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"Having big claws doesn't mean you know how to use them"

0 · 201 views · located in Omoide clan camp

a character in “Omoide Clan: the Clan of Memories”, originally authored by Gyrfledgeling, as played by RolePlayGateway


| Name | Ginfur
| Gender | She-cat
| Rank | Warrior

| Description |
Ginfur is a newly appointed warrior with a short legs and a stout build. Her pin-stripe tail, which regularly whips with her exited demeanor, is slightly long for her body. Her pelt is of a light ash-grey with darker soot-like streaks down her back, sides and slender muzzle. White highlights her chest and paws and the she-cat's darting eyes are of a soft leafy-green.

| Personality :
Since before Ginfur was able to walk, she loved to explore and play. The older warriors are often either amused or annoyed by her rambunctious behavior around camp as she regularly starts play-fights with her companions by batting at their heads with sheathed paws. Ginfur will also spring at any opportunity to help or aid others, a skill she gathered from her apprenticeship. Though she has never participated in a true fight, Ginfur loves the idea of defending her clan and using her claws for something other than hunting. She is the epitome of a big spirit in a small body.

| Likes|Playing, fighting, fish, sharing tounges, being helpful, snow, shade. Ginfur always likes to share kill with her companions and enjoys getting out to hunt early in the morning.

|Dislikes|Being woken up (she likes to be first), being alone, feeling secluded. She especially dislikes any cat who looks down on her because of her size.

| History |
Ginfur was born into Omoideclan as an only kit, and ever since she was very young she loved to
venture outside the queens den. Despite her mothers best efforts to keep her safe and secure, she always
thought of a clever way to escape captivity. Once her kit-ship ended and her apprenticeship began, she
made it her first duty to explore every inch of the territory. She hunted whenever she got the chance and
payed close attention to her mentors instructions (when they had to do with fighting that is). She was given
her warrior name under a silver half-moon and she pledged to serve her clan to the best of her
ability. Her life was and is that of a true warrior's.


|Extra |
Ginfur never knew the identity of her father, and even though her mother denies it, she
sometimes has faint dreams of a kit that looks

| Theme song | ... 08EA703B0A

So begins...

Ginfur's Story

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Ginfur balanced on wide steady paws. Ears flat, moss green eyes narrowed in to fierce moon-like slits. In a small sunlit clearing stood her feathered target. A light-shrouded warbler scratches and pecks apace for seeds and such, it's twitchy movements nothing more than exiting to the stout huntress disguised by shrubbery. She crouched and leapt into the sun-warmed air, claws unsheathed. A glint of pearl teeth and glossy claws landed square on the unsuspecting bird's back, ending it's fragile life in an instant. The off-white cat muffled a triumphant laugh through a tuft of feathers clenched in her mouth.

"Hmph! Gotcha!"

Ginfur bounded off with her prize, intertwining through low growing shrubs and brilliant pink sakura blossoms dappled with sun-beams. Her mind buzzed with her own voice.

'I should be getting back soon I suppose. Wait, won't the new deputy be picked today? Or was that yesterday?! I hope I didn't miss it!'

The past few days Ginfur had spent on a self-ordered hunting mission outside of camp. Her whole conception of reality had been muddled. She slept in trees at night and tracked prey during the day, and being her forgetful self, she had completely lost track of time. Slowing her bound to a paced trot, Ginfur rounded familiar land marks and crossed a wide cobblestone Twoleg path. Her home wasn't far, and she couldn't feel rushed on such a sunny day.

The warbler uncomfortably smothered her nose, and the downy feathers blew into her face and made her sneeze. Ahead Ginfur noticed a tall cherry tree peeking over shrubs. With no regard for who or what lay on the other side, the greyish blur burst through the bushes, snagging her fur and even dragging a sharp thorn across her ear.

"I made it! Who's deputy? Am I late?!"

The overexcited she-cat yelped louder than was she originally intended. Ginfur's entrance was met with different expressions ranging from amusement to downright annoyance. Her ears immediately flattened in embarrassment as she picked the now dusty bird into her mouth and walked it to the fresh-kill pile. Her eyes apologized as several cats re-curled into new sleeping positions. A painful sensation swept across her ear and she trotted to the medicine den between two tall willow trees.

'maybe I could get something for my ear, I've officially got nothing else to do'

Her head brushed it's way through the entrance to see Rikaistar himself, speaking with the medicine apprentice Mochi. She didn't want to disturb them, but her ear began to feel hot with pain.

"He-hello, sorry to disturb you, but m-my ear it's"

The small cream cat looked thoughtfully at her leader and turned to the shelf of herbs, grabbing a wad of cobwebs and dandelion-leaf poultice.

"Hello Ginfur, I can't say I've seen you for a while. Where have you been off to?" Rikaistar's voice maintained it's usual coolness.

"Oh, around. Hunting mostly." Ginfur heard her own guilt in her voice. She didn't acknowledge her absence the day prior.

While waiting, the injured cat examined the small hollow. Long willow branches draped from a sky-light that illuminated various beds of cherry blossoms and a winding stone pattern. A trickling pool made her thirsty, but she didn't move. Her leader sat in a sunbeam gingerly licking an ebony paw. Though he had his general relaxed demeanor, something about his bright emerald eyes were unsettled. Mochi turned and gently pressed a wad of cobwebs to Ginfur's ear. It absorbed scarlet fluid from her cut. Before thinking, the young warrior spoke, if any more thought was given she would have known it was out of turn.

"Where's the healer?" She said in an innocent voice.

Rikaistar froze, and Mochi's paw hesitated with dandelion leaves, which resumed and were stuffed into Ginfur's mouth. She chewed, swallowed and shuttered at the bitterness.