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"Danger is very real... But fear is a choice."

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a character in “Omoide Clan: the Clan of Memories”, as played by WolfSpirit


I only love you when im drunk ||mika
| Name | Mikapelt
| Gender | She-cat
| Rank | Deputy

| Description | Mikapelt has pale green eyes with black splits in the middle, referring to her history and has a white chest that goes down to her front paws and a black cape that goes down to her back legs and her tail although her tail does have a white tip on the end. Her ears are coverd in black with white in the middle, her nose is covered in a black spot.

| Personality | Mikapelt is a kind soul who would never do anything to hurt anyone, she is always honest unless she must keep a secret and is very loyal to her clan. She is protective of their leader and of the kits and of course her clan, although she never shows signs of aggression if she feels threatened she will bite back. Although is kind and caring she does have quite a bite and will fight for what she believes in and will speak up when it is her turn.

| Likes| Her clan, Kits, Rikaistar, Being social, Squirrels, Snow, Sakura, Watson,

|Dislikes| Townsfolk, Being alone, Bear-leaf, Death, Thoughts of her past, Irene

| History | Mikapelt was raised by two-legs, she lived ahappy life as kit until her owner, Watson, went out one night and never came back, she went out in search for him and found he was dead. She sat at his grave for days, waiting for him to come back, soon enough she was adopted again, picked up on the streets by a two-leg called Irene. When she was a few moons old Irene started being cruel to her, locking her in a box and setting firecrackers off around her and beating her. After a few moons off beating Mikapelt ran away, her eyes now scars she will have to live with for the rest of her eyes, their once sapphire blue now a pale green, nearly blinding her. A few days later Mikapelt found her clan and quickly climbed the social ladder and was named Deputy, almost every week Mikapelt will visit the grave of her best friend and past owner, Watson.

So begins...

MikaPelt's Story

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Warm sun rays streaked through the emerald colored tree tops sending light rays onto the slender she-cats pelt, her light green eyes flickered over the dark stone plaque that read 'Watson Holmes' although she could barely see the golden words she knew exactly where they were placed, like a map in her mind. Her black and white coat glimmered in the sun, slowly she moved towards the plaque, pain crashed into her like a wave crashing onto the shore. She knew she had to leave, Rikaistar would be calling for the meeting, like stalking pray she quickly turned making her way back to Camp, not looking back, not letting her past catch up with her.

Mikapelt sat down next Ukitail, the masculine tom dipped his head in greeting, flickering his tail in interest, Mikapelt had known the tom since she had joined Omoide Clan, he had been one of the cats who had actually treated her with kindness. It was no secret most of the cars here thought she was just a kitty-pet and she didn't deserve her spot her, honestly she acted likes he didn't care although a he had to admit it bothered her a little. Although she loved living her Clan life, she missed her past owner with all her heart, shaking her head before signs of weakness seeped out she heard Rikaistar call her name out.
Mikaplet shall be the new deputy of Omoide clan!
Shock ran through her the way electricity ran through a cat when the hunt was on, cats all around her dipped their heads in welcome and respect, although she could only she a blur of different colors she could feel herself sit up a little taller with pride. Next to her Ukitail purred at her and nuzzled her face.
Well down Mikatail, you deserve it.

After most of the cats had left Mikapelt slowly made her way up to Rikaistar she dipped her head in greeting and respect as so many cats had done to her in the past hour.
Rikaistar, I want to thank you for picking me to be the Clans deputy, it means a lot.
Allowing herself in nuzzle his shoulder showing her affection she let her intelligent eyes scan him.
I- I am sorry I was late to the meeting it won't happen again- I was just- just dealing with something.
Mikapelt felt a little embarrassed about her excuse, Mikapelt didn't want anyone knowing about her past, it was her secret and she wanted it to stay that way.

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Rikaistar dipped his head to his cheering clan mates, welcoming Mikapelt as the new deputy of Omoideclan. Gingerly he places a elegant paw on the cherry blossom tree branch, lowering himself to the ground. The sunlight rays warmed his black and white pelt, and he closed his emerald eyes, listening to his clanmates chat about the recent event. It make his heart flutter like a bird freed from its cage, how healthy his clan was.

The voice of a fae broke his brief daydream. Rikaistar opened his eyes, dragging a paw over his delicate ear. The lithe frame of the new deputy was in front of him. Rikaistar, I want to thank you for picking me as the clans deputy, It means alot
she told him, looking into his own eyes. As he was about to reply, Mikatail lent forward, and quickly nuzzled his shoulder. I knew you were ready to be the deputy. I actually had my eye on you for quite a while. he admitted, a slight breeze rustling the fallen cherry blossom petals. When you joined Omoideclan, I saw a fierce, gentle warrior in you. Rikaistar, dipped his head, his tufted ears perked. I-I am sorry I was late to the meeting, It wont happen again-I was just..dealing with something she said, lowering her cranium to the earth submissively. Rikaistar narrowed his eyes What were you doing? I need to know;since I am the leader. he gave his chest a quick lick, and wrapped his elegant tail neatly around his delicate paws. When she didn't reply, and instead looked at her paws; Rikaisstar realised his hackles were raised. Im sorry Mikapelt. I just need to make sure you are okay; I don't want anything bad to happen he stretched his neck out, and gave a reassuring lick on her cheek.

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Mochi couldn't find the clan healer anywhere, "That's so odd the healer is never gone this long, I've at least heard something from someone before now."

Slightly worried she decided she would go and visit the cats within the clan that were soon to give birth and see if the healer had become caught up with them. Her first stop was a young cat by the name of Gekkō she was having her first litter and was just barely out of her second spring. She approached the stoop where Gekkō had chosen to make a nest for the kits.

"Hello, Gekkō how are things coming along for you?", Mochi bowed low to her in greeting.

"Oh hello Mochi, just trying to make sure everything will be just right for the kits.", said the soon to be mother.

"You wouldn't have happened to receive a visit from the clan healer when the sun was high today did you?", Mochi turned her head slightly to the side in question.

Gekkō shook her head, "No I'm afraid I haven't seen the healer at all today, even though a visit was promised two moons ago.

Mochi nodded but was obviously concerned, "All right then I'll check you over Gekkō, you're too close to whelping to just leave you be for a couple more days."

Mochi went over all the steps in her head that she had been taught by the healer when it came to she-cats on the verge of birthing. First she had to get the general smell of the young cat, Mochi touched her nose to Gekkō's and the rubbed her cheek against her.

"Okay now lay on your side for me please?", Gekkō listened and turned on her side so the apprentice healer, could pad her stomach in order to feel the kits inside.

"They seem to be moving along nicely, lots of movement, at least.... five maybe even six in there. I would say, you have at least till the end of the week, and those little ones will be ready to greet the world. Maybe a little bit longer, but it's best to find out that it's longer instead of sooner. I'll come and check on you again tomorrow if the clan healer hasn't popped up. Mochi moved back from Gekkō as she stood up once again.

"Thank you Mochi, and I hope you find the clan healer soon." said Gekkō bowing low as Mochi began to move away.

Mochi nodded back, "Yes, I hope I find the clan leader as well. Come and find me if you need anything, I'm usually at the temple.".

Mochi went all through the clan's lands visiting various patients that she knew the clan healer had been visiting. It was the same story, the healer had not been seen in almost three days. This was not good in Mochi's eyes and the only thing she could think of to do was to speak with Rikaisstar. She knew that she was just an apprentice and that she really didn't have much ranking within the clan. But she was honestly at a loss as to what to do, and the clan leader is the most wise of all the clan, who else would she point this out to.

She headed towards the tallest tree, once again as the moon shone in the sky her she would dip through shadows cast by homes, till she made her way to the bottom of the tree. Looking up she could see that Rikaisstar was there along with the newly appointed deputy. They appeared to be in conversation, but Mochi felt that with so many she-cats in the clan about to whelp that it was important for the clan leader to know the clan healer was missing. Calling up to the high branch she hoped they would hear her out.

"Clan leader Rikaisstar and Deputy Mikapelt, there is something that is distressing me. Would you hear me out? The clan healer has not been seen in almost three moons, I am worried the healer has never been gone this long at least without telling me or anyone else.", her calling was quiet and respectful

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Mikapelt silently slipped away as her leader and Mochi talked about the absent medicine cat, she watched briefly as they entered the medicine cats den. She turned and softly climbed leaped down from the Sakura tree and gracefully landed, Mikapelt could hear two young kits playing by a small lake, she could just see heir markings one fully midnight-pelted Kit and a snow-white tom.

The cool night air ran through her soft black and white as she neared the Warriors den, inside she could hear throwing and voices, she turned in and saw Koi, she didn't know much about the tom, only he was here around the same time she was found, possibly before. She also knew a little about his past, she overheard a warrior once saying Koi's father had gone insane and killed his mother. Although she had never meet the tom she felt sort of connection, most probably because he had gone through she same thing as her, losing things he cared about and sadness and those two thing, Mikapelt know a lot about. She softly crepet up to the den sticking her head in, she took in the toms masculine build and slowly approached him.
Koi? Are you ok?

Mikapelt had known the tom for a while, they quite often went out for little chats, she couldn't see him but she could feel his presence.
I saw some squirrel down by the lake earlier this morning, wanna come?
She asked softly, she titled her head to the side letting her emerald eyes glimmer in the moonlight. She waited till he was by her side before she slipped on into the night with Koi at her paws.

The moonlight gleamed on the River making the exotic fish that lived their seem even more beautiful. The cold night air wrapped around Mikapelt send chills through her body, slowly she nuzzled up to Koi and let his warmth surround her.
I've missed you these past days, and you... You seem to bet getting worse, what is it exactly that haunts your sleep?
Her tail tightly wrapped around her white paws and she tried to look over the River but all she could see was a dim blue, she tried to imagine what it would look like if she could actually see. Sorrow climbed through her but she shook it away, she enjoyed spending time with Koi and rarely got to see him. She looked up at Koi and whispered to him, her voice filled with kindness.
You don't have to tell me, I understand, it's fine.
She gently nuzzled Koi making sure he was ok and looked at the landscape, all though she couldn't see much.
Hey, I am starved, wanna catch some squirrel I saw some this morning, they should be easy to catch, we could even bring some back for the clan.