ago, before presumably almost drowning. Her body was tired, injured and undoubtedly weak from what she’d undergone. Although she’d imposed this duty over herself, Cináed’s mind could only partly wonder what would happen in the near-future to her if she’d brushed death with just one encounter—with the supposedly weakest member of the rogues, nonetheless. ....she herself was considered weak too, by the standards of her Family-Clan. Of her father’s children, she was the least refined Salamander, her powers were laughable and her control over herself the same.

If she did this badly against the supposedly weakest member of the Rouge clan...then what awaited her as far as the others meant was certain death. The only reason her ass was even alive now was because of a random chance encounter with an odd Undine who’d saved her from drowning.

Her hand dropped back down to her side, eyes slipping ground-ward as a small huff slipped from between her lips at acknowledging the sordid truth. She wanted to stop the rogues, not just for the sake of her own Clan, but for all those other Salamander out there. If they attacked her family on a whim, then it was likely enough that they’d go and do the same to another Salamander Clan. She had to find some way to get stronger, and to stop them.

A shudder went through her body, skin going gooseflesh as the reality of her current situation settled in on her—she was dressed in her usual, somewhat revealing attire while also being sopping wet. A truly good combination...and she was without her usual cloak due to the situation that had surfaced with Nicodemus’ shift from his Undine form to his Human one. She had noted the Undine had gone and ripped a section of it off as well to serve as a sort of pouch. Oh well...I was going to get a new one anyway, don’t really want that one back after this.

“A-are…I-Is everyone alright? I saw…uhm…the girl was kind of lifeless…” the girl spoke, voice so low that the constant lapping the sea waves behind nearly drowned it out. Cináed managed to make it out, but only after struggling a bit to make sure that she had heard right.

Again, a hesitant sort of smile was offered to the girl by Cináed. So, it seemed that she was not only indebted to Nicodemus, but this lass as well for being worried about her. Well, she had time to kill now while she recovered from her injuries anyway...perhaps in that time, she could find a way to repay them.

Nicodemus was looking between herself and the newly arrived girl, seemingly composed...his aura almost regal. Cináed returned his gaze with a silently questioning one of her own; did he have something to say...? “Clothes. Path.” he gestured to the skirt he’d made from her cloak, and to the path that led into the nearby woods, the same one taken by the girl. The Salamander girl tilted her head to the side, she understood what he meant and what he wanted...yeah, he could use some actual clothing. But at the same time, it was noticeable—to her at least—that he was not looking so good himself. Gonna guess he’s still not used to having legs, and that there’s some lingering pain from his change.

Trying to find a town now would definitely be nice, if not for getting Nicodemus some clothing, then so that she might find a bed to collapse into until she recovered from her injuries. That sounded quite nice at the moment. Such a sight she had to be...a waterlogged Salamander; one of Frena’s children, a being born of flame and warmth, battered and sodden.

Without another word, Nicodemus took to trying to climb the slight incline that led from the shore to the pathway, looking as if he were trying to maintain his composure. The water-fish-thing floated about near him still, before it was it happened with little warning. The Undine boy’s legs looked like they were suddenly made of jelly...and he flopped over backward, landing flat in the sand on his back. Cináed couldn’t help but wincing when he hit the ground...She’d fallen enough times like that to know it was both a bit painful, and definitely embarrassing to do in front of others. And embarrassed was definitely what he seemed to be, as his cheeks began to seep with red, the color clashing with his hair quite well. "Osael damn these infernal legs! How do you even navigate with these clumsy, pale appendages?!" he crossed his arms, lying there, not bothering to try to get up again.

The smile that formed over her face was one that she couldn’t help. The way he’d just spoken, coupling it with how he’d just flopped over backward was too funny to her…and a small little laugh slipped from her bruising throat. A heap of giggles came from her, in-between them slipped, “Ow.”s due to the injuries overlaying her body. After about half a minute of this, Cináed managed to make them subside enough to sort of limp over to him, standing overtop of him with a weak sort of smile. “We can ‘navigate with these clumsy pale appendages’ because we were born with them, and you weren’t—you aren’t used to them yet, so you can probably expect to flop over like this in times to come more than once.”

Looking back over to the seemingly timid green-eyed girl, a half shrug came from Cináed. “I’d say we’re all right, sweetie, a little worse for the wear, but overall, okay. S’not like either him or I are dead, just a bit banged up maybe!” that ended with a laugh.

With that, the Salamander turned her crystal-eyes back to the pouting Undine below her and held her hand out to him. She was injured and sore...but she might be able to handle helping him up, if he let her of course. “So, Nico, you gonna stay laying there all day, or are you going to try to navigate your clumsy legs again?”