The one that is two and born from the regret and fury of the dying

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a character in “On a Rainy Day”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Name;; Arasi (male body: Ara; femal body: Si)
Nickname;; Legion
Age;; Ageless
Positition;; Wandering physical spirits whose motives are questioned and actions are conflicted.
Orientation;; T_T err......technically since the two are of the same conscience they would be homo but seperately I would say I NOT TELLING HARDY HAR HAR - actually their preference each is not known.
Species;; ........Legion; Spirits that are of the same conscience.
Personality;; Each body has a different personality depending on what it was they were created from Fury or Regret.
-Ara is the representative of Fury and thus has a plotting personality; his goal is to bring revenge upon those who have blood on their hands. He is neither kind nor humble. He knows that being killed is almost impossible and takes advantage of that. He is always boasting upon the number of people he has killed and how he fulfills the justice that is lacking when someone is murdered. If he can he will find everyway to tear you down until nothing is left but the shell of a once living being and inside that shell is a shrivelled up spirit awaiting death.
-Si is the representative of Regret and because that she is always trying to preform the things many people regret or she spends her time worsening the regret a soul feels in order to prolong her own life. She seems kind and welcoming but when things truly come down to it her heart is cold and emotionless. Literally carrying no other emotion other than sadness and that emotion she was created from: regret. Most people do not live long enough to realize this though for sooner or later she will fill their hearts with regret and all the while her other half Ara will kill them.
-Towards each other they seem like loving sibling whom, though caring for one another, are always disagreement. (I won't say much else on this because I kinda think it would be better illustrated in an actual post)
Crush;; As spirits created from two emotions feeling the emotion of love is next near impossible; not impossible, but almost, so at this moment Arasi does not have a crush.
Looks;; Ara; Image
Si; Image
Items;; Ara gave Si a stuffed animal and now she always carries it around other wise Arasi has nothing.
History;; Nobody knows exactly when Arasi was born they do know that it is at least as old as the end of the war in which the demons eradicated the Angels. It is believed that Arasi was originally created during that and they gained a physical presence due to the power of the angel race and the number of them that died. This is another reason why it seems the only race that Arasi doesn't hold a grudge against is the Angel race. Besides this not much is known about Arasi other then the fact it leads people to their demise and increases their regret.

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