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         Gromm stood and listened while Poändra explained her nature, announcing her individuality.  He stood and watched as she proposed a "game" and scattered her feathers through the world.  He stood and pondered how best to react.

He stood in silence for a long time.  

What a strange goddess, he thought.

"Poändra," he said eventually, "you are eager to present yourself as a unique being, free of attachment to the Creator.  This is disingenuous."  Gromm's deadpan tone brooked no argument.  He was entirely right, after all.  "You exist as a splinter of Its will.  Everything that you are, the original God was first.  The same is true for me, and it is best that we do not forget it."  He paused for a few moments, as if calming himself.  Then he spoke again, "Now explain this game of yours."  The goddess's smile was starting to make him curious.  

Curious, and a little unnerved.

Default Location for Omnipotence. It is flat, gray, dreary, ugly, etc. For now (5/8/13) there is nothing.