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Sana Asakura

I've only got a year to find a boyfriend.. How hard can it be?

0 · 395 views · located in Sorugami High School

a character in “Oh, What a Wonderful Life it Is!”, originally authored by Stiles, as played by RolePlayGateway



I'm Sana.. N-no! I'm not my sister, I won't hurt you!

Normal || Blown Away | Carrie Underwood ||
Angry || Stronger | Kelly Clarkson ||
Emotional || Wrecking ball | Miley Cyrus ||

Imageβ™” Full Name β™”: Sana Asakura

β™” Age β™”: 15

β™” Gender β™”: Female

β™” Romantic Interest β™”: To be announced! ;)

β™” Sexuality β™”: Asexual (So she believes.. but truly she's Heterosexual)

β™” Grade β™”: 9th (Freshmen)

β™” Clubs β™”: Cooking, Theatre, Video game club

β™” Schedule β™”: Schedule 3

Imageβ™” Personality β™”: Sana is a moderately shy and easygoing girl. Typically she gets along with everyone and is usually a girl of fewer words. She enjoys school, getting good grades since as long as she could remember. She's never been in trouble, or had detention. Actually, Sana hardly gets noticed by her peers at all. She's always blended in with the walls of the classroom unless she's raising her hand to answer a question. All through middle school her only friend was her sister Kana. This year she's trying to come out of her shell, and with the bet, she has no choice. Unfortunately, Sana is very gullible and naive, thus easily corrupted to another's will. She's a very sensitive girl, becoming quite emotional once she's connected to someone. She gives her all in her relationships with others. Far from perfect, Sana loves her friends and family with everything ounce of her being regardless of their pasts. Her emotions are always on her sleeve, usually causing her to get her feelings hurt a lot. Despite her introverted disposition, Sana does have a temper. As hard as it is to conjure, it's something to behold. Her hotheaded rage reveals itself when someone has really hurt her emotionally, physically, or when someone hurts Kana. She isn't exactly a fighter, but she has once or twice. Not to say she's won. She's not very confident in her sporting abilities or her looks, especially compared to Kana, but Sana doesn't mention her insecurities, she doesn't want Kana to feel guilty.

β™”Likes β™”: Listening to music- Much like her sister, Sana finds her escape in music as well. although Sana prefers mainstream popular beats. She's not much for heavy metal, but she can appreciate a good rock song. She has a pair of beats around her neck, the headphones are her prize possession, little is known as to why she cherishes them since she's pretty much a wallflower.

Reading Manga- She's a sucker for a good romance manga. Sana loves the idea of a cliche romance story, and often can be found daydreaming of her own 'happily ever after'. She realizes it's unrealistic, but she wants an epic love story to unfold, rather than to find a random boyfriend, simply to best her sister at her own bet. She's often reading them during lunch period, hiding them inside her school books so no one realizes her guilty pleasure is romance manga.

Cooking- Ever since they were children their parents worked late hours, consequently, one of the girls had to learn how to cook. Kana used to almost set the kitchen on fire, so naturally Sana was forced to take up the trade. As years went by her cooking improved and the hassle became a hobby. Nowadays she cooks for the fun of it, and because the twins have come accustomed to her cooking rather than their mothers.

β™” Dislikes β™”: Unintelligent people- Possibly because of the romance manga, Sana hates illiterate people. She enjoys a smart mind, and hates it when someone has no information to offer in a conversation. Not as rude as her sister, Sana will still engage in conversations with those she deems 'imbeciles', but it irritates her. She especially hates it when the immature and idiotic person is a male.

Bullies- Sana hates bullies more than anything else. In middle school she used to get bullied for wearing glasses. Kana wasn't always around to stick up for her, and eventually Sana opted for contacts altogether. Now she cannot tolerate watching someone bully someone else.

Slackers- She doesn't like people who scrape the edge of useless. She thinks slackers should be kicked out of school and left to fend for themselves on the streets until they gain some sense and actually want to get somewhere useful in life. She has been known to actually wake up slackers and lecture them about listening in class, though she sees it as 'friendly advice'.

Gym class- Born frail, Sana has never gotten good marks in gym class, she just has a good grade due to extra credit. She spends her evenings gathering up the gym supplies, shadowing the gym teacher to keep her near perfect grades in tact.

Image β™” Talents β™”: English, History and Cooking. Sana is a natural for the average duties of a housewife as well.

β™” Flaws β™”: She's an introvert and she doesn't know how to talk to boys, she doesn't have much confidence and compares herself to other girls so much that she kind of just becomes a wallflower. She isn't very physically strong, so she struggles with sports.

β™” Fearsβ™”: Making bad grades- All of her education has been focused on making good grades and preparing for college. Her worst nightmare would be a bad mark that would jeopardize her chances at getting into her ideal college. She spends late nights studying, even on weekends. She has trouble sleeping, bad dreams of flunking her classes plaguing her most nights. Getting laughed at- Going along with her bully story, even friendly laughter makes her uneasy. Sana doesn't get jokes very often, a little too naive to understand, thinking the person is mocking her for some reason. It's not hard to see that she often takes harmless laughter personal.

Losing- Despite her sweet disposition, Sana is quite competitive when it comes to academics and she absolutely loathes losing. Video games with Kana, grades, you name it. Sana will practice and study until she bests everyone at her strong suits.

Getting locked in a closet or any other small, dark space- Kana is scared of being locked in a closet or any other small, dark space really. Her father used to lock the twins up as punishment, leaving them in a dark closet for hours at a time as children. Since, she's been quite claustrophobic.

β™”Secrets β™”: She made a bet with her sister that she could get a boyfriend before Kana could, and their deadline was the end of the year. She didn't realize Kana was joking, but now she is stuck in a bet, and if she loses, she has to start playing sports and stop wearing makeup and dressing girly.

So begins...

Sana Asakura's Story

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Matthew and Felicity were riding on the bus from their aunt's house with Mira somewhere on the crowded bus. Of course, Matt picked the outside seat. He wanted to protect his sister, he couldn't let what happened to him happen to his sister. It was almost insane, the teasing he went through at his old school. All Matt wanted was to protect his sister, Felicity, from the bitter truth. That he would need to pay millions of dollars to get his face replaced. And he couldn't let that happen to his sister.

Felicity was writing in her notebook, on the other hand. She was oblivious to the world around her, like a child. Every so often, she would look out the window, but other than that, she was writing in her notebook she got from her from her parents before the twins left the USA. Matt had gotten a notebook as well, he only kept it in his suitcase, never taking it out except for today, when he put it in his backpack for note-taking. She had a feeling he was mad at their parents, but she didn't talk to him about it. She didn't want to make her brother mad at her.

Mira was a student from Finland. The twins didn't know much about her.

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Kimi sits in the back of the bus, alone, as per her usual routine. It is the first day of high school for her. She wouldn't be going far, however, the middle school she attended is right next to her high school and she has been in the building many a time for some of her clubs and lunch periods. She fiddles nervously with the bow on the front of her uniform as she gazes out the window at the passing buildings and cars. Fixing her pink sweater, she stands as the bus comes to a stop. She exits the bus quietly and looks at a piece of paper she is holding which tells her the locker number and combination that is hers. She heads to the lockers and removes her shoes, putting on her school approved ones and sliding the others into the box. She also places her lunch bag into the box and closes it.
"First class is 103...guess I'd better go there then..." she quietly says to herself. As she begins to walk to her class, she gets bumped into by an upperclassman.
"Watch it, freak!" he yells as he continues to run down the hall.

Akihiko decides today he would jog to school. He needed to get his stamina up if he was going to do all the sports he was needed in this year. The coaches had asked him to join other sports teams because of his success in the ones he had participated in last year. This was great and all, and he couldn't say no, not with he scholarships on the line, but when would he have time for a social life. That was important in his high school life. This year, however, was the most important year. Junior year is when all the tests happen that will determine your graduation GPA and if you even get any scholarships. In any case, he ran off his worries as he started his journey to school.

When he arrived, Akihiko was greeted by the waves and voices of underclassmen girls.
"Oh! Good morning Aki-senpai!"
"Aki-senpai's here! He looks so cute!"
"I wonder if he has a girlfriend! Oh I wish I could be her!"
This was normal for him. Due to his success in sports, he was quite popular with the girls in school, mostly the underclassmen, as then looked up to him. Truth was, he didn't have a girlfriend, nor did he really want one, he didn't have the time. He continued on into the locker area of the school putting his shoes in the locker, switching them with his school shoes.
"Do I have time to run to the locker room for a shower?" he thought to himself. He shrugged closing his locker and began briskly walking to the locker room. There were 15 minutes until homeroom and he knew where he was going. He had time. On his walk, he heard a boy yelling behind him.
"Watch it, freak!" He then felt a bump on his shoulder. The boy turned to him.
"Get out of my-" the boy's eyes grew wide, "O-oh! Akihiko-senpai! S-Sorry I didn't know that was you! Oh man! Please forgive me! I'm so s-sorry![/b]" The boy bows frantically as if he just scratched the shoes of a superstar. Akihiko puts his hands in his pockets.
"S'fine. Just don't go blaming other people when it's you causing the trouble..." Akihiko entered the locker room, hearing the boy's reply from behind him.
"Y-Yes, senpai! Sorry, senpai!"
Akihiko hops into the shower to wash off the sweat from his morning jog/run before he heads to class.

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#, as written by Stiles
Kana & Sana

Sana stood next to her twin sister, staring at the building from the schoolyard. She went to the middle school.. but she got bullied for her glasses.. She was more than a little nervous this year. Although she got contacts, what if she still got bullied? She clenched her schedule in her hands before slowly taking a step forward, "I'm scared Kana.. What if it's like before? What if nothing changes..?" She looked to her twin anxiously, looking for some sort of comfort. She continued towards the main doors, reaching for the handle gently before squeezing her sister's hand with the other, "Though I guess the bet starts now, huh?" She asked with a weak smile.

Kana rubbed the back of her neck, noticing her younger twin's nervousness. Sana's always been the sensitive one.. she might get eaten alive today.. Luckily we're in the same class. She thought to herself with an amused grin. She patted her sister's back reassuringly, shaking her head, "It's not going to be the same, because we're on a mission to make it different." She winked at Sana before leading her inside the building, "Yep." She smirked, flicking the shyer twin on the forehead. They went to their prospective shoe lockers, Kana kicking her's off casually before picking them up. While Sana on the other hand bent down, slowly untied her shoes and neatly arranged them before placing them in her locker, "Neat freak." Kana teased her sister. Honestly, Kana was equally as nervous, if not more. She was the creator of their bet and if she lost.. the consequences would be dire. She didn't even know how to put on makeup. She wouldn't know where to begin.. She threw her shoes absentmindedly into her own locker, slamming it shut, "We should get to History.. little sister, before we get in trouble on our first day of 9th grade." She laughed, actually sort of alright with stirring up the school a little, but she knew how Sana felt about her own reputation.

Sana nodded her head, "You're right. I have to try hard.." She whispered, a faint determined expression on her face. She grabbed her elder sister by the hand, dragging her through the halls until their History class was in sight. She released Kana, giggling softly, "I wonder what kind of classmates we have this year." She told Kana curiously. The twins never really separated until now. Gym class was nearly the only exception aside from clubs. Any other time they were together. Kana had a few friends throughout Elementary school... but Sana never had friends before. Kana in result kept around her sister at most points. She never got very far in the social zone because of her. Not many people in middle school liked Sana because of her glasses and nerdy ways, and most of Kana's friends were on the athletic side.. so she wasn't able to help her sister fit in. Hopefully this year she could come out of her shell, with or without Kana's help. Come on Sana, you can do it, I know you can.. Just talk to people this year.. you'll see.. Kana thought as she stared at her twin worried.

"So Mr. Hikaru Akiyama is our teacher.." Kana told her, dragging her sister into the classroom this time, snatching the window seats before it was too late. Kana liked learning, but not near as much as Sana. Occasionally she preferred to stare out windows and daydream. Sports indoor and the outdoor were her favorite setting in the end. Nothing would change that.