Jobe Simpra Gwannon

"Poison to everyone's ears"; which she's expressed in her numerous Fencing matches

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a character in “Olisses - Confined to a Lemmatorium”, as played by Sovenric


Age: Sixty eight

Class: Citizen

State: Living

Height: one point one three meters

Weight: 3 st 8 lbs

Physical description:
A rugged, light-on-her-feet old woman. Her eyes and cheekbones are endlessly depressed with sacks but her form remains pretty much infallible in her old age. She is stout, but regularly so; and assumes a healthy rounded stoutness. With her eyes she is able to perceive the eyes with the vision of a hawk; gazing with a deep green that highlights her pupils almost existentially; and are further brought out through her half-moon glass lenses she bore over the top of them. Her skin throughout her face is rugged and creased like a carpet. She stands with her legs very close together, and her legs are very clearly less pronounced and in any case less long than her waist. Hair-wise she has very little, but for what she has is a bunch of grey hair; smeared close to the top revealing the entirety of her small forehead, worn from being tied up into a bunch, and also wavy in its entirety, breaking into a demeanor of half-curls at the tip. Lips that look like they'd been poisoned, they are definitely off in color and are thus easy to see.



  • To poison someone with the visage of her venomous lexicon
  • To electrocute someone lightly and efficiently with the point of a well trained fencing rapier.
  • An outward thinker who seeks to give people good challenges and teaching.
  • Wise with age.


  • Magnifying glass.
  • Proportional fencing rapier for recreation.
  • A set of blackish-grey, loose slacks
  • Brown, ridged overcoat with heavy density
  • Further neutral-tone clothes, packed away for activities such as sleeping
  • Lemmatorium "Citizen" badge.

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