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Yael Tenskwatawa Acuman

Any Situation should be thought out and struck from behind.

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a character in “Of Those We Know”, as played by TheGoddessReborn


Name: Yael Tenskwatawa Acuman

Age: 22

Race: Shaman

Nicknames: Yael, Yah


Description: strong build, height of about 6’2

Native American features; high cheek bones, strong jaw, long dark smooth hair, full lips and a caramel complexion

History: was born into an all Native American family they soon realized that there newly born boy was blessed with the with Manna (or magic) luckily his grandfather was this way also he began learning the craft how to use simple leaves and berries and the like to create potion/poultices of a healing/destructive nature he was taught how to hunt and how to listen to mother earth and hear was she had to say.

“Yah...” “Yes grandfather?” “Do you hear it? Do you hear our mother speak?” “No...” “Listen... it’s in the wind, the grass moving, the fire burning, and the water that splashes. Do you hear it?” “Yes!” “What does she say to you?” “She... She says OH! She loves me.” “That’s right. Mother earth loves all creatures of the planet and its love that lets us be as the animals and heal.” “Wow...”

Quickly soaking up all his grandfather has to teach him and becoming a shaman. Sadly his grandfather passed away suddenly and Yael looking to the large forest they used to traverse and sighed. Now an adult his moved to American on a reservation close to a small town of bustling people and laughing kids but one day it when ablaze and he ran away watching his precious little piece of solitude burn away.

Personality: Loving, worldly, accepting, gentle, loyal, strong, protective, positive

Gear: a bow/arrows he managed to grab which has flourished in his family for generations, some candy bars he grabbed for whatever reason (looked tasty.) as well as a pocket knife.

-Shape Shifting: Yael can shift his body into the gods of his ancestors
(Note these transformations only last for a limited time any longer and mental strain begins, he is always clothed out of transformation)

The Bird- as the bird Yael takes the form of a beautiful White Raven which blacked over eyes who reminds man of their wisdom is always yours and available

The Wolf- as the wolf Yael take the form of a deep black wolf with piercing purple eyes who call our remembrance to humanities resolve

The Bear- as the bear Yael takes on the form of a large chocolate brown bear with sliver eyes who calls humanities strength

The horse- as the horse Yael takes on the form of a normal sized unicorn-like animal with calming blue eyes who call us to always imagine.

Nature: Yael is also able to harmonize with nature to use for healing which manifests as bright white light if strained is it less so and less effective he can also use this for defense which could be used as heat or something to shove away.

Other: I think that’s Everything

So begins...

Yael Tenskwatawa Acuman's Story


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Yael looked upon his once beautiful piece of land now enshrouded in fire which wafted upward tauntingly. Yael sighed as he was physically afflicted as the landscape with being destroyed; he groaned lightly holding his chest. “Who would do suc-“just as he began his question a bullet whizzed by his head making him fall to the ground in surprise he scrambled on the floor and hid behind a tree which wouldn’t really do anything but he felt safe behind it.

“Come out you freak... let’s go” as the solider finished gun shots rang out again loudly making Yael wince. –What can I do...- He thought quickly. Quietly Yael began shifting into a brilliant slivery-white raven and flew off trying desperately to avoid gun fire. –How did he know I was gifted? - He questioned as his feathers began dancing on the hot winds of fire.

While flying in the blackened skies he noticed two children –what are they doing by themselves?!- swooping down and landing on the overturned car he looked at them for a moment and shifted gently back into his human form. “Are you guys alright?” he said expecting surprised looks on their faces.


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Matthew looked at his sister, and told her "I...I don't know.....but we should go to Grandmas. She lives only a few miles south.....wait, which way is south?". That's when all the other people showed up. As they did, a smaller Phoenix flew by the truck, but did not see them. Matthew then looked at him, and said questioningly "Was....was that Alex? Cool, he finally got his wings!". He faced Max, remembering where they were, but did add "Lucky timing I guess....".

That's when he looked at the others, and almost accidentally blasted them back. Both asked questions. Matthew quickly looked at Max again, he didn't see any injury, and then told them both "Yes and Yes! Now, what is..." he was interrupted by a large explosion nearby. Matthew looked around the trucks, and he saw people heading towards them. "Run!". And Matthew grabbed his sisters hand and began running.


The Director looked at his screen. He had received an interesting picture from a helicopter seconds before it went down. He then contacted one of his Agents in the town they had decided to purge. "Ms. Tofogo, I have priority one targets for you. One of our helicopters with sensor equipment detected something extremely unusual...and possible proof to one of our theories....".

The Director was hidden. No one ever saw his face. He always sat wherever he sat, and he was in the dark. He protected his identity, and his location, well. He looked at the screen. He was looking at two images. One of them was a normal picture, showing Max and Matt. The other, seemed to be the same sort of. This one was filtered to show psionic energy. And Max and Matt both had ample amounts, showing great potential to becomming powerful Psychics, it also showed there was some sort of link or bridge of psionic energy between them. "Eliminate the Targets. Both of them. And whoever gets in your way. But don't get caught, and don't let anyone know about us. I will be keeping in touch. Director out".


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Maxine looked up at the sky for a moment. While a great deal of it was obscured with smoke, she could still spot Polaris in the night sky. "That way." she answered pointing south. She didn't know whether or not the phoenix had been Alex, though apparently the question had been rhetorical. While Max didn't dislike Alex, he was Matt's friend, not her's.

Max was startled by the appearance of the other two, particularly by the fact that one of them was glowing. That was bound to attract attention. As if in direct response to this thought, there was an explosion nearby and a number of people headed their way. Max was then grabbed by the hand and dragged along behind her brother. Not because she was unwilling to run, but because she had gotten thrown off balance by the suddenness of this action. Nevertheless, she quickly regained her balance and began running as well.

Afraid that these people might catch up to them as they ran, Maxine attempted to slide a car into the path of their pursuers. This worked out better than she had intended, as the car instead seemed to lurch toward them, even leaving the ground for a moment. The resulting surprise and efforts at not being hit slowed them down significantly.


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Character Portrait: Maxine Reed Character Portrait: Yael Tenskwatawa Acuman Character Portrait: Misery McConner Character Portrait: Matthew Reed
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Jumping off the Truck and following the rest of the gang, he saw the twin girl lash out her hand and saw the car coming closer Her too? putting his calves to work he sprinted ahead of the and shifted into a large chocolate brown bear and jumped in the air and slammed against the car making fly upward and missing the party entirely.. He hoped. As Yael hit the floor he shifted back into human form and watched the car explode for a second loud explosion.

Not good. "We should go?" he said questioning with an underlying of intention as he turned and jogged hoping the rest followed he would stop sometimes and touch the ground each time with greater intention. Breathless he said "we can... Get to a forest from here if you -loud sigh. - want."