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Haruki Shinobu

"Just leave me alone."

0 · 288 views · located in Sorugami High School

a character in “Oh, What a Wonderful Life it Is!”, originally authored by ボクセルちゃん, as played by RolePlayGateway




❝I never really payed attention to the people around me or what they said. That kind of backfired against me and made me an outcast, but I traded popularity and friends for a peaceful life and serenity.❞

Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain || VY2 & VY1
Circus Monster || VY2

❝I never wanted to do what I did, but I couldn't get the help I needed and in the end it turned out like this.❞

Image☠ Full name ☠ "I'm quite proud of my name, is there anything wrong about that?"
Haruki Shinobu|| Haruki standing for "springtime tree" and he likes to think that it could also mean Cherry Blossom tree and Shinobu means "endurance"

☠ Nickname ☠ "My nickname really is just a joke."
Yoshi|| Hes called Yoshi because his nickname used to be Oishi and he was a fan of Mario whenever he was young.
Haki|| Just the shortened version of his name, nothing special.

☠ Age and Year☠ "I don't really get the school system and why there're grades and stuff, but oh well."
16, Sophmore

☠ Gender ☠ "I know it's hard to tell because of my hair and my eyes but come on.."

☠ Sexuality ☠ "What's so wrong about it?"

☠ Nationality ☠ "Part French from my mothers side, Japanese and Italian from my Fathers."
50% French 25% Japanese and 25% Italian.

☠ Face Claim ☠
VY2 || Vocaloid

❝You can keep insulting me, throwing empty threats at me, but in the end it doesn't matter. Cause you die either way.❞

Image☠ Height & Weight ☠ "I'm okay with my weight but..why do I have to be so short.."
He stands at a good 5'11, though he thinks THAT is short and he weighs 106lbs.

☠ Hair color/Length/Quality ☠ "I just know people are going to make fun of it."
A powdered pink, he did dye it though he just didn't like the mucky brown that he had before and decided to dye his hair a new and lighter color. It's just about halfway to his shoulder, though he always cuts it to make sure all of the strands of hair are kind of messy, he doesn't really like anything perfect.

☠ Eye color ☠ "Yeah, it's my real eye color.."
Piercing Yellow, though people usually question whether or not that is his real eye color. Mostly because it's not very common to see people with yellow or gold eyes. But he seems to ignore it, as long as people don't make a rude or insulting remark about it.

☠ Distinguishable Facial Features ☠ "I don't have any, but that probably won't be fore too long.."
He doesn't have anything on his face other than..well..the stuff that's suppose to be on his face.

☠ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ☠ "I don't think I have anything other than a tattoo on my chest and the piercings in my left ear."
Tattoos|| He does have a tattoo across his chest that says "VY2", he honestly doesn't know why he got it or what it means but it's already there so..

Piercings|| He has three piercings in his left ear, one at the very top of his earlobe and it's not a loop just a simple piercing. Closer to the bottom is another exactly like the one at the top and right below that is a loop. All of them are black and green.

☠ Physical Description ☠ "If only I could be a few inches taller.."
His clothing style is what most people would call weird, it's like this sort of futuristic style with just a little bit of modern day in it. He usually like to keep it just like that and hates when people judge him on his appearance, calling him a nerd and such. Though he would wear anything else if he really had to but he keep likes to keep his futuristic, modern style just because he thinks it really fits him. Haruki isn't very tall, or manly at all. He wants to become stronger and taller, but he loses enthusiasm once he figures out that he has to work for it.

Haruki stands at only 5'11, being an 18 year old, and has barely any muscle at all. Some people would ask him if he was strong, and he'd answer with a yes even though he can barely lift 30 pounds without trouble. Haruki's goal is to someday become three inches taller since he finds 5'11 short. By doing that, he usually drinks milk in hope that his wish will come true.

His hair is normal length, sometimes growing a little over that and covering his eyes, but he keeps an eye on it so that it wouldn't grow too far. Haruki's eyes are quite unique. Yellow eyes may be normal but, people argue about the color. Most times though, people would see his eyes as green instead of a very yellow, and just like usual, Oishi has no evidence to back up either side since he lost his birth certificate, and doesn't know himself. His gloves is what is found most... interesting...some people find it a little unusual, but Oishi grew quite fond of it since it was a gift from his father who passed.

❝I can't take people seriously anymore, mostly because if you did end up taking it to heart you just end up hurting yourself❞

Image☠ Habits/Quirks ☠
Sleeping|| Haruki, out of all the things in the world, loves sleeping the most. If he was granted any wish in the whole entire world, at the moment, he'd probably waste it on having a lifetime of peaceful sleep. Haruki, as a child, worried his mother since he slept so much, for such a long time and his naps were over 3 hours long. Though, it turns out, Haruki had no problems, he was just one of those special children who needed a lot more sleep than a regular person. Haruki doesn't mind his sleep condition, in fact, he takes advantage of it sometimes by staying up late until he'd pass out and sleep in until noon or sometime around there. He usually takes naps throughout the day.
Food|| Haruki, just like many other people, is a lover of food. There is not a single dish or type of food that he doesn't like. He'll eat anything he's given, and sometimes, he'll eat more than a regular person, or even an average man would, yet Haruki won't get fat, or taller, or stronger. Haruki is able to eat the spiciest, sweetest, or sourest food. Even if the cooking is not very good, perhaps burnt or under cooked, he'll still take it. Because of this, he's gotten into trouble in the past when he would accidentally eat raw meat as a child.
Sweets|| Going with his love for food, he absolutely adores sweets! Whenever he was younger he used to eat whole cakes by himself.

☠ Likes ☠
Rain|| Just because it calms him and let him sort things out.
Art/Musical Arts|| He finds them both interesting and he's rather good at painting and playing the bass.
Winter|| Just for a simple fact, who wouldn't like winter? Beautiful snow and plus it's the holidays.
Violin|| Going with his love for Musical Arts, he finds the Violin the most beautiful instrument out of them all and its currently trying to learn it.
Snow|| Tying with his love for season of winter, snow makes almost everything look beautiful.
School|| He always loved learning new things, but ignorant kids always ruined it for him.
Weekends|| It's that one day that he actually gets to sleep in instead of getting up early for school.
Food|| Do I really need to say why?
Cooking|| He likes a food a lot, so why wouldn't he like cooking?
Video-games|| Haruki just started just playing at a young age and it became of habit of his to play whenever he had time.

☠ Dislikes ☠
Bitter/Sour Things|| Most people don't like these things, and neither does Haruki
Being Judged By His Appearance|| Nothing bugs him more than this, no one really knows how much it really bugs him though.
Most People|| Mainly because they're too ignorant to even see the obvious when it's hanging right in front of their faces, and he really hates the kids in High School because they always interrupted the teacher.
Summer|| It's really just too hot for Haruki, since he wears so many layers of clothing.
Being Woken Up|| He hates it especially, if it's during a good dream.
Yelling|| There really is no need to yell at people most of the time, especially if their right next to you

☠ Talents ☠
The King of Hide and Seek|| He can hide almost everywhere at anytime. Sometimes even in plain sight, especially if their's a crowed though his gloves kind of get in the way of that.
Sword Arts|| He's extremely talented with a sword, one of the many reasons he carries a sword around with him no matter where he goes, what he doing or whoever questions him he ALWAYS has it.
Infamous Liar|| He's very well known for being a really good liar and almost everyone in the school knows it and watches out just incase. Thing is, since he was GOOD at lying no one could really tell he was, if they could well..what would be the point of lying in the first place?
Multitasker|| Another one of his talents would be to easily multitask during his jobs and assignments.
Master Sleuth|| Tying in well with him being able to hide easily, he is extremely skilled in recon and investigating areas that he may or may not be allowed into.
Adept Lockpicker|| He could pick a lock with just about anything, he once used a sharpened candy cane, even though it broke often it ended up working.
Avid Gamer|| He'll play anything that gets thrown at him, even if it's just a regular FPS game.


☠ Flaws ☠
Slothful|| He loses enthusiasm once he figures out that he has to work for something, though this doesn't apply to his lifetime goals. He will stop at nothing until he has achieved them.
Difficult|| Haruki is extremely hard to deal with, manage, control, overcome, or understand.
Impatient|| He hates waiting on anything, especially for people.
Unpredictable|| You really don't know what Haruki might do at any time, though it can being annoying it can also be quite funny to see what he does.
Callous|| Haruki doesn't really render his emotions clearly and it can be hard to understand what he's feeling from time to time.

☠ Fears ☠
Losing His Sister|| His sister, Nao, was in a car accident when his older brother was drunk driving again and is now in a comma. She has been like that for about two years. (Explained better in History)
Rejection|| Almost everyone is afraid of rejection, even Haruki. Though it wasn't as bad as it was back then whenever he was in Middle School.
Thunder|| Haruki isn't afraid of lightning, he can look at one bolt coming from the sky and be like " will ya' look at that." and won't even think anything of it. It's what happens AFTER the lightning that really gets to him.
Ocean|| He doesn't like any big body of natural water because he went to the beach once when he was little with his Stepmother and he got pulled in by tide and almost drowned.

☠ Hobbies ☠
✔Drawing & Painting
✔Collecting Old Comic Books
✔Drawing & Painting Mythological Gods
✔Collecting Seashells

☠ Secrets ☠
⌛ The fact that he ate raw meat as a child, seriously, who would want someone else finding that out?

❝I'm not a bad person to be around at all, I just sometimes do bad things. Why you ask? Well..I honestly don't know.❞

☠ Schedule ☠
Homeroom || 7:00-7:05
History || 7:10-8:15
Mathmatics || 8:20-9:35
Elective Class || 9:40-10:55
English/Language Class || 11:00-12:15
Gym || 12:20-1:35
Lunch/Free Period || 1:40-2:55
Dismissal || 2:55

☠ Sports ☠
Swimming, only for the sake of having of a sport

☠ Clubs ☠
Video Game

☠ Personality ☠ "It would be a lot easier if you would find out for yourself."
Haruki isn't the most ideal person to be around. As stated before he can be really hard to deal with at times and a lot of people find this really annoying about him, but if he actually knows you he can be quite open. I'm going to say this right now, you do not want to get on his bad side. He can, and will make your life a living hell and will not hesitate to show contempt for you. Now this is only if you get on his bad side, other than that, you're A-okay. Now there are exceptions to this, for example, if you're known for being arrogant and you don't try to hide it, you can easily get on his bad sides without even meeting him. Haruki isn't one to judge and make fun of people by their appearance, hes far above that. He hates it when people do that, and he wouldn't do it to anyone else because he knows how it feels to be judged, it happened to him the entirety of High School. People used to call him a nerd because his clothes were odd and looked futuristic and he would never hear the end of it.

Haruki does have a side of him that's a lot more talkative, but he only acts that way around people that he's close too and, as of now, he would only act like that around his sister or his mother & father.

❝It's still night time right?'s eight in the morning..I still got time to sleep then..❞

Image☠ Romantic Interest ☠ "I..honestly do not know.."

☠ Most Precious Person ☠ "..."
His sister that is still in a coma from two years ago.

☠ Family ☠ "I bet they hate me now.."
Amai Shinobu||Mother||58||Deceased
Yumi Shinobu||Stepmother||51||Alive
Izumi Shinobu||Father||65||Deceased
Nao Shinobu||Sister||19||Alive, in a coma
Takesh Shinobu||Brother||20||Alive, in prison

☠ History ☠ "It's suppose to stay in the past, that's why it's called History.."
Haruki's real mother died giving birth to him, so he never really got to meet his real mother. He was rather close to his sister though, mostly because she was just one year older then him and she wasn't a complete asshole like his brother. Other than his mother's death, he lived an almost perfect child hood. He made good grades in school and his friends would often come over to play with him, the only real problem was his brother; Takeshi. He would get his friends to come over and mess with Haruki almost everyday and he soon had to stay in his room and lock the door to keep them from bothering them and even then they would bang on his door and harass him.

Haruki's dad formed a gang when he was 7, so that he could get 'easy money'. Even if Haruki was in a bad environment as a child, he grew up to be nothing like his father. He was kind and always put others before himself, but his Dad hated that. He wanted Haruki to be rough so that whenever he passed away, Haruki could take over the gang. His stepmother and his sister were against this but his brother was all for it, he liked the idea of being able to control people and have them do whatever he wanted. So it was decided that, instead of Haruki, Takeshi would end up leading the gang and Haruki would be second in command. Though Haruki didn't want anything to do with the gang, though honestly, he didn't want anything to do with his father. Ultimately, he was forced into the gang.

All he was suppose to do is recon and investigate stuff, and that came as a relief to Haruki since he wouldn't be getting into the fights or having to kill people. He did have to beat some people up and threaten them, but that was far different from actually picking up a weapon and killing them. Even though it was dangerous he still did it, and to his surprise, he was actually really good at it. He could easily blend into his surroundings, despite the flashy clothing that he still wears to this day. He grew to be distant and keep to himself, though he still did hang out with his sister every now and then. Until the car accident that is. Whenever his brother Takeshi was picking Nao up from work and it wasn't much of a surprise that he was drunk and Nao tried to get Takeshi to let her drive but Takeshi wouldn't let up. His stubbornness led to them getting in a car crash and Nao ended up in a coma. Haruki's hate for his brother only grew from that event and he never once looked at his brother again.

☠ Other ☠



So begins...

Haruki Shinobu's Story

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Matthew and Felicity were riding on the bus from their aunt's house with Mira somewhere on the crowded bus. Of course, Matt picked the outside seat. He wanted to protect his sister, he couldn't let what happened to him happen to his sister. It was almost insane, the teasing he went through at his old school. All Matt wanted was to protect his sister, Felicity, from the bitter truth. That he would need to pay millions of dollars to get his face replaced. And he couldn't let that happen to his sister.

Felicity was writing in her notebook, on the other hand. She was oblivious to the world around her, like a child. Every so often, she would look out the window, but other than that, she was writing in her notebook she got from her from her parents before the twins left the USA. Matt had gotten a notebook as well, he only kept it in his suitcase, never taking it out except for today, when he put it in his backpack for note-taking. She had a feeling he was mad at their parents, but she didn't talk to him about it. She didn't want to make her brother mad at her.

Mira was a student from Finland. The twins didn't know much about her.

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The lights from the sun shone dimly through the blinds of the windows. Haruki slowly began to stir from his sleep, but not in a good mood at all. Staying up late at night preparing for the first day of school took a toll on his energy and, now he was feeling tired and restless just lying here in bed. Having trouble trying to adjust again, he slowly rose from his bed and walked to the bathroom, taking a firm hold the wall to keep his from falling on the way to there. When he finally got there after the unnecessary long walk, he took a look in the mirror.

His hair looked, well putting lightly, hideous. It was knotted up together and looked like a cat had clawed through it. He really isn't in the mood of combing, brushing through it, and cutting it so it fitted exactly what he wanted. All he did was a half-assed job of brushing through it to make it look the least bit appealing. After fixing his hair some what, he walked down the stairs to his house.

Haruki's Stepmother had already made him breakfast and left for work like always. He quickly finished his breakfast and started to head out of the door, but before that he took a glance at the clock sitting on the table right next to the door. Seven O'six the clock read.

Haruki frowned, he had gotten up much sooner than he wanted to and it was probably why he was feeling so tired. Since he's the type of person to sleep in and don't care if he was late to school or not, he usually didn't get up until Eight O'clock sharp. Silently cursing himself he opened his door and began to walk down the street towards the High-school.

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Kimi sits in the back of the bus, alone, as per her usual routine. It is the first day of high school for her. She wouldn't be going far, however, the middle school she attended is right next to her high school and she has been in the building many a time for some of her clubs and lunch periods. She fiddles nervously with the bow on the front of her uniform as she gazes out the window at the passing buildings and cars. Fixing her pink sweater, she stands as the bus comes to a stop. She exits the bus quietly and looks at a piece of paper she is holding which tells her the locker number and combination that is hers. She heads to the lockers and removes her shoes, putting on her school approved ones and sliding the others into the box. She also places her lunch bag into the box and closes it.
"First class is 103...guess I'd better go there then..." she quietly says to herself. As she begins to walk to her class, she gets bumped into by an upperclassman.
"Watch it, freak!" he yells as he continues to run down the hall.

Akihiko decides today he would jog to school. He needed to get his stamina up if he was going to do all the sports he was needed in this year. The coaches had asked him to join other sports teams because of his success in the ones he had participated in last year. This was great and all, and he couldn't say no, not with he scholarships on the line, but when would he have time for a social life. That was important in his high school life. This year, however, was the most important year. Junior year is when all the tests happen that will determine your graduation GPA and if you even get any scholarships. In any case, he ran off his worries as he started his journey to school.

When he arrived, Akihiko was greeted by the waves and voices of underclassmen girls.
"Oh! Good morning Aki-senpai!"
"Aki-senpai's here! He looks so cute!"
"I wonder if he has a girlfriend! Oh I wish I could be her!"
This was normal for him. Due to his success in sports, he was quite popular with the girls in school, mostly the underclassmen, as then looked up to him. Truth was, he didn't have a girlfriend, nor did he really want one, he didn't have the time. He continued on into the locker area of the school putting his shoes in the locker, switching them with his school shoes.
"Do I have time to run to the locker room for a shower?" he thought to himself. He shrugged closing his locker and began briskly walking to the locker room. There were 15 minutes until homeroom and he knew where he was going. He had time. On his walk, he heard a boy yelling behind him.
"Watch it, freak!" He then felt a bump on his shoulder. The boy turned to him.
"Get out of my-" the boy's eyes grew wide, "O-oh! Akihiko-senpai! S-Sorry I didn't know that was you! Oh man! Please forgive me! I'm so s-sorry![/b]" The boy bows frantically as if he just scratched the shoes of a superstar. Akihiko puts his hands in his pockets.
"S'fine. Just don't go blaming other people when it's you causing the trouble..." Akihiko entered the locker room, hearing the boy's reply from behind him.
"Y-Yes, senpai! Sorry, senpai!"
Akihiko hops into the shower to wash off the sweat from his morning jog/run before he heads to class.

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The annoying beeping of her purple alarm clock rang through Sora's dream. She was dreaming about flying high above the open ocean on a colourful hot air balloon. She liked the feeling of the wind going through her long hair and the quiet sounds of the waves below. But that's when the beeping sounds began bothersome, and Sora slowly opened her eyes.

"Shut up!" Sora yelled at her alarm clock (not that it would reply to her) as she tousled around in her sheets that were tangled onto her body. After some time, her arm managed to escape the wildness and she hit the big OFF button on her annoying alarm clock. Sora then brought her fists to her eyes to rub the sleep out then slowly lifted her head up to check the time.

7:05 AM

Oh no.

Sora quickly scrambled out of bed, just about tripping on the bed sheet wrapped tightly around her foot. She usually woke up way at six. But today was already not Sora's day. And just to make matters worse, it was the first day of school. Sora quickly undressed and dressed back into her usual school uniform. She ran over to her bathroom that was near by and swiftly grabbed a brush and started brushing her knotty hair before braiding the small pieces in the front like she always did.

Then, she grabbed her toothpaste and tooth brush and started brushing her teeth clean. Once she was done she spat out the toothpaste and rinsed the toothpaste down the sink with water. Her eyes then landed on two bottles of perfume sitting by the sink. She quickly grabbed a bottle and squirted it in the air then walked through it, out of the bathroom.

Her mother would usually wake her up if she was sleeping in while her father was at work early in the mornings.. However, her mother had just gotten a job, which has the same work hours as her fathers did. Now, it was up to Sora to wake up on her own and not be late for school every day. Sora had angrily sighed when her mother told her this, since Sora had worries about sleeping through her alarm... like she did today.

Sora had made her lunch and placed everything she needed in her school bag the night before so she would be all set for today. Her black school bag rested by the front door. Sora quickly slung it over her shoulder and ran out the front door. She was already out of breath, but she needed to keep going.

She proceeded to run swiftly down the small hill outside her house. The hill just gave her extra speed. The school wasn't too far from her house, so she never really needed to take the bus. She continued running before she saw a guy, about her age, with bright pink hair whom looked like he was walking to school as well.

"Watch out!" She yelled out at the guy as she quickly dodged him by spinning around him. She didn't even look back to see the guys reaction as she continued running down the sidewalk.

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Anaru was suddenly awaken by the loud screech of her alarm clock. She groaned in frustration as she slammed her fist on the top of the clock, eventually hitting the snooze button. Once again, she had a restless night. Mostly because she stayed up until 2:00 AM, forgetting about her first day of school, but details, details. After succeeding to turn off the alarm, she stood up and started her morning schedule.

After taking her morning shower, Anaru dressed up in a pale pink dress with a white, see-threw laced overcoat. After slipping on her shoes, grabbing a piece of toast, and swinging her backpack over her shoulders, she opened the door and started walking the pathway to school.

As she was walking along, enjoying the peaceful scenery, Anaru was knocked out of her thoughts by the sound of girl's sudden greetings. She glanced over at the commotion and saw some girls calling out to a male, slightly older than them all, jogging on his way to school. She shook her head slowly, the things girls do when they see a pretty face. But she continued her way, minding her own business.

Not much else happened, she saw a tall male with pink hair pass by her, which caught her attention. She's never seen a male, or anyone for that matter, with pink hair. But she eventually lost interest and continued her way to school.

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While Haruki was continuing to walk down the street towards the High-school, enjoying how quiet it was. Though obviously that quietness wouldn't last for long as someone decided to make his first day of school much less bearable for him. He was already in a bad mood from waking up so early in the morning and he didn't need anyone else to just keep adding to the problem. But sadly, it just seems that luck was not on his side today.

"Watch out!"

He heard someone shout of from behind him, he could also hear the sound of shoes hitting the sidewalk getting closer and closer towards him. He didn't move or anything, more like he didn't have too. The girl quickly span around him and continued running down the hill. Now any normal person would probably stop them and ask why they were running down the hill in the first place but, Haruki just continued walking down the street like he didn't even notice her in the first place.

Whenever he reached the school gates he could already see that a handful of people were already here. It took him little time to find Homeroom and when he finally walked into the classroom he could already feel the eyes, all of them seemingly staring at his hair "Yeah Yeah, I have pink hair so what? he mumbled to his self as he took a seat at the back of the classroom. The teacher wasn't here yet so decided it was the right time to try and get some shut eye. Haruki threw his hood over his head and then layed his head down on the desk and went to sleep. Just another school day for him..

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Kaito ceased to pay attention as the teacher began to talk about rules and regulations of the school. Instead he began to chat with Hayato.

"Well, I'm doing great Katio."

"What did you even do? That is, other than just messing around."

"Well I..." Hayato took a moment to think.

"That's what I thought, knowing you, that's all you'd do when you get free time." Hayato shrugged and took a look around the classroom.

"Who do you think looks cute?"

"I don't know, why do you wanna know?"

"Oh? You like one of the guys then?" Kaito rolled his eyes and took a look at the girls in the classroom.

"Maybe that one." he said pointing to the Chinese girl. Hayato began laughing silently.

"Hey, maybe I should let her know?"


"Hey!" Hayato whispered at the girl. "Chinese girl! Hey!" Kaito grabbed his arm.

"I swear, if you continue, I'm gonna start calling you bird boy again. Remember how well that name stuck in middle school?" Hayato deflated in defeat.


"Now..." Kaito contunued. "...what class do you have next?"

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Saigo stand up from his chair, attending classes was as boring as usual, however it was time for the elective class, in his case, Kendo, he grabbed his backpack and his kendo wooden sword, he was checking his schedule to see where was the place where the elective class will be taken place. However, while he was walking by the corridors a couple of students running to his side pushed him and he step back without realising that by doing so his wooden sword hit the head of another student , not a big hit, but it should have been painful, he turned to his partner to see if was hurt he bows and says: "gomenasai, it was my fault. I hope you are not hurt"