Evangeline "Angel" Clements

A once aspiring, and talented, musician; now only a very lost and confused lady

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a character in “On a Rainy Day”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Name;; Evangeline Marie Clements
Nickname;; Angel
Orientation;; Straight
Species;; Human
Personality;; Angel is normaly quiet; she doesn't speak much. As a matter of fact if no one spoke to her it is doubtful she would speak at all, but this changes quickly when music is involved. She sings from her heart; if you really want to know anything about her you have to listen to the music. Angel has a hard time expressing herself in conversation so quite often the thing she says come out wrong. When that happens she gets defensive and can become very mean. Evangeline is very wary of the people around her; if push comes to shove she will admit that she doesn't truly trust her own friends yet. That doesn't mean that she doesn't like them; if any of her friends needed her help in any way she would do what she could to help them. Many times she puts her friends' feelings before her own.
Crush;; TBA
Looks;; Image Angel has dark semi-wavy hair that she has grown out to reach past her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a bright blue and are brought out be her pale skin. She dresses as a rocker very often and has a fondness for thigh high socks. The only skirts she will wear are pleaded otherwise she either wears aged shorts or dark skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Her guitar is electric and a bright red for now. Angel has a tends to repaint her guitar depending on what her new favorite color is. For now it happens to be red.
Items;; Well Angel has the before mentioned guitar and along with that she has earphones that she plugs into her guitar. She also has a necklace with a cross charm on it; she never takes it off.
History;; Angel's mom died due to leukaemia; her death was followed by Angel's younger brother's death due to the same illness. Her father became depressed and to fight off this depression began drinking heavily. So heavily he would fly into sudden rages and beat Angel. When she turned fifteen her father was murdered and she ran away from home. She took up an apartment and restarted school in a city about a hundred miles away. She graduated when she was eighteen and now play in her band making money by doing different gigs for different people.

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