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Minerva Glacier

"Even if I like coldness it doesn't mean I would be cold."

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a character in “Oh, How Mundane!”, as played by Pantheran


Minerva Glacier
Am I lonely? No, I have nature around me.


Minerva Samantha Glacier

{ AGE }



Height: 162 cm (~5'3)
Weight: 46kg (~100 lbs)
Build: skinny

Minerva has light blue, pretty narrow eyes and blonde, really long, wavy hair. Her skin is pale white and lips has light rosy red color. She's looking pretty natural: she has no tattoos nor piercings and she uses a little make up. People often describes she has a "good neighbour girl" -look.

She often uses white clothes. Her favourite outfit is light, white dress that highlights her skinny body. One interesting quality she has, is that she's always cold. Her body temperature is extremely low but and doesn't feel cold either. She likes to walk barefooted even in snow.



Hetero & Asexual

Her family is from up from the north. She comes from old family lineage that is focused on ice magic. Minerva can use it pretty easily since she's studied since she's been 6 years old. Her studies also contained lessons of speaking to northern animals such as ravens, wolves and arctic foxes. Every child of the family is given a protector and Minerva's was an arctic fox called Rose. At the moment she's studying fortune-telling from aurora lights.

Minerva is usually the one who's left outside. She's not good at aproaching others but if someone comes to talk with her she's friendly and helpful. You easily get a shy picture of her since she's always talking quietly. Her sentences often sounds like questions than actual statement. She likes silence in a first place. Too loud, sudden voices makes her scared.

She's sensitive and can start crying easily. When she cries her tears freeze on her cheeks because of her cold blood. She also likes walking barefooted. She can't feel cold and enjoys the snow under her feet.

Minerva is a bit of dreamer. Sometimes you might notice she's not listening you but thinking something else. She's not trying to be rude or show that your speech isn't interesting her. She just happens to lost in her own world. Keeping an eye contact is only way to make sure she hears every word you say.



+ Winter & coldness - quite obviously
+ Northern animals - especially arctic foxes
+ Walking barefooted in snow early in the morning
+ Nature overall
+ Werewolves - they remind her of her home land

√ Helps always when asked
√ Talks truthfully
√ Believes that every story has two or even three sides
√ Is good listener and wants comfort others
- Heat and fire - you wonder why?
- Loud people and noises
- Manipulating, lying, cheating and fake tears
- Rushing
- If someone is damaging nature in purpose

* Biting her lip when nervous
* When having strong emotions she might lose control of her magic
* Talks often too quietly
* Is too trustful and can be misguided easily

° Vampires - She has had nasty experience with one in her past
° Queen Mabela - She shares powers with her but is her opposite. She's afraid she thinks her as a competitor and comes after her.


Minerva has lived her childhood in the lands of snow and ice. She was quite lonely girl, there wasn't many residents and not much to do either. She often played with her guardian, an arctic fox called Rose who was with her until her 13th birthday. She was only child of her family, even his cousin, Henrik, is 14 years older than her. She lived a simple life: there was electricity but only few lights and two TVs in whole village. The radios worked with batteries and trips to larger towns were made with dog sled or horses. Cars were impractical in heavy snow and ice. There was a hot spring that was source of warm water. However her family was highly respected among their community and they had a large, three floored house. Some even called it small mansion.

Minerva was talented in magic and being hardworking she learned spells quickly. She read old book and scrolls all day and night long. She couldn't ask help from her mother, Eleanora, since this has died when Minerva was three. She started study it at the age of six and by the age of 13 she was able to cast 18 different spells perfectly.

When she turned 13 she was able to leave away from the village by herself with no guardians. Minerva still stayed close to her home town and often made the longer trips with her father, Simon. At the age of 16 she decided she wanted to know even more about the world and left from her safe haven to experience the world around her.


Taylor Swift


Light Blue #B2F0FF

Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling

So begins...

Minerva Glacier's Story