No flower without thorns.

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a character in “Omnipotence”, as played by Luflice


[[Currently a work in progress]]

Role:Over plants. Basically. She is more of a forest person then every flower on your balcony.

Full Name: Zyra. There's no need for an extra long name.

Alternate Titles:Mother. Mother Nature. She introduces herself as Moa when in human form.

Apparent Age:22

Gender: Female

Deity Appearance: Her body is mostly humanshaped, but he rfingers end in sharp endings, like thorns and her face is much more sharp then a normal human one. Her hair is mostly red/pink with green accents. and is very thick , nothing like real hair. Most of her skin is green with a mix of red and pink, patterns of flowers, on her arms and legs. Any clothing she wears is made out of plants that grow around her body. Her eyes are mostly a very light amber

Mortal Appearance: Her human appearance varies a lot from her deity one, and that's exactly what she wanted to achieve with her change. Her skin is now darker, but she kept light brown eyes, her hair is mostly very curled and has a brown tone. Zyra is a lot smaller then her other form, and has more of a curvy body build then the thin and sharp from before.

Symbolism:Everything involving the plants she so loves, but the tree of life is probably her favorite.

Specific Skills:
Growing plants. There is a power in her with which she can destroy them of course, but she prefers to not use them at all. In a way she can communicate with most animals, although not as well as someone that would actually have power over them.

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Zyra's Story