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Vilhjalma Litsdottir

Wandering Berserker/Mercenary

0 · 232 views · located in Midgard

a character in “On Icy Shores - Redux”, originally authored by DBN006, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Vilhjalma Litsdottir
Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Berserker

Sex: Female

Age(and how old they look): Looks to be in her 30s
Orientation/Sexual preference: Homosexual

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 11st
Age: 34

Eye color(s): Blue

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Muscular and somewhat busty, her body was forged by years of forestry work.
Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.): Vilhjalma is missing her left arm, cut off just above the elbow in a battle.

Hair color(s): Blonde
Hair length: Long
Hair style: Loose with a braid near the right ear, left side cut short

Complexion: Fair-skinned
Scars: Scars of varying size crisscross her arms, legs and torso, with Odin's valknut scarred onto her left breast
Tattoos(what they are and where): She has a tattoo running down the right side of her face
Piercings(what they are and where): None
Dress: Vilhjalma is dressed quite plainly for one of the Northmen, save a few things. She is never seen without her dane axe or the saex strapped to the small of her back. Her only protection is a leather vest laced on the sides and a bear pelt hanging from her shoulders. Rather than carry foreign coins the mercenary woman wears a few pieces if silver jewelry (rings and bracelet on her right, an arm band on her left bicep) and carries a purse full of hacksilver.

Mental state: Sane, mostly.
Personality: Vilhjalma is a quiet woman, contemplative and content to her own counsel. She is prone to sullen moods of melancholy and can often be found staring off into the distance. She is however a proud warrior, mindful to keep her pride in check least it cost her another limb. She can be charming in a mature way when she wishes to be, typically in the presence of her own gender. She is slow to anger these days, a berserker's rage waiting for those that do manage to rouse her fighting spirit. The weak and bullied can find a guardian in her, a caring mother bear that will maul any that seek to harm someone under her protection. Even now she seeks a good death in battle so that she might be taken to Valhalla.
Most prominent personality trait: Vilhjalma is a stoic woman, for better or worse. She is often found in silent contemplation, her dark moods often dulling sensations of both pleasure and pain.
Best traits of their personality: She is always true to her word.
Worst traits of their personality: Vilhjalma has become something of a hedonist of late, enjoying feasts and good drink followed by a young lady or two to warm her bed.

Current faith(religion): Norse Pagan
Current superstitions/quirks:

Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): Single

Occupation: Mercenary. Once a feared Shield-Maiden and Berserker, the loss of her left arm has led Vilhjalma to wander as a mercenary for hire. Make no mistake, she is still as deadly as ever.

Good habits: Bathing once a week, exercising
Bad habits: Drinking

Special skills(Not meaning powers): While a force to be reckoned with when wielding her dane axe, Vilhjalma was raised as a forester. She has skills in hunting, tracking and felling trees for use as lumber.

So begins...

Vilhjalma Litsdottir's Story


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Silver eyes flashed, watching the man pass first on the way towards the temple and then back down towards the town. White fur lined with brown streaks was the perfect camouflage in the cold snowy woods and she was not worried that she might be spotted. He was interesting, or at least a break in the monotony of her wait. She had a feeling upon seeing him that it would not be her last. But she was not here for an old man. Her body was large and warm and she felt comfortable, despite the sheer winds and the dampness of the ground beneath her. The Tigress crouched low to the earth and peered out towards the town of Uppsala, prepared for a long wait. For one reason or another, her charge had decided to go down into perhaps one of the largest settlements she had ever seen. She felt a twinge of regret, she should be down there to protect her. She shook her head and snorted. Vilhjalma was a warrior, she hadn't been a child for some time, she could defend herself.


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Having already made his offerings at the temple farther up the mountain, Einar was once again playing guest at the great hall that stood at the base. He was awaiting his new traveling companion. She had desired to prepare for her journey up the mount and wished to make her offering personally and in solitude, and Einar was never one to intrude upon another's personal relationship with the gods.
So, as Vilhjalma wandered up the winter trail and paid her respects to the Allfather, Einar was enjoying the pleasures that the local Jarl had the courtesy to provide to all pilgrims.

He was sat on a bench near the hearth in the center of the room, a lovely warrior maiden perched on his lap. The pair had crossed blades at a small competition earlier in the day and had retreated from the dark chill together. She kept up with him in mead horns and was as liberal in tracing her hands along his neck and tattoos as he was in caressing her back and thigh. The pair laughed in general merriment, caught up in the delights of song, drink, and tales, and the boasts of battle as many of the others in the hall were either performing or enjoying as well.

One part of Einar wondered where his companion was and what was taking her so long at the temple, but he knew she was a strong and capable woman. The area in general was hospitable, and nearly impossible to get lost in. He had been here several times and knew it like the back of his hand.
He noted the presence of a game of chance nearby and made a note to see about joining in shortly. A few moments later, his bi-colored eyes noted the presence of a small, meek looking boy watching everyone else. He thought this curious, but his thoughts about everything were quickly dashed away as the maiden on his lap pulled him into a rough kiss before standing and shouting, "I would place my ship on none being able to match this man in a test of strength!"

Einar looked up at her in bewildered wonderment as she made this boast. Such things were common and boasts were especially well received, but he had been preparing to treat her to another test of strength and endurance, not be pulled in to another challenge by the inhabitants of the hall.

Seconds after the maiden's challenge had been shouted, a man clapped Einar on the shoulder. As the Norseman turned, a fist connected with his cheek. Some craven bastard had thought to surprise him and subdue him with a cheap blow. Einar possessed more mettle than that however. He stood to face the man, batting his next swing aside and striking out. He caught his assailant squarely in the jaw. He felt the mandible dislocate as his fist connected and the coward's eyes took on a glassy, dazed look. Einar didn't give the man a chance to recover. He viciously headbutted the man and fully picked him up and threw him across the central fire, and inadvertently sent him into the table the gambling group was seated at.