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    Name| Vi, the God of Boundaries & Assholery

      Symbols| Vi's crest looks a little like a stick-bird with its wings up, like an obtuse V (about 110°).

    Apparent Age| "How wouldst thou determine the age of something that doesn't appear to have one?"

    Gender| "Does 'androgynous' count? Maybe 'neuter'?"
Use the singular "them/they" to describe Vi, please.

    Deity Form| "This is gonna be pretty complex, so bear with me here: I'm a blob."
Vi is a black, amorphous manifestation of his powers and consciousness.

    "Yeah... a blob."
Usually, Vi will look like a thin and lanky humanoid, or a thin and lanky dog-like quadruped. In either case, the limbs end in a tip, like a spike. They like to walk on four legs, but they'll take the former style to see... eye to eye, with other gods, so to speak.

    Mortal Form| "I'm an adorable little kitty! Pet me! :3"
Vi likes being a little kitten. Black fur, green eyes, and a penchant for cuddling. Oh, and they talk. Talking cat.

    Godly Powers|
Vi rules over boundaries — corporeal, spiritual, metaphysical, conceptual and so on. They can make the not real real, and make the real not. Vi can make the possible impossible, enable the disabled, turn the off on (in more ways than one~), blur the lines between life and death, make the here there! The hypothetical can become the theoretical and even factual! They can remove limitations, cause multiplication, be in any and every location through duplication!

    "Don't you just love alliteration?"
Idiot, you're thinking of rhymes.

    "I know; I just thought you had a thing goin' there, and I didn't want to ruin it."
Well, you did.


So begins...

Vi's Story