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0 · 255 views · located in Omoide clan camp

a character in “Omoide Clan: the Clan of Memories”, as played by SplashTheCrazyWolf


| Name | Koi

Monster ||Skillet
| Gender | male

| Rank | Warrior
| Description | Limber ashen hued tom with piercing ice blue eyes. Tabby striped linger around his back, legs, and end in a raccoon like pattern on his tail. His tufted ears, muzzle and paws are white socked. A dull but noticeable pink scar line skirmishes his throat.

| Personality : Koi has a fair personality, and would make a great mentor. He is one of the best fighters in his clan, thus his many battle scars fighting against foxes, stray dogs and loners. He has quite a short temper, and does not at all like attention seeking she-cats.

| Likes|Dislikes|
Kits, fighting, protecting his clan, hunting, swimming, kindness|
Attention seeking shes, loners, his father|

| History | Koi's father killed his mother as a kit, the faint image of his mother falling and the sickly metallic scent of her blood still haunt his dreams. He grew up being tormented by his father in cruel ways. His father was insane, being injected by townsfolk with a strange substance that made him slowly loose his mind. Koi's father would kill the innocent and present them to himself as his 'friends'. Eventually Koi escaped the wrath of his father, and ran away. Rikaistar accepted him to be a warrior in Omoideclan, and he has been protecting his clan ever since.

So begins...

Koi's Story

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The ashen hued tom known as Koi yawned, briefly closing his heavy eyes. The commotion of the newly appointed deputy was still buzzing through the clan, although it was almost moon high. He let out a sigh, and opened his eyes, refreshed from his brief, well closing of his eyes. Koi lifted his white socked paw to his muzzle, licking it before dragging it over his white tipped ear.

After his wash, he padded over to the stream that surrounded the camp. Careful not to fall into the water, he dipped his paws in, liking the way the cool water ran between his toes. Koi raised his large paws, kneading the lush green grass to dry them. Nightfall had fallen, and the camp was dark apart from the lamp that was in the middle of the camp. He never liked it, it was to manmade, along with the bridge.

Where is Rikaistar? Koi thought to himself, padding up the small hill that led to the Warriors den. I saw him go into the Healers den with Mochi. I wonder if he is still in there.. he sat down on the edge of the hill, that overlooked their territory. The moon light's rays beamed onto the water, making it glow a beautiful aqua, illuminating the whole territory. Koi let out a sigh as he overlooked Omoideclans beautiful territory. The cherry blossoms flowers were still, despite the small breeze that plucked a few petals off.

Koi lie down in his nest of feathers and petals, listening to the rhythmic snoring of his den mates. His nest was in the back, next to Ushi's, who was in a deep sleep. As much as he wanted to slip into a slumber, he was afraid of the horrors that lay waiting in his dreams. The horror of his own father killing his mother still haunt his dreams; even though the incident happened w hen he was no more older than two moons.

He lie on his stomach, his paws tucked neatly under his soft belly, looking out at the river. It was still glowing naturally, the pebbles lighting up underneath the moon light. Fish were visible, swimming around and leaping joyfully out of the water. Suddenly he felt awfully tired, and his eyelids could no longer hold themselves up. He tries to resist, but gave in, knowing he would have to sleep at some point. Quickly, he was led into a deep sleep.

"Mum, where's dad?" the kit asked the silky grey she. "Hush child, he will be back soon." the rough feeling of her tongue rasping over his head made him sleepy, and he buried into her soft fur.
"Oh, Kinxa your back! I was worried." Mali, Koi's mother exclaimed. Koi's head fell to the ground as his mother got up, and he let out a hopeless mew, forcing his eyes open. The sunlight blazed into them, and he squinted. "Daddy!" He gasped and leaped out of the make shift nest. A loud growl rumbled in his chest, which Koi thought was a purr. "Koi- s-s-stay." Mali rasped, her eyes bulging. "Yes, little one. Listen to your mother. And close your eyes." when Koi did not obey the order, Kinxa looked him dead in the eye. "Don't say I didn't warn you to." it was then, Koi realised that his father was pinning his mother to the ground, not that she was trying to play, which he thought. Kinxa let out a yowl, and in a flurry of motions; He bit down on her neck, and raked his claws down her back. She let out a yowl of pain, and her once white fur was streaked with blood. "No!" Koi yowled hopelessly, trying to get over. A pool of blood was at Mali's stomach, and her innards were shown. Tears spilled down young Koi's face, and he pressed his nose to her cheek. "Wake up! Please!" he cried out, kneading at her chest. A weight was pressed down on his delicate back, and he was pushed to the ground,a mouse length from the blood. "Now, drink it." his father laughed.

Koi yowled, and realised that he was thrashing in his nest. All of the warriors were around him, trying to calm him down. Koi, it was just a dream voices said, trying to reassure him.

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Mikapelt silently slipped away as her leader and Mochi talked about the absent medicine cat, she watched briefly as they entered the medicine cats den. She turned and softly climbed leaped down from the Sakura tree and gracefully landed, Mikapelt could hear two young kits playing by a small lake, she could just see heir markings one fully midnight-pelted Kit and a snow-white tom.

The cool night air ran through her soft black and white as she neared the Warriors den, inside she could hear throwing and voices, she turned in and saw Koi, she didn't know much about the tom, only he was here around the same time she was found, possibly before. She also knew a little about his past, she overheard a warrior once saying Koi's father had gone insane and killed his mother. Although she had never meet the tom she felt sort of connection, most probably because he had gone through she same thing as her, losing things he cared about and sadness and those two thing, Mikapelt know a lot about. She softly crepet up to the den sticking her head in, she took in the toms masculine build and slowly approached him.
Koi? Are you ok?

Mikapelt had known the tom for a while, they quite often went out for little chats, she couldn't see him but she could feel his presence.
I saw some squirrel down by the lake earlier this morning, wanna come?
She asked softly, she titled her head to the side letting her emerald eyes glimmer in the moonlight. She waited till he was by her side before she slipped on into the night with Koi at her paws.

The moonlight gleamed on the River making the exotic fish that lived their seem even more beautiful. The cold night air wrapped around Mikapelt send chills through her body, slowly she nuzzled up to Koi and let his warmth surround her.
I've missed you these past days, and you... You seem to bet getting worse, what is it exactly that haunts your sleep?
Her tail tightly wrapped around her white paws and she tried to look over the River but all she could see was a dim blue, she tried to imagine what it would look like if she could actually see. Sorrow climbed through her but she shook it away, she enjoyed spending time with Koi and rarely got to see him. She looked up at Koi and whispered to him, her voice filled with kindness.
You don't have to tell me, I understand, it's fine.
She gently nuzzled Koi making sure he was ok and looked at the landscape, all though she couldn't see much.
Hey, I am starved, wanna catch some squirrel I saw some this morning, they should be easy to catch, we could even bring some back for the clan.