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Saigo Miyamoto

"Trust only in your own strengths"

0 · 412 views · located in Sorugami High School

a character in “Oh, What a Wonderful Life it Is!”, as played by pachacuteki


Name: Saigo Miyamoto
Age: 14
Gender: male
Grade: 9th (freshman)
Appearance: Anime Only Please!Image
Sexuality: straight
Sports: kendo
Clubs: kendo club
Schedule: 3
Bio: Saigo Miyamoto is the scond son of one of the most traditional families in the Japanese world of kendo, the Miyamoto clan, since the Edo Era the MIyamoto had practised kendo emerging from them some of the best masters in Japan´s history. Saigo was an average talent in kendo, not like his elder brother Shingo, who was a notorious genious since childhood, Saigo has always a second place in kendo, however both brother enjoyed a good relationship. But Shingo died 5 years ago and the responsibility as the successor of the MIyamoto family passed to Saigo who had to learn quickly the lessons. Being under the authority of his grandfather, he enjoys very little social life dedicated his spare time to anything related to kendo.
Personality: Saigo is a very cold and quiet boy, it means not very talking or friendly, bu at least quite considered and polite with other people as expected of a Miyamoto. He is very hard working and stubborn in anything he does, specialy about kendo, only when he got a sword on his hands he shwos how competitive and rude he can be to win.
Love Interest: Demi Hokida(?)

So begins...

Saigo Miyamoto's Story

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Character Portrait: Saigo Miyamoto
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Saigo walked to the gates of the school he was already late, quite late, most of the students were already inside, so it didn´t have any sense to run. It was comprehensible after all, it was the previous night when his family had arrived int he city from Hokkaido, in the far north. He had been taking his things from the trucks to his new house, and had slept only a few hours ... he was still tired.

Oh well ... so this is it - he says while looking the school from the gates - well at least I'll certainly be in time to take the second class

Said while looking a paper with whis printed schedule in there, he walked inside the building, sighed, he still missed his school, the one he attended in Hokkaido, everything here was new for him, and for everyone here he was new for them.

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Character Portrait: Ling Tao Character Portrait: Saigo Miyamoto
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Saigo had left his shoes in his lockers as left the Principal's office to write the last papers to confirm his presence as a new student, he was coming to his class, but as he knows, he maybe had lost the first class, and it would be really uncomfortable to enter in a classroom right now; he decided to spent some minutes around.

However he looked for his classroom

"ninth...ninth...ninth" he says to himself as walked by the hallway looking for his classroom with his schedule in the handit is a large building would be easy to find a new classroom in my old school he stopped when he realised how homesick he was Now I´m homesick, new and late in this school he thought

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Saigo finally decided to stop wasting the time and enter in the classroom during the history class, he opened the door and approached to Ms. Mazawa, he was obviously a new student since his uniform was the standard black coat uniform of the northern schools. His papers were in order and the teacher stopped a minutes to say: "Well class we have a new partner that is join to us today, introduce yourself" he ordered to Saigo. He stand in front of the class with a emotionless expression "Saigo Miyamoto desu, onegaishimasu", much of the class answered mechanically "onegaishimasu" to the new student.
"You can sit over there, Mr. Miyamoto" added the teacher, Saigo sits in the back of the classroom.

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"I apologize for our lateness!" Felicity apologized as she rushed into the classroom, her brother silently behind her. Matt felt all eyes on his scar, and he sighed as he looked at the ground. This year was going to be long. He heard his sister saying, "I'm Felicity, and this is my brother, Mathew, Matt for short." And after that, the teacher told them to sit down on opposite sides of the room, so they did. Matt was a little nervous as he couldn't protect his sister from spitballs. He got out his notebook and began writing poetry in it, while Felicity took notes.

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Saigo stand up from his chair, attending classes was as boring as usual, however it was time for the elective class, in his case, Kendo, he grabbed his backpack and his kendo wooden sword, he was checking his schedule to see where was the place where the elective class will be taken place. However, while he was walking by the corridors a couple of students running to his side pushed him and he step back without realising that by doing so his wooden sword hit the head of another student , not a big hit, but it should have been painful, he turned to his partner to see if was hurt he bows and says: "gomenasai, it was my fault. I hope you are not hurt"